Making a Real-Life Zoidberg Costume!


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  • Amber Maci
    Amber Maci Day ago +1

    Photobombing zoidburg

  • Lil Deodorant
    Lil Deodorant 2 days ago

    Nogla would be proud

  • GREENgorilla21's Channel

    it's frank from face off

  • Megatón
    Megatón 7 days ago

    Thats not Zoidberg, thats Jamie

  • Corbin McDowell
    Corbin McDowell 22 days ago

    Zoidberg without his tendrils is absolutely horrifying

  • Parker Sprague
    Parker Sprague 24 days ago

    At 13:03 you can here a voice similar to Miniladd's saying It's Zoidberg!

  • yacodude
    yacodude 26 days ago

    other people see's zoidberg and i see nogla

  • Seraphina Downes
    Seraphina Downes 28 days ago +1

    Zoidberg looks creepy in real life

  • Brenda Trejo
    Brenda Trejo 29 days ago


  • skaliev
    skaliev Month ago

    Jamie´s photo right next to Zoidberg. Coincidence? I don´t think so .... ^^

  • Susan Dennis
    Susan Dennis Month ago +1

    Who is watching in 2018?

  • RArecordings -Rick-

    It's an OOD

  • Galaxy Ninja
    Galaxy Ninja 2 months ago

    Happy b day

  • bg978pixel b
    bg978pixel b 2 months ago

    HOLY SHIT that is creepy as hell,it looks like it is staring directly at you 2:42

  • the2great2bob
    the2great2bob 2 months ago

    They forgot his head crest which is hidden on his head, And when he gets mad, it speings up like a cockatoo crest

  • Joe Weatherford
    Joe Weatherford 2 months ago +1

    Even the religious protestor was laughing

  • rosie dozy
    rosie dozy 2 months ago

    I want to give Zoidberg a big hug!

  • DDHard
    DDHard 2 months ago

    Cant stop laughing

  • marceshow
    marceshow 2 months ago


  • ZiMRA
    ZiMRA 2 months ago

    looks shit... wtf im so disapointed...

  • youthgirl08
    youthgirl08 2 months ago


  • Nathan Hidajat
    Nathan Hidajat 3 months ago

    I heard in S7E01 in Futurama
    Zoidberg: To the employment cave!

  • Turret
    Turret 3 months ago

    "You call that an ink defense..this is an ink defense"

  • Ok
    Ok 3 months ago +2

    Need an halloween costume but you're tired of em all?
    Why not zoidberg?!?!

  • Its Jack
    Its Jack 3 months ago

    If only it had blue eyes

  • Galaxy Ninja
    Galaxy Ninja 3 months ago

    Happy birth Day

  • ThatOneDaxSter
    ThatOneDaxSter 3 months ago +1

    13:07 The Power Rangers played along! I'm fucking done!

  • Joe Ritchie
    Joe Ritchie 3 months ago

    Hurray its a real life Zoidberg costume kind of why not

  • nuclear launch codes 17387

    someone who doesent watch futurama would call him a furry

  • TheShad0wBoy :D
    TheShad0wBoy :D 3 months ago

    It’s so funny

  • HeLLo CHIldRen
    HeLLo CHIldRen 4 months ago

    This scares me

  • British Bushcraft
    British Bushcraft 4 months ago


  • Arlene F
    Arlene F 4 months ago +1

    Frank Ippolito is one hot dude ♡

  • DamnMyNickIsTaken
    DamnMyNickIsTaken 4 months ago

    Shit got real really fast.

  • Xdrures the Planet
    Xdrures the Planet 5 months ago

    It's nogla!

  • Goddess Usako
    Goddess Usako 5 months ago

    Oh my god the part with him clacking around the Jesus sign people....who apparently travel and follow comic cons like Grateful Dead fans...fuckin hilarious

  • Dhanen el Noob Rabioso
    Dhanen el Noob Rabioso 5 months ago

    Poor Frostie... Zoidberg didn't picked his five back and he stayed with the hand on air... :(

  • Andrei’s Art Channel
    Andrei’s Art Channel 5 months ago

    That olaf tho.. 12:12

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 5 months ago

    Woop woop woop woop woop woop woop woop XD

  • james nichols
    james nichols 6 months ago

    12:44 🔥

  • E T H O S S O U N D
    E T H O S S O U N D 6 months ago

    10:36 she was thinking about risking it all for the zoid

  • Lorrie Wigand
    Lorrie Wigand 6 months ago

    5:44 I almost threw up

  • gayla harmon
    gayla harmon 6 months ago


  • Brandon Priest
    Brandon Priest 6 months ago

    Zoidbergs quote should be bite my barnacle coverd ass!

  • Amber Sweet
    Amber Sweet 6 months ago

    _Why not Zoidberg?_

  • Johnnny 1932
    Johnnny 1932 6 months ago


  • Bor co lo mo LOL VOLGS
    Bor co lo mo LOL VOLGS 6 months ago

    That is my favorite TV character!!!

  • Big Chungus' Big boi season

    1:59 I think the concept model on the left ( the monster like one) would be cool when zoidberg gets all pissed off and the scales pop up

  • Drew Winslow
    Drew Winslow 7 months ago

    Zoidberg: Hooray! I'm popular!

  • 6eezb43
    6eezb43 7 months ago


  • Rivera’s Cheese
    Rivera’s Cheese 7 months ago +1

    Zoidberg is secretly the cthulhu sea god any same features are the same

  • hulk buster
    hulk buster 7 months ago

    How to you see on that mask

  • James M
    James M 7 months ago

    13:23 theres always one weirdo at these conventions.....

  • Wake N Bake Music
    Wake N Bake Music 7 months ago

    That final scuttle around the dude with a sign was priceless

  • micke killz
    micke killz 7 months ago


  • Kalevipoeg
    Kalevipoeg 7 months ago

    It would have been even more awesome if you could have somehow gotten the guy who does Zoidberg's voice to wear the costume - I can just imagine him going "Hello friennnnndds" and "woop woop woop woop woop!" as he scuttles away. Only thing missing here.

  • Jäger
    Jäger 7 months ago

    I wonder what they do with there costumes after they use them

  • Nepheos Ragna
    Nepheos Ragna 8 months ago

    "The blood of Jesus cleanses sin"
    ... no srly. wtf is this bible dude.

  • Paperlight Aircraft 567
    Paperlight Aircraft 567 8 months ago +1


  • supermario 13
    supermario 13 8 months ago

    Do Squidward please

  • supermario 13
    supermario 13 8 months ago

    Do Stewie from family guy

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness 8 months ago

    The face would be earth shattering scary if it could slowly get frustrated style angry. Like Ralphie just before he beat the badass out of Scott Farkus.

  • 一般グラツィアーニ

    Who doesnt he go WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP

  • Dr. Zoidberg
    Dr. Zoidberg 8 months ago

    Hooray im a cosplay!
    What an honor
    Im having a wonderful time!

  • joel 56
    joel 56 8 months ago

    Woop woop woop

  • Gojiracell
    Gojiracell 9 months ago

    But... can he go for a scuttle?

  • Potato
    Potato 9 months ago

    One thing that comes to mind "I am going for a scuttle".

  • Benjamin Rivera
    Benjamin Rivera 9 months ago

    With that much room in the chest you could have fit a speaker, "woop woop woop woop"

  • John Lowe
    John Lowe 9 months ago

    I will pay any amount of money

  • amf710
    amf710 9 months ago

    that part when he whoop whooped around the jesus dude

  • james densham
    james densham 9 months ago

    theres cosplay, and then theres this, a whole new level

  • Solly
    Solly 9 months ago

    13:58 oooh

  • Mobile Senpai
    Mobile Senpai 9 months ago

    Freakin Lobster Man

  • vibrant normal
    vibrant normal 10 months ago

    I like the joke at the beginning in the background there is a blue guy with balls you get the joke

  • VHF Nell
    VHF Nell 10 months ago +1

    I miss Frank so much

  • odiemodie1
    odiemodie1 10 months ago +1

    Finally! Everybody loves Zoidberg! HOORAY!

  • Chara & Asriel Plays
    Chara & Asriel Plays 10 months ago

    I think it looks like Zoidberg has four dicks on his mouth

  • Captain Sarcasm
    Captain Sarcasm 11 months ago

    Did I see Loki and Bucky? AWSOME!!!

  • FallenSnow 673
    FallenSnow 673 11 months ago

    Omg yes Rennnnn from rwby

  • Chris Brierley
    Chris Brierley 11 months ago


  • MrD0g3boi /Oscar FRICKLEZ


  • Jonathan Parker
    Jonathan Parker 11 months ago

    The names not Slick, it's Zoidberg. JOHN FUCKING ZOIDBERG!

  • the.diamon picaxe
    the.diamon picaxe 11 months ago

    happy birthday frank

  • LegitAlex
    LegitAlex 11 months ago

    12:19 Was that a fucking clone trooper using a formal suit?

  • Alter Egos
    Alter Egos 11 months ago

    When he goes to ComiCon he makes people feel like they got their costumes at Walmart. Great work on his part, he's a genius and living out something most dream to do in the fantasy world.

  • TheLegit TUBER
    TheLegit TUBER 11 months ago

    now i can die peacfully

  • Sharkytuth001
    Sharkytuth001 11 months ago

    12:31 is that miniladd?

  • Enigma
    Enigma 11 months ago

    12:30 is that mini ladd?

  • w o o d y
    w o o d y 11 months ago

    Zoidberg x Olaf. Its official

  • Albert Farah
    Albert Farah Year ago

    12:11 get wrecked, Olaf

  • Emperor Palpatine


  • Jonathan Ngo
    Jonathan Ngo Year ago

    Lol the discount Olaf at the end

  • That DooMguy
    That DooMguy Year ago

    as he was doing the scuttle he should have said woop woop woop woop woop

  • That DooMguy
    That DooMguy Year ago

    need a costume? why not zoidberg

  • Artisan Noteworthy

    I WANT that costume. XD

  • Schuylkill
    Schuylkill Year ago

    why not?

  • GibbySub
    GibbySub Year ago

    12:22 Top 5 saddest anime scenes

  • M Romane
    M Romane Year ago +1

    mail that too nogla cmon he plays that charter on gmod

  • pelotudeanfo con TOBIAS

    it's so cripy

  • joshua Burnside
    joshua Burnside Year ago