BlocBoy JB Wanted Smoke! Trash Talking 1v1 Basketball!

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • BlocBoy JB wanted to play me 1v1 so we went to the gym...
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  • Tristan Jass
    Tristan Jass  Month ago +777

    Which rapper should I play 1v1 next??? 🤔

  • Jonathon33
    Jonathon33 3 days ago

    How often do you think he accidentally doubles with that off hand fake move. It's so close and so often it'd be crazy to think it could never happen. I really like it and want to start to incorporating it in my move set.

  • Adam boukhars
    Adam boukhars 3 days ago

    T Jass vs Lil mosey

  • dom-da-weeb
    dom-da-weeb 5 days ago

    @0.25 said he is talking smack. Because he is just desperate for anything

  • kh102005 1
    kh102005 1 5 days ago

    Tjass knew if he sauce him too much jb would shoot his ass 😂😂😂 love the vids

  • Jeff Osborne
    Jeff Osborne 5 days ago

    Black dude release is late

  • Jacob Tatum
    Jacob Tatum 5 days ago

    Quavo would do both of y'all in

  • TR3YY
    TR3YY 7 days ago

    Yall should go to a gym and run 5s with people

  • therealsnuf
    therealsnuf 11 days ago

    He actually got great form to be honest. Hes just HELLA rusty lmao

  • jLongway
    jLongway 11 days ago

    Lil Durk

  • slickamus D. Prime
    slickamus D. Prime 11 days ago

    A bruh I just started checking you out over this last month and it goes without saying but you got it my G! Keep up the 🔥 balling and vids 🏀✊🏾

  • Willie Blackmon
    Willie Blackmon 12 days ago

    And let's play for something if you do decide to come

  • Willie Blackmon
    Willie Blackmon 12 days ago

    Hey what's up your good can't knock that Tristan but I think I can beat you try in come to my home town fort Walton beach FL 32548 hit me up my email is

  • Ho Lee Phuck
    Ho Lee Phuck 12 days ago

    Play Joe next

  • Meleque the Greatest
    Meleque the Greatest 13 days ago +1

    He is worse then I thought he would be. Even though I’m like 5’7 I think I could beat him. His defense is terrible

      5IFTY4OEPOOH 12 days ago

      Are u watching this he is playing great defense 😂😂😂😂smh

  • Terry Groves
    Terry Groves 13 days ago

    Play Flight LOL, automatic W for u bro

  • Khalel Turner
    Khalel Turner 13 days ago

    Aye no 🧢 I really kill T jass 1v1

  • Nolan Vs Brandon
    Nolan Vs Brandon 13 days ago

    How tall is T jass?

  • theonly_beezy 0202
    theonly_beezy 0202 14 days ago

    Tristan u good af and my fav TVclip but come on bo don't lay up spam

  • Best Man
    Best Man 14 days ago

    chris brown can beet him

  • CaughtYouTrollin
    CaughtYouTrollin 15 days ago

    Yo didnt expect bloc boy to have such good defense respect

  • smoovesplash
    smoovesplash 15 days ago

    play against choppa

  • 4ourjhitt
    4ourjhitt 15 days ago

    I kan

  • Carbon Brackets
    Carbon Brackets 16 days ago

    Blocboy moving like a retired NBA player.. 😂Can play though 👊🏾

  • Herbo24K
    Herbo24K 16 days ago +1

    Blocboy built like a max wingspan lockdown

    LIL SEMI 16 days ago +1

    Today makes 2 months🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  • Eggy Tv
    Eggy Tv 16 days ago

    Tristen Vs Chris Brown🥳

  • Eggy Tv
    Eggy Tv 16 days ago

    Bloc Better Den Flight🕺🏾🐐

  • ravenjmain
    ravenjmain 16 days ago +2

    That’s what I’m talking bout bloc, put those Ed rice clamps on him lol memphis ish

  • Dan Henry
    Dan Henry 17 days ago

    Did you play high school ball?

  • Nba QuiseBoy
    Nba QuiseBoy 17 days ago

    I want him to play ddg cause ddg said he the best basketball player
    On youtube

  • 1k Jayee
    1k Jayee 17 days ago +3

    He probably the best defensive player I’ve seen you play 1v1. 😂

  • Platewarp
    Platewarp 18 days ago

    BB is really good. If he trained, he’d be awesome.

  • sneaky 168
    sneaky 168 18 days ago

    Better camera men plz plz

  • 1 Jonesy
    1 Jonesy 18 days ago

    BlocBoy is great at basketball

  • up gradde
    up gradde 18 days ago

    Why is it that they never clear the ball and take it back to the 3 after a rebound in these videos ...that's the rule I loose all respect for these rappers after I see that shit

  • Salgodii
    Salgodii 18 days ago

    Damn blockboy can actually hoop

  • German Aguilar
    German Aguilar 18 days ago

    Blockboy was sleeping on your 3 ball

  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank 18 days ago

    He miss a lay up

  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank 18 days ago

    What ever his name garbage black dude

  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank 18 days ago


  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank 18 days ago


  • Dank Dank
    Dank Dank 18 days ago

    I want to play one on one yo

  • Cam2Cold
    Cam2Cold 18 days ago

    Imagine tjass dunking😂😂👀👀

  • Consure
    Consure 18 days ago +1

    10:08 *oof*

  • James Robert
    James Robert 19 days ago

    For someone who plays ball as much as tristan does hes not very good at all lol

  • jay rob
    jay rob 19 days ago +1

    I dont kno a whole lot about ball. But from ur other vids ive seen it seems like bloc did the best guardin against u

    TOP FLYTE 19 days ago

    Hoop with Lil Dicky

  • Ethan Brighouse
    Ethan Brighouse 19 days ago

    I hate when people don’t clear everything

  • Kidlamor
    Kidlamor 19 days ago

    Jcole vs TJ ‼️‼️

  • Jacob Crowell
    Jacob Crowell 19 days ago

    Thats that defense you learn in the hood of Memphis 🤣 on god

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 20 days ago

    50 pushups in my sleep

  • VolumeZ
    VolumeZ 20 days ago

    Lowkey Blocboy JB can really play some defense! He uses his length extremely well. He could be an elite defender with a little bit of work

  • Skylar Muhammod
    Skylar Muhammod 20 days ago

    Play NLE Choppa

  • Phoinex gamer
    Phoinex gamer 20 days ago

    Your the best basketball player I’ve ever seen no cap your amazing

  • Josmal Gil
    Josmal Gil 20 days ago

    Lil durk and j cole would beat him in a 1v1

  • Amir The 30 gang
    Amir The 30 gang 20 days ago +2

    Yo 1v1 lil durk in his gram he was balling out

  • sweaty mari
    sweaty mari 20 days ago

    Blocboy suck

  • Christopher Baker
    Christopher Baker 21 day ago

    I’ll beat you 💯💯💯

  • J Cahspy
    J Cahspy 21 day ago

    T Jass hot zone is the right side