Making a Real-Life Zoidberg Costume!


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  • tetsuoswrath
    tetsuoswrath 10 days ago

    You guys shouldn't troll the Jesus people at the cons. I actually talked to them once at SDCC and they're actually good people. :{

  • spuspu Absher
    spuspu Absher 13 days ago

    that olaf is very disturbing.

    JUST MONIKA 17 days ago

    that olaf is prob gonna kill himself

  • The Adster
    The Adster 17 days ago


  • Plumpee32
    Plumpee32 Month ago


  • Danny McCune
    Danny McCune Month ago

    Needed voice. Zoidberg is easy to do - just pull your cheeks out when you speak.

  • William J. Kelley
    William J. Kelley Month ago

    Zoidberg going to work quarking your hands and face is not funny!

  • Dakota Allen
    Dakota Allen Month ago

    That Ren from RWBY cameo at 10:23 though

  • L.O.R.D
    L.O.R.D Month ago

    Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп Вуп

  • Tony Tidwell
    Tony Tidwell Month ago

    Awesome!!!, but where is his headfin?

  • DoctorDank
    DoctorDank Month ago

    wop wop wopwopwop

  • Turtle_burger01
    Turtle_burger01 2 months ago

    *Distant whooping*

  • DanHarkless ﴾Halloween videos, YTPs, & more﴿

    Oh, cool. Frank (and Rayce) from "Face Off"! R.I.P. "Face Off". Damn those SyFy Channel bastards for cancelling their third most popular show (and one that must've been pretty cheap to produce). What's next, "The Magicians"? 😓 Gotta make room for more crappy monster shark movies? Anyhow, incredible costume; getting the great tentacle animatronics into the head was particularly impressive. Kind of a shame they didn't find someone who can do a decent Zoidberg voice to wear the costume, though; they shoulda called me. 😁 Then again, I probably wouldn't have gotten the "Blood of Jesus" protestor to smile, so kudos to Frank for that.

  • Amber Maci
    Amber Maci 2 months ago +1

    Photobombing zoidburg

  • GREENgorilla21's Channel

    it's frank from face off

  • Megatón
    Megatón 2 months ago

    Thats not Zoidberg, thats Jamie

  • Corbin McDowell
    Corbin McDowell 3 months ago

    Zoidberg without his tendrils is absolutely horrifying

  • Parker Sprague
    Parker Sprague 3 months ago

    At 13:03 you can here a voice similar to Miniladd's saying It's Zoidberg!

  • yacodude
    yacodude 3 months ago

    other people see's zoidberg and i see nogla

  • Seraphina Downes
    Seraphina Downes 3 months ago +1

    Zoidberg looks creepy in real life

  • Brenda Trejo
    Brenda Trejo 3 months ago


  • skaliev
    skaliev 3 months ago

    Jamie´s photo right next to Zoidberg. Coincidence? I don´t think so .... ^^

  • Susan Dennis
    Susan Dennis 3 months ago +1

    Who is watching in 2018?

  • RArecordings -Rick-
    RArecordings -Rick- 3 months ago

    It's an OOD

  • Galaxy Ninja
    Galaxy Ninja 4 months ago

    Happy b day

  • bg978pixel b
    bg978pixel b 4 months ago

    HOLY SHIT that is creepy as hell,it looks like it is staring directly at you 2:42

  • Mostwanted
    Mostwanted 4 months ago

    They forgot his head crest which is hidden on his head, And when he gets mad, it speings up like a cockatoo crest

  • Joe Weatherford
    Joe Weatherford 4 months ago +1

    Even the religious protestor was laughing

  • The Uganda Mama
    The Uganda Mama 4 months ago

    I want to give Zoidberg a big hug!

  • DDHard
    DDHard 4 months ago

    Cant stop laughing

  • marceshow
    marceshow 4 months ago


  • ZiMRA
    ZiMRA 5 months ago

    looks shit... wtf im so disapointed...

  • youthgirl08
    youthgirl08 5 months ago


  • Nathan Hidajat
    Nathan Hidajat 5 months ago

    I heard in S7E01 in Futurama
    Zoidberg: To the employment cave!

  • Turret
    Turret 5 months ago

    "You call that an ink defense..this is an ink defense"

  • Ok
    Ok 5 months ago +3

    Need an halloween costume but you're tired of em all?
    Why not zoidberg?!?!

  • High ImMonkey2
    High ImMonkey2 5 months ago

    If only it had blue eyes

  • Galaxy Ninja
    Galaxy Ninja 5 months ago

    Happy birth Day

  • ThatOneDaxSter
    ThatOneDaxSter 5 months ago +1

    13:07 The Power Rangers played along! I'm fucking done!

  • Joe Ritchie
    Joe Ritchie 6 months ago

    Hurray its a real life Zoidberg costume kind of why not

  • educational bacon
    educational bacon 6 months ago

    someone who doesent watch futurama would call him a furry

  • TheShad0wBoy
    TheShad0wBoy 6 months ago

    It’s so funny

  • 20 Hours Wasted
    20 Hours Wasted 6 months ago

    This scares me

  • British Bushcraft
    British Bushcraft 6 months ago


  • Arlene F
    Arlene F 6 months ago +1

    Frank Ippolito is one hot dude ♡

  • DamnMyNickIsTaken
    DamnMyNickIsTaken 6 months ago

    Shit got real really fast.

  • The the Planet
    The the Planet 7 months ago

    It's nogla!

  • Kitana Kojima
    Kitana Kojima 7 months ago

    Oh my god the part with him clacking around the Jesus sign people....who apparently travel and follow comic cons like Grateful Dead fans...fuckin hilarious

  • Dhanen el Noob Rabioso
    Dhanen el Noob Rabioso 7 months ago

    Poor Frostie... Zoidberg didn't picked his five back and he stayed with the hand on air... :(

  • Andrei’s Art Channel
    Andrei’s Art Channel 7 months ago

    That olaf tho.. 12:12

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 7 months ago

    Woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop XD

  • james nichols
    james nichols 8 months ago

    12:44 🔥

  • Ethos Sound
    Ethos Sound 8 months ago

    10:36 she was thinking about risking it all for the zoid

  • Lorrie Wigand
    Lorrie Wigand 8 months ago

    5:44 I almost threw up

  • gayla harmon
    gayla harmon 8 months ago


  • Brandon Priest
    Brandon Priest 8 months ago

    Zoidbergs quote should be bite my barnacle coverd ass!

  • Amber Sweet
    Amber Sweet 8 months ago

    _Why not Zoidberg?_

  • Johnnny 1932
    Johnnny 1932 9 months ago


  • Bor co lo mo LOL VOLGS
    Bor co lo mo LOL VOLGS 9 months ago

    That is my favorite TV character!!!

  • Big Chungus' Big boi season

    1:59 I think the concept model on the left ( the monster like one) would be cool when zoidberg gets all pissed off and the scales pop up

  • Drew Winslow
    Drew Winslow 9 months ago

    Zoidberg: Hooray! I'm popular!

  • 6eezb43
    6eezb43 9 months ago


  • Red Panda
    Red Panda 9 months ago +1

    Zoidberg is secretly the cthulhu sea god any same features are the same

  • hulk buster
    hulk buster 9 months ago

    How to you see on that mask

  • James M
    James M 9 months ago

    13:23 theres always one weirdo at these conventions.....

  • Wake N Bake Music
    Wake N Bake Music 10 months ago

    That final scuttle around the dude with a sign was priceless

  • micke killz
    micke killz 10 months ago


  • Kalevipoeg
    Kalevipoeg 10 months ago

    It would have been even more awesome if you could have somehow gotten the guy who does Zoidberg's voice to wear the costume - I can just imagine him going "Hello friennnnndds" and "woop woop woop woop woop!" as he scuttles away. Only thing missing here.

  • Sickly_man
    Sickly_man 10 months ago

    I wonder what they do with there costumes after they use them

  • Nepheos Ragna
    Nepheos Ragna 10 months ago

    "The blood of Jesus cleanses sin"
    ... no srly. wtf is this bible dude.

  • I hate BTS
    I hate BTS 10 months ago +1


    SUPER DUPER MARIO 13 10 months ago

    Do Squidward please

    SUPER DUPER MARIO 13 10 months ago

    Do Stewie from family guy

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness 10 months ago

    The face would be earth shattering scary if it could slowly get frustrated style angry. Like Ralphie just before he beat the badass out of Scott Farkus.

  • 一般グラツィアーニ

    Who doesnt he go WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP

  • Dr. Zoidberg
    Dr. Zoidberg 11 months ago

    Hooray im a cosplay!
    What an honor
    Im having a wonderful time!

  • joel 56
    joel 56 11 months ago

    Woop woop woop

  • Gojiracell
    Gojiracell 11 months ago

    But... can he go for a scuttle?

  • Potato
    Potato 11 months ago

    One thing that comes to mind "I am going for a scuttle".

  • Benjamin Rivera
    Benjamin Rivera 11 months ago

    With that much room in the chest you could have fit a speaker, "woop woop woop woop"

  • Johnallen Lowe
    Johnallen Lowe 11 months ago

    I will pay any amount of money

  • amf710
    amf710 Year ago

    that part when he whoop whooped around the jesus dude

  • james densham
    james densham Year ago

    theres cosplay, and then theres this, a whole new level

  • Solly
    Solly Year ago

    13:58 oooh

  • Mobile Senpai
    Mobile Senpai Year ago

    Freakin Lobster Man

  • vibrant normal
    vibrant normal Year ago

    I like the joke at the beginning in the background there is a blue guy with balls you get the joke

  • VHF Nell
    VHF Nell Year ago +1

    I miss Frank so much

  • odiemodie1
    odiemodie1 Year ago +1

    Finally! Everybody loves Zoidberg! HOORAY!

  • It's Clarity Oliver Here

    I think it looks like Zoidberg has four dicks on his mouth

  • Captain Sarcasm
    Captain Sarcasm Year ago

    Did I see Loki and Bucky? AWSOME!!!

  • FallenSnow 673
    FallenSnow 673 Year ago

    Omg yes Rennnnn from rwby

  • Chris Brierley
    Chris Brierley Year ago


  • Jonathan Parker
    Jonathan Parker Year ago

    The names not Slick, it's Zoidberg. JOHN FUCKING ZOIDBERG!

  • the sound of life

    happy birthday frank

  • LegitAlex
    LegitAlex Year ago

    12:19 Was that a fucking clone trooper using a formal suit?

  • Alter Egos
    Alter Egos Year ago

    When he goes to ComiCon he makes people feel like they got their costumes at Walmart. Great work on his part, he's a genius and living out something most dream to do in the fantasy world.

  • TheLegit TUBER
    TheLegit TUBER Year ago

    now i can die peacfully

  • Sharkytuth001
    Sharkytuth001 Year ago

    12:31 is that miniladd?

  • Enigma
    Enigma Year ago

    12:30 is that mini ladd?