DP/30: Sicario, Emily Blunt

  • Published on Oct 21, 2015
  • She exploded onto the American movie scene as a comedic foil, she sang her way through Into The Woods, and is currently being tough in films from Edge of Tomorrow and the pitch black drama, Sicario. And all the while, she has remained open, honest, and a pleasure to be around. David Poland chatted with her in New York.
    Shot in New York, October 2015
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Comments • 85

  • Julian L
    Julian L 2 months ago

    This was an amazing interview. The questions were very interesting and engaging. Great interviewer and wonderful actress and speaker Emily Blunt is.

  • Mark Stump
    Mark Stump 4 months ago

    Kate Is The Real Villain Of Sicario

  • Scotty ColoradoKid
    Scotty ColoradoKid 7 months ago

    I thought that Sicario is one of the best films I've ever seen; She and Julia Roberts both have this vein on their forehead that appears then disappears then appears even bigger

  • Kadeem John
    Kadeem John 8 months ago

    Captain Marvel

  • nonchalantd
    nonchalantd 8 months ago

    great laugh

  • Muhammad Fahad Nasir
    Muhammad Fahad Nasir 9 months ago +1

    30:37 Proud Moment for Engineers :D

  • Day Light
    Day Light 9 months ago


  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 9 months ago

    John Krasinkski is one lucky bastard!!

  • Kirsty nicole
    Kirsty nicole 11 months ago +5

    She’s irritatingly charming isn’t she ? Ugh I love her 💙

  • C K
    C K 11 months ago

    Emily Blunt would make a good Trinity if they remade the Matrix.

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith Year ago

    You should know I'm about to jump

  • Samuel Nazer
    Samuel Nazer Year ago +2

    If people are wondering why she seems a little apprehensive (although not outwardly) after having been asked a question, it is because she is constantly being caught off her guard. Actors need to regulate what they say, when asked questions pertinent to the projects on which they've worked. Emily's beautiful and what I love about her, would be the fact that you can visualise her forming her sentences. In and out of her comfort zone. Lovely interview (y)

  • AloofDragons
    AloofDragons Year ago +2

    Emily is right, Benicio does have those amazing sleepy eyes, but still LMFAO OMG 21:37 Poor Benicio "OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!" AHAHAHAHHAHA OMG

  • Tom V
    Tom V Year ago

    Very well done interview. Very personal. I've never heard of DP/30, but I appreciate that this interviewer knows what questions to ask and how to have a real rapport with the guest. Excellent questions.

  • Szilveszter H.
    Szilveszter H. Year ago +8

    Everything about her is lovely. Krasinski is a lucky guy.

  • vbgggfff
    vbgggfff Year ago +5

    12:14 Awwww look at her blushing. She's not the type of person who is expecting to be fed compliments.

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton 2 years ago +1


  • benjaminnaks
    benjaminnaks 2 years ago


  • GrimScarlett
    GrimScarlett 3 years ago +2

    These are always fantastic interviews, thanks for posting them!

  • Jordana Skurka
    Jordana Skurka 3 years ago +4

    She's beautiful and authentic.

  • Kushagra Dubey
    Kushagra Dubey 3 years ago +1

    Well what is the Hollywood thing? :)

  • Heidi Soto
    Heidi Soto 3 years ago +21

    Does she know how beautiful she is?

  • MultiKarola24
    MultiKarola24 3 years ago +1

    just saw it superb esp.Emily and Benicio

  • herrfireball
    herrfireball 3 years ago

    cannes, the ultimate in hypocrisy

  • Cris G. A.
    Cris G. A. 3 years ago +5

    I like her even more now, so down to earth and very self deprecating.

  • Haroon Ash
    Haroon Ash 4 years ago +5

    She's amazing.

  • pinky's palace
    pinky's palace 4 years ago +6

    Absolute babe. A cracking performance in one of the best films of 2015.
    I love the fact that the bad elements of the media leaves her and her family alone because they are "boring".
    This is the difference between creating ripples and waves in public life that a lot of celebs could learn from.

  • Master
    Master 4 years ago

    She says that she doesn't watch some of the movies she's in because it might be bad or her performance might be bad. Why would you do a movie if you think it might be bad?

  • Miguel Quintero
    Miguel Quintero 4 years ago +10

    Emily and Benicio did a really good job, Sicario is definitely one of the best movies of 2015

  • adrianvstheworld
    adrianvstheworld 4 years ago +74

    Anyone else had to watch this multiple times because they kept losing themselves in Emily Blunt's eyes? Anyone?

    • Ryan Currul
      Ryan Currul 6 months ago

      Same with Emma Stone.

    • Kryndon64
      Kryndon64 Year ago +1

      Her left eye is ever so slightly closed and looks at you in a very soothing and relaxed manner, whereas her right eye is almost fully wide open with this specific piercing look.
      Like, you want to stare but at the same time you don't want to stare, but you just do because it's a very captivating look.

  • Autumn Henderson-Brazie
    Autumn Henderson-Brazie 4 years ago +5

    Edge of Tomorrow is the greatest action film in years. I would put it on par with Mad Max: Fury Road.

  • JustinHenryfan
    JustinHenryfan 4 years ago +22

    Sandra Bullock and Emily Blunt should do a movie together!

    • Sterling Silver
      Sterling Silver Year ago

      Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress. She's one of the type of actresses who have received accolades because of actual performance and not for looks. I respect the acting ability of both women.

  • Flipp Flopp
    Flipp Flopp 4 years ago +4

    I L O V E H E R S O M U C H

  • 12sin8
    12sin8 4 years ago +11

    someone left the auto-exposure on...

  • Dr. Phibes
    Dr. Phibes 4 years ago +13

    Blunt is amazing. Truly one of the most talented actresses working today.

  • moiraine_damodred
    moiraine_damodred 4 years ago +24

    love this woman.
    so down to earth

    • jaye see
      jaye see 4 years ago

      +moiraine_damodred Considering...

  • Jade Haj
    Jade Haj 4 years ago


  • Lisa Lund
    Lisa Lund 4 years ago +4

    I LOVE edge of tomorrow !!!!

  • dolce s
    dolce s 4 years ago +3

    i did not like when she said " it`s a shame when people judged a film based on its opening weekend"
    be cool with fail Emily

    • xxxEmmaxxx
      xxxEmmaxxx Year ago +3

      I think she just means that just because something doesn’t smash the box office on the opening seeking it doesn’t mean it was a failure

    • mohammad al masri
      mohammad al masri Year ago +2

      Shes right about edge of tomorrow its was a great movie

    • Natalie Zayas-Bazan
      Natalie Zayas-Bazan 2 years ago +4

      dolce s it is a stupid way to judge a film. Some studios don’t promote a film for crap and it has to live on word of mouth.

  • holaquetal1918
    holaquetal1918 4 years ago +6

    you sir, are a great interviewer. thanks!

    • Frederic Moresmau
      Frederic Moresmau 21 day ago

      I'll just eat anti deroressants till my social mind turns

  • James Bouault
    James Bouault 4 years ago +5

    Brilliant interview with a brilliant actress. Emily Blunt has to be the worlds number 1 actress at the moment. Thanks for sharing. Learn much more from your interviews than any other, always very insightful. I second that about a Facebook page. Keep up the good work!

    • Frederic Moresmau
      Frederic Moresmau 21 day ago

      I had absolutely no chance, and now 10 years later I am still hurt, destroyed, damaged, in some meta world, in some bizzare half life state of being in a shadow land

  • Jan Andhisfiets
    Jan Andhisfiets 4 years ago +10

    Please start a facebook page. Would love to see these interviews pop-up at my timeline.

  • Downrange Film
    Downrange Film 4 years ago

    Now that the Psychopathic NRA trolls have left ( right ) / per American Sniper - Just want to say thanks , rarely comment but do love your chanel . IMO This was a great film and is absolutely worth rewatching for specific reasons.

  • E Liz
    E Liz 4 years ago +10

    12:12 You made her blush, lol.
    She IS very likable. What a contagious smile!

    • jaye see
      jaye see 4 years ago

      +E Liz It cost over $150.000.

  • G2J
    G2J 4 years ago +2

    Sicario was a brilliant film.

  • Jayne S.
    Jayne S. 4 years ago +3

    Another great interview!

  • Joey Lawyer
    Joey Lawyer 4 years ago +61

    Emily Blunt is fantastic and Sicario is easily one of the best movies I've seen so far this year.

  • LittlePrincessB612
    LittlePrincessB612 4 years ago +26

    "Open your eyes!" poor Benicio, hahahahahahaha ~ Loved Sicario, great movie, Emily was great in it.

  • yeahIhave
    yeahIhave 4 years ago +24

    One of my favorite people ! Just adore her

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 4 years ago +85

    Sicario received a 7 minute standing ovation at Cannes.

    • Carlos Saraiva
      Carlos Saraiva 4 years ago +1

      +Joe Smith Well deserved.

    • Joe Smith
      Joe Smith 4 years ago

      @jaye see
      Your point?

    • jaye see
      jaye see 4 years ago

      +Joe Smith F*uck Off.

    • Joe Smith
      Joe Smith 4 years ago

      @jaye see
      Your point?

    • jaye see
      jaye see 4 years ago

      +Joe Smith Yeah, the people who descend on Cannes are renowned for their honesty and sincerity.

  • KillerReviews
    KillerReviews 4 years ago +80

    Emily is such a fresh of breath air for movies today. I'm very happy for her and the amazing career she has. Sacario was amazing. Thanks for posting this.

    • KillerReviews
      KillerReviews 4 years ago +6

      +jaye see Sounds like we have a sequel on our hands. The Ball Collector :-)

    • jaye see
      jaye see 4 years ago +1

      +KillerReviews 'Sacario' refers to a man who collects scrotums.

    • KillerReviews
      KillerReviews 4 years ago +4

      Sicario, not Sacario :-)

  • ThriftyAF
    ThriftyAF 4 years ago +34

    I L O V E H E R S O M U C H

    • ThriftyAF
      ThriftyAF 4 years ago +1

      @jaye see Wish I'd seen that

    • jaye see
      jaye see 4 years ago +3

      +Jeremiah Labor I've just vomited, it was projectile.

  • avox n
    avox n 4 years ago +9

    Is it me or was she a bit distracted here? Maybe just a bit tired. Lovely as ever though.

    • wrbennett7
      wrbennett7 Year ago +1

      avox n she was just a few weeks pregnant at the time.

    • jaye see
      jaye see 4 years ago

      +avox n Fragrant?

    • jed52
      jed52 4 years ago

      +MrRandomTuber Pretty sure she's just tired. One can't make it in Hollywood if one is that self-conscious.

    • MrRandomTuber
      MrRandomTuber 4 years ago +20

      +avox n She seems to have changed in her interviews since she got that stupid backlash for a joke she made about being an American. Shame because she was very fun and open before.