Portugal vs Netherlands 1-0 Post Match Analysis Ronaldo Beat Van Dijk


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  • Lgiestas Giestas
    Lgiestas Giestas 10 days ago

    the Dutch players they are very "funny" if not arrogant - they always play better than anyone else but end up losing! .. Sorry today you as a team were useless with your top football and sorry losers they just have one option keep sucking on your thumb until next time. For now Portugal won because they play better than you ... and if you do not believe in that just suck the other thumb.

  • OMARION Ruddock
    OMARION Ruddock Month ago


  • Ybier Nie
    Ybier Nie Month ago

    Cr7 is the king and pussi is the queen....

  • Bulsho tube
    Bulsho tube 2 months ago

    guvif ronaldo thive tuug hgf dihyccd u8ogreazuv ki9yfcd t6td3sxvjuyrr leo messi king

  • tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ

    You can see the outline of Ronaldo's erection thru his shorts in the picture of him!!

  • Nose Picking Puddle Jumping Window Licker

    CR7 will always be numero uno!

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 2 months ago

    poor van dijk licking messi's boots cuz he wanted to be humble after they won, but everytime he faced cristiano ronaldo lost the finals haha cristiano is not messi van dijk he doesn't play the finals, he wins the finals, only the goat mr. champions can do such thing, maybe you should learn the lesson.

  • Cula Flor
    Cula Flor 2 months ago +2


  • BlesseD Gameboy
    BlesseD Gameboy 2 months ago

    van dijk lol how can he win best player award just coming in final wtf ..were are the players who are performing well in many matches

  • Lgiestas Giestas
    Lgiestas Giestas 2 months ago

    What a bunch of loosers commentators. No objectivity required for a commentator full of could would and other may be's wishing Netherlands to win while they lost. Instead of comment what happen they comment what could have happen if the Dutch would have won but also forgot Portugal could have score more goals and then! Even if you do not likePortugal 🇵🇹 and the Portuguese for some reason, do not make fouls of yourselfs about the of reality of the results and game. Games are won by scoring goals. Useless comments from a bunch of useless men crying the lost of Netherlands. They call the losers to say what they thought because these players will support their wickness and dumb stupidity of argument. Waste of time listen dumb people on the mike . Wish to who employed this useless and uneducated men!!! Go and read some good books about journalism your opinon show the brown matter on ypur brains!

  • asensio toni
    asensio toni 2 months ago +4

    I agree for Bernardo Silva win the ballon Dior this year ! And not for Virgil Van Dijk !

  • samuel onyeka
    samuel onyeka 2 months ago +2

    C-Ronald king of football.👑👑👑👑👑 No doubt. Messi is good but the king cr7 is the best 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rupendra Keisham
    Rupendra Keisham 2 months ago


  • Puneeth BM
    Puneeth BM 2 months ago

    Football king Ronaldo 👑

  • Leonardo Macedo
    Leonardo Macedo 2 months ago

    How is van dick?

  • Abdoulaye Coulibaly
    Abdoulaye Coulibaly 2 months ago

    CR 7 👏👏👏👏

  • Abdoulaye Coulibaly
    Abdoulaye Coulibaly 2 months ago +2

    CR 7 👏👏👏👏

  • Idrees Parappil
    Idrees Parappil 2 months ago

    Really are They football pandit? How we Can Say ? for the best Example. These foolish Pundits have Selected best ucl goal to M Salah Previous Season..That proved They are fomous foolish in football world.They have no One things....that is Common Sense......

  • Larry4life
    Larry4life 2 months ago +6

    ...Yes, the best team won. Van djik needs to wake up sometimes, honestly.

  • Calon Mayat
    Calon Mayat 2 months ago

    banyak yang menyindir C7, bahkan banyak yang tidak suka C7. pertanyaan saya, bisa tidak kalian menandingi skill C7? mampu kalian menyamakan kemampuan C7 di dunia sepak bola? ingat jangan suka merendahkan seseorang atau kejelekan seseorang sebelum kalian menilai sendiri diri kalian bagaimana! saya bangga dengan C7 yang rendah hati dan suka menolong sesama, terutama bagi yang butuh pertolongan. salam dari penggemar C7 dari Indonesia🤗

  • Tboy Lolo
    Tboy Lolo 2 months ago +1

    CR7 is the best 4 me oo

  • reuben patel
    reuben patel 2 months ago +5

    Give Portugal credit typical pundits down playing it. If England did the same thing they wouldn't be so cynical

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  • စိုင္း သ
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  • စိုင္း သ
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  • Safi Mohammad
    Safi Mohammad 2 months ago +1

    U go and save the ball stupid. He shooted the ball too hard.

  • Ernesto Aranda
    Ernesto Aranda 2 months ago +9

    Even if CR7 does not win the Ballon'or this year (i really thinks he deserves it because of his accomplishments this year) he has to be calm. He is the best, no doubt about it.

    • Ernesto Aranda
      Ernesto Aranda 2 months ago +1

      Fuck of don't be jealous man, that's not good for your health.... Enjoy his skills

    • Fuck of
      Fuck of 2 months ago

      Stop taling shit about this egocentric moron.

    • Fuck of
      Fuck of 2 months ago


  • Ernesto Aranda
    Ernesto Aranda 2 months ago +1


  • Pete w
    Pete w 2 months ago +2

    Portugal is loaded but they need to find some strength in the back. Pepe and Fonte are not getting any younger.

    • Fábio Nunes
      Fábio Nunes 2 months ago

      We've got Ferro and Ruben Dias. We're good :)

    • Nuno Simao
      Nuno Simao 2 months ago +2

      Pete w look for a player...... his name is ferro from Benfica He is the future you looking for

  • LÉOPOLD Landim
    LÉOPOLD Landim 2 months ago +2

    Gonçalo Guedes and bernardo Silva.

  • LÉOPOLD Landim
    LÉOPOLD Landim 2 months ago +5

    Gonçalo Guedes!!!

  • LÉOPOLD Landim
    LÉOPOLD Landim 2 months ago

    Messi is the best!!

  • Musa Salat
    Musa Salat 2 months ago +9

    As a football fan I was appreciated and fan cr7 because he is a player there no one like ever best of all time cr7 fan and man united fan #LOVE from Kenya

  • tomé alex
    tomé alex 2 months ago +19

    Portugal has a big team !!!!🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹💪💪💪

  • Mail Vlog
    Mail Vlog 2 months ago +2

    Cr Ronaldo

  • Bubacarr Sankareh
    Bubacarr Sankareh 2 months ago +16

    CR7 is the best player in the world right now

    • Roshi Roshi
      Roshi Roshi 2 months ago +1

      Bubacarr Sankareh hahahahahah were you in prison during the last season 🤭🤭🤭. Messi scored double his goals and Ronaldo finished fourth in serie a. Quagliarella Zapata and Piatek scored more than Ronaldo . But you got out of the prison now and you see just the semifinal of a friendly competition. Just so you know Ronaldo didn’t play in this competition but he played only in the semifinal. In the final he didn’t touch the ball and his teammates won. But yeaaaa Ronaldo is the real sheep 🐑 hahahahahahah

  • César Reis
    César Reis 2 months ago +8

    Frank de Jong "I don't think Portugal played better than us..." Portugal shots : 18 Netherlands shots: 4... you don't get more obvious than that...

  • Carl Gois
    Carl Gois 2 months ago +1

    Love this Dutch team. Very entertaining bunch of young talent. High hopes fir these guys to lift a trophy within the next 4 years.👍👍

  • Ivan Zonder
    Ivan Zonder 2 months ago +20

    11 Portuguese vs 11 Dutchmen somehow translated to "Ronaldo beat Van Dijk"

    • Bolu
      Bolu 2 months ago +1

      well they are the captains.

  • nightmareinblue
    nightmareinblue 2 months ago +2

    Glorified friendlies are now treated like its the most important trophy. And with all respect, individually in this game, ronaldo didn't beat van dijk, not even close, couldn't even score once. But overall the Dutch nt didn't have enough on their hands to beat a very good Portugal nt. Enough with these idiotic comparisons.

  • Abdala Husein
    Abdala Husein 2 months ago +8

    Cr7 amazing player actually
    He is wine 2 intenation cup

  • Rui Miguel
    Rui Miguel 2 months ago +8

    Congrats to the Nederlands team you guys are back,love to watch Your games since i watch football,you guys always have great players and "jogam bonito".
    You guys Will earn experience and learn with this and comeback stronger.
    Força Portugal 🇵🇹
    Ronaldo " The Goat " 🐏

  • Elisa Vieira
    Elisa Vieira 2 months ago +21

    CR7 is the best and Portugal team is very good xxx

  • juice box
    juice box 2 months ago +10

    I appreciate hearing analysts actually having respect for Portugal and their game. Over the years I’ve heard alot of disrespect. And Van Dijk is a complete stud with alot of class on and off the pitch.

  • rafael bareh
    rafael bareh 2 months ago +1

    How many tropies ronaldo has won this season so far? Is the super cup in italy included?

  • andre Way
    andre Way 2 months ago +32


  • T-H-E-Suspect
    T-H-E-Suspect 2 months ago +11

    i swear so so many people hate cr7 for no reason they are just so clueless about any football knowledge the thing is its all gay messi funs not knowing nothing about football

  • Capitan Futuro
    Capitan Futuro 2 months ago +5


    • Haleemah Iqbal
      Haleemah Iqbal 2 months ago

      If you don't know who he is then why do you watch football?
      Seriously idiots these days dumber by the second😂😂😂#YNWA

    • Sil Via
      Sil Via 2 months ago

      @Capitan Futuro best player in la la land

    • Capitan Futuro
      Capitan Futuro 2 months ago +2

      @Rhys m8
      Best player ? ...where ?

    • Rhys m8
      Rhys m8 2 months ago +1

      The best player of 2019 lad

  • Hanad Swead
    Hanad Swead 2 months ago


  • tuga fr
    tuga fr 2 months ago +5

    CR7 = G.O.A.T he was to much atractive for Netherlands desfenses on this game and that ler Bruno Fernades and Bernardo Silva play free, anyway he don´t be spectacular he lift one more trophy and the most important: for national team

  • JMG
    JMG 2 months ago +2

    It's incredible how everyone from any country says Guedes in the wrong way. GUUUUUÉÉDÉÉÉS. try to say without the U sound but use the G function, then say it like this Guédesh(the way u write it's guedes), that's the way we say it. This super irelevant but someone had to tell this.

    • JMG
      JMG 2 months ago

      @Johnathan Gonçalo 1st we never belong to those Spaniard motherfuckers. 2nd they are 200 million that is a lost war my friend, u think too much about things that have no way of changing.3rd everyone that is not a retarded knows at least a part of the history of Portugal.
      Let me be honest with you, what you are saying is not something new that I have never thought of, but you know what I have to say to that, "let them be the ignorants", as long as they don't say that kinda of shit near to me they can live, but if the person from the country where u live asked me something like that oh boy the unfortunate bastard would not want to see me again, those people would not have a good time in my country. Dude your parents can be Portuguese but there is missing the crucial part,people that claim to be portuguese need to live in Portugal to be 100% portuguese, our culture is very unique if you have the opportunity of experiencing our vey particular and unique culture you would deal really well with that kind of situations. DNA is not enough believe me. U can have Portuguese blood but u act just like another English guy (u probably live in England cuz your English is good and a lot better than mine) the habits the way of thinking is basically the same. I'm sorry for being so harsh on you but u can't defend something u really don't know that well. My friend the reason why we live in peace and not stressed all the time has to do with the fact that we don't think about the others we let them kill each other and talk all the shit they want(careful always in their countries, as long as they step in portuguese territory they better watch their mouth).
      P. S: I feel like the person who said that was just teasing you, but who cares. Don't worry about it,cuz I will not write another Bible like this. Btw my English is not the best, sorry for that, u prolly will misunderstanding me in some parts idk.

    • Johnathan Gonçalo
      Johnathan Gonçalo 2 months ago

      @JMG Portugal has been independent from Spain for centuries, and what bothers me is that when "Portuguese" is mentioned, Brazil is always the nation that pops up in people's minds.
      Also, the whole thing about Portugal being a Spanish port or province is just laughable. Portuguese, as a language actually existed before Spanish. I'm a Modern Languages major and I can tell you that I get tired of people assumimg that French and Spanish are very similar, which they are not. Spanish and Portuguese belong to the Ibero-Romance family of Romance Languages. The Iberian peninsula were occupiedby the moors for over 700 years, thus Spanish and Portuguese have a ton of influences from Arabic. French and Italian, on the other hand, are strikingly similar in vocabulary and verbs. Phonetically, they sound very different, but grammatically, they are very close to each other.
      The Portuguese fought long and hard for their independence, became a monarchy, AND has many colonies in the East. Brazil, in South America is not the only one. Some have even asked me if Brazil colonized Portugal, and I'm like " No? It's the opposite, buddy. Grab a history book." It's sad that the Portuguese have been responsible for a lot of great things, yet Spaniards and other nations take credit for them. Yes, I have Portuguese parents.

    • JMG
      JMG 2 months ago

      @Johnathan Gonçalo thank you for saying it the right way😊👏👏👏. I don't like when people associate us with Spain but it's how it is. U portuguese or have portuguese family?

    • Johnathan Gonçalo
      Johnathan Gonçalo 2 months ago +1

      Hahahaa that's one of the funniest things commentators and analysts do: butcher Guedes' name, but when all is said and done, those that mess it up, don't speak Portuguese. I've had people look at me like I'm an idiot for pronouncing his last name the proper way in Portuguese. They often say "Why do you say it like that? Isn't it supposed to be pronounced like Spanish?" 😒 Portuguese is phonetically much more complex than Spanish and it just amazes me how people still assume. Rather disrespectful, in a way.

  • Harmon Salmon
    Harmon Salmon 2 months ago +1

    Holland has no striker and was better than Portugal in the first half..But you need people to score upfront.

    • MR RN
      MR RN 2 months ago

      Ronaldo is machine goal

    • Jose Palma Gois
      Jose Palma Gois 2 months ago

      Lol Holland didn't even get to the Gola in the first half, get a grip

    • Raoh
      Raoh 2 months ago

      Harmon Salmon lol

    • Bernardo
      Bernardo 2 months ago +3

      wtf? better in the first half? They had zero chances in the first half lmao

  • Daniel Efrem
    Daniel Efrem 2 months ago

    Dont compare this with champions leauge

  • thugalizer
    thugalizer 2 months ago +5

    Why are people making it seem like they won Cos of Ronaldo .. he contributed in the semi’s but cmon his team were clearly better than Holland. Why’s Ronaldo getting all the headlines and glory

    • Johnathan Gonçalo
      Johnathan Gonçalo 2 months ago

      It's because no one ever takes the time to analyze how much talent Portugal actually has. Ronaldo always gives credit where it's due, though. He always praises Fernando Santos for his leadership and guidance as a manager, and the Portuguese fans for their tremendous support

  • Ufk BYR
    Ufk BYR 2 months ago +21

    Van Dijk, be smart, if you're gonna suck up Messi. Ronaldo answers with the mug in hand. After Pep Guardiola did what you did, Ronaldo disbanded Bayern.
    CR7 greatest football player ever. (He is the true Legend )
    " Deserved to win Ballon D'or 2019

    • André
      André 2 months ago +1

      thugalizer Ronaldo did nothing in that game? You do realize that Ronaldo in this game was luring Defenders towards him, which opened space for other players? That’s why he stayed up front and at the wings for most of the game, he knew that the Defenders of Holland aka De Ligt and Van Dijk would try to neutralize Cristiano, so Ronaldo took advantage of that and lured the defenders out of their natural positions, which opened space for Bernardo Silva, Guedes, Fernandes, etc. That’s why, even when Holland were on the attack, De Ligt and Van Dijk stayed back to keep watch of Cristiano. Ronaldo’s off the ball movement was proven vital for Portugal that day. Now give me sufficient evidence that depicts how Ronaldo did nothing to help Portugal win the Match.

    • thugalizer
      thugalizer 2 months ago +2

      realmadrid girl looool he’s not even top 5 in the ballon dor race...

    • realmadrid girl
      realmadrid girl 2 months ago +1

      thugalizer nice joke Ronaldo already win the bllndor

    • thugalizer
      thugalizer 2 months ago +3

      Looooool Ronaldo did absolutely nothing .. van dijk just knows facts

  • Ivan A Ruiz
    Ivan A Ruiz 2 months ago +14

    Ronaldo will win his World Cup🧠

    • Ivan A Ruiz
      Ivan A Ruiz 2 months ago +1

      Incoming call 🖕do something w ur life try🧠

    • Incoming call
      Incoming call 2 months ago

      In PS4😂😂😂

  • Ivan A Ruiz
    Ivan A Ruiz 2 months ago

    lil Ronaldo they don’t wanna see u winning fuck the haters🖕🖕

  • Joas PL
    Joas PL 2 months ago +9

    Never ever ever compare Ronaldo with Van dijk ok that's disrespectful Ronaldo won 5 CLs without other trophies

  • Jon Samuel
    Jon Samuel 2 months ago

    Van dijk trying to push above his weight class lol boy you're just a new kid in the block. You'll be nowhere with that shitty attitude

  • Carlos Tms
    Carlos Tms 2 months ago +1

    Holland are not enough good going forward the defence is good but attacking wise is they are lacking

  • Ikke43 Cousijnse
    Ikke43 Cousijnse 2 months ago

    what a bullshit that portugal had a day longer rest and fuck ronaldo didnt do shit complain thats what he do

  • Carl Gois
    Carl Gois 2 months ago +2

    Portugal held on to the ball better with possession and not giving it up. They had a couple of moments where they started deep with deep penetrating passes. The Dutch squad are a great team. Kudos to them. The future is extremely optimistic for them. I hope to see them in the Euros and World Cup. My opinion if that game had gone into extra time, the Dutch possibly could have scored. They started to pass better in the second half. This is coming from a Portugal fan. 👍

    • Jean-pierre Keizer
      Jean-pierre Keizer 2 months ago

      Thanks man. People forget were we came from . Not qualifing for ec and wc. So for this team playing for someting at the moment is an achievement. IT's a young team that will get better. You guys were more experienced more efficiënt and playing better so you deserved to win. Concratulations and hope to meet you next time at a tournament.

  • Me also
    Me also 2 months ago +1

    Ronaldo had scored zero goals in last 2 finals... euro/nations cup... Silva is the key to this Portugal team...

    • T-H-E-Suspect
      T-H-E-Suspect 2 months ago

      @joe wan thank you man so many people are stupid they have no idea what they talking about there just haters

    • joe wan
      joe wan 2 months ago +2

      If you want to single Ronaldo out my friend then you hv to check your stats well cos without Ronaldo Portugal wouldn't have qualified for the euro's in the first place. Remember he had to score a hat trick against Sweden and he scored a hat trick against Switzerland before they got to the final in the Nation's league. Ronaldo has lead Portugal to 2 well deserved trophies like it or hate it he is a complete player and a world best.

  • TagusMan
    TagusMan 2 months ago +23

    Hey Dutchies, guess what? Portugal played better than you. They out played you. They out smarted you. They rubbed your faces in it. Again. Germany, France and Spain aren't your bogey team. We are. Portugal is. Congratulations on a well deserved 2nd place. Viva Tugas!

    • TagusMan
      TagusMan 2 months ago

      @Marco Fonseca 1-0 in the final makes it all right by me. Sauduções to you tambêm!

    • Marco Fonseca
      Marco Fonseca 2 months ago

      OK. I understand what you're saying, but two wrongs don't make one right. That's my cents on the issue. Saudações

    • TagusMan
      TagusMan 2 months ago

      @Marco Fonseca Did you not watch the video? When asked if Portugal deserved the victory, the Dutch players refused to acknowledge the obvious superiority of the Portuguese. They act as if they were beaten by voodoo rather than by a better team. No matter how well Portugal does in these tournaments, we never seem to get the respect we deserve. Not from the English or the French or the Germans and not even from the Dutch who have been an embarrassment for the last 6 years. Holland is a great nation, but I have no love for their way over hyped football team. And if you can't trash talk your opponents in football, then they're not your opponents.

    • Marco Fonseca
      Marco Fonseca 2 months ago

      Why the need to trash them? Not cool, bro. You don't speak in behalf of Portugal, dude. Congrats to the Dutch. They were a fair opponent.

  • Myriam Matos
    Myriam Matos 2 months ago +39


  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 2 months ago +15

    Ruben Dias > Van Dick

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 2 months ago +8

    Van who?

    • Mom's Spaghetti
      Mom's Spaghetti 2 months ago

      @Aveo00 if its so useless as a trophy why are you so mad ?

    • LifeisLight
      LifeisLight 2 months ago +3

      Non sense League of Nations brought more 20 millions to the FPF :b

    • Sumit Samuel
      Sumit Samuel 2 months ago +2

      @Aveo00 listen man dont feed the haters, haters gotta hate that's all they can do, hating on the great players.

    • Aveo00
      Aveo00 2 months ago +2

      Idiot. What the hell is your problem with him? He has had a great season and won the Champions league, a trophy that matters, no one cares about this nonsense nations league, its a useless trophy.

  • kela bonheurlouis
    kela bonheurlouis 2 months ago


  • cheetah8667
    cheetah8667 2 months ago +1

    As good as Holland are..lets not forget they still have Ryan babel playing for them..which clearly shows they are still lacking top quality players upfront..if Holland can find some top quality finishers,then they can be a major threat in international comps..but currently with Babel,Depay and who ever else they have upfront are just no where near clinical enough in front of goal,watch again kyle Walker OG in semi,and you will see how shockingly bad the Dutch forward player was form 5 yards out.VVD has done his bit for Club and Country,this man should have won a treble this season as in EPL,UCL and Nations Cup,he has only ended up with UCL because he did his defensive duties,but the forwards did not score when it mattered in the other 2 comps.Being a defender is way harder then being a forward,the BS that scoring goals is the hardest part is utter BS..they just want to hide the fact,that the attacking players are just garbage overall.Players from the past,only needed half a sniff and bang they scored,or at the very least made the keeper work,these Modern day forwards are dog shite.

  • fcporto porto
    fcporto porto 2 months ago +57

    These guys are professional and not haters ... the other 3 commentators on espn should get fired for always hating on Ronaldo and Portugal

  • Noah Aja
    Noah Aja 2 months ago

    Penjajah Indonesia kalah. Penjajah Malaysia menang.😁

  • حمودي جوكر
    حمودي جوكر 2 months ago


  • MH Abraham
    MH Abraham 2 months ago +1

    Futhermore VVD been playing non stop 90 mins plus for liverpool in BPL n Champion League...Superhuman!!!
    Ronaldo have been resting for Many last few Juventus games.
    B.Silva deserved player of the tournament 👍

    • Jose Palma Gois
      Jose Palma Gois 2 months ago

      Ruben dias played all games for benfica and he was the best center back in the final, no doubt