RED Hydrogen One Review: I Wanted this to be Great!


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  • lavapix
    lavapix 17 hours ago

    Is that a Tesla surfboard in the background? If you're never going to use it you can send it to me. Someone told me about this phone today so, I figured you did a review and glad you did. It's not what I was hoping for. Will have to wait and see.

  • Crusader
    Crusader Day ago

    I guess they never miss. Huh?

  • Super terrific R

    Red Dead?

  • Kon Queso
    Kon Queso Day ago

    ill keep my NOTE 9

  • Varun reddy
    Varun reddy Day ago

    when phone shoots a 3d video then that phone is worth it, if not its just a show off useless feature.

  • timothy
    timothy Day ago

    I can't for the life of me figure out why they wouldn't partner with other 3D and VR efforts from companies like Nintendo, Google, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Oculus, etc. Maybe that would help make this phone worth owning.

  • Okayish Guy
    Okayish Guy 2 days ago +1

    Giant Forehead! JacksFilms?

  • egg snack
    egg snack 2 days ago +13

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    WARREN ELLIS 2 days ago

    pretty cool interview with roe jogan

  • dean feldman
    dean feldman 2 days ago +1

    Thanks! Very helpful.

  • SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha
    SharkBait Ooh Ha Ha 2 days ago

    Who else thought this was the most boring mkbhd video?

  • notabeaver
    notabeaver 2 days ago

    I guess they never miss, huh?

  • York Gaming
    York Gaming 2 days ago

    The music name at the intro please

  • Harrison Harper
    Harrison Harper 2 days ago

    So glad I forgot to put my preorder though.
    Will take a look at it in a few years

  • Cynthia J. Simmons
    Cynthia J. Simmons 2 days ago

    I can tell from video the 3d display but you're right the display is not very good.

  • Kristian Underwood
    Kristian Underwood 2 days ago

    Phone was a flat out lie in my opinion

  • Fango Pietra
    Fango Pietra 2 days ago

    Very glad I watched this! Thanks! Looks like I'm sticking with the 3XL for now, then hide and watch.

  • Сука Ебать
    Сука Ебать 2 days ago

    At least it has a headphone jack..

  • Cesar Abraham
    Cesar Abraham 2 days ago


  • GhetRekted
    GhetRekted 2 days ago

    Thats alot of hot garbage for $1300!!!

  • Crimson Arzuros
    Crimson Arzuros 3 days ago +1

    I saw this phone at the store today. My dad didn't know what RED was and the guy there showed us an MKBHD video. Oh the irony...

  • 容嬤嬤
    容嬤嬤 3 days ago +1

    Garbage phone

  • Tahmid Khan
    Tahmid Khan 3 days ago


  • Ron and Beefboy
    Ron and Beefboy 3 days ago

    6:31 I guess they never miss huh

  • D. H.
    D. H. 3 days ago

    Too gimmicky for my taste. No thanks. Great review though.

  • Damian Valencia
    Damian Valencia 3 days ago

    Did anyone notice in 5:04 the dude in the background notices he is filming and moves out of the way

  • Miguel Yanez
    Miguel Yanez 3 days ago

    The only thing that can save this phone is an awesome camera attachment. They better hurry, I want to see it

  • tankdog03
    tankdog03 3 days ago


    • tankdog03
      tankdog03 3 days ago

      the new 1+ phone is 100 times better in every way except durability and it's over half the price..
      I'm actually still rocking the note 4 rooted, unlocked.. it's hard to find a phone to beat it.. it's still fast (rooted) removable battery (I'm on my 3rd or 4th battery) removable SD card, and a headphone jack, and an S-pen.. and the battery still gets me through 3/4 of the day, and has fast charging.. the fingerprint scanner is horrible though lol..
      everytime I think I've found a new phone I keep coming back to the note 4..
      I don't want an all glass phone, theres 100,000 broken ones on ebay, that suggests to me that they are very delicate, and that won't work for me..

  • Isaac V
    Isaac V 3 days ago

    I am subing to everyone how subs to me antil next week

  • Jet Lu
    Jet Lu 3 days ago

    what an ugly phone ever made in history!!

  • Gone With Jon
    Gone With Jon 3 days ago

    I was only Interested in the phone because of the red camera. Lame

  • AD T
    AD T 4 days ago

    How can anyone take this garbage seriously after finding out that the "metal", and "carbon fibre" are cheap stickers. The "huge speakers" are also cheap stickers. A joke!

  • Gus TV
    Gus TV 4 days ago

    Please stop confusing mAh and mWh but otherwise great video as always!!

  • The Anomity
    The Anomity 4 days ago

    On top of that, its really ugly

  • Robert Valcin
    Robert Valcin 4 days ago

    It takes real character and integrity to state the flaws of a company you love and respect. Apple fans should learn a little from this.

  • Robert Valcin
    Robert Valcin 4 days ago

    My name is @lookatbob and I really appreciate your honesty.

  • Trap Finland
    Trap Finland 4 days ago +1

    Anyone remember the Nintendo 3DS. This reminds me of that

  • The Cooper Tech Kid
    The Cooper Tech Kid 4 days ago

    You were on the Joe Rogan podcast! Much respect. Be DL it as soon as.

  • Suilenroc
    Suilenroc 4 days ago

    Is this Holographic Display like the 3ds?

    • William Felix
      William Felix 3 days ago +1

      Yeah. For video games and animations etc the 3ds is better. But like i said i found the effects strained my eyes and made the screen fuzzy.

    • Suilenroc
      Suilenroc 3 days ago

      +William Felix Okay, thanks for the information
      Sounds interesting but also pretty gimmicky, to be honest i really want to see it once.
      I was trying to compare something I know with that phone, and I like the 3d on the DS.
      But your explanation makes me guess that the 3d on the 3ds is more useful compared to the red's Holographic Display.

    • William Felix
      William Felix 3 days ago

      No. The 3ds used a parrlax barrier display. It mixed 3 blue red images and directs them to you in one. kinda of like the stereoscopic 3d glasses from 3d tvs or 3d cinema. Though imo. They didnt look 3d to me and only make the images messed up and my eyes dizzy.
      This phone has a 4 cameras. 2 take side angles one on the left one on the right and the main one is in the center then the bottom one So you get differnet shots from different angles. With 4 different shots combined you splice the 4 images together and thus you get one you see. Well. Umm. If you can see it because its not always going 100% work. It all depends on the depth of what you are trying to capture. Also this is nothing new or innovative (no offense red or buyers)
      All this really is a picture that can be tilted at different angles to get a parralax effect. Really nothing new. I can program this into an app and make it free for everyone lol

  • Dale Lewis
    Dale Lewis 4 days ago

    Carbon fiber stickers!

  • kereth
    kereth 4 days ago

    we could tell

  • SqurtieMan
    SqurtieMan 4 days ago

    You could've described the holographic thing by comparing it to the 3DS and most of us probably would've understood what you meant.

  • William Lawrence
    William Lawrence 4 days ago

    screen door effect is common across all 3d/vr platorms

  • Andrew Rodriguez
    Andrew Rodriguez 4 days ago

    looks like a beefy razer phone

  • Cinnsere
    Cinnsere 5 days ago

    Zack from jerryrigeverything destroyed this phone! Those expensive materials are pretty much just stickers, what looks like speakers across the top and bottom, more stickers covering 2 small holes which weren't even centered. A camera not made by the company that makes the best cameras available. No modules available for a modular device. Say it with me; HYPE!

  • murdermymeat 69
    murdermymeat 69 5 days ago

    I saw this shit at the AT&T store it looks like it’s cheeks

  • Ty Crane
    Ty Crane 5 days ago

    It’s a phone with the screen of a 3ds.

  • fountleroy tinkertoy

    everyone seems to hate this phone . my phone cost 75 bucks and does pretty much the same thing .

  • Momalaka318
    Momalaka318 5 days ago

    The when you moved the phone I could see the 3d.

  • Kellis Flitton
    Kellis Flitton 5 days ago

    Introducing the 3Ds phone.

  • Vhector Graphics
    Vhector Graphics 5 days ago

    One of your best reviews... Holy damn, this is how you destroy a devise with class. Lol.

  • spafro101
    spafro101 5 days ago

    RED is probably pulling their hair watching this.

  • Oliver Philbin
    Oliver Philbin 5 days ago

    How do you afford all this new tech?

  • IsThisIt
    IsThisIt 5 days ago

    What frustrated me was the secrecy marketing tactic where they never gave details on specs initially. It is launched and it turns out to be a POS. The only possible save is the camera module.... which is also secret.... but by then itll be a 3k phone/camera.....

  • Kit Rocks
    Kit Rocks 6 days ago

    You know what this really is a over priced and over styled HTC evo3D from 2011 you know that sprint phone that no one bought

  • Юрик Лайков

    Kinda lg 3d max

  • syv2un1
    syv2un1 6 days ago

    Phone building is riddled with patents for each component. If you want to put camera for your phone, you need to use stuff that patent holders have choke hold on. Hope the Red guys didn't learn this the hard way.

  • Mr Hyde
    Mr Hyde 6 days ago

    Looks like this is going to be another huge flop like the Amazon Fire phone was. Sucks, though. I was really looking forward to this.

  • Jagged637
    Jagged637 6 days ago


  • Jagged637
    Jagged637 6 days ago

    Who’s really buying this phone?

  • William Felix
    William Felix 6 days ago

    The problem is that its actually just stereoscopic 3d. When they mean 3d glasses free they mean the effect of the glasses is integrated in the screen thats what the display does. It mixes the red and blue and center images together to create that effect it also makes the image fuzzy. It really isnt 3d. Its basically just like the 3ds. Even though still. The 3ds imo did noy have the 3d effect. It was more of the dizzy effect. (It made me dizzy and screen was fuzzy)

  • Da Bandit
    Da Bandit 6 days ago

    What is up with theaspect ratio of these videos on 4K Tvs .. doesn't fill the whole screen

  • Anthony Mehring
    Anthony Mehring 6 days ago

    Your just trying to show off with that background aren’t you lol. Tesla Surfboard, Movi Pro, and Mia...

  • Kergami
    Kergami 6 days ago

    If they had funding..

  • JannisDavidZwahlen
    JannisDavidZwahlen 6 days ago

    Wtf is the point of this phone? This holographic stuff already existed years ago.. So now what?

  • Elias Bugarin
    Elias Bugarin 6 days ago

    It’s not real carbon fiber it’s just stickers

  • akshit patidar
    akshit patidar 6 days ago

    Check jerryrigeverything HTC did this freaking 7 years ago!!!!

  • salazizzle
    salazizzle 6 days ago

    Watch JerryRigEverything's teardown of this phone. Fake "dual" speakers on the bottom, cheap plastic stickers made to look like metal, and a plastic LED flash module. That, combined with the fact that it's not even a Red camera on the back makes this phone absolutley over-priced. Should cost $499 at BEST.

  • Junito Punto Comm
    Junito Punto Comm 6 days ago +2

    HONESTY...That’s why we watch this channel !!

  • Med Mahogany
    Med Mahogany 6 days ago

    They just assembled strong components to make a pixelated phone with ugly design...and very far to be holographic like they said.....a pure Hoax.
    A lot of people will not trust anymore that compagny...they are manipulators.

  • Peter Arnold
    Peter Arnold 6 days ago

    It'll be interesting to see what Red does in the next 12 months. At the moment, though, I don't think you're getting enough phone for the price they're asking.

  • Alex Capi
    Alex Capi 6 days ago

    This phone is fucking ugly.

    HYBECTIVE 6 days ago

    How is your video so wide? I’m watching on the iPhone X and it’s perfect?!?? It’s beautiful how did you do this?

    THE LIE WE LIVE 6 days ago +1

    when a camera company try to makes a phone

  • In5an1tyB
    In5an1tyB 6 days ago

    I doubt it will be a better phone next year, when the specs are 2 generations behind. But maybe it's not their last phone.

  • p a t r i c k _
    p a t r i c k _ 6 days ago

    have a linK to Jerryrigeverything, for 1299$ you don't 'kevlar' covers... you actually get sticker!

    Lol! it ain't worth the buck! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Quinton Bekeur
    Quinton Bekeur 6 days ago

    Never realized tech channel viewers were so salty

  • EdThatsIt
    EdThatsIt 7 days ago

    Anyone remember the HTC Evo 3D?

  • Anthony Allen
    Anthony Allen 7 days ago

    LG and HTC both tried this years ago (around 2011) with their Thrill 3D and EVO 3D and failed miserably. What was RED thinking.. even now that 3D TV is dead.

  • Ivan Kutsarov
    Ivan Kutsarov 7 days ago

    I like the holographic feature, wish other phones had it too, looks very cool!

  • Meghan Dsouza
    Meghan Dsouza 7 days ago

    😂marc, don't be too obsessed about it

  • imperial
    imperial 7 days ago

    Looks like the razer phone

  • Kenneth D. Aston Jr.

    What would be cool for that 3D,.........3D glasses. I have a 3D TV and it came with glasses

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 7 days ago

    i saw what you did....

  • Autism Apocalypse
    Autism Apocalypse 7 days ago

    This is why I trust this guy. Honesty. It's paramount with him. This is how journalists are supposed to be. Give the facts with no bullshit.

  • koushik nbsk
    koushik nbsk 7 days ago +2

    whats the intro music

    • weusemanners
      weusemanners 2 days ago +1

      +NRC63AMG Thanks, person.

    • NRC63AMG
      NRC63AMG 2 days ago +1

      Haxpigmeow - Deadmau5

    • weusemanners
      weusemanners 6 days ago

      If you find out could you PM me that info?

  • Ab C. Def
    Ab C. Def 7 days ago

    With the amount of money you'd have to spend here to see images in 3D you could buy an awful lot of acid and view things in 8D.

  • mena seven
    mena seven 7 days ago

    The Red Hydrogen One Review is a $1200 average cellphone that has the same price as the best cellphone in the market like the Apple X Max and the Samsung Note 9. The strange part is Red a camera company doesn't make the camera of the cellphone daaah

  • Peter Friedman
    Peter Friedman 7 days ago

    That moment when you covered the possibility of putting a new sensor module on it. Dayum. You owned it.

  • Ethan Lowman
    Ethan Lowman 7 days ago

    And people trash Apple for its high prices

  • MultiShawnt
    MultiShawnt 7 days ago

    I just imagined the Red as an Arri,.
    I'm different. 🏁

  • Vyrkhan
    Vyrkhan 8 days ago

    14:10 - "The one and only upside than I can possibly think off to save this phone... and actually what makes it so frustrating is... PORN!"
    Lots of Porn

  • Adam Simmons
    Adam Simmons 8 days ago

    Yay! In another year, your phone that's already technologically a year behind will be two years behind. RED overplayed their hype card.

  • Brandon Dusk
    Brandon Dusk 8 days ago


  • Aillerdo
    Aillerdo 8 days ago

    That Intro tho

  • Frank Hugh
    Frank Hugh 8 days ago

    Let's hope this doesn't bankrupt RED. History is full of companies who moved away from there core business and shortly thereafter it all goes tits up. Cannondale MX bike...

  • Mark Horsburgh
    Mark Horsburgh 8 days ago +7

    Finally a replacement for my Fire phone!

  • Shivayo
    Shivayo 8 days ago

    Basically the same thing Nintendo did a few years ago with the 3DS, right?

  • Tekanatoken Delaronde

    Lol Joe was mind blown

  • NoWhere
    NoWhere 8 days ago

    I'm really hoping they make a second version that has none of the bad aspects and a slightly lower price. I would buy that in a heartbeat.