Casually Explained: Memes

  • Published on Sep 11, 2018
  • Memes and meme culture the two most requested ever so I had to give it a go. Felt uncomfortable even making the thumbnail.
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  • George Rabus
    George Rabus 4 hours ago

    1:13 ok i trust you, i wont read this
    damn i read it

  • [HD 4k] Oh Yeah Yeah

    Now i know what dank memes are

    BLAKE COOL DUDE 4 days ago +1

    *causually posts on 9/11*

  • emery carlson
    emery carlson 5 days ago

    Forgot surreal memes

  • Chirby The YT Fan
    Chirby The YT Fan 6 days ago

    My animal jam account is

  • Chirby The YT Fan
    Chirby The YT Fan 6 days ago

    My animal jam account is

  • Jaga
    Jaga 6 days ago

    But we all passed on the most important question of all: "How is babby formed?"

  • juzbalex 5701
    juzbalex 5701 6 days ago

    Fortnite? FORTNITE?

  • Devon Collins
    Devon Collins 9 days ago

    How do I get out of the edginess

    • Devon Collins
      Devon Collins 9 days ago

      You should make a series out of explaining the hilarity and history of memes as individuals, like going over the ridiculousness of the Shaggy meme or the.

  • John
    John 9 days ago

    Don't forget killroy

  • Jay Oliver
    Jay Oliver 11 days ago +1

    You forgot demotivationals

  • I have a very small penis, but

    This has aged horribly...

  • Kev Bail
    Kev Bail 13 days ago

    Twitter creates most modern day memes. Idk what you’re talking about thinking about 4chan creating memes or reddit popularizing them...

  • Nusayba Yusuf
    Nusayba Yusuf 13 days ago +3

    “You can’t pass on memes genetically “
    Me:that wasn’t very cash money of you

  • Steve Steve
    Steve Steve 14 days ago

    He forgot one thing. Meme review

  • Hand Lotion
    Hand Lotion 14 days ago

    I like the memes where people just fall from buildings or get hit by a car

  • F.M.F 96
    F.M.F 96 15 days ago


  • Vaultdweller117
    Vaultdweller117 15 days ago

    3:06 yesss the OGs fuck the new “memes”

  • Ivan Michel
    Ivan Michel 15 days ago

    Pause the video at 1:16 it is SOOOO worth it

  • meiinuyasha
    meiinuyasha 17 days ago +2

    Humanity is dying 😂 and I don't give a shit

  • D0land0
    D0land0 17 days ago

    This is incredibly accurate

  • Carter B
    Carter B 17 days ago

    If u don’t remember the 9/11 sea king fuck yea meme your not a real one

  • Hannah Walls
    Hannah Walls 18 days ago

    you know how you research “what is laughter?” or “why do we find stuff funny?” and you just feel let down by the whole thing?
    this isn’t like that. good work Casually Explained

  • Peter Houle
    Peter Houle 18 days ago

    it's just how ironic a person's sense of humor is that determines what kind / "depth" of meme he or she likes; let's not over-intellectualize this shit

  • shoobadoo123
    shoobadoo123 18 days ago

    1:14 I read it and died

    CEKROM 19 days ago +1

    7:19 Sad frog =( =D

    CEKROM 19 days ago +1

    Very nice selection of Memes =D

  • steve0aw
    steve0aw 19 days ago

    This video made me wanna watch some Riley Reid highlights

  • JordaN xD
    JordaN xD 19 days ago

    longest casually explained video lmao

  • Samuel
    Samuel 20 days ago

    I like nascar and covfefe tabless

  • king philanthropist
    king philanthropist 20 days ago

    Fortnite and Minecraft were mixed

  • OmegaPyron
    OmegaPyron 20 days ago

    1:15 I wish I saw the "do not read sign" sooner.

  • jack wiśniewski
    jack wiśniewski 20 days ago

    This does not describe meme culture at all, it's just normie sub-reddits

  • Red Ex
    Red Ex 20 days ago +6

    Most accurate analysis of "Memeology"

  • gumgut
    gumgut 21 day ago

    "don't pause the video it's not worth it"
    Bold of you to assume I didn't know exactly what it was.
    *holds up spork*

  • MiningwithPudding
    MiningwithPudding 21 day ago

    But, what about "End him rightly" from the middle ages?

  • Paul Regan
    Paul Regan 21 day ago

    Wherever memes go...

  • Alejandro Celis
    Alejandro Celis 22 days ago

    Can we have a 2019 version of this?

  • ohValox
    ohValox 22 days ago

    I demand a whole video about L O S S

  • señor pepper
    señor pepper 23 days ago +1

    why am i attracted to the female stick figure?

  • James Smith
    James Smith 23 days ago

    The rs picking flax pic made me lol

  • The Perogy
    The Perogy 23 days ago +22

    the meme really dies when Watch Mojo makes a video about it

  • Tea Lusional
    Tea Lusional 24 days ago

    Can you explain chat rooms??🤔

  • Xcaliber 600
    Xcaliber 600 24 days ago

    I might be late to the party.... but I brought beer!

  • Carmen Delgado
    Carmen Delgado 24 days ago +2

    My mind just exploded with all this info. I had no idea and now I think I know something.

  • Carmen Delgado
    Carmen Delgado 24 days ago

    Can I respond with a meme?

  • Bokee .-
    Bokee .- 25 days ago


  • C.L.A.W
    C.L.A.W 25 days ago +1


  • Sammy Jenkins
    Sammy Jenkins 25 days ago

    Start and ended with frogs, I shall subscribe

  • RyNiuu
    RyNiuu 25 days ago

    I don't know man. I love you from first watch. Mostly because you have this 2003/2005 vibe when Ebaumsworld and Flash videos were everything. And yet you missed that in the video. Weird shit.
    This is when I got my internet and took good route from the very beginning :D nostalgy AF

  • [deleted] boy
    [deleted] boy 25 days ago +32

    I got terminal cancer from reading this.

  • Josh Army24
    Josh Army24 25 days ago

    I just got an ad about memes

  • yit the yak ,
    yit the yak , 26 days ago +4

    i was looking at memes while watching this

    OHNANAZ 26 days ago

    Dude. I hope you'd get your own show. Your ability to understand, consolidate, organize then share these topics in such a unique way is incredible. I'd watch a whole Netflix series of Casually Explained, lmao. Hope someone catches on to this & you get all the recognition you deserve! All the best x

    • Rob
      Rob 25 days ago

      This channel is his show.

  • Eduardo Orozco
    Eduardo Orozco 26 days ago

    9gag where?

  • Eduardo Orozco
    Eduardo Orozco 26 days ago

    This is fucking science

  • Bo Ss
    Bo Ss 27 days ago

    Minecraft memes hahaha

  • Alexander Byleg
    Alexander Byleg 27 days ago +3

    Did someone notice that he made video about memes on 11/9?

  • Gian Carlo Ilagan
    Gian Carlo Ilagan 28 days ago

    You forgot old school 9gag you uncultured swine!

  • John stormblade
    John stormblade 29 days ago +30

    I paused, it wasn't worth it. Thank you casually for warning me. I'll try not to doubt you in future.

    • L P
      L P 23 days ago

      Same dude

  • Salomé Córdoba
    Salomé Córdoba 29 days ago

    Mi gesta 😂😂😂

  • SorryBones
    SorryBones Month ago

    Casually Explained: memes
    Me: shitty normie memes that need to stop existing

  • zinkpieco
    zinkpieco Month ago +1

    *comments a meme for internet points*

  • Avinash Aryal
    Avinash Aryal Month ago

    When you have almost same number of subs and views 😂

  • Tyler Cashmore
    Tyler Cashmore Month ago

    You forgot surreal memes

  • FLux
    FLux Month ago

    That was Minecraft not Fortnite, not mistakable.

    • Rob
      Rob 25 days ago


  • Paul Noecker
    Paul Noecker Month ago

    So where's the fucking moth, scene wolf, and insanity wolf. You literally omitted the dankest of memes.

  • Plataani
    Plataani Month ago

    First I was liek :( but then I was liek :))))

  • Nekominori nya
    Nekominori nya Month ago


  • Nekominori nya
    Nekominori nya Month ago


  • Spirit Coon
    Spirit Coon Month ago

    Ngl you hit most categories but forgot post Ironic doge memes

  • Dafyd Madz
    Dafyd Madz Month ago

    The worst part of all is I'm constantly in two minds about posting anywhere for lack of genuine rebuttal or comprehension. What's going on with Twitter nowadays? I've completed school and college, qualified in all sorts of things, served in the British Army s I just want to be able to communicate as human with humans as we originally did minus all the butt-hurt and constant approval-seeking nonsense. I don't have anything to prove and wouldn't want anyone to feel that they had to prove anything towards need to me, also. I'm very old school (evidently). This video helped clarify some things so there is that.

  • rafael borges
    rafael borges Month ago

    you know the internet too well

  • Worst Leaf63336
    Worst Leaf63336 Month ago

    Hey there’s a new frog in town, they say he’s called phrog

  • Dark Trix
    Dark Trix Month ago +15

    When you join your little brother's world in Minecraft

    *All your base are belong to us.*

  • Ace Clan // Raimbow Six Siege

    says fortnite shows minecraft

    what a discrace

  • Jetty 77
    Jetty 77 Month ago

    "goal lazio"

  • Flex
    Flex Month ago

    How else paused and read the blog? 😂

  • Gaunter O'Dimm
    Gaunter O'Dimm Month ago

    King of memes aka pewdiepie should watch it!

  • Tiptoespoon 6
    Tiptoespoon 6 Month ago

    Where is irony

  • Taco_Man
    Taco_Man Month ago

    Funny haha me me

  • Windowsprodukt
    Windowsprodukt Month ago +1

    The meme is dead!
    Long live the meme!

  • Sygall KIMMEL
    Sygall KIMMEL Month ago


  • Ray A
    Ray A Month ago

    That meme life cycle is spot on

  • Josiah Cornett
    Josiah Cornett Month ago

    You forgot about Star Wars memes. Those are some dank memes

  • Raxeyra E
    Raxeyra E Month ago

    Finally I'm up to date!

  • Mingze Hong
    Mingze Hong Month ago

    I paused to read it, I don’t know what I was expecting

  • Chrissy The Conqueror

    1:12 you were right.

  • Austin Berry
    Austin Berry Month ago

    4:53 I feel personally attacked

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago

    alt title: "casually explained: my favourite subreddits"

  • Waffle :D
    Waffle :D Month ago +1

    Y’all normies :(

  • Julian Bö
    Julian Bö Month ago +1

    He he I'm so random

  • p01ar b3ar
    p01ar b3ar Month ago

    I paused the video. It was, indeed, not worth it.

  • BoostedToD5
    BoostedToD5 Month ago


  • NaziBall
    NaziBall Month ago

    Recommended for my parents and or normies

  • The Real Mitsu
    The Real Mitsu Month ago

    “Honestly don’t pause the video it’s no”- pauses the video and begins to read intensely. Ima savage bro gimme reads !
    Ok so at 2:46 I realized the danger of my savagery.
    Ok so at 6:10 I realized the danger of NOT being savage and started reading each meme across the screen. Thank you pause button 😤.

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe Month ago


  • Chris Beswick
    Chris Beswick Month ago

    How do babby form?

    All your base belong to us

  • A Programming Penguin

    History or reddit