LaMelo Ball Just Went OFF IN AUSTRALIA For 21! Leads Hawks To FIRST NBL WIN! 💯

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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    LaMelo Ball’s FIRST NBL DUB for the Illawarra Hawks! The Hawks looked dominate against the South East Melbourne Phoenix. Although this game is still preseason, a win is a good way to bounce back from the Hawks first game.
    Melo was looking good in a bounce back performance from his first NBL preseason game. He was locking up anybody with the rock and ended the first half with 3 steals! Of course, my guy was still cashing in those tough buckets. Melo fouled out of the game a with less than a couple minutes to go, but still finished with 21 points!
    Stay tuned for more Hawks and LaMelo highlights!!
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  • Gabriel Vingalalon
    Gabriel Vingalalon 13 days ago

    Lamelo Ball is a good player but if he would be more comforting like his he will be drafted ay the NBA and i see that he goes to the Lakers or the pélicans , Boston Celtics and i want him to ne in NBA2k21

  • Donny Ray
    Donny Ray 13 days ago

    Lamelo talented, no question. He lacks control and consistency tho. Something he'll have to mold but we'll see what happens

  • conspiracynutsmakemechuckle outloud

    Yep but he's the ugliest ball ever!

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee 15 days ago +1

    Remember when he was compared to Julian Newman....

  • NotSoCoolDamon
    NotSoCoolDamon 15 days ago

    He’s fucking nutty draft him #1 teams missin out son

  • Damond Barbee
    Damond Barbee 16 days ago

    He should be at UCLA bringing them back

  • EJOne
    EJOne 16 days ago +1

    This leauge is fucking awful..

  • Reagan Oha
    Reagan Oha 16 days ago

    When Blueface start hoopin

  • marco amato
    marco amato 16 days ago

    Silk ..

  • Floyd Mayweather 50-0
    Floyd Mayweather 50-0 16 days ago +1

    Lamelo sucks ass

    • Floyd Mayweather 50-0
      Floyd Mayweather 50-0 8 days ago

      @iknowUangry Bum hey dumbass its the preseason, no one is playing their best only lamelo's tryhard ass.

    • iknowUangry Bum
      iknowUangry Bum 9 days ago

      @Floyd Mayweather 50-0 did you see his floaters???? You just had a garbage take

    • iknowUangry Bum
      iknowUangry Bum 9 days ago

      @Floyd Mayweather 50-0 tf he was litterly blowing by peole and showing how shifty he truly is for his size

    • Floyd Mayweather 50-0
      Floyd Mayweather 50-0 9 days ago

      @iknowUangry Bum i watched him play, all he does is shoot 3s regardless of score.

    • iknowUangry Bum
      iknowUangry Bum 9 days ago

      U mad hahaha

  • eco8gator
    eco8gator 16 days ago

    I'll say it again. LaVar Ball is a genius. His boys are set for many people can claim that shit. I hope he gets his BBB line going without his boys and a set of shoes that they could actually use on court so this come full circle.

  • pablo areas
    pablo areas 17 days ago

    Wow not offense but this league looks very low budget. :(

  • Jamal Rosser
    Jamal Rosser 17 days ago

    He playing against bums.. period sis...ok period

    • iknowUangry Bum
      iknowUangry Bum 9 days ago

      Stop making excuses....this is better comp then any college in the U.S.

  • Deidre Green
    Deidre Green 17 days ago +1

    Bitches put make up on and go to thinking they look like that in real life. Bitch thats an illusion. Now go wash your face.😑

  • Paul Prince
    Paul Prince 17 days ago

    Soft n Skinny lol

  • Paul Prince
    Paul Prince 17 days ago

    His shot is still mad ugly.

  • JetsFanFox
    JetsFanFox 17 days ago

    The most Athletic Unathletic looking guy in the world

  • Professor Light
    Professor Light 17 days ago

    21 is a good game but definitely not "going off"

  • Kalon Strickland Jr.
    Kalon Strickland Jr. 17 days ago

    2nd round pick at best who throws up a floater from the 3 point

    • iknowUangry Bum
      iknowUangry Bum 9 days ago

      U should up.....rethink the bullshit u just typed LMFAO

    • Efrem Marcus
      Efrem Marcus 17 days ago

      "NBA scouts" got him going number #2 with the possibility of going #1

  • Aly Julnisce
    Aly Julnisce 17 days ago +1

    6'7" guard with a great handle and has not even reach his peak. If he remains injury free he will be in the top 10 of the 2020 draft. If he gets to play with his older brother it will improve both of their games; especially the elder.

  • Steve Krueger
    Steve Krueger 17 days ago

    No way will this game work in the nba!
    Passes yes! Shot no!

    • iknowUangry Bum
      iknowUangry Bum 9 days ago

      Hes dead ass a better finisher then he is a shooter tho dumbass

  • Don Da Drill
    Don Da Drill 18 days ago

    Melo, your up next kid!

  • DFORREAL Log up
    DFORREAL Log up 18 days ago

    Lamelo is what call in the movie industry all over the place. What means is nobody will take you seriously in you professional career if don’t stay on course with you trying to accomplish in life.

  • TheReal2TMHighlights
    TheReal2TMHighlights 18 days ago +1

    should be in ncaa where theres real competition

    • iknowUangry Bum
      iknowUangry Bum 9 days ago +1

      @Efrem Marcus i dont think he realises this is better competition then college😂😂😂

    • Efrem Marcus
      Efrem Marcus 17 days ago +1

      " NBA scouts"think otherwise

    CHAO WEI 18 days ago

    holy stid. did they hire the commentators from big baller league? so annoying

  • Daz
    Daz 18 days ago


  • MagicMicah 521
    MagicMicah 521 18 days ago

    That floater got cold🥶😈

  • Martin Sloan
    Martin Sloan 18 days ago

    Where did the haters go? Back under their rocks.

  • enrique martinez
    enrique martinez 19 days ago

    Tear drop from fukin 3 point line !!??!

  • Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever

    He's gonna be better the Carmelo and lonzo

  • Felipe Sustaita
    Felipe Sustaita 19 days ago

    He seems a little slow.... That nba d going to kill him

  • Rocky Capone
    Rocky Capone 19 days ago

    Nothing special, but Lemelo Ball is more aggressive than Lonzo Ball

  • Shawn R
    Shawn R 19 days ago

    He iight

  • Salsabor Boricua
    Salsabor Boricua 19 days ago

    here we go again with the hype train hes doing all those fancy moves against mediocre defensive players yes hes got the size and moves well and so far shows a better outside shot than Lonzo but come on, i honestly don't see anything soo special about him he could develop perhaps later but right now hes just a good young player that's it .

    • insomthegreat
      insomthegreat 17 days ago

      He can sell jerseys, shoes and tickets.
      Number 1 pick

  • Kevin McGinnis
    Kevin McGinnis 19 days ago

    I'm not hating but all I see is one on one basketball from him. He never makes his team better and he never moves without the ball in his hands. No NBA team will win with him on the team.

  • SJP253
    SJP253 19 days ago

    im sorry, i just want to know how a kid gets this tall this fast. Is this pure genetics or is there work outs involved? is it 50/50?

  • Josh Blase
    Josh Blase 19 days ago

    I don’t see why people think he’s going to be #1 draft pick.

  • staticbb
    staticbb 19 days ago

    melo out here throwin floaters from the three point line.

  • Phoenix Brother
    Phoenix Brother 19 days ago

    Where is that beat from

  • munnygetmoney
    munnygetmoney 19 days ago

    Australia can’t ball

  • KyzerSoze718
    KyzerSoze718 19 days ago

    LaMelo is much soother of a player. Just needs to get more bouncy. I expect a 6’8 American player to finish better at the rim.

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams 19 days ago

    I have been saying for years now that this young kid if he would learn to play team ball differently than what he did in high school he could totally be like a pistol Pete that's kind of what his game is like

  • Edward Davis
    Edward Davis 19 days ago

    That spin move was saucy.

  • Edward Davis
    Edward Davis 19 days ago

    Is it me or do European players love to pass? They even look like they have more fun passing than shooting?

  • Damien Scott
    Damien Scott 19 days ago

    Notice Lavar aint talking shit trying to sell his sons game this boys game speak for itself

  • myles fanjoy
    myles fanjoy 20 days ago

    Hes basically a slightly worse version of his bro.. not quite as good a handle (stands tall w/rock), maybe a slightly 'better' shooter but still terrible release point and form. Less athletic than Zo, and no where near the vision or IQ (boards, defense, steals etc), which are Zo's calling cards in the L..
    Not hating on Melo (decent potential) but lottery NBA? Wasted pick.

  • Brian Clifton II
    Brian Clifton II 20 days ago

    Music too dang loud my guy

  • strikedizzle
    strikedizzle 20 days ago

    Bunch of slow white dudes

  • FOT2010
    FOT2010 20 days ago

    unorthodoxed looking shot

  • MrRufusRToyota
    MrRufusRToyota 20 days ago

    Green team’s defense is a serious joke.

  • For Realz
    For Realz 20 days ago

    this is PRO BALL in australia??????? my highschool gym was bigger then this...

    • W2
      W2 20 days ago

      For Realz lol nah, ex nba player play in AUS, this league is quality

  • Young Kema
    Young Kema 20 days ago

    Can you guys just do the work to cut Lamelo highlights specifically? It takes like 20 minutes and nobody wants to see all the fluff. We clicked on it because it said Lamelo.

  • Bernan Galean
    Bernan Galean 20 days ago

    Big props to melo . Tearing it up in Australia.

  • duke
    duke 20 days ago +1

    He looks fantastic. I hope he makes it to the NBA despite Lavar's antics. His boys seem like fine young men with great manners. They're not obnoxious loudmouths like Lavar.

  • J. Dizzle
    J. Dizzle 20 days ago +2

    He looks like an one trick pony to me! He can’t shoot going left! I’ve been watching him for awhile and he always go to his right. Even when he goes left he spins bk right!

  • vQuiickness
    vQuiickness 20 days ago

    Was that liangelo ball #3??

  • Dirk Garza
    Dirk Garza 21 day ago

    It was smart of him to get as far away from his father as possible. I give it 5 years before that whole thing collapses and they're all bankrupt because of their father

  • iCali MuscleB
    iCali MuscleB 22 days ago +2

    He’s figuring it all out . #scary

  • Andrew Linscott
    Andrew Linscott 23 days ago

    Show Bryce Cotton dropping buckets on him lol

  • Chill Introvert
    Chill Introvert 24 days ago

    I'm concerned for him in this regard: where will he get drafted? That could either take his development to another level or stunt his growth. Charlotte would be terrible for him. The Suns...are intriguing but I actually think they'll win a few too many games. Knicks scare me just because their record as far as player development in the last decade plus doesn't inspire confidence.