• Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • The Sword Breaker Auction:
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    My name is Alec Steele and I am a 21 year old blacksmith from England, now living in Montana in the USA! With a great team of hardworking folks, we upload videos showcasing the projects we get up to here at the workshop. Lots of sparks, lots of making, lots of fantastic-ness. Great to have you here following along!
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  • Michael Niesner
    Michael Niesner Day ago

    looks great! :D
    Really jealous of the shop!

  • fighterx
    fighterx 3 days ago

    Museum quaility. Very impressive you two.

  • Random 1025
    Random 1025 3 days ago

    9:39 thought he was about to go thanos on us

  • julen cap
    julen cap 3 days ago

    Una mierda, tanto pamento para esta cagada que se te cae al piso y se parte en dos

  • Superthunder Bolt
    Superthunder Bolt 8 days ago

    How much did it sell for

    • ICouTTsI
      ICouTTsI 7 days ago +1

      Superthunder Bolt $8000, seems to cheap for the amount of labour to be honest

  • Mythical Gamer
    Mythical Gamer 9 days ago

    I feel like all these sword breaker videos have been 10-20 minutes straight of "so I've found a problem with the guard"馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • All Your Questions TV
    All Your Questions TV 10 days ago +1

    this is bs all the way just for sponsors and trying to get huge sale on this "knife-breaker". not subbed

  • Matt B
    Matt B 10 days ago

    As a US Navy Boatswain's Mate. I am proud of your Turks head.
    3 strand is always easy to work with.

  • Michel Jubran
    Michel Jubran 11 days ago

    Congrats on finally completing this one, didn鈥檛 expect it to take that long, but you guys always take stuff to the next level, that finish is amazing !

  • res1492
    res1492 12 days ago

    WTF they've both gone ginger?????

  • Tim P
    Tim P 13 days ago

    The trick is to GIT GUD

  • DM1-5 DoomSlayer
    DM1-5 DoomSlayer 13 days ago

    Ya know what'd go good with that breaker - a good bearded axe.

  • pugnut403
    pugnut403 14 days ago

    Lose the nuts stuff....

  • katarzynazofia
    katarzynazofia 14 days ago

    Mix nuts trick shots 馃挋 lmao

  • degeredeg
    degeredeg 15 days ago

    "Balanced, as it should be"
    I see you

  • Berkana
    Berkana 16 days ago

    There is a trick you could should have tried with the wire Turk's Head knots. Tie the knots on a hardwood guide, and use pins or tacks hammered into the wood to guide the formation of the knot. Then, pull the pins out one set at a time as you tighten the knot.

  • Simon Murray
    Simon Murray 16 days ago

    Alec and Will, having just watched the entire series back to back I have to say that the work you guys have put into this is outstanding, inspiring and excellent in every way. It has been a pleasure to join you on this journey and to watch - a big thank you for sharing!
    On a side note Will - do you think you can use the cast off Turks Knots to make steel from as the pattern I think might look amazing.
    Awesome work guys, hats off to you!

  • Curtis Turley
    Curtis Turley 17 days ago

    Sold yet? How much? Awesome job fellas. Respect from AUS

  • Don Miller
    Don Miller 18 days ago

    I can only hope to, someday, be able to afford to bid on some of your awesome work.

  • Earl Foote
    Earl Foote 19 days ago

    With all the trouble that went into making this thing, I think it needs a cool nickname like "The Cursebreaker" or something like that.

  • Falcon Express
    Falcon Express 19 days ago

    sword breaker vs the breaker blade

  • Jeep Things Outdoors
    Jeep Things Outdoors 19 days ago

    It turned out amazing!

  • Alex Pierson
    Alex Pierson 20 days ago

    B E A U Tiful馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏

  • LorkM copper casting
    LorkM copper casting 20 days ago

    All these weapons are real works of art, they could sell themselves a small fortune each. You're artists guys

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 21 day ago

    Nice build but this isnt a swordbreaker. Rather any sword would be able to break it

  • CMDR John Crichton
    CMDR John Crichton 22 days ago

    Don't forget your tinfoil shield! Nobody likes roasted nuts!

  • Alex Andersen
    Alex Andersen 22 days ago +1

    When Will said 鈥滒煠拆煆金煈婐煆金煈堭煆金煠橉煆解湅馃徑馃馃徑馃馃徑馃憞馃徑馃憣馃徑馃憠馃徑馃馃徑鈽濔煆金煈岎煆解湆馃徑鉁婐煆解湆馃徑鈽濔煆金煠欚煆金煉煆金煈夝煆解 I felt that

  • Whiskey Jim
    Whiskey Jim 22 days ago

    The flag in your shirt is backwards

  • Steve Specht
    Steve Specht 22 days ago

    Will shot it in your mouth bud

  • Jacob Peacock
    Jacob Peacock 22 days ago

    I am amazed by the intricate craftsmanship you and your team display

  • Tyler Lamkin
    Tyler Lamkin 24 days ago

    The guard is too thin it looks completely disproportional to the overall profile of the weapon. It would be a shame if your sword breaker got broke... oh I mean in combat.

  • 10010110100102Error
    10010110100102Error 24 days ago

    the reason your blueing also covered the gold is that it's not a true reaction of the steel, but rather a component (usually a copper alloy) in the liquid you put on it, which adds a layer to the material. would you submerge it in a hot blueing bath there would be a reaction of the steel that will blacken it while not touching unrractive materials like gold (at least the one I know).

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 24 days ago

    I want THAYUT!

  • Cesar Santa Gadea
    Cesar Santa Gadea 25 days ago

    Uauuuu, it took forever, but that a piece of art

  • Kent Br盲ster
    Kent Br盲ster 25 days ago

    Now that is a nice piece , ornate yet functional. beautiful yet grim. absolutely fantastic.

  • k1a1o1s
    k1a1o1s 26 days ago

    Sword breaker, you mean soul breaker?

  • meEVIL
    meEVIL 26 days ago

    You need to name your pieces that you put up for auction.

  • Marschall
    Marschall 26 days ago

    I think the makers mark does not fit this amazing piece. It looks too modern and feels like it was put on there without any passion...

  • wayfaring stranger
    wayfaring stranger 27 days ago

    The price is just not high enough for me... $7600 18/09/19...

  • Andrea Azzaroni
    Andrea Azzaroni 27 days ago

    Dude Perfect are cringing

  • Troy Vincent
    Troy Vincent 27 days ago

    Thank you it鈥檚 fantastic to be here to FINALLY WITNESS THE COMPLETION of the Sword breaker! LOL!

  • Unabonger420
    Unabonger420 27 days ago

    holy crap it's finished...

  • Giovega21
    Giovega21 28 days ago

    who by the way is the camera man/woman ?

  • Robert Evras
    Robert Evras 28 days ago

    I have been search out Alien abductions in Montana! Thought for sure you 2 were getting probed for science! You need to give a sub some warning next might have been gone for 20 light years!

  • Jorge Mendez
    Jorge Mendez 28 days ago


  • Ken Smith
    Ken Smith 28 days ago

    That looks like a Spanish Ring Knot. A Turkshead is wider.

  • Aranjuez44
    Aranjuez44 28 days ago


  • Danica Diederiks
    Danica Diederiks 28 days ago

    Mixed nuts trick shots loool yes it's back!

  • Albert Nijssen
    Albert Nijssen 28 days ago

    This must be one of you guys proudest achievements. So much work done and new skills learned durning the proces even starting over from scratch, bravo!

  • thegoldennugget59
    thegoldennugget59 28 days ago


  • T Sasso
    T Sasso 28 days ago

    pretty, but is it functional? will it break or will it break a sword?

  • Paul Cook
    Paul Cook 28 days ago

    Now do something you want to do and not what the History Channel want you to do . (Joke)

  • Nicolas F
    Nicolas F 29 days ago


  • Cup a Soup
    Cup a Soup 29 days ago

    It's so perfect! If you didn't watched all the episodes, it's hard to believe it's hand made... So unreal

    • Jeremy MEYER
      Jeremy MEYER 27 days ago

      Hand made with computer controlled waterjet cuts !

  • Alpha W毛rks
    Alpha W毛rks 29 days ago

    You guys should start doing some functional blades for sale. How it works does some awesome knives.

  • TF54
    TF54 29 days ago

    This series is just horrible

  • martin van Wezel
    martin van Wezel 29 days ago

    It looks like a 16 episode Badass Blade... Awesome Especially the handle

  • Bryan Siebold
    Bryan Siebold Month ago

    Good this thing is beautiful

  • Bennie Meyer
    Bennie Meyer Month ago

    Amazing guys. We'll done

  • Patrick Wendt
    Patrick Wendt Month ago

    Problems with the guard!!! Part 16