Tom Segura Tears Up While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Tom Segura is one of the biggest stand-up comedians in the game, with a Netflix special called Disgraceful out now and a long-running podcast (Your Mom's House) with his wife-slash-fellow comedian Christina P. But how is he with hot food? Find out as Tommy Bunz scampers up Mount Scoville alongside host Sean Evans and discusses everything from savage hecklers, to 6ix9ine, to the inner workings of the Nike-Adidas beef. Eventually, Segura ends up with tears streaming from his eyes-but is it the hot sauce, or the tender words from BFF Bert Kreischer? Find out in this scorching new episode of Hot Ones.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  11 months ago +5486

    Get you a friend who talks about you like Bert Kreischer talks about Tom Segura.

    • Glen
      Glen 2 months ago

      I hope you guys still try to get Takeshi 69 on!

    • Alexander Van Kampen
      Alexander Van Kampen 5 months ago

      Bert's speech made me cry. Good shit.

    • YaBoyDaSensei420 !
      YaBoyDaSensei420 ! 5 months ago

      You've had Joey, Bert and Tom. Bow the only one missing is Joe rogan!!!

    • King Joffrey
      King Joffrey 5 months ago +1

      The times I’ve laughed the hardest have always been with Tom. And what is fascinating is that in those times, he doesn’t steal the moment or make it about him. He shares it with you and makes you feel like you created it; he’s the accelerant to that moment. Where some of us force that fire, Tommy just has an innate ability to sense that heat, find his way to it, and fan it and make it grow, like a fat Johnny Carson. What I find fascinating is that in this narcissistic world, where everyone wants to output their moment of greatness, hoping for fame and insisting on credit for stuff they may or may not have accomplished, he asks for none of it, making the time he spends with you about you. Selfless. You walk away thinking, “God, that was fucking fun. I was fucking hilarious. Who the fuck told him that would work?” - Bert Kreischer

    • - JustMaxPirk
      - JustMaxPirk 5 months ago

      Please have Theo Von on! THE RAT KING 👑 GOTY!

  • Tasha Vladimiroff
    Tasha Vladimiroff 11 hours ago

    Mike Tyson was in my dispensary and I fucking missed it. Stabs self. (He was promoting his weed line)

    OMEGA Day ago

    Holy shirt!

  • HeyMonaLisaCanI 95
    HeyMonaLisaCanI 95 Day ago +1

    "I shouldn't say fuck that guy but fuck that guy"
    How I feel bout most people lol
    But this is awesome. I dont like when people pretend it isn't hot, Tom is a real one.

  • Emily Diver
    Emily Diver 2 days ago

    Didn't need additional reason to hate nike, but good to add this to my box of hatred

  • Javier Alvarez
    Javier Alvarez 2 days ago +1

    Lmao "gives you a handsome glow, looks like you're wearing fenty" 😂😂😂

  • Aaron Risley
    Aaron Risley 3 days ago

    Precisely why the media shouldn't tell me if there's a penis between my legs.

  • TheWonderSquid
    TheWonderSquid 3 days ago

    “Is cheesecake a cake or pie?”
    “I don’t know, it’s for kids”
    Alright man

  • Kevin
    Kevin 3 days ago


  • Ryan Rogers
    Ryan Rogers 4 days ago

    lookin like a snack

  • Op_Donald Trump45
    Op_Donald Trump45 4 days ago

    This man did 3 last dabs, respect.

  • Clint Costilow
    Clint Costilow 4 days ago

    Can I be on?

  • Theodore Bennett
    Theodore Bennett 4 days ago

    I am friends with TS!

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 4 days ago

    Fuck yeah Tom!

  • Justin kimble
    Justin kimble 5 days ago

    Try it out

  • xipleadthe5thx _
    xipleadthe5thx _ 5 days ago +2

    Haven't heard gangstarr in a long time

  • robert dunlap
    robert dunlap 5 days ago

    Good shit Tom!

  • SpicyStilettos
    SpicyStilettos 6 days ago +5

    How do I “like” this more then once?! Someone tell me! Lol. Freakin’ love Tom Segura and Sean you ask the best questions. Thank you both!

  • Carson Wentz
    Carson Wentz 6 days ago

    Fux with him.. Can see y niggas like him.. Keep it 💯
    One of the best one's

  • Carson Wentz
    Carson Wentz 6 days ago

    Word Fuk 69 bitch ass 🐀 🌈 ass nigga..
    Took down some real niggas man damn..
    Free da Homies
    Shotti & Mel Murda

  • jey shu
    jey shu 7 days ago +1

    Could u have Danny McBride as a guest..

    • JayTTD
      JayTTD 6 days ago


  • stephen holland
    stephen holland 7 days ago

    20:26 lol

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 8 days ago

    I skip to the Bomb every time

  • Rick Jonson
    Rick Jonson 8 days ago

    Tom your one of my faves of all time. And sean if your ass hole isnt destroyed tell me the secret cause I love the spice.

  • Joshua Stramiello
    Joshua Stramiello 8 days ago

    Keanu Reeves

  • Joshua Stramiello
    Joshua Stramiello 8 days ago

    Let’s get Rittz on the show ! Plz

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 8 days ago +1

    I love the videos with people that I have watched/listened to their podcasts and it’s as if I already know them! Recently met some of my favorite TVclip guys and it was surreal because I’ve spent hours watching them and they don’t know me at all!

  • WhoseAnxiety
    WhoseAnxiety 8 days ago

    The interviews questions are so fucking good

  • Devon Miller
    Devon Miller 8 days ago +13

    Sean is 10x the interviewer than any late night talk show host.

  • Nas Stan
    Nas Stan 10 days ago

    Sup kane

  • J G
    J G 11 days ago

    This is the episode where Sean Evans looks into a mirror that reflects him 10 years in the future

  • MJ Bridges
    MJ Bridges 11 days ago

    wow nike, fuck you

  • Austin Hope
    Austin Hope 11 days ago

    He's actually a really good interviewer

    • J G
      J G 11 days ago

      no shit, really?

  • David Okandeji
    David Okandeji 11 days ago

    Haha Tom you the best

  • Matt
    Matt 11 days ago

    fuck tekashi 69

  • Marcus Garcia
    Marcus Garcia 12 days ago +8

    They look like the same person. Before and after divorce.

    • J G
      J G 11 days ago

      Sean is looking into a mirror of himself 10 years in the future

  • CroutonBomb
    CroutonBomb 12 days ago

    Hands down the best plug for a hot sauce I’ve ever seen. Man!! What a great video!!

  • MT16
    MT16 12 days ago +1

    Tom asked for choccy milk, that's my kind of guy

  • netrioter
    netrioter 12 days ago

    BIKES!!!!.....i mean WINGS!!!

  • Leveraged
    Leveraged 13 days ago


  • Michael Mack
    Michael Mack 13 days ago

    heeeyy toommm!

  • Tyler Mclaughlin
    Tyler Mclaughlin 14 days ago

    Idk cheesecakes for fucking kids lmao

  • Jack Warren
    Jack Warren 14 days ago

    Dude you are a phenomenal interviewer

  • Robert Callow
    Robert Callow 14 days ago

    losing steak fries. steak fries fucking suck.

  • Spongeblonde1
    Spongeblonde1 14 days ago +4

    Lmfao..Toms jersey was #69!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fuzzy
    Fuzzy 15 days ago

    try it out

  • Boabywankenobi
    Boabywankenobi 15 days ago

    13:05 - well, except that cunt Judd Apatow. I'd like to see a few more comics flame that cunt for his behaviour about what and what not should be joked about. CUNT!!!!

  • Aaron Parker
    Aaron Parker 15 days ago +3


    I pead a little

  • Alex
    Alex 15 days ago

    Mad specs jeans DJ Dad Mouth keepin it high and tight just glassin down some hot wings cha ching

  • Nella Quevedo
    Nella Quevedo 15 days ago

    Sean has surprisingly nice legs.

  • Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith 16 days ago +2

    Anyone got an ID on that jacket? Need it in my life 😍
    Love the episode!

  • Mike Van Der Vegt
    Mike Van Der Vegt 18 days ago

    24:20 allot of pointless crap
    for a guy Nobodey knows..

  • SheGGra SouL
    SheGGra SouL 19 days ago

    20:11 wings so hot he thought he went deaf for a second lmao

  • Bear that's a Dave
    Bear that's a Dave 20 days ago

    Awww Tom and Burt are besties! So cute!

    That being said I'd definitely be down to see (partake if possible) some besty naked wrestling aka fuckin.....
    A man can dream....

  • Bear that's a Dave
    Bear that's a Dave 20 days ago

    I love Tom Segura, he's so damn funny and pretty damn cute! I'd definitely slob that nob! Hit me up Tom, I'ma pro!

  • K Sakamoto
    K Sakamoto 20 days ago

    He’s right, steak fries do fuckin suck.

  • Michael Christoferson
    Michael Christoferson 20 days ago

    Didn't know Tom was a bitch usin grips on his deadlift wtf else u do use gloves?!

  • Ambient Orca
    Ambient Orca 20 days ago

    "H hot ones last dab, sch sch try it out." 21:35 Famous last words from Tom Segura

  • Janoy Cresva
    Janoy Cresva 20 days ago

    Sean is really good.

  • millarsmind
    millarsmind 21 day ago +1

    is this the guy that killed like 3 guys and burried him in his yard

  • jwhite145jw
    jwhite145jw 21 day ago

    Funniest interview ever

  • SpaceMuffin
    SpaceMuffin 23 days ago

    and that’s why i’ll never wear nike

  • Captain Sunday
    Captain Sunday 26 days ago

    Dude is safe and boring.

  • mac mittens
    mac mittens 27 days ago

    Philly.we fkin suk

  • JW Koenig
    JW Koenig 27 days ago

    Jeez. Tom. You fucked those spices wings up man! Cheers.

  • Jacob Partrich
    Jacob Partrich 28 days ago

    “Is cheesecake a cake or a pie”
    “I don’t know it’s for kids”

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A Month ago +1

    Theogate is real! #TheoSmashedYourMom

  • Justin Sullivan
    Justin Sullivan Month ago +4

    Give that man a crown that says “Wing King”

  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose Month ago

    Try it out 💁‍♀️

  • Harry Henderson
    Harry Henderson Month ago

    under armor is in portland too

  • Josh Burcham
    Josh Burcham Month ago

    Try it out

  • Gabriel Lovato
    Gabriel Lovato Month ago

    You’re moms house?

  • Eddie Gooden
    Eddie Gooden Month ago

    Shit got mighty quiet around 17:00, LOL

  • Nick Botic
    Nick Botic Month ago +1

    I desperately want to see Tom Segura perform a serious dramatic role during which we says "I told you I'd come back"

  • Marcos Munguia
    Marcos Munguia Month ago

    With chocolate milk “lets do this like 3 year olds” 😂😂

  • JustTheClips
    JustTheClips Month ago +1

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha 18:25

  • Cricket Istheman
    Cricket Istheman Month ago

    Lol... Why Tom look like H. Jon Benjamin???

  • isaac anthony
    isaac anthony Month ago

    I am going to buy your hot sauce, because Tom is hilarious!

  • Chandon Rees
    Chandon Rees Month ago +5

    2:42 If you do a Hot Ones interview from both sides of the glass in prison with 6ixn9ne That'll be legendary.

  • Look5Alive
    Look5Alive Month ago

    He put so much extra sauce on that last one lmfao 😂😂

  • Nikolaj Jensen
    Nikolaj Jensen Month ago

    My favorite part is 20:40 - 20:56 :P fucking laughed so hard!

  • Sierra R
    Sierra R Month ago

    This is my favorite episode! His product plugs have me rolling 😂😂

  • ThinkSixx
    ThinkSixx Month ago

    “Uh huh” righter after Sean started talking about being in comedy had me in stitches for some reason.
    P.s Possibly the most painful show out there?

  • Cayman Mcnair
    Cayman Mcnair Month ago

    Get will Ferrell!!!!

  • Cayman Mcnair
    Cayman Mcnair Month ago

    You have to get Will Ferrell!!!

  • Samuel Serridge
    Samuel Serridge Month ago +7

    Mike Tyson: "I've been watching a lot of Netflith."

  • CosmicHabitat
    CosmicHabitat Month ago

    HIlarious and touching

  • grayson hoskins
    grayson hoskins Month ago

    we need like an international hot one different sauces from all different countries

  • Homie Squid
    Homie Squid Month ago +1

    Idk if it's just me but I find satirical shameless plugging of merch hilarious, like it actually kills me 😂

  • Shane Bickmore
    Shane Bickmore Month ago


  • Darrell Baum
    Darrell Baum Month ago

    Uh he's never had Kat's steak fries. Those things are ridiculous

  • Santiago Rincon
    Santiago Rincon Month ago

    Any more ads?

  • V G
    V G Month ago

    Tom looked so much better when he was heavier. #Realtalk

  • V G
    V G Month ago

    Wait what? @ 8:32 sean said “THESE HOES” 🤣🤣🤣

    • bigjoker690
      bigjoker690 Month ago

      Vahe G he said “these hosts”. But it’s funnier if we imagine he said “these hoes” 😂😂😂

  • George Boyle
    George Boyle Month ago

    Try it out

  • SubieSteve 25
    SubieSteve 25 Month ago +1

    Love Tommy buns, I've seen him live 3 times & got to meet him at one of those shows. He's a super nice guy. He's definitely the people's champ, way better than Mommy Tina.

  • Rick Gray
    Rick Gray Month ago

    Cleaning wings! I would just chuckle to myself when other guests on the show took a little nibble and throw it away.

  • Arianna Santina
    Arianna Santina Month ago

    tom looks like a chubby jesse pinkman here lol

  • MrBrooxy
    MrBrooxy Month ago

    I was about to try it out and watch this episode when a cool guy showed up and pissed on me and beat me.