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  • Hggg Ggg
    Hggg Ggg Hour ago

    Cape Town porn

  • mfmahmoo
    mfmahmoo Hour ago

    Any chance you guys can upload a couple of high resolution static images from the multicolored bottles whiles they cover the frame exploding?

  • PF_Cactus
    PF_Cactus Hour ago

    i love how in realtime it just "SMACK".. but in slowmo it's suddenly "SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK"..

  • Elyse Urena
    Elyse Urena 3 hours ago

    8:40 can we acknowledge the fact of how on the second katana slice of the sodas how the air kind of stretched out the tops

  • Mairaine Playzgames
    Mairaine Playzgames 10 hours ago

    be careful doing this at home? seriously Gavin? DONT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!!

  • Hamilton Trash
    Hamilton Trash 11 hours ago

    Other Channels Warnings : Do not try this at Home
    Slow mo' Guys Warnings: Please be careful when trying this at home

  • zz tarry
    zz tarry 12 hours ago

    Thirsty African children anyone?

  • mookerthekow
    mookerthekow 14 hours ago

    Dan, you are awesome. You really made this vid.

  • Quentin Randle
    Quentin Randle 14 hours ago

    Newton's law proven through the water still in the bottle after being cut in half

  • shadowninja 187
    shadowninja 187 14 hours ago

    1:44 that sound was really satisfying

  • FlightSimXtreem
    FlightSimXtreem 15 hours ago

    You guys are from the UK, or based in the UK. Now how did you order that weather at 14th of nov 2017? Should be gray and depressing + rain

  • Kaio_ Kage
    Kaio_ Kage 15 hours ago

    How many water bottles lost their life in this video ?

  • Ham Boy
    Ham Boy 15 hours ago

    Clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk

  • Deven Loomis
    Deven Loomis 16 hours ago

    Now we need to learn to slow time... In real life

  • Super sayin White
    Super sayin White 19 hours ago

    No water bottles were harmed in the making of thes video

  • ιndιιѕтardυѕт
    ιndιιѕтardυѕт 19 hours ago

    Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne

  • DatVocals!
    DatVocals! 20 hours ago

    your third try was super impressive.

  • random person
    random person 21 hour ago +1

    Im thirsty asFUC

  • UnderDubz
    UnderDubz 21 hour ago

    this man has the power of God and Anime on inside XD

  • Donnie Brasco
    Donnie Brasco 22 hours ago

    3:27 that's what all my bitches say

  • Anas A. Ali Khwaja
    Anas A. Ali Khwaja Day ago +1

    At 1:44, Dan looks like Ser Meryn Trant lol

  • James W
    James W Day ago


  • Linards Lūsis
    Linards Lūsis Day ago

    swingin it like the very best weeaboo

  • justreallybored
    justreallybored Day ago

    Katanas are garbage swords.

  • oblivion.
    oblivion. Day ago +1


  • Christian Lund
    Christian Lund Day ago

    Watching this man with a sword is extremely nervewracking.

  • Quan Li
    Quan Li Day ago

    somewhere, an asian is crying seeing how bad the cuts was *were

  • Furion L
    Furion L Day ago

    Those are illegal in UK right?

  • stuntman670
    stuntman670 Day ago

    Can you do a slow motion fedora tipping as a sequel to this?

  • Mohammad Sahori
    Mohammad Sahori Day ago

    hey guys, when i saw the last sliced bottle (the red one) it seems like the middle of bottle turned into katana not the opposite it, how pysics describe that?

  • PLAY in GAME
    PLAY in GAME Day ago

    Есть русские

  • ronald berari
    ronald berari Day ago

    I myself have a few swords including katanas and was wondering how much that sword was

  • Technology Daily

    Wow good brother

  • Atlas Matchett
    Atlas Matchett Day ago

    He could’ve at least looked up how to use a katana instead of letting it swing like a baseball bat...

  • Joshua Long
    Joshua Long Day ago

    Diet coke, mentos, close bottle fast, katana!!!

  • Paco Piedad
    Paco Piedad Day ago +1

    That was fripping artistic

  • CloakXd
    CloakXd Day ago

    Dan: Omae wa mou shindeiru
    bottles: NANI??!!

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly Day ago

    Hello children, Are you enjoying the anime?

  • Gabriel Arce
    Gabriel Arce Day ago

    Wat a waste of water I don’t think this is right

  • ConOr Murray
    ConOr Murray Day ago

    Do cracking a whip in slo motion

  • Uhh
    Uhh Day ago

    And here people, is one of the 7 hidden mist swordsmen.

  • Fluxision
    Fluxision Day ago

    Why does look like FaZe Nikan 🤔

  • canaljkt
    canaljkt Day ago

    more plastic pollution

  • Zocch I
    Zocch I Day ago

    2:57 how did it hit that 8th one it’s like the camera couldn’t capture it

  • Carcrasher Josh
    Carcrasher Josh Day ago

    Do katana vs ooblek

  • Monty Python, The Bonzo Dog Band and The Rutles

    How about doing this with the large office water cooler bottles?

  • Nick Linders
    Nick Linders Day ago +1

    Does this make anyone else thirsty

  • DelinkventeN
    DelinkventeN Day ago

    When he found the technique my jaw dropped

  • Shimon Ben LouLou

    Should've asked Alec steele to do it. He's pretty good with using the sword and making them.

  • Carol Thompson
    Carol Thompson Day ago

    Great vid but I was legit sitting here going, 'spread your hands, dan!' It's like chopping wood, one hand up high, the other at the end of the pommel. Would have been good to see him just cut through at only a few inches deep too as the tip of the blade is for cutting while the length is better suited to chopping, could have got some very detailed cuts.
    EDIT: Was also super worried the sword was gonna go through the window, lol.

  • Carolina Hernandez

    Now that’s a katana

  • Jacob Tsou
    Jacob Tsou Day ago

    *watches a slo mo guys vid at .25 speed*

  • josh craft
    josh craft Day ago

    You idiots are wasting water really

  • Burger bumpy Lol


  • Donny K
    Donny K Day ago

    Waste of water.

  • Spy C Boy
    Spy C Boy 2 days ago

    I popped open my lagers like that once, no joke, is something wrong with me?

  • NoHacks
    NoHacks 2 days ago

    7:37 like Odion splash ( dunno if I got the name correct lmao)

  • Guitar slayer
    Guitar slayer 2 days ago

    The slicing and the Dyson

  • hi its Lydia
    hi its Lydia 2 days ago

    Try watching it a 0.25 speed

  • Debdeep Chakraborty
    Debdeep Chakraborty 2 days ago

    Never waste drinking water.. like this

  • CDgonePotatoes
    CDgonePotatoes 2 days ago

    The reason why people slice bottles of water with swords: edge alignment practice. If you're good enough, the lower half of a bottle should stay in place and the other shouldn't fly away that far away from the origin either, the less water there is, the harder it is to get such result.
    A well trained person is able to get the same result with multiple types of cuts (downwards left side, downwards right side, lateral left, lateral right, upwards left side, upwards right side and eventually you can see if you can stab the center of a bottle by thrusting with the point of the sword which is surprisingly hard as you need quite a strong thrust to poke trough both walls of the bottle without having it fall off first)

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago

    People need that water

  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner 2 days ago

    It's not that sharp

    PANDICORN ! 2 days ago

    At the end of the videos the last foUr bottles the first two jiggled when they got hit

  • deadlock
    deadlock 2 days ago

    slo mo sword sword

  • Brii Beverly Amber
    Brii Beverly Amber 2 days ago

    THAT'S how you get ants.

  • Max Heie
    Max Heie 2 days ago

    wow thats such a waste of water. smh i hate u slow mo guys

  • Tasyriq Lee
    Tasyriq Lee 2 days ago

    Play at 0.25x speed 😂😂

  • Mary Barrett
    Mary Barrett 2 days ago +1

    Man I want to meet these guys.

  • Rey A
    Rey A 2 days ago

    I’m surprised a water bottle didn’t go flying through that glass window with that katana experience lol.. great vid tho

  • Brendon Wright
    Brendon Wright 2 days ago

    Looks great, even without a perfect hit.

  • Elizabeth Ochoa
    Elizabeth Ochoa 2 days ago

    Can you tell me what soundtracks you use? It sounds so spacial and special lol

  • RayBlaxe
    RayBlaxe 2 days ago +1

    a slow mo + play video speed 0.25

  • Taco Bros
    Taco Bros 2 days ago

    The sound of the water bottles tho

  • TheToxic Dude10
    TheToxic Dude10 2 days ago

    R.i.p table

  • TheToxic Dude10
    TheToxic Dude10 2 days ago

    Sounds like a machine gun or minigun 1 of those 2 like this comment if you agree or tell me

  • DrShroud1G
    DrShroud1G 2 days ago

    African Childs Could Drink That Water sumW

  • Miller Korpal
    Miller Korpal 2 days ago

    What a waste of water

  • rashad5010
    rashad5010 2 days ago

    Legend has it, that tree was also sliced by the katana

    ART GALLERY 2 days ago

    HEBREWS 5:14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.

  • cap
    cap 2 days ago +1

    8:40 your welcome

  • GD Blaster
    GD Blaster 2 days ago

    Good job man on wasting plastic!! Really solving the worlds problems

  • Nia C
    Nia C 2 days ago

    That's a total waste of water 💀

  • Thomas Houston
    Thomas Houston 2 days ago

    7:38 Who hit a unicorn😔

  • Craig Potter
    Craig Potter 2 days ago

    that last clip was the coolest slow mo I've ever seen, the pan was pure genius

  • Elec7ric Niro
    Elec7ric Niro 2 days ago

    I just came here to see how long it takes them to make a video from the tv episode.

  • Kassandra Rahman
    Kassandra Rahman 3 days ago

    I cannot believe I have never watched these videos. This video made me so calm. Thank you!

  • Professor Breadstick

    Waste of water, but slo mo just looks cool

  • mr asif
    mr asif 3 days ago

    Who is watching this first time?

  • Shardul
    Shardul 3 days ago

    7:34 the yellow rocket

  • raitis1898
    raitis1898 3 days ago +1

    Do you want to get ants? Because, 8:24

  • Adam Ben
    Adam Ben 3 days ago

    what country do these guys live in now?

  • maxIimI101
    maxIimI101 3 days ago

    Watch in 0.25 speed, thank me later

  • Gengu Sheemadah
    Gengu Sheemadah 3 days ago


  • mia g
    mia g 3 days ago

    i need more of this oml !

  • Michael Clinton
    Michael Clinton 3 days ago

    watch it on 2x

  • Sopermen
    Sopermen 3 days ago

    Let out your inner weeb

  • Kuro Yaksha
    Kuro Yaksha 3 days ago

    Is it legal to own a katana where u live?

  • Aayushman Sehdev
    Aayushman Sehdev 3 days ago

    7:34 just got a wallpaper
    Btw - your videos are lit 😂🔥

  • Jose Guerrero
    Jose Guerrero 3 days ago

    Where did y'all get that sword at pleas tell me