Something Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vale (2019) Netflix Movie Review

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • If you would have told me Zac...yes that Zac would be playing Ted Bundy. I wouldn't have believe you. Here is our review for Netflix's brand new bio-pic. Is it good or really bad. Watch to find out.
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Comments • 6

  • Eddytainment
    Eddytainment 4 months ago

    This may be a weekend watch, looks interesting.

  • Gory B Movie
    Gory B Movie 4 months ago

    This movie sounds really interesting. Also, your editing and on-camera presence are fantastic! Great video!

  • Tiphanie MosesSeantay
    Tiphanie MosesSeantay 4 months ago

    Hey Chris check out the documentary by the same director also on Netflix the Confession tapes.

  • Eric Stefan
    Eric Stefan 4 months ago +1

    Are you going to hhn 29 are you upset you missed killer Klowns from outer space last year

  • Zombie Chris
    Zombie Chris  4 months ago

    If you've seen the movie. What did you think?

    • JeanMarie
      JeanMarie 4 months ago

      Hi Chris. Just wanted to say I enjoy your videos. Been watching for a while. I agree with most everything you said about this film. And when they showed the list of names at the end it hit me pretty hard. I went into watching this movie with a good knowledge of Ted Bundy so my experience was a bit different than yours. I was calling Ted a liar the whole time because I knew he was just pretending to be this charismatic guy. I'm glad they gave Liz a voice.
      I agree with Tiphanie. Watch the documentary if you want to get a different perspective. But it may be difficult to watch, so be warned.