Tom Segura Tears Up While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Tom Segura is one of the biggest stand-up comedians in the game, with a Netflix special called Disgraceful out now and a long-running podcast (Your Mom's House) with his wife-slash-fellow comedian Christina P. But how is he with hot food? Find out as Tommy Bunz scampers up Mount Scoville alongside host Sean Evans and discusses everything from savage hecklers, to 6ix9ine, to the inner workings of the Nike-Adidas beef. Eventually, Segura ends up with tears streaming from his eyes-but is it the hot sauce, or the tender words from BFF Bert Kreischer? Find out in this scorching new episode of Hot Ones.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  7 months ago +5038

    Get you a friend who talks about you like Bert Kreischer talks about Tom Segura.

    • Alexander Van Kampen
      Alexander Van Kampen 22 days ago

      Bert's speech made me cry. Good shit.

    • YaBoyDaSensei420 !
      YaBoyDaSensei420 ! 23 days ago

      You've had Joey, Bert and Tom. Bow the only one missing is Joe rogan!!!

    • King Joffrey
      King Joffrey 27 days ago +1

      The times I’ve laughed the hardest have always been with Tom. And what is fascinating is that in those times, he doesn’t steal the moment or make it about him. He shares it with you and makes you feel like you created it; he’s the accelerant to that moment. Where some of us force that fire, Tommy just has an innate ability to sense that heat, find his way to it, and fan it and make it grow, like a fat Johnny Carson. What I find fascinating is that in this narcissistic world, where everyone wants to output their moment of greatness, hoping for fame and insisting on credit for stuff they may or may not have accomplished, he asks for none of it, making the time he spends with you about you. Selfless. You walk away thinking, “God, that was fucking fun. I was fucking hilarious. Who the fuck told him that would work?” - Bert Kreischer

    • - JustMaxPirk
      - JustMaxPirk Month ago

      Please have Theo Von on! THE RAT KING 👑 GOTY!

    • Joe Rice
      Joe Rice Month ago

      When are you gonna have joe rogan on? and when is sean gonna be on the JRE?

  • TheGeniuschrist
    TheGeniuschrist 2 hours ago

    Tekashi69 gonna be on the show in witness protection.

  • shizyninjarocks
    shizyninjarocks 21 hour ago

    Yeah, fuck that guy!

  • Codey Dulmaine
    Codey Dulmaine 22 hours ago

    Every time Tom starts to talk and use movement i can hear his jacket.

  • Joshua Sparks
    Joshua Sparks 22 hours ago

    Fan for life Tom🤘

  • Jackson Theil
    Jackson Theil 23 hours ago

    I love you tom, you sarcastic fuck

  • Jason Van Stone
    Jason Van Stone Day ago


  • bigbo otygal
    bigbo otygal Day ago

    waste not want not!!!! nice that u finish. ..... also nice on the dieting manage ur food and exercise and anyone can keep the weight off.

  • R G
    R G Day ago

    "Comedians almost always have each other back". Judd Apatow, you are NOT a comic. A Hollywood SJW sellout you are. King Louis rules.

  • ADF MO2
    ADF MO2 Day ago

    Appreciate that shoutout. 305 born and raised!

  • Stephen Irons
    Stephen Irons 2 days ago

    One of my favorite episodes

  • Woebegone Kenobi
    Woebegone Kenobi 2 days ago

    Fucking love this man

  • Pyaghoubi
    Pyaghoubi 2 days ago

    This fuckin guy

  • Warren Edwards
    Warren Edwards 3 days ago +3


  • That Dude
    That Dude 3 days ago

    This is wholesome and beautiful

  • Xx38mâfiaxX
    Xx38mâfiaxX 3 days ago

    he cleaned those wings 🙌😂

  • Colin Chapman
    Colin Chapman 3 days ago

    Good Morning Juliaaaa

  • Chris Seaman
    Chris Seaman 3 days ago

    69,000 likes and his football jersey # is 69. And its Valentines Day. Coincidence?

  • roblrocks
    roblrocks 4 days ago

    My mommy is doing good, 👖

  • MrRadford22
    MrRadford22 4 days ago

    Ohh hell yeah go noles!!

  • Julian Pinto
    Julian Pinto 4 days ago

    The Liver champ Is Killing it

  • Matt Brabo
    Matt Brabo 4 days ago

    Tom is just dying lol

  • Jake Coltrane
    Jake Coltrane 4 days ago

    Hot Ones.. Last Dab... Shewishph... Try it out...

  • Joshua Hayden
    Joshua Hayden 4 days ago

    those dead eyes tommy boy on that last dab

  • SMB 73
    SMB 73 4 days ago

    The true answer to that final question: because he looks like a giant teddy bear.

  • volusiasorange
    volusiasorange 5 days ago

    Canes are trash, Noles are trash, who are the champs?

  • volusiasorange
    volusiasorange 5 days ago +1

    This really is a great show

  • Rob Butz
    Rob Butz 5 days ago

    Whoever gave this a thumbs down is a real peace of shit

  • Joseph Wallace
    Joseph Wallace 6 days ago

    Main mommy taking it full trottle

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith 6 days ago

    Phuck Nike, they’re for goofs! 😂

  • Mike Noface
    Mike Noface 6 days ago

    "Last dab... (light breath).. Try it out". Gold, Tom. Gold.

  • Caleb Howard
    Caleb Howard 6 days ago

    Amen. Steak Fries fucking suck.
    Tom Segura is one of the most beast guests. Devoured each wing. basically double dabbed the final wing. Killer.

  • thad dunkin
    thad dunkin 6 days ago

    I teared up for other reasons, that Tommy Bunz is so fucking cool.

  • thad dunkin
    thad dunkin 6 days ago

    "Try it out!" Lmfao!

  • Trevor Houdek
    Trevor Houdek 7 days ago

    "steak fries fuckin' suck"

  • Andy Le Mere
    Andy Le Mere 7 days ago

    Nick Swardson told the same Mike Tyson story. There are some small details that were changed, but the core story is straight up Nick.

  • MrSkullHead1250
    MrSkullHead1250 7 days ago

    Glad you had Tom on the show, He's one of my favorite comedians, he makes me die every time I watch him. He seems cool as fuck in this interview as well.

  • podycheck
    podycheck 7 days ago

    All the wiggerspeak is cringey.

  • 11garval
    11garval 8 days ago

    *eats wing*
    Tom- "you got a fucking question?"

  • Soridan
    Soridan 8 days ago

    "It's disrespectful to walk around in shitty sneakers at a company that makes shitty sneakers"
    Not sure if the suit was aware of the irony.

  • DoorknobHead
    DoorknobHead 8 days ago +2

    I came here from Your Mom's House -- true story.

  • Philorg Neopolotin
    Philorg Neopolotin 8 days ago +1

    Automatically leaving a like for 2:39 and 2:53 lol

  • Joe Stevens
    Joe Stevens 9 days ago

    This show led me to Disgraceful. Hands down one of the best stand up performances in my opinion

  • Dylan Kelley
    Dylan Kelley 9 days ago

    Steak fries fuckin suck brah

  • Gus Sfak
    Gus Sfak 9 days ago

    Try it out lolol

  • AvengerXP
    AvengerXP 9 days ago

    I dont know who Kane is. Rap is garbage and not music, it's a fad that should have died at the start of the 2000s but it's just dragging along and poisoning all other genres.

  • TheyCallMeDuctTape
    TheyCallMeDuctTape 9 days ago +1

    The Toto Washlet at Tim and Christine's house probably looked like a horrific crime scene a few hours after this took place. Just a mix of hot sauce, blood, and hair sprayed all over the place.

  • Pardon me,
    Pardon me, 9 days ago

    "My friend Bert is fat but he's still my friend. Don't be mean to him just because he's gross."

  • grz1363
    grz1363 10 days ago

    What kind of chocolate milk were yall drinking?

  • Carrie Barcus-Peters
    Carrie Barcus-Peters 10 days ago +1

    Can we get Christina P on hereeeeee?

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat 10 days ago

    Lol...I love that Nike story. Never buying their shoes again. Thanks, Tom :-) shitty management makes a shitty company...dude was a delivery driver, not a goddamn spokesman.

  • Robert Mantell
    Robert Mantell 10 days ago

    Homie is eating the entire wing!! Not many are doing that on here!!

  • Antonio Orlando
    Antonio Orlando 10 days ago


    SHANER 11 days ago

    lmao try it out!

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 11 days ago +1


  • Ze Games
    Ze Games 11 days ago

    No link to Tom's channel in the description?

  • Patrick Masoner
    Patrick Masoner 11 days ago +23

    "My friend Bert is fat, don't be mean to him just cuz he's gross." This had me dying.

  • Chris Irish
    Chris Irish 12 days ago

    Liked the interview.. the parts about Tyson were great.. those situations feel unrealistic as they are happening to someone. I can only imagine the experience.

  • Gypsy Dangerlove
    Gypsy Dangerlove 12 days ago +18

    Spice on me, meat me, fry it out.

    • roblrocks
      roblrocks 4 days ago

      Underrated comment "your doing good"

  • Gypsy Dangerlove
    Gypsy Dangerlove 12 days ago

    7:16 you're welcome

  • Eliseo Benitez
    Eliseo Benitez 12 days ago

    Mad respect Tom segura .

  • David Binge
    David Binge 13 days ago

    Go Canes! Noles are trash! Good shit! Nike sucks!

  • Rollz 100
    Rollz 100 13 days ago

    Talking about fat shaming with tears in his eyes is fucking killing me...

  • Moncef EL ARCH
    Moncef EL ARCH 14 days ago

    Yes, viewers do respect it when the guests eat the whole wing =D ! And how he went for the last dabbed one ... I wasn't really aware of Tom (just stumbled upon highlights of his podcast with Bill Burr), seems like a good guy and comedian !

  • Alex Dumitrescu
    Alex Dumitrescu 14 days ago

    Hold up, Tommy buns was a football player!?

  • Jonathan Zisser
    Jonathan Zisser 14 days ago

    Hot Ones Last Dab. Try it out!

  • Fuckk Face
    Fuckk Face 14 days ago

    Does anyone else get hot watching these?

  • Kenta204
    Kenta204 14 days ago

    Good job Todd, Seguna is now part of the cool guy club #machineswithin #joe

  • Travis Jones
    Travis Jones 14 days ago

    18:12 "steak fries fucking suck" hahaha

  • Christine Thomas
    Christine Thomas 14 days ago

    What the fuck is he wearing?

  • Julian Suarez
    Julian Suarez 15 days ago

    Need Theo Von on hot ones Sean! #FanSinceYAYO

  • Eric McAllister
    Eric McAllister 15 days ago

    Whataburger is the goat

  • Jesse Flores
    Jesse Flores 15 days ago

    Why does this have so many down votes? It’s mind boggling to me..

  • TheTomm101
    TheTomm101 15 days ago

    try it out
    beat me piss on me

  • Stephen Chedester
    Stephen Chedester 15 days ago

    "Oh shit what did I do"
    Me too too

  • lifelonghalo
    lifelonghalo 15 days ago

    Shout out from Jacksonville. Sorry for being such a shit town

  • Todd Pullara
    Todd Pullara 16 days ago +1

    Joe Rogan...where are you?

  • John
    John 16 days ago

    Joe Rohan needs to be on here!

  • David Jones
    David Jones 16 days ago

    the music effects are litterally perfect. shouts to whoever edited this

  • Nick Ross
    Nick Ross 16 days ago

    You need to get matt stonie

  • Berg Mode
    Berg Mode 16 days ago

    my friend Bert is fat but is still my friend Lmaooo

  • Nick Groth
    Nick Groth 16 days ago +3

    21:34 "Hot One last dab.... Try it Out" freakin Tommy Bunnzzzz

  • steven vogel
    steven vogel 17 days ago

    Props to Tommy Buns on calling that 69 fuckwad out well in advance. Fuck that guy.

  • Djinerate
    Djinerate 17 days ago

    Now searching for Big Daddy Kane on my default browser.

  • Djinerate
    Djinerate 17 days ago

    This makes casual Q&A look appetizing. Where else can I get my fill of hour old hot wings and such depth to nonchalant questions; that have stuck in the hearts of actual fans, but hold little to no meaning elsewhere other than here at Hot Ones?

  • Eric Stromberg
    Eric Stromberg 17 days ago

    Tom's such a good story teller I forgot they we're eating hot chicken wings.

  • CG Mellow
    CG Mellow 17 days ago

    Can you bring on Blink 182

  • YoCatDoc
    YoCatDoc 17 days ago

    These fucking pressure sound effects

  • Dominick Munoz
    Dominick Munoz 17 days ago

    Tom Segura is a fucking god! This guy makes me happy on so many levels. I'm a vegetarian and I'm cheering this dude on and praising the wing clearing skills. Hot ones is the shit. Tom Segura is the truth. Sean, great work. FANTASTIC EPISODE!

  • spettit2011
    spettit2011 17 days ago

    Hey Man, chocolate milk and spicy wings make some evil brown.

  • Connor Williams
    Connor Williams 17 days ago

    23:40 I'm still wiping the tears off my face after that. I did not expect to laugh this much.

  • Ben Gallaty
    Ben Gallaty 17 days ago

    Tom and Sean looking like Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt from "LOOPER" - Tom is the future Sean.

  • Matt Bumbee
    Matt Bumbee 17 days ago +2

    I can't tell but I think this is the first time I've seen sean's arms

  • Christian Vance
    Christian Vance 17 days ago

    Need joe rogan on!

  • Jason R
    Jason R 17 days ago

    There's something about Tom you gravitate towards. He's just a nice, good, genuine guy! If you don't like Tommy go fuck your self!!

  • Jake Douglas
    Jake Douglas 17 days ago +2

    The bone splitting was a power move. Respect Segura

  • Jordan Monday
    Jordan Monday 18 days ago

    Try it out

  • Doc
    Doc 18 days ago

    You should get hot sauces from wing places like buffalo wild wings and a hottest sauce comparison

  • Jason Donovan
    Jason Donovan 18 days ago

    Not many eat the whole wing legend Tom

  • Dustin Blaze
    Dustin Blaze 18 days ago +2

    Ah... high school football player. That explains all those little things about Tom Segura that don't quite seem to fit.