Captain Marvel: Brie Larson on What Made Her Emotional


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  • Kelly Wijaya
    Kelly Wijaya Hour ago

    If this was a movie before Avengers infinity war i would skip it

  • MinatoOnimaru
    MinatoOnimaru 2 hours ago +1

    She shows more charm in this interview than n the actual trailers. Still gotta watch the whole thing to have a more grounded opinion.

  • AbsurdEdward Plays
    AbsurdEdward Plays 6 hours ago

    let's see if mess up the suit by layering a CGI suit on top like with Iron Man Spider-Man and Black Panther 😧

  • Kermit the Frog Sippin Tea

    Being powerful...and being invincible...are two totally different things!
    If Batman can beat Superman then characters like Iron Man, Thor, and Dr Strange can beat Captain Marvel!

  • nae rangel
    nae rangel 10 hours ago

    Samuel L Jackson saying "Let's sip the tea" is what I live for 😂

  • Jorge Humberto Castillo Acuña

    I love her

  • Jake Dodson
    Jake Dodson 12 hours ago

    Bae 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jayden Wright
    Jayden Wright 15 hours ago +1

    I don’t see the problem with a girl being the most powerful. Just a bunch of nerds getting upset over a comic/story. It’s funny seeing them get all mad lmao

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 22 hours ago

    Am I high or is she smiling?

  • Blake Gonzales
    Blake Gonzales 23 hours ago

    Captain Marvel needs a Scott Pilgrim cameo

  • Puny Stitch
    Puny Stitch Day ago

    Damn she looks so pretty with the suit!

  • Lonestar
    Lonestar Day ago

    Wow where has this Brie Larson been? She's actually trying to be charming, if this Brie Larson was around more instead of the condescending, arrogant, emotionless, smug robot she shows maybe she'd change people's mind and make them want to go see her movie!

  • Yukheis Fanboy
    Yukheis Fanboy Day ago

    OK I'm impressed
    She seems so.kind
    And she's definitely a hard worker

  • Natalie Zayas-Bazan

    ‘You don’t need to hear anything from me’. Damn straight. Brie has the oscar. Sam doesn’t.

  • theworldwithout us

    Why is she making this film shouldn't she have gave it up for a women of colour that's the normal crap they go on about ain't it

  • The City 30
    The City 30 Day ago +1

    The only reason I get mad about Cap marvel is because Feige is already hyping her up saying she’s “the strongest of them all and she’ll lead the MCU later on”. The thing is, I don’t want that. That would waste all that character development for the last 10 years. They need to develop her character before she can be named the leader of the MCU. It takes a lot to be like Captain America who I believe is the best character in the MCU (then Iron man). I like Brie tho, and I am excited for this movie. But I just hope they don’t make her the leader right away. That should go to someone we already know like black panther, doctor strange, Thor (if he survives endgame), or a mature and experienced Spider-Man (which would be awesome). Cause let’s be honest, Cap America will die in Endgame which will suck. I hope they develop cap marvels character before making her leader.

  • Xavi Neira
    Xavi Neira Day ago

    Hmm what a badass... not gonna lie I find it sexy for women to be badass!!

  • Don Favio Alvarez

    The haters are going to be scratching their heads after the movie comes out and its good.

  • h h
    h h Day ago

    Wait, she’s actually showing emotion???

  • Gabriel Marks
    Gabriel Marks Day ago

    The don't care what you say i am going too pay and go see this movie .I dont care about agendas and politics and dumb shit like that. I dont care if its Sjm 😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Marks
    Gabriel Marks Day ago

    I am sooo tired of its Sjw. .Did you say that about Wonder Woman? Its a comic book movie .Idiots

  • Joe Averell
    Joe Averell Day ago

    I Hope the movie will be good. I Hope she can continue the legacy of Tony stark, Steve Rodgers, Thor....

  • Mohey Saleh
    Mohey Saleh Day ago

    I hate Brie's casting as Captain Marvel, but I hope the movie will be good for MCU's sake!

  • Dickbahadur Kami

    Is Not c the same girl with flat ass

  • Velimir Mišanović

    *When people judge a CHARACTER by the actor being a Feminist*
    Me:2019 people!

  • Ben Swift
    Ben Swift Day ago

    The hate towards Brie Larson is as gratuitous as Trump being presidency

  • Ben Swift
    Ben Swift Day ago


  • TVR / Xorro
    TVR / Xorro Day ago

    Everyone’s thinking about Brie Larson, but I’m thinking about how young SLJ looks without CGI

  • juli ignacio
    juli ignacio Day ago +1

    i think you're a great captain marvel, brie. they picked you for this role for a reason, i can't wait to see the movie and how you portray your character! lots of love 💘

  • 2 2
    2 2 Day ago

    samuel so smart answering to avoid usual silly questions u.u

  • Joshua Hendricks
    Joshua Hendricks 2 days ago

    Hope it does well!

  • Kevin Blitz
    Kevin Blitz 2 days ago

    Brie looks like Emilia Clarke.. or is it just me?

  • Michael Hull
    Michael Hull 2 days ago

    I'm a huge fan of Brie Larson 😀😀😉😉

  • BroadStreetBully24
    BroadStreetBully24 3 days ago +1

    She shoulve been doing squats Tom Holland has a bigger butt than her

  • Maksim Terentjevs
    Maksim Terentjevs 3 days ago

    this movie HAS to be good,this project has been started in 2014,and this has taken 5 years,

  • Jurassic Lion
    Jurassic Lion 3 days ago

    Brie is so underrated.

  • Cioaca Cristian
    Cioaca Cristian 3 days ago +1

    Fuck the haters i love her

  • SA SR
    SA SR 3 days ago

    I'm so excited, it sounds like she was really dedicated for the role, what with her gym training and flight training. I've been reading a few Captain Marvel comics lately, to try and gauge her character and who she is, and I love her badassery so much. Can't wait to see this movie in less than 2 months!!!

  • Oskar Ruiz
    Oskar Ruiz 3 days ago +1

    Her voice...

  • Alpha Papa Palpatine
    Alpha Papa Palpatine 3 days ago +1

    Haha what makes Brie Larson emotional? Not acting 😂

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez 3 days ago +1

    Captain Marvel is ready in Avengers Endgame.

  • cory l
    cory l 3 days ago +2

    I’m surprised Brie Larson didn’t accuse Samuel L Jackson of sexual harassment when he asked her to grab dinner.

    • cory l
      cory l Day ago

      2 2 I have no clue what that means

    • 2 2
      2 2 Day ago +1

      im surprise u have acess to internet to say shit like this.

  • Fanatic Beckham Jr.
    Fanatic Beckham Jr. 3 days ago +1

    Did someone say Brie Larson and emotion?
    Let me kill myself

  • Rainier Lim
    Rainier Lim 3 days ago

    Thank god brie's costume is not cgi

  • William King
    William King 3 days ago +4, "anti-Brie Larson" statement. *hate boner increasing*

  • longinus cyclone
    longinus cyclone 4 days ago +1

    *LIFE CHANGING* next clip is her hitting the old lady...

  • Ndinku N'Jadaka
    Ndinku N'Jadaka 4 days ago +2

    Still wish we'd gotten Kathryn Winnick...

  • Felipe Melo
    Felipe Melo 4 days ago +5

    Brie is SOOO cute and beautiful 😍
    Can't wait for Captain Marvel movie ❤💙💛

    • 2 2
      2 2 Day ago


  • Gabriel Marks
    Gabriel Marks 4 days ago +1

    Shes Beautiful

  • E18930, The Raid Legend

    Brie smiled more in this video than all of the trailers.

  • Andrew Farmkid
    Andrew Farmkid 4 days ago +1

    Guys! Stop hating Captain Marvel! I know she is played by a feminist but thats her stand. Don't put your politics in Marvel theaters!!!
    If this film flop, no more Captain Marvel and we'll have to settle with a Pakistani Ms. Marvel.

  • • ƛɾƭнυɾ Cυɾɾγ •

    Stupid feminist

  • wilson102 wilson
    wilson102 wilson 4 days ago +5

    Hahaha people gettin gassed over captain Marvel when they don't know nothing about her... it's so cringe ffs..

    JAKA SENICAR 4 days ago +5

    I'm not even going to begin reading the comments, because I know they'll give me cancer

  • Manoj Sharma
    Manoj Sharma 4 days ago +2

    Small butt not sexy

    • 2 2
      2 2 Day ago

      like urs?

  • light nagami
    light nagami 4 days ago +1

    Marvel will be like star war SJW power she siad ....white dude... for white man 😒✌ so i'am gonna hate her

  • Àghßkíl míñtàß
    Àghßkíl míñtàß 4 days ago +1

    she is a bad actress

  • Speek No Evil
    Speek No Evil 5 days ago +2

    Brie has no boobs & no butt.
    She has a butt double. That's sad.

  • Gabriel Marks
    Gabriel Marks 5 days ago


  • Gabriel Marks
    Gabriel Marks 5 days ago +1

    Anybody checked out the new Spiderman trailer?😊👍

  • Jack Diaz
    Jack Diaz 5 days ago

    Brie I love you

  • Vishnu KC
    Vishnu KC 5 days ago

    She looks so serious in the movie than in real

  • matt vivace
    matt vivace 5 days ago +1

    read the comics people the old comics captain marvel is Mar-vell and then they changed it in 2012 that was a mistake im saving my money

  • Lil Sebastian
    Lil Sebastian 5 days ago

    did samuel blacked our brie ?? i think yeeess hihi

  • jackass dumb
    jackass dumb 5 days ago +1

    I hate that costume . its over the top ..

  • Mehran Islam
    Mehran Islam 5 days ago +4

    Very badass look !!! 👍

  • Gabriel Marks
    Gabriel Marks 5 days ago +2

    The most powerful Superhero until The Sentry shows up. I cant wait

  • Irish J. Medina
    Irish J. Medina 5 days ago +2

    Brie is so cute!!!

  • That one Dude
    That one Dude 6 days ago +2

    “Most powerful superhero” theres literally a god king, a wizard and a witch who both can manipulate reality...

  • Gabriel Marks
    Gabriel Marks 6 days ago

    Moving right alone. I am sure the Russo Brothers are going make her a bad ass in Avengers end game Lol

  • Gabriel Marks
    Gabriel Marks 6 days ago

    @ isn't she mind whipped by the Kree in that movie? Plus anytime tony stark shows up in a movie its good for me. I am cool.People said the same thing about Ant-man.I am not interested in seeing this movie. I dont judge people by gender or race none of that dumb stuff like all these social idiots or Virgins on their You Tube channels 😂😂

  • Gabriel Marks
    Gabriel Marks 6 days ago

    @Shitler its out already?

  • Mikey
    Mikey 6 days ago +9

    This movie is going to work. The chemistry between Brie & Jackson is there as mutual actors who’ve worked together and respect one another. I can already see the Captain Marvel & Fury dynamic being amazing & organic.

  • Lovewith Koenigsegg
    Lovewith Koenigsegg 6 days ago +10

    Love you larson 😘

  • Ariyan Singh
    Ariyan Singh 6 days ago

    Thor is more powerful he's just been nerfed in the mcu but he would be on superman's level if it was taken from comics.

  • CB 1014
    CB 1014 6 days ago

    Samuel L Jackson a fuckin legend

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith 6 days ago +136

    People- " I don't like Brie,she was miscasted." "Captain marvel is sjw it's going to fail" "I don't like captain Marvel"

    • Maplenerd22
      Maplenerd22 7 hours ago

      +lo l - Yes a trailer is a tease and to give hype to the movie. What do mean what type of movie it will be? How are you confused about a superhero movie?? LOL! There are superheros and they fight villans. If they reveal anymore then yes they are revealing the plot.
      Yeah she answers questions as they are asked. That's what marketing is. They goes to press junkets and talk about it. If she doesn't do that she would fail at marketing.

    • lo l
      lo l 7 hours ago

      I didnt say it should reveal the plot...i said the "direction" they are taking...will it be this kind of movie or this kind of movie? Because if trailers shouldnt do that, what are they for? For hype?
      I mean in her interviews(lmao why shouldnt she talk period?that doesnt make sense) ... not all though... its like she wants to be called out for her sjw agenda...and the audience notice it as well...

    • Maplenerd22
      Maplenerd22 14 hours ago

      +lo l No, it SHOULD NOT give you the direction of the movie. If it gives you the direction then it's a really bad trailer the editors failed at their job. The last thing the trailer should do is reveal the plot direction where you would know exactly where it's going before you even go see it. It should not present you anything where the viewer can easily judge its direction.
      What do you mean she keeps talking? In the trailer or in interviews? Because in interviews that's what she's suppose to do. In fact the studio what's her to talk more about it, not less.

    • lo l
      lo l 15 hours ago

      The point of the trailers is that you SHOULD...that is what they are for...i mean ,not judge the whole movie of course but the direction that they are taking...and Casting Brie Larson while she keeps on taking(the studio "lets" her) the more hardcore route in making it a SJW journey does have a little bearing on their marketing side...

    • Maplenerd22
      Maplenerd22 22 hours ago

      +lo l - No you shouldn't judge a movie by its trailer. There are many many movies that had good trailers but turns out to be bad movies. That's the point. How is saying "I don't like Brie Larson" has anything to do with the marketing for the movie?? They're saying they don't like the actor. That has nothing to do with marketing. That has to do with casting.

  • Victor Khor
    Victor Khor 6 days ago +7

    The real Captain Marvel going to kick shazam ass (zachary Levi)

    • Egg Benedict
      Egg Benedict 8 hours ago

      I'm sure he'll beat her by flossing. Yeah, Shazam looks mediocre.

  • Javerit DeFain
    Javerit DeFain 7 days ago +2

    Es la película de superhéroes que más expectación me suscita. Brie Larson es muy carismática, también Jackson lo es. El 8 de marzo tienen mi entrada

  • Brent Dreher
    Brent Dreher 7 days ago +1

    Techncially, they made two suits -- the Kree one and the real one

  • Batman3217
    Batman3217 7 days ago +4

    I will NOT watch "Captain Mary Sue".

    • Shitler 88
      Shitler 88 5 days ago

      +Mike K noice!

    • Mike K
      Mike K 5 days ago +2

      Captain Way Overpowered so the Feminist don't get Mad. Captain Marvel is a strong character don't get me wrong but if she comes in and saves the whole thing I will be pissed. Other characters deserve this first.

    • Shitler 88
      Shitler 88 6 days ago +1

      +Avery J Captain Meh

    • Shitler 88
      Shitler 88 6 days ago +1

      me either

    • Batman3217
      Batman3217 6 days ago +1

      +Avery J Nope Feminist, It's "Captain Mary Sue", "Captain Feminist", "Captain Wood Face" or "Captain Smileless". 😁

  • Phil M
    Phil M 7 days ago +3

    Awesome looking suit.

  • dani williams
    dani williams 7 days ago +10

    i love her suit very colorful :-)

  • Mark Riederer
    Mark Riederer 7 days ago +2

    To the haters for this movie, you do know marvel didn't pull this character out of there ass..she is female and powerful..based on a comic book!! To many idiots out there

    • Doc Holliday
      Doc Holliday 5 days ago +2

      She is suppose to be unlikeable in the comics after going from Ms Marvel to Captain Marvel taking over from him when he died, it was Marvel's lowest selling comic, did Brie read the same comics? it would seem so.

    • Darth Sidious
      Darth Sidious 6 days ago +2

      she garbage character in the comics too lol, no one cares about her

  • Madao
    Madao 7 days ago +2


  • Leonard Thomas
    Leonard Thomas 7 days ago +1

    Love her.

  • Obinna Cadmus Kalu
    Obinna Cadmus Kalu 7 days ago +5

    Brie's magnetism is amazing.

  • Sameen
    Sameen 7 days ago +41

    theaters already selling out, movie will be a huge hit, and then haters gonna scratch their head and burn and cry

    • Shitler 88
      Shitler 88 Day ago

      +shreyas hiremath You know dang well It's not out yet, but you shouldn't have to tell an audience that a character is a badass.

    • shreyas hiremath
      shreyas hiremath 2 days ago

      +Shitler 88 did u see the 'actual film'?!?!

    • Alexandra Hamilton
      Alexandra Hamilton 4 days ago

      +Shitler 88 nahh ikr that everyone care about their dogs.

    • DCzete Killer
      DCzete Killer 4 days ago +1

      burn motherfucker haters

    • Shitler 88
      Shitler 88 4 days ago

      +Alexandra Hamilton What?! I always watch when he goes. I want to make sure everything comes out ok, cuz I care about my dog.

  • Jessi Duffour
    Jessi Duffour 7 days ago +3

    It must be emotional off the clock because her acting has more wood than a Sequoia. In every picture and film clip she holds an expression I’ve seen many times on fast food employees: dead inside and long forgetting what it means to smile, with that subtle annoyed edge of a person just going through the motions until they get their paycheck.

    • Doc Holliday
      Doc Holliday 7 days ago +2

      Good reference and agree the same look.

  • VL G
    VL G 7 days ago +2

    No thanks😴

  • Jun Paolo Ferreras
    Jun Paolo Ferreras 7 days ago +3

    Emotional? Judging from the trailers, she barely had any.

    • Avery J
      Avery J 5 days ago +1

      Doc Holliday you asshats always have something DUMB to say. How does she look bored when she is suppoed to be a fierce and serious woman woman? Sorry she can't please everyone but you can't go around slandering a movie you haven't seen yet bc the actor looks "bored..."

    • Doc Holliday
      Doc Holliday 5 days ago +1

      +Avery J Fail to understand that she looks bored and miscast! Will some Marvel fans watch anything Marvel puts out lol, no wonder Marvel and Larson are being half arsed with Captain Bland.

    • Avery J
      Avery J 7 days ago +2

      Hamza Iqbal don't respond to idiots like him. People fail to understand until they watch the movie.

    • Hamza Iqbal
      Hamza Iqbal 7 days ago +8

      Jun Paolo Ferreras because she’s playing a brainwashed Kree Solider who don’t have emotions. She’s an Oscar winner and if seriously dislike her and this movie, don’t comment negative stuff.

  • King56Fisher95
    King56Fisher95 7 days ago +1

    This looks pretty cool but who is the main villain? I hope it is a super skrull that is on her level with power.

    • C-MC Official
      C-MC Official 3 days ago

      the main villain is the skrull leader Talos

  • Zaidi Bin Ramli
    Zaidi Bin Ramli 7 days ago +4

    I like her feminine voice, it's different from Gal Gadot's masculine voice.

    • 2 2
      2 2 Day ago

      it doesnt exist feminine and masculine voice. u can say thin or somethin like that

    • Miguel Torres
      Miguel Torres 3 days ago

      I actually like her normal voice...i dunno why but in the movie clips she sounds high pitched...its weird

    • Zaidi Bin Ramli
      Zaidi Bin Ramli 7 days ago +2

      Masculine, you know, like a man's voice. I think Scarjo's voice is not as masculine. +MsTriangle

    • MsTriangle
      MsTriangle 7 days ago +4

      masculine? Does Scarlett Johansson sound masculine to you as well?

    ZOIA BT 7 days ago +12

    OMG .. that suit is EVERYTHING 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪
    She looks badass .. can't wait to see CM🔥💪

  • Pheunith: Psychic-Water Type

    Too bad they didnt catch that emotion on camera.

  • Pheunith: Psychic-Water Type

    She was emotional?

  • Christopher Counts
    Christopher Counts 8 days ago +35

    “The most powerful superhero” sound like a joke

    • Albert Marcea
      Albert Marcea Day ago

      +The Prince of His Own Kingdom yeah....if she's the main in emdgame i won't go watch it. I hate captain marvel's comics, she is...bad and shit in comics....and there she seems even worse....

    • Seth Andrade
      Seth Andrade Day ago

      Christopher Counts nah man you gotta realize she was written in the comic books back in the 1960s I think. Her name is captain marvel for gods sakes they wrote her to be more powerful than any other being in that universe

    • 2 2
      2 2 Day ago

      +Denosh Alexandra they jus caaaaaaaaaaant HAHEHAEHAEHAHHAHAHAHA

    • The Prince of His Own Kingdom
      The Prince of His Own Kingdom 2 days ago +1

      Thor faced suicide to make that axe, to get the sufficient strength to kill Thanos.

      Suddenly, Danvers comes in as the most powerful. Sounds like making the 10 years build up of the MCU irrelevant, I'd say.

    • Albert Marcea
      Albert Marcea 3 days ago

      Its not about her being a woman, everyone loves wonder woman, the problem is that in comics she is suposed to be a pretty weak secondary character, far from top dogs like thor and hulk....

  • My Getaway
    My Getaway 8 days ago +9

    How can she look so much better here than in literally every single promo

    • Brent Dreher
      Brent Dreher 7 days ago +6

      It's called acting, dear. She's portraying someone who's had emotion beaten out of her. See also: The Terminator, RoboCop, Snape

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious 9 days ago +28

    her wooden acting made me emotional

    • Mark Dannis
      Mark Dannis 5 days ago +2

      The Thousand then don’t :)

    • Vanilla Ice
      Vanilla Ice 7 days ago +4

      Jack The Ripper it’s okay man. Their loss. Maybe they don’t deserve to see it lol.

    • Jack The Ripper
      Jack The Ripper 7 days ago +9

      +The Thousand so you're willing to pass up on one of the biggest MCU movie of all time just because of one character you don't like? I don't like black widow you don't see me not seeing infinity war because of it, but if that's how you feel so be it, that's fine I just didn't realize that was a possibility

    • Darth Sidious
      Darth Sidious 8 days ago +4

      +The Thousand Same lol i can't stand her

    • Shadow King
      Shadow King 8 days ago +16

      +The Thousand stop hopping on that bullshit bandwagon

  • Rhys Cory
    Rhys Cory 9 days ago +2

    I just hope it's a good movie. That's it.