Modern Warfare: All MAJOR Changes In The MASSIVE 1.13 Update

  • Here's everything that changed with the NEW 1.13 Update in Call of Duty Modern Warfare!
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    In this video, we're taking a look at everything that just changed with the NEW 1.13 update in Call of Duty Modern Warfare! Modern Warfare finally got a brand new update today after a long while without one, and this update brought a massive amount of backend changes, some new content, including a New DLC weapon, and more! The 1.13 patch for COD MW is pretty big in size for all platforms, so it'll take a while to download, but it brings some pretty significant things to the game!
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Comments • 80

  • WhosImmortal
    WhosImmortal  2 months ago +190

    We finally got the 1.13 Update! Thanks for checking out the video!
    *EDIT:* If you get one of the reset or corrupted data bugs, Infinity Ward says to just hard close your game and wait for a fix. They're working on it and it should be fixed soon!

    • Joseph Rios
      Joseph Rios Month ago

      Or just put ur PS4 on safe mode then select 5. Recalibrate files to fix corrupted files n ur good to go

    • Justin Bjorklund
      Justin Bjorklund 2 months ago

      I didn't have this bug not download but I had one on season 0 when they updated it to season 1 wiped Everything clean but letting me keep my OG blueprint

    • Honda Freak
      Honda Freak 2 months ago

      Why is my co-op mode keep downloading new updatessssss. Do one then try to play... no download another. Like this is getting old. Can’t u make all the updates to game and the map packs all in one update. Or download consecutively so we know how many days we will be waiting because of updates. If they could all download at once. Could put my ps in rest mode and download while i sleep

    • Benjamin Hartman
      Benjamin Hartman 2 months ago

      Yah is salvation Y don’t be a tightwad it is not your place to decide who The Lord God judges

    • Yahuah is salvation El Shaddai
      Yahuah is salvation El Shaddai 2 months ago

      WhosImmortal guess what your not immortal but you are delusional Yahuah will judge u witchcrafter

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C Month ago

    What about losing skin camos every season?

  • Golden Waffles
    Golden Waffles Month ago

    For those who are wondering its not a battle royale. An article says that The director and developers of infinity ward are in the works of trying to keep the games HD footprint down.

  • Austin P
    Austin P Month ago


  • Tulak Horde
    Tulak Horde Month ago

    I cannot even enter the multiplayer it says I have to download packs that don’t even show up on the store

  • Mr sarcastic
    Mr sarcastic Month ago

    Mine was 72GB on PS4😟

  • Jacobus Nortje
    Jacobus Nortje Month ago

    Why the hell is my update 72gb? What the actual fuck? And I'm on PS4 btw

  • john tan
    john tan Month ago

    can anyone explain to me why the fuck it says 64 gb for me

  • SmokingBeats
    SmokingBeats Month ago

    I lost my v1.13 update I didn't write the error code down, but this is the second time its updated v1.13. Who else's update is 75GB on ps4?

  • VermillionCain
    VermillionCain Month ago

    The PC 1.13 patch is effing ridiculous! 48GB?! They're just taking the piss at this point!

  • Mr. Cyber
    Mr. Cyber Month ago

    Yeah a lot but how is that 48gb? Outer Worlds is 40gb, is most the 48gb a massive Chinese or Russian government backdoor?

  • heather osorio oviedo

    What attachments do you put on your crossbow

  • Nathan
    Nathan Month ago

    Bro why tf is my update 72 gb wtf is going on man ffs

  • Wiik
    Wiik 2 months ago

    The game performance improved massively for me this patch. Went from ~100fps on lowest settings to 150+ on high.

  • Justin Bjorklund
    Justin Bjorklund 2 months ago

    I need the season 0 bug fixed I'm still out on my rewards. And my officer ranks was wiped clean even though I have the OG variant blueprint

  • TheBeardedOne
    TheBeardedOne 2 months ago

    I had already done the update and I turned my PS4 on just before and now I have to download the whole 72gb update again because it’s been randomly deleted on my PS4?

  • robert Lowendoski
    robert Lowendoski 2 months ago

    On spec ops coop I still have 2 missions flashing green squares although I have completed them many times.

  • jacob tollette
    jacob tollette 2 months ago

    Mine is 72gb ??????? I just finished this update yesterday and its saying I need it again and that its 72gb wtf????

  • Gaming GoDz
    Gaming GoDz 2 months ago

    Are we ganna have new maps soon???

  • Merlijn de haar
    Merlijn de haar 2 months ago

    I got the 9gb MP update on ps4

  • blademan1996
    blademan1996 2 months ago

    did a console restart on xbox didnt look like i lost anything

  • Ajay 1999
    Ajay 1999 2 months ago

    Is the battle pass now slower?

  • Tyler Reeves
    Tyler Reeves 2 months ago

    New Sub😁

  • EpIcMaChIn3
    EpIcMaChIn3 2 months ago

    Did anyone noticed that the graphics improved and the smoke grenade has more smoke than usual?

  • DR23
    DR23 2 months ago

    Wonder what the reasoning behind boarding up the window in the office at B building on Port was... you didn’t really have the beat field of view towards A flag. Maybe it was like the wall they fixed on crash...

  • J Wilmz
    J Wilmz 2 months ago

    Modern warfare 2 and 3 did more with half the size of this update... and it was an entire game. Still trying to do far too much

  • tcjctube
    tcjctube 2 months ago

    this update is horrible wtf cod😠

  • Kelby
    Kelby 2 months ago

    Man this game is POLISHED

  • Tech 313
    Tech 313 2 months ago

    After the update I can no longer play co-op (ps4)

  • Huey Simon
    Huey Simon 2 months ago

    Still didn't see one damn thing to fix this utter piece of garbage. It is VERY apparent that this hot mess is their new standard and I will never have anything more to do with it. So after 10 years of CoD, i'm out.

  • xzavaire1
    xzavaire1 2 months ago

    The 25 matches is fucking ridiculous. Just make it 125 kills with a marksman rifle.

  • Elvis J.
    Elvis J. 2 months ago

    how come PC players are so much faster?

  • Francisco Navarrete
    Francisco Navarrete 2 months ago

    Xbox was 9 gigs

  • FAZE_ milo
    FAZE_ milo 2 months ago

    13 gigs my ass
    I deleted 100 gigs on my ps4 just for this update

  • GSHYNE87
    GSHYNE87 2 months ago

    I’m glad they added 5 extra slots for our guns

  • Fame
    Fame 2 months ago

    This update created more glitches then fixed you still have grenades killing you threw walls

  • SmyleBari
    SmyleBari 2 months ago

    So something maybe be wrong with my PlayStation but it says 72gb? For this update and 9hours so I’m just sitting here like wtf

  • Frog Master
    Frog Master 2 months ago

    Broken update that erases stats and makes you reinstall stuff you already downloaded. You must get paid to kiss ass.

    • Frog Master
      Frog Master 2 months ago +1

      Don't be a sensitive little bitch. You're being the devil's advocate with your ass kissing.

    • WhosImmortal
      WhosImmortal  2 months ago

      You really pressed send on this comment. yikes.

  • Pascal Heisterborg
    Pascal Heisterborg 2 months ago

    No new map ?

  • Jim Halpert
    Jim Halpert 2 months ago

    Worst update in a fucking game

  • Mike Boren
    Mike Boren 2 months ago

    When will they fix the hiccup on co-op download for ps4

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 2 months ago

    Anyone who uses a shotgun does not have my respect

    • WhosImmortal
      WhosImmortal  2 months ago

      You realize you have to use it for Damascus camo right? lol

  • TheGamingFerret
    TheGamingFerret 2 months ago

    9:00 rip dead silence 😭😭😭

  • evan Mccarroll
    evan Mccarroll 2 months ago +17

    Such a let down. For all these gigs I expected a new map at minimum. I really have to question, is this what players really want? Badges? Emblems, stickers, wtf? We want maps!!

    • OfficalJaysYT
      OfficalJaysYT Month ago

      There is new maps

    • Caden Winkle
      Caden Winkle 2 months ago

      YDB thanks for the tip

    • YDB
      YDB 2 months ago +1

      @Caden Winkle you can use them. You press up on the dpad. Kinda pointless but they are there.

    • Caden Winkle
      Caden Winkle 2 months ago +1

      evan Mccarroll i dont even know what the sprays are for. I don’t even know if you can use them

  • Texarmageddon
    Texarmageddon 2 months ago +2

    The traditionalist: I don’t like digital games. I prefer physical so I can always be able to play my game.
    Infinity Ward: *sips tea*

  • Mr Pleezy
    Mr Pleezy 2 months ago

    But like I downloaded it 13gb updates then in the morning it was 72gb why??

  • arsenewenger30
    arsenewenger30 2 months ago

    I wish they had added prestige mode. This season thing is terrible!!

  • Allen D
    Allen D 2 months ago

    50gb for a bunch of shit that I’ll never use. Where are the fucking maps.

  • rob davis
    rob davis 2 months ago

    Blackout please

  • Josh of all trades Gendron

    New patch is bouncing me into walls and glitching me everywhere

  • xdan9xx
    xdan9xx 2 months ago

    5:48 your the dude that makes lose my nut once a game. Unbelievable...

  • xdan9xx
    xdan9xx 2 months ago

    Really wish the cdl camos werent just basic "camo" designs with team colors.

  • chris89lfc
    chris89lfc 2 months ago


  • glamdring0007
    glamdring0007 2 months ago

    It would be nice if they fixed all the Dev errors...especially 6068...I have friends who have the Dev 6068 error constantly. This latest patch has actually made it worse! On my own system after the first patch all of my sights were suffering from pixelation on the borders while after this patch the entire gun outline is pixelated. None of these issues existed on launch day...are the devs trying to make the game worse on purpose ?

  • kostas vavetsis
    kostas vavetsis 2 months ago

    What map and game mode is this?

  • Im Cuh
    Im Cuh 2 months ago

    Yea aite this update had nothing in it

  • BeefyG4mes Alpha
    BeefyG4mes Alpha 2 months ago

    72gb 😬😬 ima have to buy a hard drive for my pro soon

  • Unkown Fnk
    Unkown Fnk 2 months ago

    28gbs with decent wifi anit a good time

  • Too Much Sauce
    Too Much Sauce 2 months ago

    It was lik 48 gigs for me on my ps4 plus those 13 gigs as well

  • 311mikey
    311mikey 2 months ago

    Why did they make us download special ops pack if there’s no new maps in operations or special ops?

  • Chris Phaneuf
    Chris Phaneuf 2 months ago

    I'd love to see the map terminal come back from MW2. Oh the fun times I had in that map

  • 311mikey
    311mikey 2 months ago

    Has anybody figured out why there was a special ops update? I don’t see any new maps in special ops or operations?

  • scooter Mctavish
    scooter Mctavish 2 months ago

    We want fire range.

  • aragorn
    aragorn 2 months ago +1

    This is getting stupid just had to delete another game just to play it wtf

    • DREAMS G
      DREAMS G 2 months ago

      Also it was really really glitchy for me.

    • DREAMS G
      DREAMS G 2 months ago

      I feel you on that I jumped on Black Ops 4 instead because MW is going to just increase & I really don't wanna be deleting games just for 1

    OBAMA FUCK TRUMP 2 months ago

    they secretly changed the time to kill in hardcore its slower now they already dont have all modes for it why try to change the gameplay dumb fucks

  • TrailingSkies27
    TrailingSkies27 2 months ago

    Who else was screwed with the new update and can no longer access or play co-op? Thangs again infinity ward. You always find a special way to screw us.

  • Kakzue
    Kakzue 2 months ago

    My shit is 72 gb

  • Cole S.
    Cole S. 2 months ago

    Nothing except extreme lag issues since the update

  • Austin
    Austin 2 months ago


  • Bailey Daniel
    Bailey Daniel 2 months ago

    Mine is 72gb wtf

  • Darth Familiar
    Darth Familiar 2 months ago

    Aw fuck....I just got some.......damn

    OLD GEEZER 2 months ago

    I wish they as in Activision or who ever. Would add more game types and maps to Hardcore players. So disappointed that nothing is being added for hardcore players.

  • TTB The unknown gamer
    TTB The unknown gamer 2 months ago

    What’s your shotgun class

  • Andrew Cairo
    Andrew Cairo 2 months ago

    Balance these fucking weapons everyone is running around with Mk2 and Kars now they are fucking ruining this game

  • Sammie 2 Wheels
    Sammie 2 Wheels 2 months ago

    Are there any new maps ..?

  • Andres Bonilla
    Andres Bonilla 2 months ago +1

    There was also another 16 GB update after the 18GB one

    THEGAMINGNERD 2 months ago

    78 percent of viewers not subscribed is a lie

      THEGAMINGNERD 2 months ago

      @WhosImmortal im just messing around

    • WhosImmortal
      WhosImmortal  2 months ago

      Bud, I literally showed the stats that TVclip shows me lmao

  • Kelsey R
    Kelsey R 2 months ago

    Just lame

  • fasial king
    fasial king 2 months ago

    What is the new special ops dlc? My ps4 is downloading it

  • Joe Krafft
    Joe Krafft 2 months ago

    give me new guns