Blade Runner 2049 reviewed by Mark Kermode


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  • evernhamanderson
    evernhamanderson 2 days ago

    I truly feel that "Blade Runner: 2049" will go down in history as one of the greatest films ever made. I have watched this movie at least 10 times. Every time, I come away with a new revelation. Stunning.

  • Roy W-G
    Roy W-G 8 days ago

    Thought Robin Wright was very good in this.

  • tonydization
    tonydization 15 days ago

    If Decard fathered a child with Rachel doesn't that make him human than replicant?

  • Rossriver31
    Rossriver31 25 days ago

    Jesus I want to see the Bladerunner YOU saw Mark!

  • K Roon
    K Roon Month ago

    I think what Mark is trying to say is that his any tears were not so much lost in that rain, as naturally recycled, purified, clarified and drank up by his sc-fi romantic side

  • Ceodoc
    Ceodoc Month ago

    I was scared stiff watching your review, even post release and watching myself, that you would not give a glowing review, the relief you loved this gorgeous homage was humbling. Especially as I respect your film opinions so much. /phew

  • TRENT DUVAL LADIES MAN sex machine

    Good movie but sound track is lame

  • Fabian Lelo
    Fabian Lelo Month ago

    Denis Villeneuve is going to make a damn fine adaptation of Dune. Can't wait for that. Pity that Roger Deakins won't be available to capture the imagery though...

  • Shrasha
    Shrasha Month ago

    See it. That’s all I’ll say. If you love movies, see it!

  • L F
    L F Month ago +1

    10:42 mark doing his best “hands up don’t shoot”

  • omgsolikevalleygirl
    omgsolikevalleygirl 2 months ago +2

    some parts of Blade Runner 2049 really hurt my brain - especially the entire "orphan school in the middle of a trash deposit" section of the plot. It's just too unrealistic. I also find the evil characters in this movie very unconvincing - they seem to be angry and violent for absolutely no reason.

    • Rois GlasSco
      Rois GlasSco 2 months ago +2

      ...and if you try to explain this to any of the sycophantic fans of the film, you are immediately accused of being uneducated or stupid, despite the fact that they themselves regularly misquote, misidentify and misinterpret key elements of the story. A bit like the character Joi, you have to ignore what you already know to really enjoy it.

  • Joseph Davidson
    Joseph Davidson 3 months ago +2

    Technically perfect, atmospherically profound and delightful, narratively bland and useless.

  • Don Ragnar
    Don Ragnar 3 months ago +1

    Blade Runner 2049 has been the only film I’ve seen in cinema post the year 2010 that I didn’t walk out on after 20 mins.
    A truly worthy sequel to the original masterpiece.

  • Alex Dawson
    Alex Dawson 3 months ago

    Best critic I've seen.... by far.

  • Juliana Carvalho
    Juliana Carvalho 3 months ago +1

    This review is so perfect! That's exactly how I felt about this movie. I wept a little. Mind blowing, soul-crushing, elating, a visual marvel, deeply emotional, philosophically brilliant.

  • William Henry Grant
    William Henry Grant 3 months ago

    The film didn’t disappoint in the slightest; the soundtrack however....

  • Al Bundy for President
    Al Bundy for President 4 months ago +1

    Quoting Gary Oldman, it's not the sequel we asked for, but the sequel we deserved. Still got my cinema ticket in my wallet for 2049 & is definitely one of the greatest sequels ever made! Can't wait for Dune from Denis!

  • Divine Shadow
    Divine Shadow 4 months ago +1

    On my third viewing, I was astounded at how fast the first 35 minutes moved, because as much as I was delighted to soak in the movie the two times I saw it in the theatre, I wondered how the pacing would stand up seeing it later after being familiar with it, and I was shocked that it did not seem slow or overindulgent. There is so much in the performances and on the screen that just perfectly compliments the pacing and cinematography.

  • Aaron S
    Aaron S 4 months ago

    2049 is more than a film, it's an experience...

  • Bruce McKay
    Bruce McKay 4 months ago +1

    Both Blade Runner movies are in my top 3... the other being The Princess Bride... all excellent movies in their own ways... BR and B R 2049 should be seen one after the other...

  • Herr Absurd
    Herr Absurd 4 months ago +1

    This film was boring. And I've seen Tarkovsky's Solaris. Not a patch on the original and full of characters I didn't care about. Emperor's. New. Clothes.

  • Timothy Curtis
    Timothy Curtis 4 months ago +1

    Blade Runner 2049 is a great film. It's elegantly understated, taking its time to unravel along a wise and mature course, and bears the weight of the lost 30 years. There are elements of corn but they are not to be held against the film, and sometimes it takes its time to self-indulgent lengths; but there are no failings in this film and it was like a breath of fresh air when it came out.

  • Paul Taylor
    Paul Taylor 5 months ago +1

    Hated this film the first time I saw it, it’s taken me 6 viewings to realise this film is a masterpiece and not only does the original justice but expands and develops on the characters and themes of Ridley Scott’s blade runner...

  • TheMBE2003
    TheMBE2003 6 months ago +4

    Haven't seen a lot of other people saying this so I may be on my own but Blade Runner 2049 is one of my favourite films of all time. The more I dig into it the more I love it.

  • Jerónimo Casco
    Jerónimo Casco 6 months ago

    Hi! My respects from Argentina Mark! I was born in 1992, and when i was eight years old my father made me see the original Blade Runner, and by that time i can't understand anything about the movie. So, when i was eighteen i decided to become a filmmaker, is my dream. So i watched and i was blow away, i mean, is in my top 3 of best movies of all time right now. And the past year i have the oportunity to see Blade Runner 2049 in IMAX, It was like a dream came true. And i can tell you that i have the same feelings about this movie. My eyes cannot believed what are they sawing. It's and homenage and in the same way and own movie, with a unique style. I loved the direction by Denis Villeneuve, the cinematography by that legend call Roger Deakins and the score. Hans Zimmer is a God. So, i don't bother you anymore. Thanks for that truly love you have for cinema Mark!

  • Richard Jolly
    Richard Jolly 6 months ago

    I'm not crying, your crying

  • Matthew Puz
    Matthew Puz 6 months ago

    spoilers yo:

    The moment after Luv kills Joshi in the LAPD station and there is an immediate cut from that rainy, dreary world to a wide shot from behind K as he steps cautiously through the brilliant orange fog of the desert, punctuated by a single industrial note from the score...I cried right at that moment. This movie was incredible.

  • IntoTheHeartOfMusic
    IntoTheHeartOfMusic 6 months ago

    *Spoiler alert
    The hologram sub-plot ruined this movie for me. It would have been much better if they had left it out of the film. Not only was it not credible, it was downright cheesy and ridiculous.

  • Frankly Frank
    Frankly Frank 7 months ago +1

    Although visually stunning, it was a dull and deeply depressing experience watching this film at the cinema.

  • Corpus Mentis
    Corpus Mentis 7 months ago +2

    I was completely disinterested in Bladerunner until my friend suggested going to see 2049. Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling? sure but lemme see the story in first.
    I had seen it on TV when younger and even played a PC game based on it I didn't fully understand. in meantime I had become something of a music aficionado/audiophile. thank God for that. because I almost cried watching the original. maybe it was more life experience or just the sound and Rutger Hauer coupled with the themes but wow. a special unique film. Kermode never fails me, its uncanny. I love that man because I can trust his take on ANY film. he truly deserves the position he occupies, able to appreciate popcorn action fare for what it is, and high art.
    how lucky we are to live in such an age of such splendour. drink it in ladies and gentlemen

  • Tihomir Tikulin
    Tihomir Tikulin 7 months ago +1

    Forgetable noncence! Not even close to the original!

  • Gary Bates
    Gary Bates 8 months ago +2

    Rewatched the film on a flight from Mauritius to Dubai last week. Something special about watching this genuinely incredible film at the middle of the night flying over the Indian Ocean. Genius x

  • Edward Swann
    Edward Swann 8 months ago +2

    Just wondering, did anyone like the score to this. One reason I liked Blade Runner is because the score made me feel immersed in the scenes, with the heavy influence on synths, it gave it a eerie feel. While 2049 I felt didn't do that for me, just wondering if anyone else felt like the music let the film down?

  • Oliver Bull-lifely
    Oliver Bull-lifely 8 months ago +2

    I thought it was just very boring. More boring than the original. At least the original was 80’s 😒

  • david fraser
    david fraser 8 months ago +1

    Utterly predictable and boring film. Great visually

  • Lydia Platon
    Lydia Platon 8 months ago +1

    Thank you very much for an excellent review of the movie"BLADE RUNNER 2049'. This is the most intelligently reviewed film made by an excellent film reviewer-Mr. Mark Kermode! Thank you a million times..more power to you for good reviews of beautiful films, one is the BLADE 2049! Ryan Gosling is very good in this film, he really is a very veratile actor...we salute him for his charisma, dedication and being an amazing actor, so full of talents. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • Timothy Wilkes
    Timothy Wilkes 8 months ago

    Their not Androids their biologically created persons with their DNA altered.

  • MaximumMadnessStixon
    MaximumMadnessStixon 8 months ago

    I firmly believe that in every way 2049 is equal to and at time even superior to the original. I'd go so far as to say it's one of the greatest sequels ever made. A beautiful, poignant and evocative film.

  • Mildly Amusing Channel
    Mildly Amusing Channel 8 months ago

    "Leg-eee-tee"? It's "lih-getti", Mark! How dare you disgrace his name! xP

  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney 8 months ago

    Good fu

  • orazdow
    orazdow 9 months ago +1

    Director's cut is better than final cut imo

  • jorgepeterbarton
    jorgepeterbarton 9 months ago +1

    I was really excited until you mentioned Arrival. (i still haven't seen it yet, I'd agree the book went over some very different themes.)

  • ArtCreativz
    ArtCreativz 9 months ago +3

    Overall I liked it, but Wallace came across more like a gangster which felt cheap. Tyrell was portrayed so well in the original.

  • Paddy Magenis
    Paddy Magenis 9 months ago +1

    It took me a while to understand and appreciate how great BR 2049 is, because like the original, its a film that takes time to grow on you, and the more you meditate on it, you realise just how special the film is. Like I can't even think about certain scenes from 2049 without welling up, wonderful film!

  • robert tidwell
    robert tidwell 10 months ago +1

    mediocre film

  • james84 -
    james84 - 10 months ago +2

    as much as I'm disappointed that this bombed at the box office, part of me is still happy that its "ours" and not a mainstream hit

    • james84 -
      james84 - 9 months ago

      TimeLimey makes it more special in a way

    • TimeLimey
      TimeLimey 9 months ago +2


  • AdognamedOp
    AdognamedOp 10 months ago

    Decards a skin job!?

  • Heronjim
    Heronjim 10 months ago +2

    I rarely see a film these days I want to see twice, but like the original I now want to forget this for a while so I can see it again...and then again and again. A work of art

  • Frank Gütle
    Frank Gütle 10 months ago +1

    I want to kiss Denis for giving me Arrival and Blade Runner! How good can movies be?

    • Luvie1980
      Luvie1980 10 months ago +1

      Frank Gütle you should see prisoners and enemy.

  • Frank Gütle
    Frank Gütle 10 months ago +1

    I sat in the cinema and wanted to scream to express my happiness about how good this film is!

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 10 months ago


  • halion9
    halion9 11 months ago +2

    I enjoyed this movie more the second time of viewing than the first and I recommend those on the fence to try watching BR 2049 again. Great movie.

  • Joon Ho Kim
    Joon Ho Kim 11 months ago +3

    Fantastic movie. So many layers and room for multiple interpretations. Strangly, it reminded me of Taxi driver.

  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen Year ago

    I thought this film was dull, slow sexist crap. The women were objects and the men were boars.

  • Dean Laffan
    Dean Laffan Year ago +2

    The original is one of favourite films of all time. Top Ten.
    When i saw it first time in the cinema I was blown away. Visually, musically, set design, cinemagraphically, .. it's a masterpiece.
    I went a few weeks later and saw it again and was no less stunned, except I cam out realising that not only is it perhaps the greatest sequel of all time (OK, Godfather) and also a truly authentic homage to the original ... but it is ... (gulp) an even BETTER movie than the original.
    How ironic therefore, that like the original, it has underachieved at the box office. Though to be fair that was mainly in the US, it did comparatively much bigger business globally.
    Like the original, in 10 years it will be higher on the 'all time' lists ... and 20 years later, even higher.
    My pick for best movie of 2017 ... with daylight second.

  • Russell Witter
    Russell Witter Year ago +2

    It’s nice to know that Las Vegas gets Nuked in the Future!Also...I no longer need a Bucket List because Bladerunner2049 is proper gorgeous!I can die happy now... big sigh of relief!

    • raymondeve
      raymondeve 10 months ago

      Russell Witter It's been SO long since I saw the first film that I can't remember the details. I almost considered your Vegas remark to be a 'spoiler'. That said, I chuckled to myself whilst nodding in agreement so, no harm done, lol! I shall now revisit the original AND watch this one, in quick succession.

  • Russell Witter
    Russell Witter Year ago +3

    As regards the idea that Bladerunnner 2049 ‘Flopped’ at the Box Office... heres my 10 Pence worth...Money is Meaningless...Profit keeps getting confused with Quality!Art without Risk isn’t Art at all.The Original Film didn’t do so well at the Box Office but has since become acknowledged as one of the greatest ever Movies through word of mouth.All the best stuff takes time to be properly appreciated. Money devalues everything and’s the worst kind of Poverty. Both Movies are Everything Great Movies should be... Smart, Beautiful & Utterly Immersive!

  • Jamie Darlow
    Jamie Darlow Year ago +3

    This review itself is also masterful and a work of art in itself :) I haven't seen Blade Runner 2049 yet but this review really has convinced me I need to watch it and I haven't stopped imagining what the visual beauty of the film may be by the descriptions from this review and the images provided. I also must watch Arrival which I missed also in cinemas; I loved Prisoners though

  • Neil McIntosh
    Neil McIntosh Year ago +1

    Terrible movie. It has nothing on the original. Way too long, way too slow, and the plot is diabolical. A better plot and Harrison Ford as the lead character might have made all the difference.

  • Jeff Motsinger
    Jeff Motsinger Year ago +1

    Same director as Arrival? Count me out.

  • golgo 13
    golgo 13 Year ago

    doesn't hollywood understand what JOI stands for here in youtubeland?

  • noIMspartacus
    noIMspartacus Year ago +1

    Finally got round to watching Blade Runner 2049 and was pleasantly disappointed.
    Obviously it was inevitable that comparisons would be made with the original and the first for me was the music, which only went to reaffirm the crucial role music plays in film.
    It seems that there was a falling out between Ridley Scott and Vangelis, largely because Scott was frustrated and annoyed at how long Vangelis took and his insistence on getting it right. Now it is rather clear he should have been more patient as the new sound track showed how perfect the original was in relation to the imagery. It was also very telling for me that the only time there was any really emotional experience, was when 'K' was dying(?) on the steps and a version of the original "tears in rain" music was used.
    For all the 'big' drum beats and synthesizer sounds, it lacked any emotional impact largely due to the lack of any evocative theme. The original on the other hand which, apart from the very evocative piano and saxophone themes, was also virtually all synthesizers and yet was full of rich melodic and harmonic structure which soared into ethereal symphonies.
    As for the visuals, there is no denying some were very impressive - even beautiful - but for me this also added to the paradoxical nature of the sequel. Because despite some stunning cinematography and stunning CG environments, the often conflicting colour palettes and moods and some over ambitious imitation of the flashing lights and reflections, again, for me, only undermined the future time frame and setting of the story - unlike the overall gritty continuity of the original.
    Last but not least, the script and story. Overall it was fairly engaging and had some good ideas which linked it to the original, but it seemed they were trying too hard to match - let alone out do - the original which led to some vagueness and unnecessary length in getting the story across. This was not helped by an imprecision in pace and editing which weakened the set ups and pay offs.
    One major "criticism" of the original was that it was more "art direction" than direction, sadly, that is something which is far more appropriate to the sequel. You only had to compare the introduction in both films of Rachael and Gaf or especially the antagonists and of course the death scenes of 'K' and Roy Batty, to see how far short the sequel has fallen.
    So, while not a bad sequel or film in it's own right, it did not quite live up to my expectations and I still hear all those distant voices cautioning that for some films, sequels should not be made as unfortunately, apart from a very few notable exceptions, Hollywood and history has all too often shown.

  • Robert Stevenson
    Robert Stevenson Year ago

    The best review Mark has ever done . Just seen The Film and he describes it beautifully....

  • MrSnickster
    MrSnickster Year ago

    I didn't quite understand the Bee's. Was that to portray the emergence of life returning to the earth? There weren't any flowers or crops I saw that they could pollinate, so I don't know how they could survive, much less bring back the eco system. If you can theorize on that I'd appreciate it

  • David Streader
    David Streader Year ago

    I like long films, I like slowly paced films, but this film bored me senseless.

  • no hassle
    no hassle Year ago

    I just saw the movie. I think it is on par with the original. It is that good.

  • gary abbot
    gary abbot Year ago

    Started well. Got stale. Got boring. Should never have been made.

    • MegaBoeboe
      MegaBoeboe Year ago

      I'm sorry your life turned out that way.

  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney Year ago

    The joy of joi

  • Dave Lister
    Dave Lister Year ago

    Kermode does a great job here, despite Mayo !

  • Graham Birch
    Graham Birch Year ago

    90% Cinematography, 10% story and acting

  • Mark Morales
    Mark Morales Year ago +3

    Blade Runner is an important film to me. To see that vision change my perspective of science fiction, to see a future that is so believable that it is literally becoming our world today, holy smokes. This sequel nailed it, the vision, the questions, the atmosphere, everything. Even if the movie doesn't do so well it is immortal, just like the original film and the book.

  • GrimL0gic
    GrimL0gic Year ago

    only at one point did I realize how long the movie was.. and that was only because I had to shift the way I was sitting. Even then, I didn't want it to end.

  • Wayne Shields
    Wayne Shields Year ago

    Okay I'm late with it only just saw it on dvd tonight for the first time but a thoroughly brilliant movie. I wish some major game company can develop a massive free world exploring blade runner game. Would be brilliant just to semi exist in that world.

  • SolusBatty
    SolusBatty Year ago

    First time I see this Mark Kemode guy. He is an excellent critic. Respectful and insightful. :)

  • Craig Arnold
    Craig Arnold Year ago

    It was an unspeakably awful movie. Made by people who had clearly never read any science fiction and understood nothing about the original and probably never even knew there was a book. Blade Runner is one of my favourite films. This was a pile of stupid nonsense. None of it made any sense. I've never seen Mark Kermode get a review so horribly wrong.

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Year ago +1

    Terrible film

  • Craig Wright
    Craig Wright Year ago +2

    Mr. Kermode, we absolutely share - on every single point - the Blade Runner / Blade Runner 2049 experience. So often I watch or listen to a review or analysis of a film, and find myself wishing I could interject my own points into the conversation. Like you, I saw Blade Runner 2049 twice within a week of its release - and I can relate to the exact emotions of which you speak. Thank you for your impassioned and articulate presentation. I feel as though I were speaking through you!

  • Gabriel Choi
    Gabriel Choi Year ago +1

    wow this review was like poetry / absol agree

  • Pedjo Gt
    Pedjo Gt Year ago +2

    Finally great Noar SF...tnx god that Blade Runner not ruined like Alien prequels

  • Dirk Hoeppner
    Dirk Hoeppner Year ago


  • Cosmo Traumatika
    Cosmo Traumatika Year ago

    Genius and utterly spot on. Kermode nails it.

  • old silas
    old silas Year ago

    the overwhelming positivity for this film baffles me. It felt like a like two hour aftershave ad.

  • Carl Santon
    Carl Santon Year ago


  • 123puta3
    123puta3 Year ago

    20 year old voice

  • Jackson DeCourcy
    Jackson DeCourcy Year ago

    this guy is incredibly articulate. Bravo!

  • Dont_believe_everything

    Blade Runner 2049 is how you do a sequel properly IMO.

  • Krafthaus
    Krafthaus Year ago

    Made it sound so much more interesting than the actual film, which was very disappointing if you're a fan of the original.

  • Fly Beep
    Fly Beep Year ago +2

    I've never seen Mark be this passionate about a movie other than the original Blade Runner.

  • Stephane Lefort
    Stephane Lefort Year ago

    In my opinion Deckard is human. I refer at the 1982 movie and I thing that the duality of been more human than human take all it's sense when the Replicant Roy Batty save the life of Deckard. The Replicant save the life of the human Deckard, forgiving him for killing is friends. What would be the point if a replicant save life to another replicant? What makes it extraordinary is that a replicant can see the gift of living more than the human. The "slave" who save the life of the "master" is what makes that moment so emotional.

  • leocmen
    leocmen Year ago +5

    +kermodeandmayo This was one of the most introspective experiences I ever had in a movie session. In the end, all the people in the theater, in absolute silence, digesting the emotional load of what they just watched and experienced. They stood in their seats for a few minutes, quiet, and left in complete silence. Very impressive, and unique.

  • Ashley Moses
    Ashley Moses Year ago

    This movie was made for Blade Runner fans, simple as. I went with two friends and they both fell asleep. 2/3 people left halfway through. There's a reason this movie was a flop, and no, it's because everyone "lacks intelligence" as I've heard too often. My friends are 2 of the smartest people I know, and they simply represented the majority out there in finding it boring. The repressed Ryan Gosling thing is getting super old. It's why he's a box office flump. Deakins will win the Oscar for his work, but everyone else won't even be nominated, for good reason, with the exception of a few other visual awards. This story does not warrant 3 hours of screen time, no matter how nice it looks. Especially when the director has reigned in almost every performance. Overall, I'm glad Blade Runner fanatics got the film they wanted, it's just a pity it came at the price of a film everyone else didn't want.

  • Craig Stowers
    Craig Stowers Year ago

    good review. I feel the same

  • liquid cyberpunk
    liquid cyberpunk Year ago

    I still come back to this interview and it's December 2017.Im gonna come back until 2049.

  • Olly Marshall
    Olly Marshall Year ago

    Mar Kermode is brilliant! Thank you for your amazing insight... My film STREET EYES takes huge inspiration from blade runner. The city of Los Angeles... if it wasn't for films like blade runner it would have never been made.

  • Justyburger
    Justyburger Year ago

    Bladerunner 2049 was highly anticipated for me, having grown up with the first movie and been a huge fan of it. The opening sequence of 2049 was stunning, but i wanted it to be longer and capture a lot more of the scope of the city environment, showing huge vistas and giving us a sense of the true scale of a city which in theory has over 100 Million inhabitants. That's almost 4 Tokyo's rolled into one. Even if this opening scene being too long would risk becoming boring to some, i wanted the scope of the city more woven into the storyline. In other words, more travelling around the environment than we saw. What we did see, was absolutely stunning and i felt it could have easily been expanded upon. Apart from the opening scene, probably my favourite scene was when they went hunting for Deckard in the Orange haze of an old city. It felt very realistic and very atmospheric. The whole movie was atmospheric, which is exactly what i wanted to see. Only more of it. The single scene i felt should have been cut out of the movie was the strange clip where the two Women were merging together. I'm picky and fussy about details, but regardless, this movie was a masterpiece and i am now waiting to buy it on DVD in late January. I hope we do not have to wait another 30+ years for the next one.

  • Ricky St Quinton
    Ricky St Quinton Year ago

    Terrible film which no one wanted that bombed at the box office but critics love because it's directed by a critics favourite director. Critics are so fickle and irrelevant.

  • Colm Watkins
    Colm Watkins Year ago

    There's no doubt this film perfectly respects and reflects the original. The sounds, the cinematography, the visual references, it's stunning. But the slowediting and unecessary length and oversaturated product placement are teethgrindingly annoying.

  • Bálint Szollár
    Bálint Szollár Year ago

    If I'd be this well spoken, this is exactly how I'd describe my experience with this film.
    Whats more trippy for me watching this review, is that I only just saw the documentary on blade runner for the first time after I've seen BR2049.

  • ZINCOVIX8754.
    ZINCOVIX8754. Year ago

    Perfect film.

  • John Charlton
    John Charlton Year ago +1