*NEW* TRICK TO LAND INSTANTLY!! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #680

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
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  • The cool Dudes
    The cool Dudes 21 hour ago


    TTV SHADOW Day ago

    Any one watching from seson11

  • NightShadow TO
    NightShadow TO 2 days ago

    What u cake for

  • CallMeVeo
    CallMeVeo 4 days ago

    keep this on an odd number of likes

  • Hoke
    Hoke 9 days ago

    Did somebody know before vid?

  • Flipitbros
    Flipitbros 16 days ago

    Bcc with a nother banger

  • Vincent Swanson
    Vincent Swanson 18 days ago

    Everyone knows this trick

  • The Stereotype kids
    The Stereotype kids 20 days ago +1

    Is anyone watching this after you can drop loot lake?

  • Awesome Gamer
    Awesome Gamer 26 days ago


  • Dark Tommy merc
    Dark Tommy merc 26 days ago

    6:41 yeah bc it’s so boring

  • 1000 subscribes without 1 single video

    Lol i know for this when Greasy just got released lol

  • Pham alamalamalam
    Pham alamalamalam 27 days ago +1

    This is proof BCC ran out of ideas

  • Mystic_Gacha
    Mystic_Gacha 27 days ago

    It says posted two mins ago but comments from 5 days 🧐

  • ja3lo
    ja3lo 27 days ago

    Hey bcc i have an awesome clip that i was like 2 hp and 2 people attacking me and also i was in the storm but luckily i killed both and gained 100 hp ( it was arena )
    But... when i was going to the storm i was literally 1 hp and i died on the last 0.0001 cm
    How do i clip and submit that?

  • Mike Wood
    Mike Wood 28 days ago

    Next up:
    How to turn into a prop instantly!!!! OP

  • Riot Clan
    Riot Clan 28 days ago

    wait is the combat back or not please someone tell me

  • Nestor Oziel Cavazos
    Nestor Oziel Cavazos 28 days ago


  • Jack daily
    Jack daily 28 days ago

    6:02 now that’s what I call a super hero

  • Gunraj Singh
    Gunraj Singh 28 days ago

    6:50 not flexing I've done this many times

  • sense zero
    sense zero 28 days ago

    4:33 on beat

  • ShendiGamer Tv
    ShendiGamer Tv 28 days ago

    if the brute delited plz mr golden and epic pomp come back

  • XxGhost_ Jared
    XxGhost_ Jared 29 days ago

    6:40 the game is easy

  • YoloSwagger1234
    YoloSwagger1234 29 days ago +1

    Since no one os going to do it
    Imma step up
    It’s 1:16
    Really miss those guys :(

  • Skryfe
    Skryfe 29 days ago

    6:02 it’s iron man

    Spoiler Alert
    Iron man dies

  • Leon :3
    Leon :3 29 days ago

    1:05 trash tho

  • Eray Kalle
    Eray Kalle 29 days ago +1

    Use Code BCC in the item shop


  • Firefist gaming
    Firefist gaming 29 days ago


  • RyeBreadTheBest
    RyeBreadTheBest Month ago

    3:13 I hear kasses theme in the background >~< (kass is my profile photo from Legend of Zelda Breath of The wild)

  • Miguel Mtz.
    Miguel Mtz. Month ago +1

    Hablan español

  • Drewmanchu
    Drewmanchu Month ago

    9:14 that’s a twist

  • Oh No No
    Oh No No Month ago

    I don't think any of these clips are funny, its just sad that majority of them are just bugs

  • Matin Ahmadi
    Matin Ahmadi Month ago

    1:08 that aim is so onpoint


    1:18 is what your looking for use whatever code you want idc

  • GFL_Uniqie Nintendo btw

    Vvv v v B.B. I Vvvv v Vic

  • Kareem Abusetta
    Kareem Abusetta Month ago

    0:00 instant karma

  • Joeri Mensink
    Joeri Mensink Month ago +1

    4:11 when you can't speak english

  • DaTaker
    DaTaker Month ago

    Its not a trick.

  • Kush_ Ambushh
    Kush_ Ambushh Month ago

    How is your channel not dead yet

  • Nguyen Manh Dung
    Nguyen Manh Dung Month ago

    1:18 the things that you came for.Dont forget to use Bcc code in the item shop.Love you

  • Alfons Ijäs
    Alfons Ijäs Month ago

    I did that landing thing before it comed to this video🙄

  • EnvySzn
    EnvySzn Month ago

    Hey guys! 1:30 is my friend his name is Cam and he is in an awesome clan called Apex! If you could drop him a follow on Instagram (@apex.cam) it would mean the world to him since trickshotting takes a lot of time and effort.

  • Harry’s fortnite channel 123

    Nice video my mate/my dude BCC TROLLING my mate/my dude

  • ツRex
    ツRex Month ago +1

    Ladies and gentlemen we’ve been clickbaiting

    MO THE WARRIOR Month ago +1

    Bruh this is not even a trick 🤦‍♂️

  • Osman Omer Yousif
    Osman Omer Yousif Month ago

    We all know that

  • The Gaming Rose
    The Gaming Rose Month ago

    Next up on bcc

    *NEW* Epic how to move trick!.

    Still a bad fortnite channel.

    LOVE YT WIZZY Month ago

    Ребята подскажите как становится предметом в фортнайт?????

  • Cubing x2
    Cubing x2 Month ago

    6:12 same thing happend to me lol

  • DeadEye Tactical
    DeadEye Tactical Month ago

    6:02 iron girl has enteres the chat and confirmed

  • G B
    G B Month ago

    6:33 I've played that game. But the sad thing is I'm only LVL 15

  • Omar Ghasein
    Omar Ghasein Month ago


  • Ghost YK
    Ghost YK Month ago +1

    This channel is very cool and funy congratulations!!🤣🤣

  • Inferno_YT
    Inferno_YT Month ago

    this is what you came for

    👌🏻you came for nothing Dont use code BCC because he smells

  • juggler mansveld
    juggler mansveld Month ago

    ffing turks

  • Antuony Frutis
    Antuony Frutis Month ago

    1:15 I feel cheated

  • Noah Vines
    Noah Vines Month ago

    Next up bcc walking new op trick

  • Mr, Ahmed
    Mr, Ahmed Month ago +1

    0:08 عربي

  • I don't know
    I don't know Month ago

    8:53 Yes because he definitely had low ping

  • I don't know
    I don't know Month ago

    funny thing is that when i was 10 I finished the whole game of Shootout!