How to make a powered Orgone Part 4 Orgone Orgonite Chi Prana

  • Published on Dec 19, 2016
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Comments • 3

  • RedRedMane
    RedRedMane 11 months ago

    As expensive as it is to make that, I end up wondering how it is that you pay for food??? I go online and get my crystals there. It seems to be the cheaper way to go. Often, I will use 4 smaller quartz crystals in the center instead on a geat big one. The 4 smaller quartz crystals when bundled together and wrapped in a coil seem to work together as one. May not be quite as powerful, but still quite kick ass. Sometimes, I have to resort to using lots of small crystals and stones. Aluminium is the cheapest metal. Steel and copper scrubbers also work. Machine shops sell their scrap, shavings and bushings to recycling centers now, so I've kinda had to give up on getting metal shavings that way. I can buy them online for fairly cheap. I can also buy quartz crystal necklaces ( 35 - 40 pieces a pop!!! ) online. I wish I knew where you get that great quartz sand and the black iron oxide. It looks like you have found a place to live. You don't seem homeless. Obviously, you have some form of income,... probably from selling orgonite. I really want to go to Sedona Arizona to get some of that awesome red sand. There is a beach on the california coast that has PURPLE sand. It's called the Pfieffer beach. Lost of amethyst, quartz, and garnet in that sand.

  • dukegreened
    dukegreened 2 years ago

    an epic pour my good man, a massive and densily packed wonderwork. she's not the fines looker, but massively effective. well worth the price you had at least 250 of materials in there its a practical non profit situation after labor time.

  • indigolove from sicily

    🔥Came out real nice.. 🌝⭐
    great work!!🌛🌜