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Goalie Goals

  • Published on Mar 22, 2017
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    Hi my name is Courtney aka Jens95 and I love making hockey videos for fun. People ask why I picked the username and it's because when I first started TVclip I used my first and last name. When I decided to finally change it I decided to use Jens(shortened version of Jensrud) and my birth year which is 1995. I make $0 off the compilation videos, but it's all about having hockey videos out there to watch on a rainy day. If there are ads that appear on the NHL compilation videos you can thank the NHL for them. I'm very camera shy so any videos that include my face tend to be cringe filled. I also have personal gameplay footage of me being a sieve. I don't claim to be amazing at hockey whether it's playing EA's trash version or playing in real life. I appreciate people who take the time to roast my goalie skills... They don't call me the sieve queen for nothing!
    All rights go to the NHL, AHL, OHL, WHL, CHL, QMJHL, ECHL, NAHL, USHL, SPHL, EIHL, AIHL, NWHL, CWHL, NCAA, and its broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only.
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Comments • 291

  • Jens95
    Jens95  2 years ago +143

    Yes, Chris Osgood did not make it in the video. I do apologize in advance!

    • doaftheloaf
      doaftheloaf 5 days ago

      osgood had one in the WHL too, against the swift current broncos.
      you missed jose theodore's goal too.

    • shadytnu24
      shadytnu24 4 months ago

      The only video of Ozzy's I have ever seen is an old sportscenter clip from that night. Not sure it would have fit with the rest of the video.
      From a Wings fan, nice work anyway!

    • slavomikolaj
      slavomikolaj 11 months ago

      Jens95 ppp

    • NHL Weekend
      NHL Weekend Year ago


  • AlKozain
    AlKozain 22 days ago

    They get pretty excited over goals into a open net. Unbelievable a goal into a net without a goalie! I can't believe it!

  • Azhaar Laghari
    Azhaar Laghari 23 days ago

    Hextal, Hextal, Hextal... :)

  • Shoresy 69
    Shoresy 69 24 days ago

    @1:10 sounds like that murder stabbing sound haha

  • hockey lover 2019 and more

    No dislike this because I'm a fan of Vancouver caunucks

  • shmikeyify
    shmikeyify 26 days ago

    1:40 was picard captain by any chance?

  • Crabby Houdini
    Crabby Houdini 26 days ago +1

    The dude fall at 1:30

  • The Real Jrü Gordon
    The Real Jrü Gordon 28 days ago

    Everyone has heard about Anthony Hurtubise, the Jr B goalie here in St Thomas Ontario who scored the game winning empty net goal in double overtime

  • Jonathan Ha
    Jonathan Ha Month ago

    2:22 when will you learn voice

  • PMcCul4486
    PMcCul4486 Month ago

    I was at the game where Chris Osgood scored a goal!

  • passtheBuck Canuck
    passtheBuck Canuck Month ago

    2:26.... Can't belive with the world WE live in now , that that announcer ain't workin in the NHL

  • kahnadah
    kahnadah Month ago

    1:05 This might just be my favorite announcer ever!

  • Quinoa Chip
    Quinoa Chip Month ago

    This was wholesome

  • moserr11
    moserr11 Month ago

    Doesn't matter the language...A goal is a goal.

  • Jaclynk17
    Jaclynk17 Month ago

    What about Jose Theodore’s goal?

  • Zoey Chesney
    Zoey Chesney Month ago

    Do pt.2

  • ll Kasper ll
    ll Kasper ll Month ago +2

    Re-title suggestion:
    "Goalie Goals / Shrill Commentators"

  • Nathan Marsico
    Nathan Marsico Month ago

    goalie goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just gay Gay
    Just gay Gay Month ago

    I love it when I see it

  • Can we get 2500 subscribers without videos ?

    Am I the only one who saw that? 1:33

    F to pay respects for that guy

  • Kavan Patel
    Kavan Patel 2 months ago

    Bro none of these were nhl u sort of ripped me off

  • Matthew Hurley
    Matthew Hurley 2 months ago

    Tristan Jarry scored

  • ewanok
    ewanok 3 months ago

    I can barely get the puck to centre ice, let along into the air so high that it lands half way into the other zone. Also 2:30 the commentator turned into a woman.

  • FaZe Lyinx
    FaZe Lyinx 3 months ago

    6:26 why does he sound like a 16 year old girl

  • Evan Is Hungry
    Evan Is Hungry 3 months ago

    Make a part 3 and put Atte Tolvanen on there

  • Matthias Schwalbach
    Matthias Schwalbach 3 months ago +2

    Has any goalie scored without an empty netter?

  • Bryan Doan
    Bryan Doan 3 months ago

    Ozzy ozzy ozzy bull shit

  • Vlql Vlql
    Vlql Vlql 3 months ago

    Amazing.. what do you mean amazing.. it's just a goalie that clears a puck

  • Richard Dupuis
    Richard Dupuis 4 months ago +27

    I remember when Hextal scored his, I sent him a card congratulating him. I'm a Leaf fan so I hated the guy but it was a pretty exciting thing. He sent me an autographed photo, which I promptly gave to my cousin, the family Flyers fan. He still has that photo.

  • jummysprang Ooer
    jummysprang Ooer 4 months ago

    I don’t understand why you put the full event for some, and just the replays for the others

  • The MoVemenT
    The MoVemenT 4 months ago

    If i get 1000 likes i will do whatever video you tell me too

  • miguel pereira
    miguel pereira 4 months ago +1

    What alot of people dont realize most goalies who shoot right handed have to play left curve..

  • Wolfboy101
    Wolfboy101 4 months ago

    1:06 if your mic don't peak at least twice a second, you aren't commentating well enough

  • Owen Kipsigak
    Owen Kipsigak 4 months ago

    Canada is batter then USA in hockey sorry

  • Jorge Yan
    Jorge Yan 4 months ago +63

    0:25 when you’ve just lost your virginity

  • FuzzLord
    FuzzLord 4 months ago +1

    I didn't know you could do this

  • Jeason Gagnon
    Jeason Gagnon 4 months ago +1

    Missing Jose Theodore

  • Chemical Spore
    Chemical Spore 4 months ago

    the announcer at 2:30 sounded like he was going through puberty

  • mbs 600
    mbs 600 5 months ago

    If you really look the title for the video the goalie shooting is holding his stick in a way the it looks like the sick is backwards like he’s doing a backhand

  • Graham X
    Graham X 5 months ago

    Dat hype from 1:05 - 1:18. Never heard a hockey commentator that excited.

  • Sharon Evans
    Sharon Evans 5 months ago +4

    these shots are insane!! i did not know the goals would count!

  • Tarquin The Superb
    Tarquin The Superb 5 months ago

    1:10 Shower scene in Psycho

  • Memestiff Gaming
    Memestiff Gaming 5 months ago +1

    This video gives me a level of joy I haven't had since last season

  • Lord Of Pancakes
    Lord Of Pancakes 5 months ago +2

    I was at the Cornell vs. Niagara game and i saw the goal by Mitch Gillum.

  • julius stacy
    julius stacy 5 months ago

    Wenatchee wild Brandon jaegar scored to.

  • Edward Burek
    Edward Burek 5 months ago +1

    You missed Jody Lehman's goal - Coventry v Basingstoke 2004

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man 5 months ago +1

    Springfield Indians during their Hartford affiliation. They were a good match, Springfield is really close. Man that must be rare footage.

  • Presley virbalis
    Presley virbalis 6 months ago


  • James Daboss
    James Daboss 8 months ago +4

    2:28 ROLLIN ROLLIN SCOREEEEEE most high pitch sound is he half FREAKING CHIPMUNK LIKE IF U AGREE

  • Brooks Van Pelt
    Brooks Van Pelt 9 months ago

    The best kind of Goalie goals are when the goalie scores a goal even with a goalie at the other net

  • Cams Vikings
    Cams Vikings 9 months ago

    Mike smith scooooorreess,....oh! He let's up a goal right after

  • Reag Dane
    Reag Dane 10 months ago


  • BEN Řehák
    BEN Řehák 10 months ago

    Pavel francouz

  • Jayden Flores
    Jayden Flores 10 months ago +1


  • Yyyyzyyy
    Yyyyzyyy 10 months ago

    Fake. Every single one of these is icing which is a penalty

    • Pat Connolly
      Pat Connolly Month ago

      It's not icing if the puck goes in the goal. However, most of these goals are actually selfishness on the goalie's part because if he misses the goal it will be icing and the faceoff will be brought back into his defensive zone. If you're up by two goals it's not that big of a risk, but if you're up by only one goal, you've just given the attacking team an immediate advance into the offensive zone and a better chance of scoring a game-tying goal. A defensive player will normally not shoot at an empty net until past the red line to avoid this, and will either skate as far past the red line as possible before shooting to limit the time after the goal or feather the puck down the ice to kill time if they fear losing possession before the red line. The first clip was a smart goalie play since his team was killing a power play and there would be no whistle for icing anyway.

    • miguel pereira
      miguel pereira 4 months ago

      Lol..when has icing ever been a penalty? It comes back as faceoff in your zone..

  • The GOAT Mario Lemieux
    The GOAT Mario Lemieux 11 months ago +28

    1:08 a person who won there first Fortnite round

    Not that I care about the game.

    NO CHOKE ZONE 11 months ago

    Sharks commentator

  • peter theis
    peter theis 11 months ago +3

    HOLY COW !!

  • gavin Hilfer
    gavin Hilfer 11 months ago

    Did stars goalies scored before?

  • Relent Suros
    Relent Suros 11 months ago

    0:17 ps2 😭

  • lol Ho
    lol Ho 11 months ago

    ironic huh

  • Jayden Flores
    Jayden Flores 11 months ago


  • B Schlough
    B Schlough Year ago

    I bet the goalies on the other team were very sad.

  • Aidan Rinaldi
    Aidan Rinaldi Year ago

    The first one was a power play goal

  • Legit Muffin
    Legit Muffin Year ago

    lol he fell at 1:33

  • Hayden Widman
    Hayden Widman Year ago

    Billy Smith is the best bios

  • Billy Mays
    Billy Mays Year ago

    Mike Smith is something..

  • Teyshaun Seesequasis

    That's in sane

  • Brody Braun
    Brody Braun Year ago

    At 2:30 i was at that game

  • Vincent Klingensmith

    That must feel so good to sore a goalie goal

  • Blaze Gamer
    Blaze Gamer Year ago

    1:05 The announcer though

  • 박믿음
    박믿음 Year ago

    Nice 1x

  • Cheetah's Gaming
    Cheetah's Gaming Year ago

    These all look like they were filmed by a potato!!

  • Invictus - Fortnite and More

    1:05 to 1:18 GO POO GO POO GO POO!

  • SilverWolf
    SilverWolf Year ago +95

    2:30 wth is that voice XD

    • mbs 600
      mbs 600 5 months ago +2

      That is so called the “happy laugh” that appears to happen if you don’t have a face cam but you can hear the person it Supposedly is so to indicate that they are happy.

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    Michelle Godson Year ago

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  • Redzack R
    Redzack R Year ago +4

    The guy at 2:25 is amazing

  • MemeKing YT
    MemeKing YT Year ago +6

    At first I thought it was going to be like 15 seconds long

  • Forrest Trump
    Forrest Trump Year ago +1

    Every time a team pulls the goalie I root for the goalie to score. I've never seen it live though!! EVER! TV or in person!

  • T Orrent
    T Orrent Year ago +2

    I never knew Kolzilla scored in Junior.
    I'm glad you left out the "last player" goals. Own goals shouldn't count towards anyone's personal stats.

  • RK Larkin
    RK Larkin Year ago +93

    1:10 Best. Call. Ever.

  • Baseball a 001
    Baseball a 001 Year ago +1

    The second one lol

  • Kathryn Smith
    Kathryn Smith Year ago

    Rochester Americans🏒

  • Nathan DiStefano
    Nathan DiStefano Year ago

    I think Smith’s is the best one

  • Samuel Putter
    Samuel Putter Year ago

    He scccccccccccccccccccccccccooooooores

  • Zach Stabb
    Zach Stabb Year ago +18

    The announcer at 1:05 is insane

  • Dalibor Hudák
    Dalibor Hudák Year ago

    Where si Pavel Francouz

  • Hussam Alsahlani
    Hussam Alsahlani Year ago +10


    Like this comment IF you found the difference in ten seconds (it is EXTREMELY hard but not impossible :D)

  • Monkey Tube
    Monkey Tube Year ago

    So cool

  • LuckyDoge
    LuckyDoge Year ago

    What about Damian Rhodes he scored

  • Ethan Kampel
    Ethan Kampel Year ago

    those r great!!

  • Yuri Tarded
    Yuri Tarded Year ago +8

    The commentator from 1:10 sounds like he is having a seizure. Buddy needs to chill, its not like a goalie has never scored before....jesus.

    • Johan Faul
      Johan Faul 3 months ago

      u jelly, or just Sid Crosby?

  • Eddie On The Isles
    Eddie On The Isles Year ago +19

    1:33 he slipped LOL

    • mbs 600
      mbs 600 5 months ago

      Eddie On The Isles lel

  • Blazekill2206
    Blazekill2206 Year ago +11

    1:04 to 1:11 sounds the like the guy is being harassed

  • That one german
    That one german Year ago +6

    Where are the other goalies?!

    • Smith Gonzales
      Smith Gonzales 4 months ago

      empty net :D

    • John Smith
      John Smith Year ago

      You make it sound like the more points a team is down by the more likely they will be to pull the goalie. Which is misleading as its the polar opposite of what actually causes a team to do so.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Year ago +2

      The King of Muffins by enough points? No, just no. If a team is losing by 2 or less points they pull the goalie to the bench so they can put another skater on the ice to increase their chance to score. 3 or higher they will keep him in as its extremely unlikely to score 3 goals in under 2 minutes when your playing against some of the best hockey players in the world.

    • The King of Muffins
      The King of Muffins Year ago +6

      If a team is losing by enough points, they can replace the goalie with an extra player to increase their chance of scoring.

  • Juan Esteban Lorenzo

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  • Mr. Blyat
    Mr. Blyat Year ago +5


  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Year ago +3

    Like all of these shots would of been stopped by the other goalies

    • KaidenOfficial
      KaidenOfficial 5 months ago +1

      They wouldn't have shot if there was a goalie...

      It's common sence

    • Michael Joseph
      Michael Joseph 10 months ago

      Ummmm what....Really you think....fukin darwin award win..

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf Year ago +4

    Their scoring on open goals tho it's not tht hard

    • John Jackman
      John Jackman 11 months ago +8

      I play, not goal and hitting the net from one end to the other end is not easy. Add game pressure and a fat stick and oversize gloves. It is that hard......

    • Gabr Flyan
      Gabr Flyan 11 months ago +5

      Grow the fuck up, you child. let’s see you do it then.
      Come on.

    • Ze Derp
      Ze Derp Year ago +18

      dark wolf no shit you really think anybody can make a full rink shot with a goalie in the way