Seth Meyers' Monologue at the 2018 Golden Globes

  • Published on Jan 8, 2018
  • Host Seth Meyers addresses sexual harassment in Hollywood, President Donald Trump and more at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
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    Seth Meyers hosts the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards. The three-hour ceremony serves as the official kickoff to awards season, with winners in 25 categories - 14 in film and 11 in television.
    Seth Meyers' Monologue at the 2018 Golden Globes
    NBC on TVclip
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Comments • 6 348

  • Ana Ivanova
    Ana Ivanova Day ago

    Ricky pleaseee

  • Skelld
    Skelld Day ago

    Could you imagine what Ricky would do with this material? Weinstein, Spacey and all the other crap???

  • lee martin
    lee martin 3 days ago +2

    Painful and forced

  • illlDCllli
    illlDCllli 4 days ago +1

    Seth Meyers is just plain not funny

  • DeeEll86442
    DeeEll86442 4 days ago

    Seth is a good guy. He may not have been as great as other past hosts but everyone has their own style, some work and some don't. I'm sure it's tough being up in front of a room full of your award winning peers. It can make a person nervous and humbled by their presents. Good job Seth!

  • Wes Osborne
    Wes Osborne 6 days ago

    Ricky ............ 2019 ?

  • Derpster
    Derpster 6 days ago

    My XCOM team would neutralize this whole room in two turns.

  • Bucky Brown
    Bucky Brown 6 days ago +1

    About as funny as my dead dog.

  • Maciek Szukała
    Maciek Szukała 7 days ago

    I really think Seth did a great job. Nothing seems great compared to the savage Ricky, who dares to reach beyond any measures of irreverence. He is just a miraculous combination of offensive humour and charm. But Seth is really good at this position too.

  • Godfrey Jemand
    Godfrey Jemand 8 days ago

    Can anyone in the World of Hollywood talk about the woman (and men) who screwed their way to the top
    or the middle? Huh? A one-way street.

  • Jess M C
    Jess M C 9 days ago

    The best joke was 'Hollywood. Foreign. Press.'

  • LonelyOldMan
    LonelyOldMan 9 days ago

    Amy and Tina should host all award shows.

  • ruoweii
    ruoweii 9 days ago

    they've got some guts letting him make this speech and you know what. kudos to that

  • NetCerpher
    NetCerpher 12 days ago

    Did I really see a table completely of blacks segregated from the whites? I thought this was Hollywood

  • king kong
    king kong 12 days ago

    Kathy Griffin/Ron Jeremy 2020

  • elise oliveira
    elise oliveira 12 days ago

    4:16 sums up this speech

  • NKO10HD
    NKO10HD 13 days ago

    Where’s Ricky Gervais??? 💯

  • pak diva
    pak diva 13 days ago

    Hillary Mexico Salad Association, lol!!

    GEORDI Is BACK! 15 days ago

    Ricky Gervais needs to have another go for sure...

  • Adem Dolas
    Adem Dolas 17 days ago

    I think this virtue signaling is getting out of control. These guys who think they are achieving something by blaming white men about anything are annoying

  • Mace Schnapp
    Mace Schnapp 17 days ago

    5:34 best part at least for me.

  • Aly Marie
    Aly Marie 17 days ago

    This is one of the worst hosts ever not even funny no wonder why this show has gone down hill Ricky or Chris rock would of been better off as hosts never get SNL former actors to host a award show.

  • ocharni
    ocharni 17 days ago

    ugh, i like meyers and all but after watching gervais this just seems dull

  • Siddharth Raj
    Siddharth Raj 18 days ago

    Amy Poehler is a woman in Hollywood and she has been through a lot for millions of dollars

  • Alex Freetime
    Alex Freetime 18 days ago

    Obviously Ricky Gervais would've been funnier, but they can't have him being the host too often, he'll be back!

  • lissa Rodrigues
    lissa Rodrigues 18 days ago

    Very funny and thoughtful!

  • jean king
    jean king 20 days ago


  • NowFunStarts
    NowFunStarts 21 day ago

    This is so dull, boring and contrived, Bring back Ricky....Please!

  • princess melody
    princess melody 22 days ago

    Beautiful tuxedo 👍👔

  • Gustavo R. Dreyer
    Gustavo R. Dreyer 23 days ago

    I will never forget Seth Meyers joke on Trump running as a joke... I bet neither will he.

  • charles leffler
    charles leffler 24 days ago

    so terrible to have such an unfunny,pandering,lapdog to host a show.....I survived 6 minutes of this drivel...smh,hollywood has very little class and style anymore...seemingly bitter liberals...keep the politics out,entertainment in please...

  • StacyJane Alex
    StacyJane Alex 24 days ago

    Everybody here is begging to have Ricky back and I agree

  • bob burroughs
    bob burroughs 24 days ago

    What's up with you people? Ricky this, Ricky that. Steven Colbert best for me. I'm afraid Meyers just has a monotonous one-tone delivery. So obviously reading prompt card.

  • Jerome FitzRoy
    Jerome FitzRoy 25 days ago

    Seth’s voice is so high, his is probably higher than many women

  • Sonam Gyatso
    Sonam Gyatso 27 days ago

    Amie Polar, typical femail aggressor

  • Deba Dev
    Deba Dev 29 days ago

    He is soooo funny good on him

  • Ramiro
    Ramiro Month ago

    "It's 2018 and marijuana is finally legal and sexual harassment isn't, unfortunately. It's gonna be an alright year I guess." - what Ricky Gervais would've said had he hosted.

  • Ramiro
    Ramiro Month ago

    They should have Ricky Gervais host every year until he dies lol.

  • Steve SIPUL
    Steve SIPUL Month ago

    11:52 "That's Jeremy Paramount" that killed me

  • kev3d
    kev3d Month ago

    "Trump is dumb and orange. Sometimes I call him Drumph, because of how dumb he is. Also Russia."
    -95% of comedians in 2018

  • George Morris
    George Morris Month ago

    Ha ha I forgot to laugh

  • Arigna Guha
    Arigna Guha Month ago

    Make amy and Tina host again .... MAKE THE GOLDEN GLOBES TINAMY AGAIN 💯❤️

  • Ben Solo
    Ben Solo Month ago

    Oh, Amber is there too!
    (From "Jokes that Seth Can't Tell)

  • Ben Solo
    Ben Solo Month ago

    Whoa. The Post actually didn't win any of the nominations...?!?!

  • Ben Solo
    Ben Solo Month ago

    Love the Jenny cameo!
    (From "Jokes that Seth Can't Tell)

  • Tim Bellis
    Tim Bellis Month ago +3

    ZZZzzzz where's the humour?

  • LJY08
    LJY08 Month ago

    Gervais REALLY doesn't care, that's what made him the host he was. He really didn't care, at all, on any level.
    He was laughing at Hollywood because Hollywood is laughable. It really is.
    How fake is this whole thing? It's disgusting!

  • Tracy Nguyen
    Tracy Nguyen Month ago

    Here’s my list
    1. GG Ricky
    2. E Jimmy Kimmel
    3. GG Seth


    He did it great, but put Ricky on the stage every last year of his life please!

  • 0 000
    0 000 Month ago

    Good job but still love KANYE WEST nothing to do with DJT

  • tony freeman
    tony freeman Month ago

    Get Ricky back!

  • Maryanne Munyiri
    Maryanne Munyiri Month ago

    Wow Seth Meyers is not that funny

  • Neila Rotisiv
    Neila Rotisiv Month ago

    Ricky Come Back.. !!

  • Nmm Ktchir
    Nmm Ktchir Month ago

    Hollywood deserves to be one hour with Ricky Gervais in the same room once a year. It's like a reality check.

  • Stevie fan
    Stevie fan Month ago

    Hillary Mexico Salad Association
    (didn’t remember that) 😹😹😹

  • chris george
    chris george Month ago

    This guy is boring

  • bluedance lilly
    bluedance lilly Month ago

    Winfrey-Hanks 2020!

  • bibby42
    bibby42 Month ago

    Seth Meyers is such a cuck.

  • stranraerwal
    stranraerwal Month ago

    is that a RICKY homepage ? Seth is REALLY GOOD...but he has no chance against these RICKY commentators !

  • Steven D. Bennett
    Steven D. Bennett Month ago

    Hollywood mistakes the sound of patting themselves on their backs for applause.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    I like Ricky Gervais, BUT to say he is the greatest because he made the most offensive jokes IS NOT accurate. To judge a good Master of Ceremonies you have to look at rhythm and ability to read to audience and to improvise.Few people can do that really well and while Seth Meyers isn't thee best he is certainly among the best.

  • Jamail Rafi
    Jamail Rafi Month ago

    You did a good job Seth.

  • Christian Tello
    Christian Tello Month ago

    That part about the post was gold!

  • Elizabeth Roy
    Elizabeth Roy Month ago

    love seth but please bring back ricky!!!!

  • Drew Bennett
    Drew Bennett Month ago

    Seth Myers is top 3 worst comedians of our time.

  • theplourde
    theplourde Month ago

    I’m sure the jokes would have gone harder if Lorne Michaels hadn’t threatened Seth which is what really happened. Seth isn’t as PC as some think

  • Figs3
    Figs3 Month ago

    There is still a lot of straight white dudes that are angry about this monologue.

  • Florencio Almirol
    Florencio Almirol Month ago

    Amy have such a bad attitude against Seth?!

  • Maria S'
    Maria S' Month ago

    Shut up already with Gervais

  • Nathan Alexander
    Nathan Alexander Month ago

    Still wish Ricky Gervais got to do this one.

  • MrMattpnk
    MrMattpnk Month ago

    So where is Ricky? This PC is killing me

  • Bobnerdstar
    Bobnerdstar Month ago


  • Navajo Auckland
    Navajo Auckland Month ago

    Seth is rather a dilf

  • Carlos Rojas
    Carlos Rojas Month ago

    Just dull and boring...

  • Andreas Alme
    Andreas Alme Month ago

    Oh god this is just cringe

    TOPCATBWFC Month ago

    Just not funny.flat and dull bring back ricky.

  • Anna Conda
    Anna Conda Month ago

    A room full of fakers.

  • José Boggio Sequeira

    Ricky set the standard so high that anyone other than him seems downer
    No one can do it like Ricky Gervais!

  • Travis Mccoy
    Travis Mccoy Month ago

    1:30 goblin eyes 😣👀👀👀

  • Jacob Decker
    Jacob Decker Month ago

    I found the speech unfunny, hypocritical, biased, and hateful. The jokes that were unfunny and cringey were the jokes about hating on men because they wanted to appeal to the women in the audience and to "support" the new movements. Hating on others will not support the cause! It is a big step backwards for the movement and If this continues the ratings will continue to drop for award shows like the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards as a lot of people are getting sick of how boring some of the hosts are and how the jokes are all political and PC. Like it or not, people like hosts who aren't afraid to be ballsy and say ballsy jokes and I don't mean hateful jokes.

  • Lee Nunn
    Lee Nunn Month ago


  • x iLeon
    x iLeon Month ago

    Wow, _that_ was lukewarm! And the setup and response just didn't work... (even though I love Amy Poehler's work) Bring back Ricky!!!

  • Month ago

    Why is everyone hating on Seth??? He is great

  • SuperZiggy
    SuperZiggy Month ago

    Seth did great, but I mis Ricky

  • Age Of The Witch
    Age Of The Witch Month ago

    Tom Hanks for USA president honestly lol

  • Coco G
    Coco G Month ago

    I still don’t find Seth funny at all

  • chiabee14
    chiabee14 Month ago

    Hey that was Jenny!

  • Steven Maoudis
    Steven Maoudis Month ago

    OMG - Cringe - arguably the worse Golden Globes introduction ever - I agree with everyone else Bring back Ricky Gervais

  • Andy M
    Andy M 2 months ago

    I think Seth did a great job.

  • CheerfulSmilingEd
    CheerfulSmilingEd 2 months ago

    This was alright
    But bring back Amy and Tina

  • Trump Gozinya
    Trump Gozinya 2 months ago +1

    Nope. Nope. The new Feinstein rule is: You're all rapists until you can clear your names. How you liking that?

  • Kim Mobey
    Kim Mobey 2 months ago +2

    "...booed at the In Memorium..." ROFL!

  • DazNW Blue
    DazNW Blue 2 months ago


  • Tapio Pelkonen
    Tapio Pelkonen 2 months ago +2

    People complaining about Seth haven’t seen this year’s Emmys yet.

  • P'd off
    P'd off 2 months ago

    Ugggg, more liberal BS.

  • jonasvm88
    jonasvm88 2 months ago

    louis ck or jim carrey would be cool

  • Drayvel Harris
    Drayvel Harris 2 months ago

    i hope they all get ebola

  • theyreee gggreat!
    theyreee gggreat! 2 months ago

    Total crap. We hate straight white males. Lol. You guys are literally trying to keep your head above water with your ratings the last 5 years. Your number 1 viewers. Straight white ppl.

  • Robert Durst
    Robert Durst 2 months ago

    Seth can't get over the fact that Trump is president. It's getting boring now.

  • Soljan Shametaj
    Soljan Shametaj 2 months ago +4

    Ricky Gervais please