Seth Meyers' Monologue at the 2018 Golden Globes

  • Published on Jan 8, 2018
  • Host Seth Meyers addresses sexual harassment in Hollywood, President Donald Trump and more at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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    Seth Meyers hosts the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards. The three-hour ceremony serves as the official kickoff to awards season, with winners in 25 categories - 14 in film and 11 in television.
    Seth Meyers' Monologue at the 2018 Golden Globes
    NBC on TVclip
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Comments • 6 211

  • Sunshine Patsoph
    Sunshine Patsoph 16 hours ago

    we dont care about your political guys are actor...then ...ACT and close your mouth

  • guitargamery
    guitargamery Day ago


  • guitargamery
    guitargamery Day ago


  • guitargamery
    guitargamery Day ago

    Golden Globes went so bad that they have to hire Seth LMAO

  • J. A.
    J. A. Day ago

    The future will be nongendered talk show hosts

  • Gull Studio
    Gull Studio 2 days ago

    4:24 Actually it only means your date was a woman

  • feedthesnake
    feedthesnake 3 days ago

    5:09 is killer.

  • Iwjsuaan Jsuwbsg
    Iwjsuaan Jsuwbsg 5 days ago +1

    Seth did a great job stop comparing him to Ricky Gervais. They just have different styles

  • Ayesha Jasmine
    Ayesha Jasmine 5 days ago

    Love Seth. But he ain't no Ricky. Ricky would've reallllyyyy roasted Harvey and the audience.

  • Vishal Lehari
    Vishal Lehari 7 days ago

    Seth was good
    But ricky would be just fabulous

  • Andy Macedo
    Andy Macedo 7 days ago

    Just text me it’s much easier ! I answer texts ! I answer phone calls - I don’t do social media tho ! Its too depressing ! Not in my language !

  • Andy Macedo
    Andy Macedo 7 days ago

    He’s funny - Donny’s peoples the foreign press ! Amazing how so many foreign people besides Russia hate Donny and we still cant get this evidence to the right people with all that money and planes ! Unacceptable ! Its pathetic ! No excuses ! Just unspeakable !

  • Errol Bogart
    Errol Bogart 7 days ago

    Nicely done. 👏👏❤❤😏💄

  • Rishabh Singh
    Rishabh Singh 8 days ago

    amazing speech.....really enjoyed it

  • Amit Vanjani
    Amit Vanjani 8 days ago

    Bring Ricky back!

  • Shari Bines
    Shari Bines 9 days ago +2

    One word to describe his performance: Brilliant.

  • Jose Brador
    Jose Brador 9 days ago +3

    when Spielberg and Streep are cracking up and blushing, you're doing a great job.

  • Scatter TheWinds
    Scatter TheWinds 10 days ago

    not ricky.

  • Freddy Giron
    Freddy Giron 10 days ago

    anyone know who that is at 2:35?

  • NT2BOS
    NT2BOS 11 days ago

    So not funny

  • BelMegloub
    BelMegloub 11 days ago +1

    When the video stopped, I heard angels sing: "Perfectiiioooon. Falalalalaaaaaa. Pouf!"

  • Nero Burns Rome
    Nero Burns Rome 12 days ago

    If oprah becomes president then the downfall will be completed...from a reality tv judge to a talk show host... can't u get someone actually qualified to do the job like a politician who has given his life to work for people?

  • fieldagent59 is in the forest

    Seth Meyers...... the queen of identity politics.........even this crowd is going to get tired of race based comedy at some point.....

  • 60053
    60053 12 days ago

    so cringe

  • Ana Tereza Assunção Araújo

    Só gente linda

  • Junior Gomez
    Junior Gomez 13 days ago +2

    Ricky gervais is the king of hosting

  • TheNitroG1
    TheNitroG1 15 days ago god this was insufferable. It would almost be funny if they were lampooning how over the top feminists have become. also 5% of speaking roles being asian is also ironically just about correct for their population size. 5.6% and 5%.

  • Htut Thura
    Htut Thura 15 days ago

    I feel bad for Kevin Spacey...

  • sergio josé triunfo trabado

    Bring back Ricky

  • Victoria O'Neill
    Victoria O'Neill 20 days ago

    How disrespectful to talk bad about their fellow thespians. Like these people really have the right to cast any stones(or boulders). What a bunch of hypocritical attention seeking cowardly sarcastic narcissists. Can't they just stick to their work and leave all their personal opinions out of everything. I feel like i'm watching a AA meeting.smh

  • EvilPlaya
    EvilPlaya 21 day ago

    After Ricky all these monologues are hard to watch.

  • Liam G
    Liam G 22 days ago

    Seth Meyers is the worst comedian on earth. Didn't laugh let alone smile once.

  • Uriah Heep
    Uriah Heep 24 days ago

    Seth, you were barely funny on SNL, not funny at all on your talk show and you are pathetic here. so sad.

  • Alex Klaus
    Alex Klaus 26 days ago +2

    James Franco ain't laughing no more 😂😂

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 26 days ago +1

    Thank God for these late night comedy shows, and the people who host them.
    They are endlessly pointing out the absurdity of our Government, and government officials, and sometimes we need to hear that we're not crazy lol be shown that what we are witnessing every day is NOT normal.
    Luckily we live in a country in which we are allowed, in fact encouraged, to criticize and hold our Elected Leaders accountable.
    Civil disobedience, competitive political discourse and disruptive but peaceful protest is, and always should be, the definition of, "patriotism."
    I may not like what someone has to say, but I will defend to the DEATH their absolute right to say it.

  • I've Explored Exploration

    This isn't a different style of comedy. Comedy is truth. This is just lame.

  • I've Explored Exploration

    Where's Ricky?.

  • Suman Nath
    Suman Nath 28 days ago +1

    The way Amy was talking to Seth Myers was cruel. It looks like she was drunk before drinking the wine... Seth got roasted by her badly...

  • Silvia Oino
    Silvia Oino 29 days ago

    Nah! Ricky Gervais where is you at?

  • Troy Miller
    Troy Miller Month ago +1

    I'm still trying to understand why this guy has a job.....

  • Charlie Westfort
    Charlie Westfort Month ago

    Amy Poehler really needs Tina lol

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh Month ago

    I hate it when they make it all very political. I have seen a pattern with talk show hosts as well, the first thing they do is try to get a reaction from their guests about Donald Trump and its annoying-like there are better things to talk about then just him.

  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel Month ago +6

    Did they hire professional laughters in this event? Or is it just Ricky missing

    COOL MACHO Month ago

    So this is about actors giving prizes to other actors....A show of narcisism,egoes and bad jokes.They are just ordinary people with overpaid jobs.

  • CCW Noob
    CCW Noob Month ago

    3:50 gotta love how hwood, ultra-libs, left-tards, and others of the like convict people without ... what's that called? some sort of process? whatever. doesn't matter. I wonder what ever happened with Spacey. Did he get convicted? Any hw, u-l, l-tards know?

  • Christian Letellier

    The "remember when (Seth Rogan) was the guy making trouble with North Korea" joke didn't age well since Trump diffused all situations and refused to send soldiers overseas to jumpstart a war. We are no longer a threat to NK and they are no longer a threat to us. Thanks, Trump! #KeepAmericaGreat2020

  • Sol MB
    Sol MB Month ago

    this year was boring BOOOORING

  • slimshadoow
    slimshadoow Month ago

    What a cringe fest... YIKES!

  • La_ Chicharra
    La_ Chicharra Month ago

    weirdiest monologue ever

  • lovelywaz
    lovelywaz Month ago +6

    Poor guy had the WORST timing to host this show. I know he's not Ricky Gervais but he did pretty good with the situation Hollywood was in at that time.

  • Dania Elshafie
    Dania Elshafie Month ago

    i didnt know Seth was this funny!

  • Peter Cordes
    Peter Cordes Month ago

    Jokes Seth Can't Tell is probably my favourite segment on his show. The 3 of them obviously have so much fun doing it that it's infectious. I love that he mentioned Amber and Jenny by name when introducing this bit at 7:22 because they're a key part of that team.
    Amber at least has some independent projects outside of Seth's show, so hopefully getting her name out there more will help her get them produced.

  • Neil Fenlon
    Neil Fenlon Month ago +1

    I cringe at his final comment trying to empower women who do not need empowering! Amy Poehler and Tina Fey more than empowered women when they were ten times funnier when they presented without visibly reading every joke off an auto-cue

    • Daily Elevation
      Daily Elevation Month ago

      Yeah, men have been spewing empowerment over women for a whole decade by now in most places! Get over it, what's new? So unoriginal Seth, gosh.

  • Shaurya Dabas
    Shaurya Dabas Month ago

    Ricky Gervais would make most of these celebrities sit at home

  • Ra Souldier
    Ra Souldier Month ago

    I attached all my watches together to make a belt...

    It was a waist of time..

    Do not watch this video. I repeat; DO NOT watch this video.

  • Catherine Gold
    Catherine Gold Month ago +1

    marijuana is finally allowed and sexual harassment finally isn’t!!

  • A A
    A A Month ago

    Ugly, ignorant, low IQ POS.

  • Omega Supreme
    Omega Supreme Month ago +1

    Gervais was 100x better

  • Dishanth Kembhavi
    Dishanth Kembhavi Month ago

    This monologue is epic. Way to go Seth !

  • Annie Liang
    Annie Liang Month ago

    It’s 2019 who’s still watching?