Poker Hands - Daniel Negreanu Is Stunned By INSANE Bet From Doug Polk

  • Published on Oct 17, 2016
  • Daniel Negreanu isn't just playing for the money. He's all about the titles and legacy. As it stands, he has six WSOP (World Series of Poker) bracelets and two WPT (World Poker Tour) titles. He's a very familiar face on shows like High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark. As a Poker Stars pro, he can often be found at the EPT (European Poker Tour), and PCA (PokerStars Carribean Adventure). He also was featured in the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event.
    In this edition of Poker Hands Negreanu faces off against Doug Polk in the richest tournament ever conceived. With over $37 million in the pool, both players have bought in for $1,000,000, and every chip counts. The Big One For One Drop is not your average WSOP (World Series of Poker) event. This one creates legends, like Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Dan Colman, and Antonio Esfandiari.
    In this hand, Doug Polk makes a highly unorthodox play, betting a tiny amount on the turn. Daniel Negreanu must decide what to do with his overpair of Queens, which haven't improved, but may very well be the best hand. Doug himself analyzes the decisions made by both players and explains the reasoning behind his quirky play.
    Poker Hands is a series in which Doug analyzes televised hands and shares his thoughts. New episodes are uploaded every Monday (and sometimes Thursday).
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  • Akash Rathi
    Akash Rathi Day ago

    Damn... Give me back my 12:01 minutes.

  • Adam Cope
    Adam Cope 2 days ago

    Now that is content!

  • Aye Dee
    Aye Dee 4 days ago

    well, I probably would have played this hand the same way as Doug ..... damn I suck! :)

  • Stroked Hemi 412
    Stroked Hemi 412 4 days ago

    Nice try explaining why you got owned.

  • Anthony Clarke
    Anthony Clarke 4 days ago

    what a dumb video by a dumb IDIOT who has every one laughing... AT HIM ,,,,what a TOOL.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Green Mania
    Green Mania 4 days ago

    Waste of 12 mins to watch this crap

  • jesudas1070
    jesudas1070 4 days ago

    blablabla its --------

  • Jonathan Kuipers
    Jonathan Kuipers 5 days ago

    Not an insane bet buddy, what we see here is a click bait title. What would have been insane is a much higher turn bet, and then river all in. You played that hand like a noob

  • Chidar007
    Chidar007 7 days ago

    I'm no expert but that was bad play, with more hope than logic.

  • legion yinword
    legion yinword 7 days ago

    Leave It to Seaver.

  • David Leigh
    David Leigh 7 days ago

    Who in the world is this idiot? What is amazing is that over 1.2 m people (including me) have wasted a valuable part of their lives watching this puerile, facile nonsense. Be warned!!!!

  • VW
    VW 7 days ago

    great bet on the turn wow, smart

  • Bud Simpson
    Bud Simpson 8 days ago

    Here's poker in a nut shell, as much knowledge of this game as Doug possess', all of his analogy and logic is absolutely wrong. Bottom line, don't sit at a poker table with Doug or Daniel.

  • Myles Xavier
    Myles Xavier 9 days ago

    do you really put someone on AK when they reraise 550k?

  • P3RSY
    P3RSY 10 days ago

    I fell asleep at 3 seconds. Who won ?

  • Jick Hedge
    Jick Hedge 11 days ago

    This man over elaborates in every video. Mouthpiece 🕪🕪🕪🕪📣📣📣📣📢📢📢📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣

  • Kevin Leier
    Kevin Leier 11 days ago

    I don't know who you are ,,, but you suck ! Daniel kicked your ass !

  • Elle. D. Wetherbee
    Elle. D. Wetherbee 13 days ago

    Dude, you are so boring

  • Finnish Ski Bum
    Finnish Ski Bum 14 days ago

    I think it's pretty ok. If river is like a 7 Daniel could bet like 700k and Doug might lose 500k more if he calls.

  • John Crawford
    John Crawford 14 days ago

    Yak, yak yak click bait...

  • Nick Raphael
    Nick Raphael 15 days ago

    Pimping Negrano to get clicks. You SUCK!

  • TheYakkis
    TheYakkis 15 days ago

    Tip of the day: If you rag on a guy with over 200,000 TVclip subscribers, he'll get the last laugh.

  • Kev Woods
    Kev Woods 16 days ago

    Lol Polk pointless video dick

  • SearlsTech
    SearlsTech 17 days ago

    you played that wrong.

  • SearlsTech
    SearlsTech 17 days ago

    after the turn with the Ace and the check of Negreanu I would gone all in. Negreanu would have to other assumptions to make but that your holding another Ace. His faith in his queens would've folded.

    PNOYPWR 17 days ago

    The title is misleading and what follow next is nothing but blah blah........
    I guess, what you should have done is what is exactly on the title of this video which is to raise him one million and he will fold. That's what he meant that you should have done.

  • ben southwell
    ben southwell 18 days ago

    you were shite and if you dont know it I would give up if I were you

  • max khaleel
    max khaleel 19 days ago

    You talk too much

  • Richard Simpson
    Richard Simpson 19 days ago

    I'm NOT Watching this, thanks to Mr. YAK YAK YAK! Shut The Hell Up and let them play poker! All of your BLAH BLAH is just your Personal Opinion! I don't agree with at least Half of it!

  • Robert Pitts
    Robert Pitts 19 days ago

    ???- wheres the insane bet...?
    false advertising aka ...

  • Anthony Reid
    Anthony Reid 20 days ago

    this guy is a fkn loser HAHA

  • Michael Magill
    Michael Magill 20 days ago

    Mr Polk, you are so far frm being a poker player its a joke, I turned off the volume because as a talk show host u suck, and have no idea what the hell u r doing . Please shut down your site and just stop. It would be a benefit to all the poker commumity!! Daniel would destroy you and I for one would love to watch him do it!!

  • jon schwindt
    jon schwindt 24 days ago

    I've seen Polk look drunk while playing. Never a good idea. Talks smart plays dumb.

  • John Bloss
    John Bloss 24 days ago

    Beware: You're about to spend 11 minutes watching Polk bet an inconsequential amount of chips when Negreanu would have checked the river anyway.
    Sevier makes a cogent comment about the silly bet. This video is Polk trying his best to respond to Sevier's dig.

  • jay Seifert
    jay Seifert 25 days ago

    Negreanu wasn't in ANY way "Stunned" so mis-titled. Should have been titled "How I made a mistake playing this hand" because you should have bet there at the end to represent either a 6 or a deuce. You missed your shot

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas 26 days ago

    To be fair to Polk he got out of that hand with minimal losses when he was dominated sooo.... Is that the point of the video?

  • Steve Thomas
    Steve Thomas 26 days ago

    Surprised the bet after the turn card wasn't a million, wouldn't that have put Daniel in a real tough spot? Daniel had shown weakness with his check??

  • Yoffo
    Yoffo 28 days ago

    After the River 6 i waited for the insane bet

  • Paul Touch
    Paul Touch 28 days ago

    I leave the show because that son of the bith talk too much .I.can't stand.

  • Paul Touch
    Paul Touch 28 days ago

    talk too much.

  • Michael A
    Michael A 29 days ago


  • Christopher Pottie
    Christopher Pottie Month ago

    Was this click bait?

  • Nathaniel W
    Nathaniel W Month ago

    I will never click one of your videos again

  • Jiimmys187
    Jiimmys187 Month ago

    Worst video ever!

  • Will Baird
    Will Baird Month ago

    If this was somebody else, you would have been screaming bad play. It was hugely bad. I've played middle pairs and 2x bet to see a flop, If I see even a min. raised I fold. It's standard play unless your bluffing in which case your bets were all wrong. If you wanted to see Daniel stunned you would have 4x bet the turn! Grow up and stop reviewing your bad play and try to convince us you made a great play and not a cheap show down with no hand.

  • Mark Richardson
    Mark Richardson Month ago

    Daniel Negreanu very rarely folds. He calls like 99% of the time.

  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell Month ago

    I guess I'd just have to wonder how he'd play the river if say a brick came instead, say 4 or jack. If Polk is figuring Daniel didn't continue betting on turn because he didn't have AK, then that limits him to more 56/67 suited or JJ/QQ. Is it crazy to think that 56/67 would be more likely to hero call a bet on the river than QQ/JJ against Polk representing an A?

  • Anon El
    Anon El Month ago

    I think it’s easy for people to just label this play BAD because lower skilled players do this all the time I do think there is some merit to using it, however I have to say that IF Negreanu has any bluffs here which is unlikely due to his style surely he would be two barrelling the turn and never be check calling there with a kq kj qj type of hand. You were trying to get a cheap show down and just because it’s something typical that weak players do that doesn’t mean it isn’t a strategy that you can implement in very novel situations such as this. You sacrificed one big blind to make the river an easier decision for yourself.

  • Guitar Lessons for mortals Sanders

    I think you have to always bet the river after that turn bet.

  • thx550
    thx550 Month ago

    Polk should have gone all in .

  • Eldridge leoncito
    Eldridge leoncito Month ago

    Blahh blahhh blahh blahhh and lose

  • Kick Lekick
    Kick Lekick Month ago

    I am nobody to critic plays by those guys and my english is not great but can't negreanu have weak Ax here?It makes sense for me negreanu put some Ax bluff in his 3 bet range,cbet that flop, check/c turn to protect his range. When negreanu check/call turn to check that river it seems pretty obvious for me his range is really capped (A4 is for me the best hand he can have here). If his river range is weak and capped making an overbet or at least a pot bet will give him a tough decision for his entire range. Knowing his river range is so weak make u can bet river all your range( all bluff + AT+ for thin value). So, I understand the turn micro bet but not at all your river check. You beat only KQ KJ but can make his entire range fold on river witha big bet. Where am i wrong?

  • nail carter
    nail carter Month ago +1

    I feel like you over explained why you should of bet more on the turn, it was a fatal mistake!!!

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller Month ago

    You talk too much! not a very good vid :8(

    • Mark Richardson
      Mark Richardson Month ago

      Andy. Just shut up and watch the fucking video lunkhead.

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson Month ago

    I hope you don't talk this much at the table.

  • guilhermebgirardi
    guilhermebgirardi Month ago

    @DOUG POLK POKER, I know that you may earn money with your TVclip channel, but DUDE, you might want to publicly admit it: you made this video (which includes your ROFL reaction to that players' answer), but that gives away the fact that you want to ultimately create an image of what you want to think that happened, at the same time that the video clearly shows your closed-up, completely quiet, embarrassed, angry face in front of what that player said. Man, this is truly some dicey territory. I'm sure you got a lot of extra fans with this video (don't ask me how), but man, this is all too evident, and I honestly can't figure out how we are supposed to think that you kept kool in front of that joke. That's lame. Hope you raise your YT and Poker earnings to forget it quicker! Cheers.

  • D T
    D T Month ago

    Clickbait in a poker video?! What is TVclip coming too. Come on Doug Polk?!! Unfollowed. Trash content creator

  • S M
    S M Month ago

    Ridiculous and misleading title of video

  • Bianca Martinez
    Bianca Martinez Month ago

    It wasn't until lately that I have become a winning player online and watching your videos the past few weeks have really helped me. I always did very well playing live in Vegas, but that was also against tourists primarily and regulars who thought they were better than they really were. I find myself spending hours of my days watching your videos and really appreciate the time and effort you put into them. As someone who truly understands the game (better than I did five years ago at least) after a decade of playing, I understand the need to talk about a hand a lot more than most will realize is needed. I even feel as if you could talk even more, but condense it for the average viewers. Although I am winning primarily in PLO and my specialty is NLH, I feel as if your videos will help me to play much better both live and online when I go back to Vegas this Summer. Still to this moment, I don't feel my 6 handed NLH game is strong enough to play professionally online. I'm hopeful I can find some of your videos here discussing 6 handed ring game.
    Thank you for your time and effort,

  • IDIOTdella
    IDIOTdella Month ago

    9's are mediocre at best. You talk a lot about YOUR hand and nothing at all about what Daniel might have had at the beginning. Betting 200,00 on the turn of an Ace after calling Daniel's 400,000 on the flop is projecting that you're weak, end of; or at the very least that the Ace scared the sh*t out of you. You attempting to explain away your fear of that Ace is the funniest part of this video (and that includes the Seiver sh*t at the end - I can't stand Seiver, but he had a point - and what you did with it only makes me think it hit a raw nerve with you). Daniel only called you because he wasn't about to let YOU know the strength of HIS hand (He KNEW he had the best of it and thought he could draw more out of you at the end - s'why he checked at the end cos you'd already showed a willingness to put some money into the pot after he checked the turn) Your play was piss poor at best and in my opinion you're being utterly dishonest in your comentary concerning this hand and that about sums up the title of this video as well. Clickbait at best, but at least it had me watching to see you have your ass handed to you and you trying to explain it away in the most gibberish manner possible.

  • j-darb7
    j-darb7 Month ago

    Didn't enjoy the video much. Although it is interesting to hear your perspective & thought process, there's Too much narrative. Title is misleading and to much of your face in the video.

  • Kevin Walling
    Kevin Walling Month ago

    This is why you don't get a trendy haircut. Polk could tell me how to time travel and I wouldn't be able to take him seriously with that haircut.

  • #WalkAway
    #WalkAway Month ago

    Methinks Mr. Polk is overstating his poker presence.

  • Xion Temoc
    Xion Temoc Month ago

    Are u serious??? I could go in the back end and explain every hand i ever played. He obviously didn't believe in ur 9s as much as u did. Thats what it comes down to. "I could have had" yea if my uncle had breasts hed be my......u get it. You're clearly full of shit. U got caught believing in an online play. TRASH

  • TJ M
    TJ M Month ago

    If you are hating him for trying to explain his hands you are idiots and that is why all of you don't play professional poker.

  • erwin Painting
    erwin Painting Month ago

    Stop talking nobody want to listen to you

  • Cata kta
    Cata kta Month ago

    Negreanu was gonna call anything on the river, that s why you checked!

  • David Vosper
    David Vosper Month ago

    Much better to watch with the sound OFF....

  • Andrew Chan
    Andrew Chan Month ago

    What abt A2?

  • junyan kau
    junyan kau Month ago

    You might be playing in a table with Daniel but you will never win him pls stop analysing like you're the pro over there.

  • Kiril Mihaylov
    Kiril Mihaylov Month ago

    stupid play against very smart player...I always wondered why average players try to bluff out and outplay the good ones...betting all the time when you re raised preflop by negreanu is very stupid move....

  • senX
    senX Month ago

    Would you call a 3bet of a conservative sb often with KQs? And float that flop? Im just asking because i was wondering if it would ever make sense to turn some of our sdv (middle'ish pps) into a bluff otr because we then would lack combos to bluff with. And as played wouldnt it be really hard to call otr with his range unless he checks a lot of his Ax ott? Im just a newb, dont be to harsh 😅

  • pricey0986ify
    pricey0986ify Month ago

    I like the comment, born with a full head of hair and styled just like that lol

  • A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur

    i really loved how you realized daniel negreanu's great hand was under valued, so you raised it for him

  • KJ
    KJ 2 months ago

    I couldn't get even half way through this...Polk is annoying af

  • Bayley Ciccarone
    Bayley Ciccarone 2 months ago

    He wasn’t stunned from anything

  • Bad Muts
    Bad Muts 2 months ago

    Better give your bank account to Negreanu, lol

  • Boga Dufour M.
    Boga Dufour M. 2 months ago

    When did Mark Hoppus start playing poker?

  • Michael Quale
    Michael Quale 2 months ago

    you talk way too much.

  • Looky looky
    Looky looky 2 months ago

    This guy is prettier than vanesa selbst

  • Cristian Almon
    Cristian Almon 2 months ago

    Hey douchebag let us watch in peace

  • Henry R
    Henry R 2 months ago

    This video did not need to be made. That was a dumb bet, stop making excuses.

  • dr drunkestein
    dr drunkestein 2 months ago

    I'm with Seiver, I feel the turn play was weird, missing a great chance to bluff (representing an ace10+ hand that would put a Daniel in a tough spot to call), when he maybe has you beat due to preflop action. Besides, no one ever, not even with the shittiest hand is folding to that minuscule bet so you're not getting him to fold, yet also not building a pot, so your story kind of falls apart. Additionally, it makes it weird to go big in the river and try to steal the pot due to the weakness shown by turn bet. I think you overthunk this one.

  • john doe
    john doe 2 months ago

    Why is this vid getting so much hate?!?

  • Sarah Deshay
    Sarah Deshay 2 months ago

    Thanks for the insight, I guess all the other comments are made by people who are far superior to you.

  • Deacon Rogers
    Deacon Rogers 2 months ago

    Not crazy about the call but knowing it was you but it doesn't surprise me at all. But against Negraneau...sorry your not gonna scare him off those cards. Bad..bad call. Rookie moved.

  • Roger Ricafort
    Roger Ricafort 2 months ago

    You talk too much dick face. Have you won any championship yet.

  • david vincent
    david vincent 2 months ago +1

    Negreanu not stunned. And bad hair. Downvoted.

  • christopher henson
    christopher henson 2 months ago

    Why so many dislikes?

  • Patrick Schneider
    Patrick Schneider 2 months ago

    I like both of you guys. Your both great players...

  • David Badillo
    David Badillo 2 months ago

    Seeing all the 100s of negative comments from most likely poker losers is laughable. That's why only a few make millions playing poker, like Doug, while others live their lives trolling and complaining in the TVclip comment sections.

  • David Badillo
    David Badillo 2 months ago

    Thanks for posting this hand, Doug! I think something just clicked for me with this example. Most people completely miss the point of the play, even Seiver (or maybe he was just being sarcastic). Plays like this are the difference between a winner and a loser over time. Great stuff!

  • Skip Pages
    Skip Pages 3 months ago

    Save your time - Negreanu was not stunned and dude lost the hand

  • 98tharmorcav
    98tharmorcav 3 months ago

    Just shut the hell up and show the footage!

  • Jason Haglund
    Jason Haglund 3 months ago

    i think you had him thinking ... should of pushed hard on river lol

  • n A
    n A 3 months ago

    Wow, you played that hand retartedly, and made a retarted clickbait video "tutorial" blabbering on and on AND ONN about losing a hand pathetically, you are part of what's wrong with how the new generation of poker is played, I played the game for decades and can say that all of your logic was dumb, and how anti climactic to weakly check the river after that stupid 10% of pot bet. That is just what you call a WEAK scared unsure bet(OOZING WEAKNESS) and very poor playing of your position.....keep analyzing everything BUT what your supposed to, GOOD READ BUDDY!!! LOL

  • Minor Deity
    Minor Deity 3 months ago

    I'm "stunned" by how good this video is. And by stunned I mean "meh".

  • Ervin Qosja
    Ervin Qosja 3 months ago

    why not check turn fold river

    • Ervin Qosja
      Ervin Qosja 3 months ago

      check turn fold river if you have less than jacks

  • Critstix Darkspear
    Critstix Darkspear 3 months ago

    You overrate your ability and mistake excuses for explanations. Please STFU

  • Derick Leja
    Derick Leja 3 months ago

    You use a vacuum to style your hair?