Real Bushcraft in a Winter Storm - The Bushcraft Overnight Adventure III

  • Published on Feb 12, 2016
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  • Diggz11
    Diggz11 7 hours ago

    Rather see a deer being consumed by another animal(s) than being hit by a car.

  • Aamir Khan
    Aamir Khan Day ago

    lovely video...very honest guy

  • Jeff Duff
    Jeff Duff 2 days ago

    That deer looked cool, it looked happy

  • John Oullette
    John Oullette 3 days ago

    Looks like Vermont

  • feral kid
    feral kid 3 days ago

    You know, you gotta ditch the hot water bottle once it hits body temp. Beyond that it begins robbing your body's heat. Dog on the other hand maintains a toasty 101 throughout the night.

  • feral kid
    feral kid 3 days ago

    On the contrary. I feel kinda bad for the coyotes. They'll go hungry a lot more than they'll land a bounty like that.

  • John D
    John D 3 days ago

    Everything is awesome... Lol awesome. Seriously awesome. Could image how awesome it is.

  • Appreciative Observer

    As good as The Revenant was, Hollywood did "play" with the real story. Hugh Glass did forgive Fitzpatrick and Bridger.

    • Matt Berg
      Matt Berg 2 days ago

      Appreciative Observer you don’t think Hugh glass played with the story a bit?

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 5 days ago

    blue ridge mtns

  • Steve James
    Steve James 5 days ago

    he says it 22 do you see steam coming out of his mouth??

  • PS 400
    PS 400 6 days ago


  • Brian watson
    Brian watson 7 days ago

    Maybe you could have mentioned that fire smoke in a cave during the winter will wake the bats (if they are in that particular cave). Then they will look for food which isn't there, then they will starve and die.

    • Jeff Duff
      Jeff Duff 2 days ago

      Brian watson: hehe that would be awesome

  • Kevin Kitts
    Kevin Kitts 7 days ago

    At 1643 it sounds like an evp?

  • sicksand4
    sicksand4 7 days ago

    where can I get that jacket?

  • Kaale Elder
    Kaale Elder 7 days ago +1

    Couldn't even wait 5m to talk about "the wall" 😒🙄

  • Steve Oooo
    Steve Oooo 7 days ago

    True survival. Your out in the middle of bumfuck British Columbia no nothing but a tarp. No time it rolls on you in a minute.
    Get yourself rolled up in that tarp, watch mother nature getting mad and hope for the best.
    Why didn't you eat some of the dear. Fool. Free food.

  • 馮素桂
    馮素桂 8 days ago


  • benjamin massie
    benjamin massie 9 days ago

    O M M F G that looks like Elvises mansion

  • Fausto Moreno
    Fausto Moreno 10 days ago

    He does a great job with his videos. HINT HINT Discovery Channel shoud give him his own show. Just saying !

  • Gold Rush Redman
    Gold Rush Redman 10 days ago

    Cool build love it looks safe 💪😎💯🍺👊

  • Maria Otero
    Maria Otero 11 days ago

    That's awesome shelter 👍!!

  • Michael Hudecek
    Michael Hudecek 12 days ago

    Thank you!!! Great video!! Mike New York

  • dillryan
    dillryan 12 days ago

    Love watching your vids:)

  • Albert Smith
    Albert Smith 13 days ago

    Luke, I like your video. But one thing you said about the goretex holding in excess heat is incorrect. Goretex is made to let out excess heat, that's why you layer up with three or four garments of different materials and thicknesses and put on the goretex shell on top.

  • Fly Fisherman
    Fly Fisherman 13 days ago +2

    I think the Silky Saw would be a quicker, lighter and easier solution. I can build a shelter in about 20 minutes with it.

  • Dirt Fisher
    Dirt Fisher 13 days ago

    No link to the jacket

  • Robert Jaynes
    Robert Jaynes 13 days ago

    wow you went out in some ones back yard for the night

  • Gene Murphy
    Gene Murphy 14 days ago

    I think Susan edits the videos but he a little short on content lol with those spiders I’m surprised you managed to stay inside

  • Eric's Grey Hair Wisdom

    my fire would have been near my entrance

  • Eric's Grey Hair Wisdom
    Eric's Grey Hair Wisdom 15 days ago +1

    speaking of tuna, A blind man walked into a fish market and said: Hello Ladies

  • Eric's Grey Hair Wisdom

    There is a farm near you

  • Eric's Grey Hair Wisdom

    Lone Wolf is beautiful

  • Leif Nevener
    Leif Nevener 15 days ago

    Douche channel

  • John Goos
    John Goos 15 days ago

    Minnesotan here. If its 20 degrees, why cant I see your breath?

  • Robert Cairns
    Robert Cairns 15 days ago +1

    Luke I love your adventures and the way you tell the story. I always feel like I am along on the trip and that you are talking to me. Just amazing. Keep up the great work. And yeah...The Revenant. Great movie and mostly true story. Take care my friend.

  • cowboy6591
    cowboy6591 16 days ago

    Lone wolf mountain where? What state.?

  • Rhonda Clark
    Rhonda Clark 17 days ago

    We need a shelter for winter ❄️ for a civil war. Will you teach us how to build it imma girl and I need to learn how to make a fireplace too

    • Fausto Moreno
      Fausto Moreno 10 days ago

      I can help you with that and teach you as we go along so you know how to do it next time.

  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 17 days ago

    the sounds that saw makes hurts my ears so bad, I don't think I could use it.

  • the jonesn
    the jonesn 17 days ago

    video should be titled...camping just out of the back yard.

  • murasakiryu
    murasakiryu 18 days ago

    The only person in the world to chew pistachio shells.

  • Trooper2221
    Trooper2221 19 days ago +1

    No, what was that snakes looking nest?

  • Master Bait Tour
    Master Bait Tour 19 days ago

    yes you have collected a lot of can add my wood for the pile too.

  • Bruce Sims
    Bruce Sims 20 days ago

    Any reason you couldn't have used those fire rocks once they were warm? Just a thought.....

  • Ross McCauley
    Ross McCauley 20 days ago

    Where's the coffee? You always have coffee.

  • Willy Kling
    Willy Kling 20 days ago

    I have a pro tip for you. Bring one of those heavy duty IKEA bags with you to collect material and firewood.They are sturdy enough to carry rocks and soil. It even doubles as a rain cover for your pack. I just wish someone made it in olive drab or woodland camo.

  • Dave Abel
    Dave Abel 21 day ago

    You go Dude!! Awesome!

  • Ian Lacour
    Ian Lacour 21 day ago

    Hey there Luke great channel btw. Anyway just curious where do you live or live near were most of you videos are shot?

  • Sharon Stuebi
    Sharon Stuebi 22 days ago +4

    My first time seeing your channel. I subscribed. Im 66 but my Dad was a survivalist and taught us well. I agreed with everything you did! A new fan from Peru

    PLEOH 22 days ago

    This is the real bushtalk ;)

  • P RO
    P RO 23 days ago

    Into the rabbit hole and this pops up. Most excellent Luke! One thing anyone out in that kind of weather should do is gather more firewood than you think you'll need and use debris to keep it dry in case you get injured or stranded in the snow and can't easily get more. I use the "one more day" rule- be ready for one more day than you think you'll need because you never know what will happen with winter storms.

  • baseball1090
    baseball1090 23 days ago +1

    what was that vine like stuff growing on that rock is that a type of moss?

    • Barbra Barbour
      Barbra Barbour 21 day ago +3

      Poison ivy. Always watch out for big hairy roots climbing up trees and rocks. In the winter when the plant has lost its leaves it’s the only way to tell.

  • Brent Weeks
    Brent Weeks 25 days ago

    I’m forced to watch a commercial to fund you....then 31 seconds to actually get to the video. Let’s get to it, bro. Not a good first impression.

  • Keith Whitmore
    Keith Whitmore 25 days ago +1

    As much as that wind was howling, I would have added more dried leaves & sticks to the shelter to keep the leaves in place. Block as many holes as possible, & keep the wind down from blowing on you & making you even more colder.

  • Huynh nguyen song
    Huynh nguyen song 27 days ago


  • Turgay Kaymak
    Turgay Kaymak 27 days ago

    Lan nekadar geveze bir insansin

  • Alva Shoemaker
    Alva Shoemaker 28 days ago

    Hmmmm...I guess you hear the call of those "Honey Do's"---! I enjoyed this post; I just wish you'd shown more of your Set-up; However...and care...

  • John Riggenbach
    John Riggenbach 28 days ago

    98 percent. Wow, do you have that new wind knocker outer gauge working now?

  • English Pride
    English Pride 28 days ago

    So what was the vine that was connected to the rock outcrop? He avoided it. Anyone?

  • The real Sharps
    The real Sharps Month ago

    Literally the worst bushercrafter ever

  • The real Sharps
    The real Sharps Month ago

    That saw seems terrible