ALCOHOL STEAKS Marinated in liquor Experiment - Sous Vide Steak Tested with Joule from ChefSteps

  • Published on Mar 20, 2017
  • Watch us try out these ALCOHOL MARINATED steaks, this was a fun experiment, we tried it so you would know what is good and what is terrible. I tried to used the most common liquors I could find. The end result might surprise you.
    We marinated the steak using these alcoholic beverages.
    Beer (Ireland) , Wine (France), Tequila (Mexico), Cachaça (Brazil), Whiskey (Scotland), Rum (Cuba), Vodka (Russia) and Moonshine (USA)
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Comments • 1 421

  • toby_belize
    toby_belize Day ago

    What did you do with the steaks? 🥩

  • chuextreme
    chuextreme 2 days ago

    Forgot sake!

  • Kori
    Kori 3 days ago

    Shoulda used bourbon for America

  • optimistically cynical .

    We have better alchohol than that in America

  • Death By Design Graphics

    I would put beer in almost everything. The flavor goes well in almost any food you can think of, especially steaks and burgers. Not a surprise that it won

  • batchagaloopyTV
    batchagaloopyTV 7 days ago

    you couldnt find a bass or guiness 🤷‍♂️where you live ...jupiter

  • Catiriana Reyes
    Catiriana Reyes 8 days ago

    Alcohol is not normally used in marinades if you want the flavor of the drink you need to flame off the alcohol first.

  • Keaghan Campbell
    Keaghan Campbell 9 days ago

    If you do something like this again, you should use an Islay scotch. It is a lot smokier, so I think it may compliment it Wwell.

  • joelouis321
    joelouis321 10 days ago

    Would have liked to have seen bourbon for USA, but moonshine was surprising.

  • Lunay LeZarde
    Lunay LeZarde 11 days ago

    First, how could you not find Guinness? Second, while moonshine is undoubtedly American, I'd have to say that bourbon is far more representative of American tastes in liquor. Why so? Because moonshine can be made anywhere, but authentic bourbon can only be made in America.

  • Kalamite
    Kalamite 12 days ago

    Alcohols taste different with different steaks. Also, if you had marinated then removed the marinade, this would’ve turned out far different.

  • Morgan Liaw
    Morgan Liaw 14 days ago

    I believe outback steak house use ale for their steak recipe, lol

  • Doug Enyart
    Doug Enyart 14 days ago

    For the red wine do no more than 15 minutes

  • Ay Kay
    Ay Kay 14 days ago

    Could you try using different bourbons next time.

  • cassONtab
    cassONtab 15 days ago

    In Germany and Switzerland it's not unusual to marinate meat with beer and onions. It just works and tastes delicious :D

  • nuggetsnig
    nuggetsnig 16 days ago

    Hold up everyone says Guinness for Ireland but you said liquor. Why not Jameson whiskey? Otherwise Guinness would've been an interesting flavor with the nitrogen and dark coffee and chocolate profiles. TRY MORE BEERS

  • Brian Truth
    Brian Truth 16 days ago

    That standard platinum is an amazing vodka!

  • Jacob Mills
    Jacob Mills 16 days ago

    Hey you can re do the video and just cook down the alcohols be for you put it in the bag , it will leave the flavor and take away some of the alcohol taste. You can also add difent things to the different countries bags that compliment the regin and alcohol corresponding with the counties

  • Evan Seklecki
    Evan Seklecki 17 days ago

    Guinness is Irish beer. Use da Google machine

  • Lorraine Gata'nian Hits

    Wasting so many picanhas... Give sum to me next time, aye!

  • Sebastian Soliz
    Sebastian Soliz 22 days ago

    What's the cut of meat called

    • Sheldon Hudson
      Sheldon Hudson 22 days ago

      It's the sirloin cap trimmed to make Brazilian picanha

  • Scott Dasilva
    Scott Dasilva 24 days ago

    couldnt find irish beer?

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 24 days ago

    Can't find Irish beer... Heineken. XD LOLOLOLOLOL

  • R A
    R A 25 days ago

    Bourbon for USA and Irish whiskey for Ireland.

  • Obey The Law
    Obey The Law 25 days ago

    i like the Veeeedeeeeoooooh

  • Pavel Preč
    Pavel Preč 25 days ago

    Oh no, Heineken has not even seen a real beer : ) You should have spent more money on something real : )

  • Ted Haas
    Ted Haas 26 days ago

    That's why Jack Daniels steak sauce reduction is so good on meat. Oh, and use Killian's Irish Red for the beer!

  • Renegade Master
    Renegade Master 26 days ago

    I use a red wine marinade. You need a sweet red and lots of nice herbs.

  • rick Melto
    rick Melto 26 days ago

    i think all the different taste. you are eating is messing with youre taste budds

  • Adam Rolls
    Adam Rolls 27 days ago

    How did he get moon shine in this video without restrictions

  • real stormtrooper
    real stormtrooper 28 days ago

    Should've done Japanese sake too

  • Jason 'Psychedelic Doughnut' Bassett

    I'm not surprised the beer is preferred the most. Ale goes in pies.

  • Crushonius
    Crushonius 28 days ago

    ask any german beer and steaks work really good

  • Nolan Smith
    Nolan Smith 29 days ago

    Redo the experiment: Jack Daniels,Guiness, and a Brandy and a Bourbon.

  • Adriaan Ater
    Adriaan Ater Month ago

    would still eat all those.....

  • Karl Kunath
    Karl Kunath Month ago

    you didn't find the right alcohol. you couldn't find guinness. bullshit

  • Karl Kunath
    Karl Kunath Month ago

    You are cooking for TOO LONG. Jesus Christ. come on man.

  • Devik Lovecraft
    Devik Lovecraft Month ago

    You couldn’t find Guinness f’ing stout ? 😳... How is this possible ?

  • marcello rodriguez
    marcello rodriguez Month ago

    Where is the Peruvian pisco???

  • marcello rodriguez
    marcello rodriguez Month ago

    Where is the Peruvian pisco???

  • Christopher Rotge
    Christopher Rotge Month ago

    I can't help but wonder why you used moonshine for USA, why not use some Tennessee Bourbon?

  • Joshua Brumback
    Joshua Brumback Month ago

    Moonshine for the USA?! Bourbon is the easy choice bruv

  • TheHighGround Himself

    6:00 This moment when you are german and you remember semifinals 2014. RIIIIIIIP

  • pablo erhard
    pablo erhard Month ago

    jose cuervo especial que ofensaaa

  • nikit Hayagardabhih

    Or even an Irish whisky or pochin

  • Jesus Vargas
    Jesus Vargas Month ago

    For the tequila you have to use a grill or a pan.

  • Mercutio Br
    Mercutio Br Month ago

    I really like the fails a lot, they really teach me what not to do... tks Guga!

  • ShowMe
    ShowMe Month ago

    No Sake?

  • Kevin Harker
    Kevin Harker Month ago

    Beer. The golden drink of the gods.

  • Dawson Smith
    Dawson Smith Month ago

    Guga, you NEED to look up how to properly make a Whiskey Steak. They’re deeeeeeelicious!!

  • Jordan Raymer
    Jordan Raymer Month ago

    My goodness! My Guinness!

  • The Country Life
    The Country Life Month ago

    Try one in Crown Royal

  • sour mash
    sour mash Month ago

    no Kentucky bourbon!!??

  • PsyKotic
    PsyKotic Month ago

    Instead of Cooking the steak with the liquor, marinade the Steaks with the liquor, drain it off and then grill them.

  • Religy
    Religy Month ago +1

    Heiniken makes your steak smell and taste like piss most likely.

  • shiningstaer
    shiningstaer Month ago

    Irish beer?!? Guinness!

  • Lance W
    Lance W Month ago

    Crown Royal for the Canadian plus the flavor and hint of Vanilla and rye notes as the alcohol cooks off.

  • Skydemon
    Skydemon Month ago

    For beer you should have taken germany !!! Best beer in the freaking world!!!

  • Dysstatic
    Dysstatic Month ago

    You cannot find Irish alcohol? Jamesons? Guinness? Kilkenny?

  • DaMissionaryMan
    DaMissionaryMan Month ago

    Eh, can't just do straight whiskey. One of the best ribeyes I've ever had was whiskey marinated but you gotta add a few more things to pull it all together.

  • Jim Fase
    Jim Fase Month ago

    Brandy and stake is good

  • Chris J C
    Chris J C Month ago

    Whiskey instead of Scotch?

  • Robert Orr
    Robert Orr Month ago

    Oughtta try Cognac for France next time, and Kentucky Bourbon against your winners from this round!

  • stefan mills
    stefan mills Month ago

    How about Kilkenny for a beer marinade? It's an Irish dark ale. Gorgeous flavour, not sure how it goes with a steak.

  • chuckschilling
    chuckschilling Month ago're putting your gloved hand in your mouth then using the same gloved hand to pass food to someone else. Yuck!

  • vicfig26
    vicfig26 Month ago

    Mexicans use beer to marinate there steaks

  • Aproximate
    Aproximate Month ago

    Rum would've been interesting

    ANIME GOD Month ago

    Use saki

  • M. King
    M. King Month ago

    Jägermeister from Germany. 👍🏻

  • yappatalk
    yappatalk Month ago

    No Hennessy steak

  • Thaking
    Thaking Month ago

    Nice content man.. But how come you always gave momoa the first shitty cut of every steak haha .. dickish move fatty :D

  • Richard Scheibel
    Richard Scheibel Month ago

    The problem with this test is that alcohol will not burn off until it gets to about 175 degrees. even the searing will not cause most of the alcohol to evaporate. They were tasting the harsh alcohol not the underlying flavors. The reason they liked the beer best is because it has the lowest alcohol content. I still have to agree that the plain one is the way to go.

  • Paul Garza
    Paul Garza Month ago

    Bro Guinness.

  • Not important Username

    Was really hoping you soaked a steak in Jaegermeister

  • Fernando Colombo de Amo

    You gotta eat the picanha steak with rock salt only and drink cachaça but not 51, we have better cachaças here. 51 cachaça is only good when you make caipirinha drink.
    just sub to your channel.
    greetings from Brasil

  • PissAllOverMyAnusWhileMaintainingProperHomeostasis

    Either you make it plain or you're just playing!

  • vector3647
    vector3647 Month ago

    Love to see this done with some nice BOURBON!

  • Christof D'Hondt
    Christof D'Hondt Month ago

    don't understand we you guy's did not us Belgium's brown beers

  • Arthur White
    Arthur White Month ago

    I guess you should do Beer Marinated Experiment. Include Guinness, Heineken, Corona, Budweiser to name a few!

  • BlaggerDagger
    BlaggerDagger Month ago

    "I tried to find Irish Beer and I couldnt." bruh guinness is one of the oldest breweries in the world.

  • pyefella
    pyefella Month ago

    gin for England??? oh you don't know where that is as the good old USA doesn't know we exist...

  • Kher4m
    Kher4m Month ago

    Nice experiment.
    Proves that you dont do any marinade based on preservatives.

  • Sierra Mountain Mechanics

    Irish - Guinness
    Scotch - Scotland
    Cmon bro... I'll keep watching though.

  • Yano Porter
    Yano Porter Month ago

    Doesn’t work when you boil it because the alcohol needs to evaporate

  • Kimpo 1000
    Kimpo 1000 Month ago

    White wine?

  • Sinder
    Sinder Month ago +1

    You forgot Germany (Jägermeister)

  • Sexy Me
    Sexy Me 2 months ago

    Mix beer and moonshine and try that one

  • Jerkelmorder
    Jerkelmorder 2 months ago

    Now you need to do world whiskeys
    Bourbon for Americ
    Scotch for Scotland
    Canadian Blend

  • Hack man
    Hack man 2 months ago


  • Janos Istvan52
    Janos Istvan52 2 months ago

    The Japanese used Saki to finish cooking their pork? have you tried Saki? with beef?

  • DH 4321
    DH 4321 2 months ago

    Steak shots?

  • Austin Dick
    Austin Dick 2 months ago

    Red wine vinergertte with steak is good

  • ken bluesky
    ken bluesky 2 months ago

    just curious why you guys didn't try Japanese Sake for this episode.

    DARK DRAKONIS 2 months ago

    i would think that the boiling of some of the grain alcohols could ruin the meat

  • Zak Lloyd
    Zak Lloyd 2 months ago

    how does Heineken represent Ireland? Should be Guiness

  • jose mendivil
    jose mendivil 2 months ago

    In México we dont marinade steaks with alcohol since alcohol can wash out the flavor and fat. If you want to use alcohol in any steak use as "flambé", the same goes for fish. Birds can go well with white wine but don't leave it more than 2 hours.

  • Brian Battreal
    Brian Battreal 2 months ago

    You couldnt find Guinness? Or Innis and Gunn?

  • Thomas Przybylski
    Thomas Przybylski 2 months ago

    I’m sure it probably depends what kind of beer you use, like Corona is a pretty good one to use

  • joão neTTo
    joão neTTo 2 months ago

    COLOCA SERVEJA br na picanha

  • xGxPhantom Zzz
    xGxPhantom Zzz 2 months ago

    Before whatching I can already say, Heineken, vodka and probably (not a thing in germany) Moonshine are going to taste horrible (because Heineken is disgusting IMO), zequila, scotch, etc. are going to taste okay and red rine is going to taste good, because in Germany meat with red wine is eaten by some people (but not with steak, mostly deer or boar etc). I don't like it but many people I know love it, same with Calvados.

    • xGxPhantom Zzz
      xGxPhantom Zzz 2 months ago

      Should have chosen a really nice beer, a good beer marinade tastes nice. Has to be a darker, strong beer and don't cheap out.