Bachelor Colton Says He Was 'Gone For A While' In Fencing Jumping Teaser

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • The 47-year-old longtime host spoke exclusively to ET Live's Lauren Zima on Tuesday following the show's live, three-hour premiere the night before.
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  • Nerissa Gaynor
    Nerissa Gaynor 5 months ago +1

    Why can't these people find love without going on a show

  • Ana Fragata
    Ana Fragata 5 months ago +3

    Colton is so all American clean cut and handsome

  • jarednil69
    jarednil69 5 months ago +6

    He kinda looks like the Gerber Baby all grown up lol

  • JenMac
    JenMac 5 months ago +12

    Lauren Zima is so amazing! I think she's the best person @ ET & they're so lucky to have her working there! She's the nicest, most relatable & down to earth person on any entertainment show. Love her! 🙌

  • Sister Spooked
    Sister Spooked 5 months ago +9


  • Sister Spooked
    Sister Spooked 5 months ago +24

    I'm sorry, but when I watched him jump the fence last night, I laughed SO hard, it's not even funny.

    • Sister Spooked
      Sister Spooked 3 months ago

      Tommy Williams Omg 😂😂 Ur so right tho, it looked like he’s done it before. Idk if he did it to stand out tho, he could’ve but he’s a super emotional person but still he definitely could’ve

    • Tommy Williams
      Tommy Williams 3 months ago

      Sister Spooked I don't watch The Bachelor at all or the female one either. I saw the clip of this fool jumping the fence I had the same reaction as you. He look like he had done this before lol. Honestly I think he did it to make himself stand out even more from the others.

    • Sister Spooked
      Sister Spooked 5 months ago

      Didi Bolter Ur welcome!! And so did I! I think maybe it was for drama since she’s the (not trying to b rude) bitch of the season. We all know she’s gonna be the one who’s rude to the girls, then the girls tell Colton she’s mean, and he doesn’t do anything ab it until awhile in. And ya, Bri seems nice!

    • Sister Spooked
      Sister Spooked 5 months ago

      Didi Bolter Idk where he went but he was crying bc he was overwhelmed and upset ab something that prob happens with the girls. Idk what yet bc the season just started. He jumped the wall to most likely get away from the stress of what was going on.

    • Sister Spooked
      Sister Spooked 5 months ago +1

      JenMac SAMEEE 😂😂

  • Sawyer Averys
    Sawyer Averys 5 months ago +5

    I know for many people whenever they hear about men being virgins still they tend to make it a joke or poke fun at, well for guys some of them do take being virgins seriously and want it to be just as special and be with the one they love and care deeply about

  • Movies Now
    Movies Now 5 months ago +5

    Plot twist: he isn't really a virgin

  • Obsessed fangirl 1D13
    Obsessed fangirl 1D13 5 months ago

    How to I get to the Jason and Blake live😭