Checking Out Popeyes New Rip'n Chick'n!

  • Published on Jun 1, 2018
  • In celebration of National Donut Day I review the new Rip'n Chicken from Popeyes.
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Comments • 3 001

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  10 months ago +983

    For the purpose of archiving, this video was put in "restricted mode" and permanent demonetized by Manual Review. Below are images for evidence, I don't know what's going on or if/when this will happen again. Confirmed by Manual Review:
    Image one would see when clicking on this video:

    • Alexinator
      Alexinator Month ago

      +HeLL LoW I don't know what you mean by "virgin"

    • tobi pohan
      tobi pohan 5 months ago

      There are still ads and no warning on mine brah, don't worry

    • Paul G
      Paul G 5 months ago

      Kfc is doing this no doubt in my mind

    • Evan Mathews
      Evan Mathews 5 months ago

      Re visit this review and get Popeye’s blackened ranch. This sauce matches the flavor of the cajun seasonings they use with the breading of the chicken to enhance the overall taste and experience of Popeye’s Chicken!!!

    • Chris O
      Chris O 9 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek I did watch this on Friday you're the best

  • James Boswell
    James Boswell Day ago

    I am offended by this video's offensive content!

    • James Boswell
      James Boswell Day ago

      Apparently this video is no longer offensive. Please disregard my previous comment.

  • your father jorge
    your father jorge 22 days ago +1

    And to celebrate national donut day i got popeye's chicken

  • Don Heil
    Don Heil 29 days ago

    I work literally right across a parking lot from one of the worst KFCs I have ever seen and after all I have seen come out of their back door and into our shared dumpster I would never eat at KFC ever again. Disgusting...

  • Lemons & Listerine
    Lemons & Listerine Month ago +1

    I guess ripping fried fingers that were exposed to radioactivity and dipping it in buffalo and barbeque sauce is violence.

  • Seth Eldridge
    Seth Eldridge Month ago

    “It’s not fully new, but it’s resurrected”
    Reviewbrah 2018

  • Trevor Trusty
    Trevor Trusty Month ago +1

    After gazing upon your glass of water there, I have actually found myself desiring a nice ice cold glass of old fashioned H2O.

  • Nyla Vox
    Nyla Vox Month ago


  • Rohan Singh
    Rohan Singh 2 months ago

    U gay

  • William Waugh
    William Waugh 2 months ago +1

    I did not get pop up... I hope and pray they have fixed their error!

  • Mike Marschall
    Mike Marschall 3 months ago +1

    But they can promote guided masterbation vids

  • Justin 30144 Ross
    Justin 30144 Ross 3 months ago

    A true gentleman & a scholar.

  • Alex Wutzke
    Alex Wutzke 3 months ago

    That was a tense moment when the base of his cup caught on the lid of his Rippin Chicken.

  • AlgernonFTW Gaming
    AlgernonFTW Gaming 3 months ago

    I tried to like Reviewbrah... but I just can't with him anymore - even outside the fact that I'm reminded every few videos that he's the weirdest kid on the planet and his speech/looks/mannerisms make me super uncomfortable. Beyond that, his scores have zero consistency - he had almost nothing but praise for this item, and rated it lower than a lot of things that he ended up extensively criticizing. He fails to remain objective, he does not give alternatives when he finds something lacking, and I definitely disagree with a lot of his takes.

  • ckeeky zekey
    ckeeky zekey 4 months ago

    I think the mention of this food item looking like a radioactive hand with 10 fingers and covered in warts was a thought too disturbing for TVclip to handle.

  • PBR Streetgang
    PBR Streetgang 4 months ago

    The chicken hand is somewhat disturbing

  • Ashish Nakarmi
    Ashish Nakarmi 5 months ago

    Sheldon cooper!

  • Ravangers
    Ravangers 5 months ago

    i gotta pretend like im an archaeologist lmao

  • littleferrhis
    littleferrhis 5 months ago

    TVclip does not care for context.

  • John Donnelly
    John Donnelly 5 months ago

    What a beautiful greenhouse conservatory room you have there. What a view.

  • carrotninja145
    carrotninja145 6 months ago

    rip' IN chicken.

  • Jeffrey Walker
    Jeffrey Walker 6 months ago

    Roses are red,
    The Brah's got me flippin,
    His hair's all slicked back,
    And his chicken is rippin.

  • Jeffrey Walker
    Jeffrey Walker 6 months ago

    Even though I can't afford it, I've eaten Popeyes the last 3 nites because of the Brah.

  • Garth Marenghi
    Garth Marenghi 6 months ago +1

    I can only wish for a idubbbz review brah crossover :(

  • PlushyGaming 2019
    PlushyGaming 2019 6 months ago +1

    I came from GRANDAYY the Super Smash Bros meme

  • ragnar odinsin
    ragnar odinsin 6 months ago

    His nails help him open sauce with ease

  • Kathy Himes
    Kathy Himes 6 months ago

    I love you so much, but at the same time i see through your feigned persona and hate you for it. Oh well, its good entertainment

  • Ninja
    Ninja 7 months ago


  • Caroline Enriquez
    Caroline Enriquez 7 months ago

    keep up the word going in hahahhahaha and youre fingernails need to be removed hahahhaha XD

  • cαтѕєνєяуωнєяє

    D A DD Y

  • Paul Swancey
    Paul Swancey 7 months ago

    this white boy look like richie rich

  • Avalon Justin
    Avalon Justin 7 months ago +1

    On one hand I'm happy that the chicken is so flavorful by itself, but on the other hand we don't have Popeye's here in Canada. My disappointment is immeasurable.

  • Scoobydubby Noo
    Scoobydubby Noo 7 months ago

    I just love how he says” riding on empty, food review!”

  • TTN T.J. I The Temmie Network

    My disappointment is immeasurable.

  • Scully
    Scully 7 months ago

    Yet Elsagate videos run all day every day 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • It's a trvp
    It's a trvp 7 months ago

    straight out the bayou

  • Nikolaj Kapa
    Nikolaj Kapa 8 months ago

    Fooood Reweew.

  • James Brown
    James Brown 8 months ago

    Thanks for the video you were right

  • TG Panix21
    TG Panix21 8 months ago

    Do you even eat or you just talk

  • andy woohoo
    andy woohoo 8 months ago +1

    Reviewbrah is too real for TVclip

  • Vivian Grubbs, Ph.D.
    Vivian Grubbs, Ph.D. 8 months ago

    Invaluable insights.

  • Rebelz 9083
    Rebelz 9083 8 months ago

    You should dress like me for a day... A. K. A. Dressing like an emo. For real tho all you do is wear black skinny jeans and a black T-shirt preferably a band T-shirt. Then you try to put most of your hair to one side.

  • Brol1n
    Brol1n 8 months ago

    Them fingernails tho they looking real nasty!!!

  • ExSooner :/
    ExSooner :/ 8 months ago

    LMAO 😂😂 his skinny ass need to eat all of that Just kidding

  • The#1ZeldaFan
    The#1ZeldaFan 8 months ago


  • oy59
    oy59 8 months ago

    You look like lorde

  • Garry
    Garry 8 months ago

    For a second I thought he was lying about the BBQ sauce.

  • HunterXray
    HunterXray 8 months ago

    Sweet Heat is the best sauce for this.

  • pAInkIIleR69 0
    pAInkIIleR69 0 8 months ago

    This dude look so serious like if he’ll say I’ll kill u he look like he will do but I’m just kidding I don’t believe he will say that or do that

    • pAInkIIleR69 0
      pAInkIIleR69 0 8 months ago

      Janet what need to stop and who the fuck are you

    • Janet
      Janet 8 months ago

      this is family friendly channel and this needs to stop

  • ZAFS2368
    ZAFS2368 8 months ago +1

    You were raised right

  • Itamar Edri
    Itamar Edri 8 months ago

    It has enough fingers to make u pleasure;) Really It has 10 fingers they are very tasty

  • Alex Maldonado
    Alex Maldonado 8 months ago

    Yes I agree Life is Beautiful but not for the chickeeeennnn!! Lol yummymmm... 😁

  • David Diaz
    David Diaz 8 months ago

    Smoke a joint and loosen up bro.

  • L!L X
    L!L X 8 months ago

    When he bit the chicken he looked like he was on drugs looking everywhere

  • Gideon
    Gideon 8 months ago

    These companies need to start consulting you on their marketing strategies.

  • Lancel Guerrero
    Lancel Guerrero 8 months ago

    White people with there fancy shit always eating thing's that got a lot of grease and they have to be wearing some fancy white shirt

  • Tyrant Rexy
    Tyrant Rexy 8 months ago

    Dude Your so neat I wish I could be like you compared to you I’m a 🐷 OINK

  • Timothy Mann
    Timothy Mann 8 months ago

    Ur trying to be smart but ur not

    • Dossi Green
      Dossi Green 5 months ago

      He correctly uses each word in his sentences, he is an intellectual, just because you're the physical embodiment of a homunculus doesn't allow you to talk trash.

  • Saca las tetas mami
    Saca las tetas mami 8 months ago

    I love that he is so formal and the way he doesn’t make nasty ass or irritating noises whit his mouth (coff coff quang tran) yeah now I’m satisfied

  • Orlando Perez
    Orlando Perez 8 months ago

    Popeyes better than kfc like if you agree

  • Everyday Lifestylez
    Everyday Lifestylez 8 months ago

    y i feel like all his subscribers are fat people

  • Lebron X2
    Lebron X2 8 months ago

    Why this dude look like the back pack kid lmao

  • sharp1216
    sharp1216 8 months ago

    Hey I didn’t come to watch your vid for some just eat.

    • Dossi Green
      Dossi Green 5 months ago

      Go to a restaurant and watch people eat with your weird fetish having ass

  • Jordin Rios
    Jordin Rios 8 months ago

    Ayo my mans gots the sauce

  • Unseen Balencii
    Unseen Balencii 8 months ago

    Stop embarrasing white people.

    • Dossi Green
      Dossi Green 5 months ago

      You're doing that all by yourself

  • Kaan
    Kaan 8 months ago

    That looks gross

  • XxSlycexX
    XxSlycexX 9 months ago

    This dude is just a living meme

  • ILXU th3r0ya1tac0
    ILXU th3r0ya1tac0 9 months ago

    Can someone plz tell me y this guy has over one million subs... this is what society has come to we are all doomed😭😭 p.s. I'm here cuz of a reaction to cringy food review compilation

  • Wiley McCormick
    Wiley McCormick 9 months ago

    I love this guy😂🔥

  • KinG$lime Akuma4
    KinG$lime Akuma4 9 months ago +1

    My boa looking clean✨

  • Diamond j Jigga
    Diamond j Jigga 9 months ago

    Boi who are you with your backpack kid looking self Inappropriate Jake from State Farm looking self

  • Almightyeli 300
    Almightyeli 300 9 months ago

    alfalfa a critic now?

  • Cxnfuse
    Cxnfuse 9 months ago

    99% of comments: About how the video is age restricted
    1% of comments: other

  • Ybn Deebo
    Ybn Deebo 9 months ago

    Are you the back pack kids twin or am i trippen

  • vgametrash
    vgametrash 9 months ago

    KFC nasty

  • Emilio Jr Raz
    Emilio Jr Raz 9 months ago

    i like your suit and the vid

  • Superior TG
    Superior TG 9 months ago +1

    Why his fingertips orange

  • Jai Anderson
    Jai Anderson 9 months ago

    It's just food it's not supposed to be a review

  • Jai Anderson
    Jai Anderson 9 months ago

    This is scary gaahh

  • DifosyFN
    DifosyFN 9 months ago

    lmao its not hot, its spicy cracker

  • BigBanK
    BigBanK 9 months ago

    I thought this was the backpackkid

  • Lazer - FORTNITE !
    Lazer - FORTNITE ! 9 months ago

    Why he lookin like mini hitler

    OG EXODUZ 9 months ago

    Welcome to 2018s internet

  • ツAdvent
    ツAdvent 9 months ago

    How are these food reviews allowed

  • ツAdvent
    ツAdvent 9 months ago

    He is cringier than Ali a

  • lil xerty
    lil xerty 9 months ago

    It is Friday 😮

  • t0x1kB0y Toxic
    t0x1kB0y Toxic 9 months ago

    Creep cut your nails 😂

  • Sean Chan
    Sean Chan 9 months ago

    Did anyone notice the dumbass drinking water out of a wine glass??

  • iCrY_ Blood
    iCrY_ Blood 9 months ago

    At first I thought that was a real background and he was outside then I looked at the tree an they weren't moving so

  • Sehan De Silva
    Sehan De Silva 9 months ago

    Summarizing the video this niggas complaining about how the chicken has flavor

  • TTV_LigmaYT
    TTV_LigmaYT 9 months ago

    I’m sure that he was thinking trying peasant food😂

  • Cheeto Dust
    Cheeto Dust 9 months ago

    Let my man eat his chicken

  • Nathan Cortado
    Nathan Cortado 9 months ago

    it national donut day *eats chicken*

  • Nathan Cortado
    Nathan Cortado 9 months ago

    why i the hell does this guy have to wear a suit every god damn tune jeez omg he looks like a villain

  • Jay Vert
    Jay Vert 9 months ago

    I feel so FUCKING SMART after watching this

  • Beau Trahan
    Beau Trahan 9 months ago

    H Y P O T H E S I Z E

  • Foo
    Foo 9 months ago

    why do you have to wear your suit everyday? it's really hot

  • One and Only zae
    One and Only zae 9 months ago

    This mans. Fingers look NASTY🤣

  • Stomedy Fan
    Stomedy Fan 9 months ago

    he need a bullet proff buble to block all the shooters

  • XxGemini JadenxX
    XxGemini JadenxX 9 months ago

    I’m in love