How to Cook Bear Meat in Bear Fat with Steven Rinella - MeatEater

  • Published on Jun 24, 2013
  • Steven Rinella prepares a camp meal by rendering bear fat into a liquid and frying pieces of bear meat in it. (read more below...)
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Comments • 4 581

  • Jacques Achille
    Jacques Achille Day ago

    Drinking oil? I mean I can't knock it but I am skeptical of how that would taste

  • Honey Beez
    Honey Beez Day ago

    What is it that you people dont kill or eat?

  • paul mitchell
    paul mitchell 3 days ago

    Bears have a great sense of smell....

  • Hey Hombre27
    Hey Hombre27 6 days ago

    He was later found in his tent fapping, with a porno book in one hand and a chunk of bear fat in the other.

  • hitler 777
    hitler 777 8 days ago

    And they criticized asian for eating dogs wtf.

  • Unknown Matrix
    Unknown Matrix 9 days ago

    Eat a dog or a cat if u can eat any meat then cat n dog is in the page so fuking eat dog meat

  • 8bit Askr3n
    8bit Askr3n 13 days ago

    This gets me excited... Bear fat fried in bear fat.. fuck yes

  • Top 10 Everything
    Top 10 Everything 17 days ago +2

    I always watch this video in every few months.

  • Pete Theodocion
    Pete Theodocion 18 days ago

    The short version is that bear meat isn’t very good and can’t be healthily eaten rare or even medium rare and thus isn’t a good meal

  • skiie
    skiie 19 days ago

    I didn't know trevor moore did survival.

  • The Ancients
    The Ancients 20 days ago


  • Dan Goodellis
    Dan Goodellis 21 day ago

    Always wanted to try bear meat, I’ve heard it’s insanely tasty

  • kosmo seedo
    kosmo seedo 23 days ago

    Eating a bear Is messed up though...

  • Ron Wilson
    Ron Wilson 26 days ago

    I saw this episode several years ago on tv. Steven became deathly ill after eating this meat.

  • The Beast
    The Beast 28 days ago

    Bomb 💣

  • Ersin Yildirim
    Ersin Yildirim 29 days ago

    bunlarda yemek kültürü yok

  • Lemon26
    Lemon26 Month ago

    Nice I’ve never heard of bear meat

  • Christopher W
    Christopher W Month ago

    Wtf? Don't eat bears man...that's just wrong.

  • Mihail Vasilev
    Mihail Vasilev Month ago +1

    I hope a bear comes out of the bushes and rips your guts out..

  • Ctwo Litro
    Ctwo Litro Month ago

    where can I buy fire paste? What brand? I want one of it.

    • Rayray1001
      Rayray1001 24 days ago

      Ctwo Litro you’ve heard of the internet haven’t you. On this internet you have search engines, use them

    VITTXRIO Month ago

    Given the fact that no salt were added, it was still fuckin bland.

  • Spen trav
    Spen trav Month ago

    How good is it? It’s beary good.
    Beary. Good.

  • Pootato Powers
    Pootato Powers Month ago +1

    Im pretty scared to drink bear fat

  • Reda
    Reda Month ago

    Eating meat with no seasoning and saying that is good? Do you think you have a wagyu there ro what

  • A Legend that eats lunch at 11:27 am

    Looks like chicken

  • Aaron Colman
    Aaron Colman Month ago +4

    I don't think (BEARS) are meant to be ate that's just me

  • The Joker
    The Joker Month ago

    I'm vegan

  • 3st
    3st Month ago

    how to grill bear meat in bear fat with bear grylls

  • Simone Lelli
    Simone Lelli Month ago

    Comoda accendere il fuoco con l'accendino, altro che bear grylls, peracottaro

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright Month ago +4

    Long gone are the days of old when men knew how to live off the land

  • Dorian204
    Dorian204 Month ago


  • Sayed Ismail
    Sayed Ismail Month ago

    Who eats bears seriously

  • Weak Mill
    Weak Mill Month ago

    fats burnt

  • Kazuki mave
    Kazuki mave Month ago +1

    5k vegans left the chat.


    Can i get bear Fat only???

  • Anthony Nudalo
    Anthony Nudalo Month ago

    Is bear meat gamey? Man I'd like to taste

  • Mathew Hutchinson
    Mathew Hutchinson Month ago

    Maggot cunt

  • joshi0116
    joshi0116 Month ago

    blue berry bear fat

  • Sky Tara Wild
    Sky Tara Wild Month ago

    Man I want to try this

  • samuel archangel
    samuel archangel Month ago

    What with the dislikes this is a good video plus the food looks great

  • enigmaspace
    enigmaspace Month ago

    How much of that meat and fat did you give back to native people?

  • Pokerface ™
    Pokerface ™ Month ago

    Look at the bright side dude. You can now eat a medium rare bear steak without having to worry about the parasites!

  • Ivvan Olivier
    Ivvan Olivier Month ago

    Fuck that looks so gooooooood

  • Blu
    Blu Month ago +1

    damn, he ate yogi bear

  • Matthew Golden
    Matthew Golden Month ago

    You ever watched a video you YT, and was like well... I watched this before. Yeah, that's me right now.

  • febrian dwi
    febrian dwi Month ago

    Cooking a bear?🙄

  • Ibby Hussain
    Ibby Hussain Month ago

    Who wakes up on a morning a wants to EAT A BEAR

  • Bedri Öncül
    Bedri Öncül Month ago

    In America:You cook bear with its own fat
    In Soviet Russia:Bear cooks you with your own fat(some more delicius for him)

  • ashish burnwal
    ashish burnwal Month ago

    and people make fun of chinease customs of eating dog

    • Kushal Kapoor
      Kushal Kapoor Month ago

      The guy in this video has eaten dog as well. Heck he's eaten monkey when he was with a tribe in Bolivia. It's on his show

  • Guardians Ravelo
    Guardians Ravelo Month ago


  • Neck
    Neck Month ago

    *NEXT TIME ON MEAT BEATER* ...."oh fuck yeah thats so good".

  • Nisha Hughes
    Nisha Hughes Month ago

    Hmmm, stop killing Bears, we have a lot of food in the groceries. Human are destroying the animal kingdom once more

  • Butterfly Beauty tribe of Levi

    Cacus montains that's how they eat

  • omkr 01
    omkr 01 Month ago

    Shokugeki no Kuma!

  • Yeet Deet
    Yeet Deet Month ago

    This is the most southern Canadian I've ever witnessed.

  • Elessar ChonHlun
    Elessar ChonHlun Month ago

    Looks so so it possible to domesticate bears for meat?? They looks so yummy

  • Phtb13
    Phtb13 Month ago +3

    4.9k butthurt vegans disliked

  • puncru
    puncru 2 months ago

    Ppl just bear with him !!!! Lol

  • mmafan2223
    mmafan2223 2 months ago

    Hunt what he eats RESPECT!

    BLITZFORCE 28K 2 months ago

    I hear if u eat bear +1000 cholesterol will be with u

  • monty royal
    monty royal 2 months ago +2

    meat needs salt

  • Marvel Universe
    Marvel Universe 2 months ago

    gw kira ketupat dah elah

  • Thoracic007
    Thoracic007 2 months ago

    I just wanna go and kill a bear and eat now.

  • Sami Mhanna
    Sami Mhanna 2 months ago

    Big game meat is good for dead eye ability 👌🏼😉

  • thexophguy
    thexophguy 2 months ago


  • Nifty Bandit
    Nifty Bandit 2 months ago

    broke down mountain brotha

  • john doe
    john doe 2 months ago

    bear taste like shit idgaf how you cook it

  • Meisam Kiadeh
    Meisam Kiadeh 2 months ago

    Bear fat is the most healthiest oil in this planet

  • Jordy Castles
    Jordy Castles 2 months ago

    I've watched this video sooooo many times

  • Dekho jalwa
    Dekho jalwa 2 months ago +1

    I never thought people ate bears wow people eat anything

  • Levi Caleb
    Levi Caleb 2 months ago

    Somebody please make a compilation of just him saying “fat”

  • Hector Chacon
    Hector Chacon 2 months ago

    White folks eating bears now 🤢

    • Alpha
      Alpha Month ago

      Aren't you white?

  • Iraq Lobster
    Iraq Lobster 2 months ago +6

    Second amendment- the right to eat bear arms

  • Dr Sabotage
    Dr Sabotage 2 months ago +1

    Well thank you very much 3am TVclip. This will definitely come in handy

  • Lost GeneratioN
    Lost GeneratioN 2 months ago

    That meat would probably stink terrible.

  • PresidentWordSalad
    PresidentWordSalad 2 months ago

    If you're not going to kill the bear and get the fat and meat yourself, you mind as well just do it at home. Otherwise you're just playing at being a outdoorsman.

  • Angelo Rivera
    Angelo Rivera 2 months ago +4

    Who tf ever ate bear 🐻

  • Carlos  Miranda
    Carlos Miranda 2 months ago

    What kind of bags are the whites where you have your meats at

  • DaintreeDreaming
    DaintreeDreaming 2 months ago

    Best tasting meat ever.

  • LaylaEatsTrees
    LaylaEatsTrees 2 months ago


  • van Yama
    van Yama 2 months ago

    next: how to eat shit watered with piss like an american.

  • Caleb Gladwin
    Caleb Gladwin 2 months ago

    Bear meat is basically dog meat right

    • Caleb Gladwin
      Caleb Gladwin 2 months ago

      Random Comment dogs and bears are part of the same suborder caniformia

    • Random Comment
      Random Comment 2 months ago

      Are you a vegan?

  • NubaStyle UrbanWear
    NubaStyle UrbanWear 2 months ago

    MFs is eating Bears now??? I'm good. I think it's time to go vegetarian

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez 2 months ago

    bring some salt

  • Asor
    Asor 2 months ago

    Like i ever kill a bear in wild and cook its meat but thanks youtube recommented anyways..

  • Darius Thomas
    Darius Thomas 2 months ago

    Blueberry bear fat 😂

  • Cheitan Srivastava
    Cheitan Srivastava 2 months ago

    This is atrocity at its height...u guys are insensitive bunch of much for the taste buds..may God have mercy on you..!!

  • TrollBuster
    TrollBuster 2 months ago

    I'd make bear carnitas!

  • burak s
    burak s 2 months ago


  • E.C.'s LambGoatSoup
    E.C.'s LambGoatSoup 2 months ago

    Everything in my life is supposed to be better, but the experiences like this can't be bought.

    Unless I bought the same stuff and replicated the experience, but it's like, why is His life so much better than mine? He is out in middle of nowhere, cooking only two products, lard and bear meat, and it is seemingly better. I wonder if it depends on the person if they will be grateful for life and how they experience it

  • Jack Zijdenbos
    Jack Zijdenbos 2 months ago

    *heads to woods to kill bear*

  • I'm Hungry
    I'm Hungry 2 months ago

    I don't know what vegan thinks about this video.. I guess they can't *bear* to watch till the end

  • Ghosts
    Ghosts 2 months ago

    you are a dead set dickhead. a world class dingleberry

  • Juan Medrano
    Juan Medrano 2 months ago

    Why the hell would i want to eat Bear???.. this dude is nasty!🤨🤨

  • Oxy Media
    Oxy Media 2 months ago

    I followed your steps.
    And now my gummy bears taste funny.

  • Justin Salinaz
    Justin Salinaz 2 months ago

    that was awesome

  • Wilbert Jones
    Wilbert Jones 2 months ago

    Why do I see myself speaking the same while holding human parts

  • Kaleem ullah
    Kaleem ullah 2 months ago

    Fucking bear killer.

  • Ludwig Van
    Ludwig Van 2 months ago

    the best ad for hunting ever

  • EyesWithoutAFace
    EyesWithoutAFace 2 months ago

    This guys Kkona as fuck