Quagmire married an old girl - Funny cartoon series by STV

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Quagmire married an old girl! Funny cartoon series by STV
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  • Milk Boy
    Milk Boy 2 hours ago

    They wouldnt have to get a divorce , would they? They would have to get an annulment?

  • Alexis Weiss
    Alexis Weiss 4 hours ago

    Chicago, fucking yes!

  • Word of Wisdom
    Word of Wisdom 10 hours ago

    The Hangover reference for this episode., im lit

  • Yrn Tg
    Yrn Tg 10 hours ago +1

    Quagmires chest hair is 666

  • Steezy _
    Steezy _ 11 hours ago


  • Krypt Killer 875
    Krypt Killer 875 13 hours ago

    OMG CHICAGO WAS ACTUALLY IN A GOOD MOVIE OR SHOW (I would be ecstatic to be given another example)!!!

  • Raghav Narula
    Raghav Narula 16 hours ago

    25 or 4 to 6(the song)

  • 69 Gucci gang
    69 Gucci gang 18 hours ago

    I would sell my fingernails for cash

  • Sahar Samadi
    Sahar Samadi 21 hour ago

    7:38 perfect little wife lmao

  • salt
    salt 22 hours ago


  • Anime Gamer
    Anime Gamer Day ago

    Bruh i died

  • Xavier Nealy
    Xavier Nealy Day ago

    I agree with Peter. Breakfast for dinner rocks

  • •Łůçïđ đřėăm• AKA Lyra

    I love glee♥♥

  • Theraged_ Quilava

    Press this (if you like I consider that as a dislike)

  • Fire Tacos
    Fire Tacos Day ago

    Doesnt Quag have 666 on his chest as his chest hair

  • Johnson0964
    Johnson0964 Day ago

    'by STV' Did not realize you made Family Guy

  • AP3X ICY
    AP3X ICY 2 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Christina Bako
    Christina Bako 2 days ago

    Her boobs flopp around.....love it

  • Søren Dansker
    Søren Dansker 2 days ago

    Should be: as out of place as a ethnic swede in Sweden

  • salad
    salad 2 days ago

    You didin't make family guy.

  • SAS Rttt
    SAS Rttt 2 days ago

    Helen is genius 🙌🏽

  • budsmoke bunny
    budsmoke bunny 2 days ago

    Pancakes are in fact NOT a nighttime food

  • Cat lover Elyanna Cruz


    Stewie:What we watching Glee

    Me:No we are watching Glenn and Peter have sex in front of a woman

  • Cat lover Elyanna Cruz


    Me:Same here bro

  • Ramon De Vos
    Ramon De Vos 2 days ago

    In Europe, pancakes are dinner and not breakfast

  • Geno Sans1
    Geno Sans1 2 days ago

    Anyone else noticed that Quagmire has three chest hairs that are 6s?

  • Cooper Ochsenbein
    Cooper Ochsenbein 2 days ago

    10:37 I’ve asked myself that many times

  • Sugar Spice
    Sugar Spice 2 days ago

    Black guy in Sweden 🇸🇪
    White girl in Richmond Virginia elementary school getting her hair braided by random black kids.

  • Cooper Ochsenbein
    Cooper Ochsenbein 2 days ago

    Brian also married an old women except he wasn’t drunk

  • Cooper Ochsenbein
    Cooper Ochsenbein 2 days ago

    Sorry man we already have an intense wheel chair guy

  • Joeys Father
    Joeys Father 2 days ago +2

    6:46 lmfaoooo Chris tsk tsk tsk LOL!!!!

  • Saki Miyu
    Saki Miyu 2 days ago +1

    Teacher: good morning girls, Helen.
    Helen: *HAS A STROKE*

  • AssassinX
    AssassinX 2 days ago +3


  • Zac Torres
    Zac Torres 2 days ago



  • Ken Penalosa
    Ken Penalosa 3 days ago

    Wers cleveland?

  • Antwon Williams
    Antwon Williams 3 days ago +1

    This cartoon is mockery they need to be taken off the air off of TVclip everywhere you can't play with God. That's blasphemy

  • 69 Gucci gang
    69 Gucci gang 3 days ago +1

    Jan Anensten? More like Jan Cant-get-a-manensten!

  • Sludge Lord \m/
    Sludge Lord \m/ 3 days ago

    Well if its so much of a challenge. Lmao

  • me bandae
    me bandae 3 days ago

    Nuce the hangover refferences

  • Thomas Hutson
    Thomas Hutson 3 days ago


  • isaac rakovich
    isaac rakovich 3 days ago

    Roses are red violets are blue i came 4 the thumbnail and so did you

  • Garak Christopherson

    11:31 Glen is marked by the beast lol

  • Lilskellit
    Lilskellit 3 days ago

    10:36 fax

  • alex flook
    alex flook 3 days ago

    Shut up Peter

  • Joshua Ferguson
    Joshua Ferguson 4 days ago

    The end of the clip made me pee my pant i was laughing so hard to breath

  • Sky Daniels
    Sky Daniels 4 days ago

    Weed..the best drug everrr
    Weed dosnt let you firget
    Weed wouldnt cheat on you
    Weed is life
    Weed is what you need!!
    SnAP* snap*nSNAP****

  • David Love
    David Love 4 days ago

    Quagmire should have just been the bottom. He’s such a sexual guy you know he either takes a strap on or plays with some sort of toy back there! And peter could just take a viagra or something and fake it. Just go for like 10 minutes and scream oh! Ah! I’m gonna c cum!!!! She’s not gonna know if he came or not xD and glen can just say he caint get hard infront of people besides his boyfriend. It’s the perfect plan!

  • Ronnie Roberts
    Ronnie Roberts 4 days ago

    "We should go now, I just stuffed everything back into place."

  • josh
    josh 4 days ago

    isn't quagmire 80 years old

  • Gaming Bro's
    Gaming Bro's 4 days ago

    Love it

  • Hoshimaru57
    Hoshimaru57 4 days ago

    Better question: why is Peter’s family watching?

  • nateman79
    nateman79 4 days ago

    The Sweden joke didn’t really hold up over time did it

  • Sl0wreacti0ngamez 360
    Sl0wreacti0ngamez 360 5 days ago +1


  • Myra Spoerle
    Myra Spoerle 5 days ago

    I'd eat breakfast for dinner at least once a month growing up....

  • Mick Pettet
    Mick Pettet 5 days ago

    Why is family guys so weird and I think I know why it’s Family Guy

  • Mick Pettet
    Mick Pettet 5 days ago

    Lol 😝

  • Cameron Overbay
    Cameron Overbay 5 days ago

    Sunny tv are you actually trying to play family guy as your on show not cool

  • FeaRSuM
    FeaRSuM 5 days ago +1

    Quagmires chest hairs are 666

  • The emo Kawaii potato

    10:37 10:38 10:39 this is my life

  • sunny Productions
    sunny Productions 5 days ago

    *I would of loved yhat if I wasn't super duper dubble gay*

  • FrostyNomad
    FrostyNomad 5 days ago

    What's the song at 2:50

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 6 days ago +6

    I'm pretty sure there were TONS of funny moments all throughout this BEFORE somebody cut it up and edited it to DEATH!
    (Wish I could 👎 more than once. So; 👎 👎 👎)

  • Super Luigi a
    Super Luigi a 6 days ago

    I feel bad for quagmire and peter

  • Elonna Mcpeters
    Elonna Mcpeters 6 days ago

    I laughed so hard at the Hellen Keller bit...

  • Grant Hollyer
    Grant Hollyer 6 days ago


  • Grant Hollyer
    Grant Hollyer 6 days ago


  • Ninjago weeb nation
    Ninjago weeb nation 6 days ago

    10:32 favorite Scene from this episode Glenn is just my reaction to the whole thing

  • Ninjago weeb nation
    Ninjago weeb nation 6 days ago


  • hillmanant
    hillmanant 6 days ago

    Ted kaziski LMFAO!

  • Psycho J
    Psycho J 7 days ago

    I just need to know. How big is a woman's vagina? Because dr. Hartman said that there are beer cans laying around in her uterus. So I need to know.

  • Brawler4456
    Brawler4456 7 days ago

    twenty five or six to fouuuurrr.

  • lak fas
    lak fas 7 days ago +3

    I died when they kissed each other

  • k asdfg
    k asdfg 7 days ago

    This thing's all over the place.

  • Alan sikes
    Alan sikes 7 days ago +1

    Funny though how blacks in Sweden do not call themselves African Swedes.Being black and Swedish is about as funny as being African American.

  • jared and shehan's outdoor and fun vlog

    Season 12 episode 11

  • jared and shehan's outdoor and fun vlog

    Out of place like a black guy in sweden

  • Wayne
    Wayne 8 days ago

    pancakes are an any time of day food

  • cody baggett
    cody baggett 8 days ago

    What are watching, Glee?

  • Tunatinez51423
    Tunatinez51423 8 days ago

    I'm sorry for being super duper double gay..

  • Black Pikachu
    Black Pikachu 8 days ago

    👋 👋 hi

  • Wolfie Michaelson
    Wolfie Michaelson 8 days ago

    I am gay I take offense

  • Originella
    Originella 8 days ago

    I...I crave your groin.

  • Mj Verostek
    Mj Verostek 8 days ago

    0:40 didn't hold up well

  • Lauren LilaNoah
    Lauren LilaNoah 8 days ago +4

    Haha now its the whites in Sweden that get those looks.

  • GoldenJetPlays 77
    GoldenJetPlays 77 9 days ago


  • Steven Galiniak
    Steven Galiniak 9 days ago +2

    Anybody else kind of surprised Quagmire doesn't swing that way? He just always seemed like the kind of horn dog that would stick it in anything.
    Hell, his dad was even Trans so it would make sense

  • Paulina Alvarez
    Paulina Alvarez 9 days ago +3

    Lmao “that chair with the garbage bag taped over it looks pretty good”

  • StayDown OrElse
    StayDown OrElse 9 days ago

    Your videos should be reported

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs 9 days ago +1

    Can you not copyright

  • falcon gamer
    falcon gamer 9 days ago

    Fingernails for cash

  • Kayden The BEST
    Kayden The BEST 9 days ago

    Glen de ablo 😈😈😈

  • JFK
    JFK 9 days ago +1

    “And they all hate each other for some reason.” Didn’t the Chinese help North Vietnam in the Vietnam War?

    • steve gale
      steve gale 7 days ago

      Didn't JFK almost start a nuclear armageddon which USSR refused to do? OH, he FUCKING WELL DID.

  • Spectre
    Spectre 9 days ago


  • perrymkwii
    perrymkwii 9 days ago +2

    tbh you can divorce a woman without any problems so half of this is just straight up incorrect. Also why didn't he just say he is bisexual but prefers males?

  • Spasoje Kulasevic
    Spasoje Kulasevic 9 days ago

    He is crazy

  • ßenBorisenko
    ßenBorisenko 9 days ago

    0 0

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 10 days ago

    what are we watching ? glee?

  • Andreas Eklund
    Andreas Eklund 10 days ago

    Like a black guy in Sweden!!! Hahahaha! I can tell u its not like that

  • raven dark heart
    raven dark heart 10 days ago

    Oh wow pawning all thoes clothes for drug money

  • k̶i̶l̶l̶ m̶e̶
    k̶i̶l̶l̶ m̶e̶ 10 days ago

    Why he had to fuck peter why not someone else xD