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Tim McGraw - Everywhere (Official Music Video)

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  • Duck of Wonder
    Duck of Wonder 3 years ago

    hey thats filmed at the Acoma Pueblo, thats cool.

  • alexlaughlin30
    alexlaughlin30 3 years ago

    Wtf happened to Tim McGraw?

  • Alex Emmerson
    Alex Emmerson 3 years ago

    Aprille in GA.
    Love ya Hick

    KHALID ELJARUSHI 3 years ago

    I always see you

  • lorri everett
    lorri everett 3 years ago +1

    To my Husband............sorry.....after 22 years it is time for me go back home....pickin those peaches and Carolina bare foot on the beaches....That is home and where you can see me, with love, from the county girl, born and raised. No more north for this cowgirl, You ain't country and we ain't happy!

    • honey poo
      honey poo 3 years ago

      +Animated Anatomy because thats how american girls are raised by their mothers.

    • Animated Anatomy
      Animated Anatomy 3 years ago +1

      Iorri Evertt, can you explain me this? Why is it so easy for American women to leave their men?
      I am foreign and had an American girl, I'd die for her... She just left after 5 years. Why so selfish?

  • PatrickToanHo
    PatrickToanHo 3 years ago

    Beautiful song!

  • Anon Bionic
    Anon Bionic 4 years ago

    Love this

  • Carol Kennedy
    Carol Kennedy 4 years ago

    this is good for some one you love so much

  • melissa fugate
    melissa fugate 4 years ago

    I love this song

  • Sue Davison
    Sue Davison 4 years ago +1

    Song always makes me cry

  • SuchADumbUsername
    SuchADumbUsername 4 years ago

    New Mexico will always be home.

  • ggm888
    ggm888 4 years ago

    what a queer

  • Marcel Makkink
    Marcel Makkink 4 years ago

    Thumbs up if you gonna listen this in 2014.

  • Savage Dawg
    Savage Dawg 4 years ago

    27 folks have been nowhere.

  • jill cole
    jill cole 4 years ago

    Yep at at least 46 states..

  • ggm888
    ggm888 4 years ago

    XD i like myself

  • Teri Lane Hinton Gray
    Teri Lane Hinton Gray 4 years ago


  • ggm888
    ggm888 4 years ago

    men very original your like the 320,123,943 person that say that and by the way stupid i like this song just dont like him whining so go back to YOUR PORNO AND SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOU STUPID BITCH!!!!!

  • Daniel Fransiscus
    Daniel Fransiscus 4 years ago

    You don't have to listen to this, ya know.

  • Kyle Theobald
    Kyle Theobald 4 years ago

    God I'd follow Tim McGraw, anywhere

  • lukenwk
    lukenwk 4 years ago

    god this song makes me emotional...

  • lukenwk
    lukenwk 4 years ago

    hahah fail!

  • lukenwk
    lukenwk 4 years ago

    Thumbs up if you're listening to this on TVclip!

  • Joshua Weller
    Joshua Weller 4 years ago

    awesome song!!

  • cliff boulle
    cliff boulle 4 years ago

    I see her everlywhere.

  • Arvella Taylor
    Arvella Taylor 4 years ago

    This 1 of if not my fave Tim McGraw songs

  • EvilMushroomProd
    EvilMushroomProd 4 years ago

    good for you, you should try the I-brick I heard they are the new shit

  • Genevieve Godoy
    Genevieve Godoy 4 years ago

    Amazing ... <3

  • EvilMushroomProd
    EvilMushroomProd 4 years ago

    holy shit I posted one of these? I don't remember

  • Marshall Evans
    Marshall Evans 4 years ago

    Nope! I'm listening to this in the year 500BC on my iStone... -.-

  • whitney baker
    whitney baker 4 years ago

    faith is a luck lady!!!

  • gigg11c
    gigg11c 4 years ago

    great uplifting song.

  • Chris Sain
    Chris Sain 4 years ago

    gracie may...miss you grandma were my mama and left ....cant wait to see you again

  • melissa fugate
    melissa fugate 4 years ago

    today would have been my late uncle daniel's 43rd birthday rest in peace uncle daniel and grandma. grandma i wanted you here but that won't happen. i hope your keeping him out of trouble grandma

  • Wall Street Giveaway
    Wall Street Giveaway 4 years ago

    Thumbs up if you hate when the top 2 comments are the same...

  • joel machuca
    joel machuca 4 years ago

    Love this song!!

  • melissa fugate
    melissa fugate 4 years ago

    love this song

  • Shawna Gunn
    Shawna Gunn 4 years ago

    that's country music---when it's a missin you or sad theme---laughing----maybe you just not a sad country music fan.

  • U686ST
    U686ST 4 years ago

    I feel for you Red. This song reminds me of a girl I went to high school with. We were never more than friends, but she always held (and still holds) a place in my heart. Sadly, she passed away 4 years from cancer

  • kabuse119
    kabuse119 4 years ago

    try 2013 :p

  • Ewsil Mawdebe
    Ewsil Mawdebe 4 years ago

    Fuck you Cow Fucker !!

  • Sean Oliver
    Sean Oliver 4 years ago

    Wht u think Country is dumass..its about luv and god along with living in the Country, learn something Sir

  • ggm888
    ggm888 4 years ago

    love his songs but he's a whiner listen to dont take the girl

  • Cole f
    Cole f 4 years ago

    fuck off tims a badass

  • ggm888
    ggm888 4 years ago

    why does he always whine in his songs

  • leann rascon
    leann rascon 4 years ago

    This song was filmed in my home town Las Vegas, new mexico at the train station. And the beautiful building is the Castaneda Hotel, beautiful and historic. Thanks Tim McGraw oh and come back and visit lol :)

  • scorpionsrt8
    scorpionsrt8 4 years ago

    16 years later and I still love this song.

  • zach maston
    zach maston 5 years ago

    he deffently knows how to say it

  • 1918Kayleigh
    1918Kayleigh 5 years ago

    I can't stop singing this song|! It's so amazing

  • Gail Robinson
    Gail Robinson 5 years ago

    Song still makes me think of my reservation. I love it... and want to go back home.

  • XxMusicfiedforlifexX
    XxMusicfiedforlifexX 5 years ago

    I was 5 :)

  • EvilMushroomProd
    EvilMushroomProd 5 years ago

    thumbs up if you listen to this in 2013*

  • jbfan2000
    jbfan2000 5 years ago

    thanks for posting

  • BoldAndBadger
    BoldAndBadger 5 years ago

    i wasn't here!

  • Brandon Bowles
    Brandon Bowles 5 years ago

    I was 4 years old when this song came out

  • melissa fugate
    melissa fugate 5 years ago

    i don't remember this song but i was 2 years old when this song came out.

  • Hotrodx199
    Hotrodx199 5 years ago

    Not really, i'm just being honest.

  • Trinket Star
    Trinket Star 5 years ago

    and your nuts :)

  • Trinket Star
    Trinket Star 5 years ago

    and thank god ! I grew up in the 70's with Kenny Rogers, and that ' Twangy stuff". Modern country is SO MUCH better.. and less terrible songs of starving kids, and wife beaters.
    Thank You God for Modern upbeat country music today. We don't have to play it backwards anymore to get the dog back !

  • Raul F. Cantu Gonzalez

    this song and video just made me realize how bad the music is now..

  • tim williams
    tim williams 5 years ago

    this is a good country song the best ive ever heard

  • tim williams
    tim williams 5 years ago

    download mp3 rocket it gives u the whole mp3 on mp3 player

  • DEmersonJMFM
    DEmersonJMFM 5 years ago

    Same here. It ticks me off when she keeps winning all these country music awards because she's not country. She might have faintly started in country but she's no where close now.

  • Hotrodx199
    Hotrodx199 5 years ago

    i dont even consider taylor swift being country shes really pop

  • DEmersonJMFM
    DEmersonJMFM 5 years ago

    There is still good country like this out there. You just have to filter through to find them. Taylor Swift is not even close to country music for me.

  • shaneraleigh
    shaneraleigh 5 years ago

    Best song ever!

  • kirukin87
    kirukin87 5 years ago

    after hearing this song in a club recently i would never look at it hte same way again

  • Linda Hammack
    Linda Hammack 5 years ago

    the only thing i hate about this is i can't download just the song so i can put in on my mp3

  • jimmie
    jimmie 5 years ago

    Country nowadays SUCKS compared to this stuff

  • dietsundrop2011
    dietsundrop2011 5 years ago

    Heard this, just this morning on my way are still everywhere. I miss you.

  • Mr C
    Mr C 5 years ago

    Make that 2012.. and no need to thumbs up to know thiswill never grow old. Not to me.. not to true country.

  • DarkRoseKnight16
    DarkRoseKnight16 5 years ago

    great american country :)

  • adam holbert
    adam holbert 5 years ago

    thumbs up if u went to the brothers of the sun tour!

  • ethokid
    ethokid 5 years ago

    ok i agreewith that

  • carinoeldelasrosas
    carinoeldelasrosas 5 years ago

    Soy real Maestra y tambien soy mexicano extranjero!

  • maestramila
    maestramila 5 years ago

    Si, en todas partes cariño... serás real o solo fantasía?

  • carinoeldelasrosas
    carinoeldelasrosas 5 years ago

    You are gone like a soldier in the civil war! gone like a freight train, gon elike yesterday but that doesn't mean nothing, not a thing! I see you everywhere sweetie!

  • Brett Garten
    Brett Garten 5 years ago

    But Garth was leaps and bounds more traditional than today's "Country". The lines between genres have blurred to almost nonexistence.

  • Vic Rattlehead
    Vic Rattlehead 5 years ago

    youre sayin Tim McGraw is old country? I remember when Tim McGraw was scolded for being too close to rock n roll for country fans. Along with Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, and others they were considered "modern day outlaw country musicians" much as Waylon, Willie, Hank Jr, Kris kristofferson and others were frowned upon in their day. Todays artists will be considered "old School" in not too many years. Enjoy it all while you can..its all good.

  • Lawrence Pyle
    Lawrence Pyle 5 years ago

    Bad quality

  • siosword
    siosword 5 years ago

    i know i hate country songs but love this one

  • Kellie Collins
    Kellie Collins 5 years ago

    This is my favourite song of all time ... so much so that I've been to Georgia and picked a peach ... all because it was mentioned in this song !!! :)

  • Giena Mendez
    Giena Mendez 5 years ago

    hes still hot

  • Rhonda Holloway
    Rhonda Holloway 5 years ago

    cdt you know

  • Ashley E
    Ashley E 5 years ago

    LOVE this song...

  • Carson Daley
    Carson Daley 5 years ago

    just seen him last night at the bros of the sun tour it was awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • songinmyhead1
    songinmyhead1 5 years ago

    well you have all kinds of country to apeal to different people. but must agree no one can top the 90's country

  • Lachlan Derrick
    Lachlan Derrick 5 years ago

    thumbs up if you listen to this in 2012 :P

  • BMfan4eva
    BMfan4eva 5 years ago

    just seen him last week HE ROCKED!!! Bros, of the sun tour with Kenny Chesney

  • xBRAV3H3ARTx
    xBRAV3H3ARTx 5 years ago

    Lol at these stupid thumbs up comments... I was listening to this in 1997 and still in 2012... who cares.

  • vladuttzn
    vladuttzn 5 years ago

    how about 2012 ?

  • Etharification
    Etharification 5 years ago


  • Dave Wollenberg
    Dave Wollenberg 5 years ago

    Tim and the director were blessed that no train was runnin' on that track!

  • MrAmericanpimp
    MrAmericanpimp 5 years ago

    ik mis amerika soms de beauty and SPACE

  • Bonnie Carter
    Bonnie Carter 5 years ago

    There's nothing this man could do that I would not watch or listen to...I went to his concert and will never forget it...Faith is one lucky woman...this man is extremely talented....and not hard on the eyes either :P

  • Steve Wiswell
    Steve Wiswell 5 years ago

    me and my ex broke up on monday and now everywhere i turn i see her. my friends tell me that she hasn't been at school since the day we broke up. i miss her. i know i can bribe some of her friends to give her a message and im working on a video showing how much i need her

  • jaygreyz1981
    jaygreyz1981 5 years ago

    I really like the older songs a lot more than the new. This is one of my favourite Tim songs, has been for years. There are so many though....I don think that pop should have a place in country, Tim Rocks!

  • Jaimee Trout
    Jaimee Trout 5 years ago

    Country music is not like it used to be i grew up listening to the 90s and older country dont get me wrong i like some of the newer country but i wish it wasnt so much of a pop influence

  • Chance LeMay
    Chance LeMay 5 years ago

    I'm a rapper, but i LOVE the old country, the country of my generation.. im a 90's baby, and i love music like this, the old george jones, some hank williams jr, and cant leave out george straight, clay walker, and buy Gary Allan is my favorite

    BIG TUNA 5 years ago

    i haven't listened 2 much country since i was young but i always and prolly forever will listen to Tim McGraw