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    Its a shadow and ice melting JC! are that dimwited?

  • Mike Fidborg
    Mike Fidborg 17 days ago

    Space force base and craft?

  • yahwehsonren
    yahwehsonren 18 days ago

    What in south Antarctica?

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes 22 days ago

    Its Jan 2, 2020. Just saw, i believe, this in the sky above the bay behind my house in Texas where a jet crashed back on Feb 23 last year. Sure looked like it

  • 11 11
    11 11 23 days ago

    The Moth Man?! 😳☺

  • Heavy Joe Chipman
    Heavy Joe Chipman 25 days ago

    Forget storming and ambushing AREA 51. We need to demand answers on ANTARCTICA. We need to make a huge push by the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people by going down there and holding these 50 countries accountable for whats really going on down there. We have been lied to by all 50 countries of the ANTARCTIC TREATY. Especially our own. The U.S. government and military have been seizing very ancient artifacts from ancient ruins from down there that the average person will never be allowed to see or even know about. That is criminal in nature. How dare they keep lying to us. How dare they forbid the rest of us from going there to explore and see it for ourselves. This dynamic mess with restricted access to an entire continent MUST be done away with. It is un-American to limit another's freedoms. Again, we are being misled and lied to about EVERYTHING in ANTARCTICA!😡

  • Jon Collins
    Jon Collins 25 days ago

    In a way it looks like partially uncovered remains of a huge creature. That would be one freaking huge rib cage. Let's look for some eggs and make some super omelettes.

  • Flat Zilla
    Flat Zilla 26 days ago

    Florida Maquis found this first. u should have given him the credits...

  • steven amann
    steven amann 26 days ago

    At 5:40 u get a good look at it head torsoe , left arm staring that thing down. Almost looks like its wearing a crown or something

  • Paul Hilliard
    Paul Hilliard 26 days ago

    It's the mandalorian symbol!

  • Emmanuel Cox
    Emmanuel Cox 26 days ago

    It's the 20th century and that's the best image they can come up with GTFOH

  • MarcBSounds - MBS
    MarcBSounds - MBS 27 days ago

    life must be really difficult when you're this stupid

  • kayla troyer
    kayla troyer Month ago

    I think there were pieces of a downed satellite from orbit

  • the hawk hawkins
    the hawk hawkins Month ago

    My Google Earth is much better, this is fake

  • Danny Grimm
    Danny Grimm Month ago

    It looks like wind just blew snow and ice off the side of a mountain or hill, judging by the nearby rocks that have a trail of snow blown off.

  • Dillon Chan
    Dillon Chan Month ago +1

    That’s the Fortress of Solitude

  • Trucker
    Trucker Month ago

    Sputnik ran the story. Anyone believe no one has sent a plane for a closer look?

  • 69alex72
    69alex72 Month ago

    Jajajajajaja Sombras en perspectiva del sol, picos altos y bajos de la nieve con respecto a la luz; Las personas con facilidad de perspectiva tridimensional lo notan con facilidad.

  • Donna Dda
    Donna Dda Month ago

    Antarctica is where The Who or what’s that really run this Earth are.

  • SOLJAH 1
    SOLJAH 1 Month ago +1

    It's Donald trumptons $10billion baboon sculpture ready for his new Antarctic ice mansion build😜✌️

  • MajesticBrahmarshi
    MajesticBrahmarshi Month ago

    Looks like ribs

  • Lavender Moon
    Lavender Moon Month ago

    he didnt post the coordinates?

  • Jerry Williams
    Jerry Williams Month ago

    Looks like sunlight being reflected off of something on that sheer cliff next to it. Maybe ice? (I'm talking about the second object.)

  • Shpinzy Productions

    Tip of the ifberg

  • Jabber’s Justice
    Jabber’s Justice Month ago


  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Month ago +1

    The second thing shown appears to be the tip of a chunk of ice.

  • Gavin Osullivan
    Gavin Osullivan Month ago

    there looks like a plume of smoke coming from it?

  • Dorian Perkins
    Dorian Perkins Month ago

    First thing I thought of is...A fallen giant statue of a gorilla

    CUATDSNY Month ago +1

    Super cool yet again!

  • Julie D
    Julie D Month ago

    There must not be a whole lot of good coming in cause this just looks like some rocks, snow, ice, and shadows. It's not even slightly interesting. There is a very small chance I could be wrong and it could be something else, but I HIGHLY doubt it.

  • Tara Aliyeva
    Tara Aliyeva Month ago


  • Stephanie Jordan
    Stephanie Jordan Month ago

    I'm curious why or how Google didn't edit that image out

  • witness only for Jesus eternal love

    No it doesn't look like something that flies! Wow

  • Dan Grange
    Dan Grange Month ago

    Could be oil...

  • the brothers darke
    the brothers darke Month ago

    its a snow sub still top secret the wings are blades

  • ClayBank Homestead
    ClayBank Homestead Month ago

    Mountain outcrop

  • Clinton Morris
    Clinton Morris Month ago +1

    Florida Maquis beat you to it. Sorry

    • Clinton Morris
      Clinton Morris Month ago

      @Florida Maquis You deserve it! ❤👍

    • Florida Maquis
      Florida Maquis Month ago

      If I had a dime for every " discovery " that this and other Channels stole from my research Id be a billionaire!!! Thank You for acknowledging this Clinton!!

  • Mark. Victor Brown
    Mark. Victor Brown Month ago

    I think that it could be a high altitude military balloon... 🤔 hmmm?????

  • Kevin Willingham
    Kevin Willingham Month ago

    Genesis 6 Fallen Angel technology history repeats itself the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back soon but before then we are going to see all kinds of new things keep your eyes on the Lord

  • Jessica Sheets
    Jessica Sheets Month ago


  • sweetlady1027
    sweetlady1027 Month ago

    Egyptian statue, the first screen shot. Thank you so much for the work you do. God bless you in Jesus Christ wonderful name Amen, Amen.

  • John Dillon
    John Dillon Month ago

    Look at the Snow profile 1) looks like the object moved L to R and smoothed the snow before dropping to a halt. Also both extremities have interesting snow profiles blowing R to L. Further on the black objects look like maybe cave entrances?? Anyway good video wish I could go and check!!

  • Carlos Oquendo
    Carlos Oquendo Month ago

    If you look infront of it there's some debree if you notice is like pieces of small rocks on the snow!

  • W Westbrook
    W Westbrook Month ago

    I'm waiting to see a UFO land on the white house lawn...

  • Chris Yunge
    Chris Yunge Month ago

    Hi winds have blown the crown of snow or ice Crystal's off a mountaintop, Antarctica is a really big landmass, the lightening of the snow on the lee side shows wind like erosion. The anomaly at the bottom looks like blue ice, to be expected...?

    T3SKATLIPOC4 Month ago me, it looks like that's at least two large mechanical legs of a much larger SPIDER

  • Who am I ? No one!
    Who am I ? No one! Month ago

    Looks like a frame to me.

  • Who am I ? No one!
    Who am I ? No one! Month ago +1

    What do you think the smokey looking light is ?

  • Ob Ord
    Ob Ord Month ago +1

    that is Pretty strange, Michael.

  • AtoZ
    AtoZ Month ago

    LMAO!! Everything this dude looks at, is a space ship, or has wings, ornis a "craft". He sees exactly what he wants to see.

  • Valerie Romeos
    Valerie Romeos Month ago

    The first thing looked like very large ribs.

  • Amego rica
    Amego rica Month ago

    Giant insectoid that crashed

  • PackCat
    PackCat Month ago

    it is clear, it is the Abominable Snowman.

  • bluefordpickup
    bluefordpickup Month ago

    It’s a shadow

  • Kerylorbs Multidimensional

    It looks to me like a partially uncovered.. structure, craft or 'something' that may be considerably larger & lie underneath that huge area on the right of it. Panning back,it looks like blue water ice- possibly flooded the area, froze & got snowed upon. Maybe indeed there is substantial melt happening

  • shunthunder Inf3xshun

    Looks like high hrothgar

  • brock7872
    brock7872 Month ago

    Looks like claw

  • Jonas Antley
    Jonas Antley Month ago

    It looks like Hebrew numbers 66_6 but I don't know that pyramid "hyfen" swoop up above the line of wright but this three downward spike with the lil chika (😁) off to the side. But once you back out it looked like you're viewing the image invert on the hill to the left when if viewed as if part of the hill to the right (drift I know I know I saw it last minute. And hate being in a hurry anyhow I digress) it appears as a giant a frame entrance to that tall pyramid drift to the right

    TEMPLAR KNIGHT Month ago

    a shadow

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman Month ago