Slow Mo Katana Sword - 4K - The Slow Mo Guys

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  • SonicGTR
    SonicGTR 5 minutes ago

    While you were out partying, he studied the Slow.

  • Linden GB
    Linden GB 24 minutes ago

    You guys need to do more LEGO!

  • Zehua David LI
    Zehua David LI 27 minutes ago


  • dragon lion rager
    dragon lion rager 30 minutes ago

    slow mode this: Search up splat ball Get as many as you want. And use a potato cannon and slow Mo it

  • NekoTJ
    NekoTJ 34 minutes ago

    do ripping tissue, paper and other assorted materials in slow motion!

  • Elijah M
    Elijah M 41 minute ago

    I'm really interested in what kind of Katana that is. Like what kind of steel is it made of, and where did you get it? I love all types of swords so I would really appreciate an answer

  • DarkGio778 Rocket League Content

    You should recreate some old vids in higher fps

  • DM Fladstol
    DM Fladstol 47 minutes ago

    Katanas aren't about force they're about grace. He looks like he's swinging a bat in the first try's.

  • Dart Monkey Productions

    3:03 beauty

    EGDKEGD Hour ago

    Did anyone else set 9:10 as their desktop background?

  • Kurt Howard
    Kurt Howard 2 hours ago

    Why don't you guys team up with demolition ranch and do some slow mo stuff

  • Estevan romero
    Estevan romero 2 hours ago

    If u were to shake the sodas first was can be fucken awesome

  • Jason Glenn
    Jason Glenn 2 hours ago

    pause at 8:45 and look at the red bottle it compacts!!!!!!!!!

  • Super Metlife Alex
    Super Metlife Alex 2 hours ago

    Can anyone sub me don't be hater it hurt my feeling

  • kasume tails
    kasume tails 2 hours ago

    You should do this again but with soda!

  • Douchebag McBloodmage
    Douchebag McBloodmage 3 hours ago

    More swording please :)

  • Presto Pesto
    Presto Pesto 3 hours ago

    Check out this Web-Series!

  • CalebGVS
    CalebGVS 3 hours ago

    Skipping stones on water. That would be dope

  • Elysteco
    Elysteco 4 hours ago +1

    This was uploaded on my 11th birthday.

  • Oh no It's Knuckles
    Oh no It's Knuckles 4 hours ago

    Gavin is a shisno

  • Macgyver Lowrey
    Macgyver Lowrey 4 hours ago

    Anyone else actually trained to use a sword and mad at Dan?

  • Xander Lish
    Xander Lish 4 hours ago

    You should cut glow sticks with the katana.

  • Maciej Nowosielski
    Maciej Nowosielski 4 hours ago

    New idea for You! Combine 9V batteries in series, and show how big spark is when shorted, it should be spectacular!

  • Malc Wells
    Malc Wells 4 hours ago

    LOVE you guys. This is just another of your videos that makes me just geek out massively. The artist and science buff in me just wants to scream at how you make physics SO BEAUTIFUL and accesessible for people to see. And I really love you for that. Keep it coming. It's a wonder to see :)

  • elsquisheeone
    elsquisheeone 5 hours ago

    Dan is basically the last samurai

  • G Brown
    G Brown 5 hours ago

    At 7:30 that orange bottle was like I believe I can fly

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams 6 hours ago

    Dan was army?

  • YummyMooChaChaMoo111
    YummyMooChaChaMoo111 6 hours ago

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel it is YummyMooChaChaMoo111

  • Sarah Willson
    Sarah Willson 6 hours ago +1

    It looked so real.

  • Mark Rothenberg
    Mark Rothenberg 7 hours ago

    Very cool. Thanks. Dan when you wash off the house start from the highest point to wash the colored liquid down. You waste less water and it is more efficient then starting from the bottom.

  • Jericho Majewski
    Jericho Majewski 7 hours ago

  • Benny Tan
    Benny Tan 7 hours ago

    how $? is that sword?

  • NexisFilms
    NexisFilms 7 hours ago

    Does anybody know the name of the song that starts playing when the slo mo begins ?>

  • Sean Speer
    Sean Speer 7 hours ago

    you need to put a watermelon behind a combustion tube

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 7 hours ago

    What a waste of plastic.
    Try a head next time.

  • RassilonTDavros
    RassilonTDavros 8 hours ago


  • Brad AmeerBeg
    Brad AmeerBeg 8 hours ago

    Two golf balls fired from air cannons colliding in mid air.

  • beastdude
    beastdude 9 hours ago

    the clean up on that sword is going to be nuts. dan somewhat looks majestic with the beard and sword. it's a shame you didn't do a cut with the bottle tops off to see if the liquid would shoot out the top as he cut them.

  • Burrito Nyx
    Burrito Nyx 9 hours ago

    Yes it is other Barry... Yes it is...

  • PinoyAviators
    PinoyAviators 10 hours ago

    Do playing BF1 in slowmotion!

  • ¡i¡ ¡i¡
    ¡i¡ ¡i¡ 10 hours ago

    Play this video to your muslims friends in Ramadan 😂💔

  • Abbanyl Abbilnea
    Abbanyl Abbilnea 10 hours ago

    WHERE'S THE GIF? :D internet don't fail me now.

  • TheRebelEye
    TheRebelEye 10 hours ago

    Wow! That video's just as slow as their upload rate!

  • Shrimat Kapoor
    Shrimat Kapoor 11 hours ago

    It seems like the bottles are jumping over a ball rolling underneath their feet one by one

  • Dalton McDowell
    Dalton McDowell 11 hours ago

    How the hell did you not shake the shit out of the soda and then do it?

  • eshu Joey
    eshu Joey 11 hours ago

    Explode spray paint bottles with Katana Sword

  • Mart
    Mart 11 hours ago

    I'm wondering if sword went through table like it was dog turd, could you do this again with spray paint cans?

  • Cupcakesprinkle S
    Cupcakesprinkle S 11 hours ago

    Your welcome :]

  • tabaks
    tabaks 11 hours ago

    Anyone playing with a katana as sharp as you claim that one is should be grounded. Frankly, I doubt you would be even remotely capable of paying for one that good and sharp.

  • emma g
    emma g 12 hours ago

    "jus lookin out for ya b"
    "cheers b!"

    im actually crying theyre so british

  • Heck Na Productions
    Heck Na Productions 12 hours ago

    Where do u dudes live

  • Omar Ibn Lynn Ibn Samual Marchant

    I dare you

  • Groy Powers
    Groy Powers 12 hours ago

    you guys should do this

  • karaoni
    karaoni 13 hours ago

    Great visuals, as always guys, especially the last bit.

  • RupertTheRock
    RupertTheRock 13 hours ago

    The fact that he rearranged the soda bottles but didn't put them in rainbow order pisses me off

  • w
    w 13 hours ago

    This guy has no idea how to swing something in a straight, horizontal line.

  • ALi_SY}47
    ALi_SY}47 14 hours ago

    Subscribe‏ ‏please

  • Aaash
    Aaash 14 hours ago +1

    Dam looked innocent without that beard earlier...

  • butthole tickling bandit

    Dan: omae wa mou shindeiru
    Bottles: NANI?!?

  • kildonan54
    kildonan54 16 hours ago


  • Threeonethree
    Threeonethree 16 hours ago

    Flippin’ heck that’s sharp.

  • Eddy S
    Eddy S 16 hours ago

    Some info about your edge alignment for your entertainment ;)

  • V Media
    V Media 16 hours ago +1

    Kill bill

  • Daniel Amir
    Daniel Amir 17 hours ago

    Can you Slow-mo a Slow-mo video?

  • Suman agarwal
    Suman agarwal 17 hours ago +1

    Can you guys please do pressure washing video in slow motion?☺

  • Guus Van Beers
    Guus Van Beers 17 hours ago

    Children in Africa could’ve eaten that sword!

  • Alex Xander
    Alex Xander 18 hours ago +1

    Woatah! Water!

  • MaccaDin
    MaccaDin 18 hours ago can you get a hold of this axe and show it chopping in slow mo. thanks from australia

  • Mahmud Ali Muhudin
    Mahmud Ali Muhudin 18 hours ago +1

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    Me: With my parents.
    Police: Where do your parents live?
    Me: With Me.
    Police: Where do you and your parent's live?
    Me: in a house.
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    Me: Next to my neighbors house.
    Police: Where is your neighbors house?
    Me: You won't believe me if I tell you.
    Police: Tell me!
    Me: Next to my house
    Police:(Palm face) dw i found your address
    Me: dw we all live next to police station

  • joey gaming
    joey gaming 18 hours ago

    i haven't seen this channel in like 3 or 2 years...

  • AskeNot Asker
    AskeNot Asker 19 hours ago


  • AskeNot Asker
    AskeNot Asker 19 hours ago

    slomo guys is uploading
    Nooo waaay

  • Just an average white guy

    A katana is not a sword. It's just a katana.

  • Comps
    Comps 19 hours ago

    I like these guys and I am not trying to hate but the amount of water they wasted is unbelievable I mean they can afford it but come on they could have just used previously emptied bottles and filled them up with tap or undrinkable water same with big bottles and soda honestly no hate intended but just be more considerate

  • Robbie Christie
    Robbie Christie 19 hours ago


    COMING SOON 20 hours ago

    Don't mean to sound rude but Dan has put weight on...


  • Ricky Stopar
    Ricky Stopar 20 hours ago

    Damn, they really nerfed Genji's Ult

  • Brayden Kinder
    Brayden Kinder 21 hour ago

    Yes the visuals are amazing but i think my favourite part is the sound of the sword going through all the bottles

  • Michael Cook
    Michael Cook 21 hour ago +1

    R u guys gay?

  • Xavier Laureles
    Xavier Laureles 21 hour ago

    Or from a samurai

  • Xavier Laureles
    Xavier Laureles 21 hour ago

    Did u borrow the katana from a ninja?

    • xr7fan
      xr7fan 8 hours ago

      Xavier Laureles Ninjas didn't use katanas. Samurai did.

  • Kamikaze Wraith
    Kamikaze Wraith 21 hour ago
    Shattering glass all at once. Would look incredible in slo mo

  • takumi168
    takumi168 21 hour ago

    i hope you're taking care of the sword... also learn how to swing a sword and try again Dan love to see you cut some more things up.

    SMASH GAMING 22 hours ago +1

    2:56 sounds like Jake Paul intro

  • Michael Runde
    Michael Runde 22 hours ago

    Charles Folts from ZGB makes it look so easy lol

  • josh johnson
    josh johnson 22 hours ago

    I think what we've learned here is that Dan is a massive weeb

  • Zacea Fed
    Zacea Fed 23 hours ago

    Why would you use your favourite table then

  • Dustin Walters
    Dustin Walters 23 hours ago

    They should have teamed up with skallagrim for this lol

  • Mahmud Ali Muhudin
    Mahmud Ali Muhudin 23 hours ago +1

    1:47 "may the force be with you"

  • ThorZeroGaming
    ThorZeroGaming Day ago

    You should cut some ballistic gel with the katana

  • Claudio Tapia
    Claudio Tapia Day ago

    makes me wanna go rewatch Samurai Champloo again...

  • Will Barrow
    Will Barrow Day ago +1

    Dan:omae wa mou shindeiru
    water bottle:NaNi???

  • white gold construction pvt. ltd

    its a challenge for you !!!
    Can you show the speed of light in the slowest speed !!!

  • Remme Family
    Remme Family Day ago

    I don't know why, but seeing that tiny shard of table flying through the air made me laugh so hard.

  • rememorar
    rememorar Day ago = Art.

  • Valid Molic
    Valid Molic Day ago +1

    And ur doing it by a window

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Day ago

    (*5+&-$me xfcfvghcuhv

  • Wolf Larson
    Wolf Larson Day ago

    There are starving children in Africa that have no water, they could be eating that sword right now.

  • Elby Heart
    Elby Heart Day ago

    I enjoyed the hell out of this video but I also spent the whole video wincing as I couldn't stop thinking what that blade would do to flesh