Guillermo at the Oscars

  • Published on Mar 6, 2018
  • Every year before the Oscars Guillermo gets a spot on the red carpet where he asks the tough questions with a tank full of tequila. This year he's done it again with Allison Janney, Saoirse Ronan, Danny Glover, Laura Dern, Helen Mirren, Beanie Feldstein, Donald Sutherland, Ansel Elgort, Mark Hamill, Matthew McConaughey, Oscar Isaac, Eiza Gonazalez, Emily V. Gordon, Kumail Nanjiani, Willem Dafoe, Gael Garcia Bernal, Aaron Sorkin, Eugenio Derbez, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and Tiffany Haddish.
    Lie Witness News - Crisis in Wakanda

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    Guillermo at the Oscars
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Comments • 3 940

  • LuisGarzaHo
    LuisGarzaHo Day ago

    2:45 Hahahaha

  • Alexthelion 99
    Alexthelion 99 Day ago

    4:15 is he from dish?

  • la mera cuerda
    la mera cuerda 3 days ago

    4:15 el no toma el no toma callese culera

  • Inri Pol Ramirez Mendoza

    Jimmy your smart for having Guillermo on your show and thank you for that. Keep up your Amazing Show. Goooooal Jimmy!!!!

  • Beira Milagros
    Beira Milagros 3 days ago

    Awww That was very nice of Danny Glover to kiss Guillermo on the forehead. Guillermo is right, he is a tender love. 😅😅😁Love & kindness y'all.

  • faiz akram
    faiz akram 3 days ago

    maxican grls r good

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 3 days ago

    you cant hate guillermo

  • Bailey Smith
    Bailey Smith 3 days ago

    he should do a live show in melbourne australia

  • glen noval
    glen noval 3 days ago

    Danny Glover my man

  • Ricardo Lamas
    Ricardo Lamas 3 days ago

    He living in 2050

  • yan ya
    yan ya 4 days ago

    Так вот Долбаеб Ургант где спиздил все рубрики

  • Maybelean
    Maybelean 4 days ago

    lol I’m H

  • Edith Madera
    Edith Madera 5 days ago

    “El no toma el no toma “ LMAOOO

  • Gabriela Torrico
    Gabriela Torrico 5 days ago

    3:50 is that okay that I have bad dreams with Gael since "el crimen del padre Amaro"? XD

  • Dororo
    Dororo 5 days ago


    NO-NO YES-YES 6 days ago


  • Mohammed Khan
    Mohammed Khan 6 days ago

    Where is matt damon ?

  • Autumn Wyatt
    Autumn Wyatt 6 days ago

    omg Guillermo BETTER be at the Oscars this year

  • Edward Gracey
    Edward Gracey 6 days ago +2

    Hiram lodge at the oscars

    Who woulda thought🧐

  • Isabelle Burns
    Isabelle Burns 7 days ago

    Did anyone else see "Guillermo" on the screen when the video starts?😂

  • Victor Cactuz
    Victor Cactuz 7 days ago +1

    Eiza gonzalez the sexiest howywood actress

  • Bella Kok
    Bella Kok 7 days ago

    Only Guillermo could get a list celebrities to drink tequila from his shoe. 😂

  • ava norby
    ava norby 7 days ago +2

    0:41 timothée chalamet on the ticker

  • RockJhonny
    RockJhonny 7 days ago

    Oh ma gawd.. Eiza is beautiful..

  • Ktlyn Sucks
    Ktlyn Sucks 8 days ago

    I want those shoes dude

  • Mitzi Mariana Iturriaga Ramos

    does he has the best job or what??!

  • Muhamad Dakota
    Muhamad Dakota 9 days ago

    willem dafoe is class

  • i fight for love and dreams

    Waaat I tough they were kissing the his shoes or something.

  • Edson Chamorro
    Edson Chamorro 9 days ago

    Guillermo for president 2022

  • Ross Malagarie
    Ross Malagarie 10 days ago

    3:19 rich man shows off and Guillermo calls his bluff. LUL

  • Gossip 101
    Gossip 101 10 days ago

    he visto a guillermo dos veces y de verdad me cae mejor que todos los que estan en los oscars

  • Matt Yamamoto
    Matt Yamamoto 10 days ago

    Hes so funny

  • ROvi1926
    ROvi1926 11 days ago

    I really hope one day Meryl goes to Guillermo

  • Luke Dylan
    Luke Dylan 11 days ago

    I wonder what he makes the actors drink out this year.

  • Gabriel P
    Gabriel P 11 days ago

    Guirllemo i love you.You're too funny

  • KG L
    KG L 11 days ago

    Does anyone realized that every time Guillermo goes to the oscars he calls leo but he doesn't even notice him😂😂😂 i feel bad for him

  • Katelyn ko
    Katelyn ko 11 days ago

    Every year he should try getting Leo’s attention

  • noel huerta
    noel huerta 12 days ago

    The Indian guy was like thet was $100 wth look what I got

  • Kylie Andrewski
    Kylie Andrewski 13 days ago

    Lmao they should do this for almost all the awards ahahahha

  • Luis Manuel Sanchez
    Luis Manuel Sanchez 13 days ago

    The lady in red . So nice she looks . AND Guillermo awesome . As allways

  • Michelle Gutierrez
    Michelle Gutierrez 14 days ago


  • Asmr Ilyn
    Asmr Ilyn 14 days ago

    4:15 callate pendeja

  • friends
    friends 14 days ago

    I bet its a hundred bucks what he took from kumail thats why he said its too much. Hahah

  • cecy gz
    cecy gz 14 days ago

    Guillermo should have his own show by now, I bet he would be much more fun than Jimmy

  • Stanislav Idalgo
    Stanislav Idalgo 15 days ago

    i adore this guy :D :D the sex in the truck was epic :D :D

  • carlos salgado hernandez
    carlos salgado hernandez 15 days ago +1

    Jajaja ese wey es la verga.

  • Gabriela Torrico
    Gabriela Torrico 15 days ago

    Chadwick Boseman 🖤🖤

  • AwwMan_ itsJazz
    AwwMan_ itsJazz 15 days ago

    Eiza after the quebrada, "a cabron" 😍

  • Hamwar Ali
    Hamwar Ali 16 days ago

    2:52 OHH that was cringe

  • Ofentse Mwase Films
    Ofentse Mwase Films 17 days ago +1

    Don't worry there is no semen in tequila.

  • Jacob Liszka
    Jacob Liszka 17 days ago

    Where's the "magic water"?

  • Costi Spasenie
    Costi Spasenie 17 days ago

    Guillermo is a lucky son of a gun!

  • Eddie Figueroa
    Eddie Figueroa 17 days ago

    Kinda like talking to a 12 yr old kid, I don’t know just saying

  • V7JN
    V7JN 19 days ago

    name of d hot sexy babe in yellow (4:00)?

    • hòa lê
      hòa lê 16 days ago

      Eiza Gonzalez from Mexico

  • Derek Calunsag
    Derek Calunsag 19 days ago

    Guillermo just did a shoey!! Mexican style!😂

  • Black Heart
    Black Heart 21 day ago

    Now waiting for 2019

  • Lauren Bonilla
    Lauren Bonilla 21 day ago

    “He actually took the money” I was dead

  • oforbe jeanot sunday
    oforbe jeanot sunday 22 days ago


  • OLVR
    OLVR 22 days ago

    "he actually took the money" 🤣🤣

  • Leah V
    Leah V 22 days ago


  • Jorge Ayala
    Jorge Ayala 22 days ago

    Helen Mirren seems like a nice person

  • Rosaline Carissa Averina

    "oh my god he really took the money" 😂

  • isabel isabelll
    isabel isabelll 23 days ago


  • Sunny Dee
    Sunny Dee 23 days ago

    4:30 who IS/WAS that's?! Gangsta boo in the house! LOL

  • Akhil Binu
    Akhil Binu 23 days ago

    did u guys notice this coincidence, at 0:25, guillermo's name comes up on the display board behind Allison Jenny

  • Luigui Martinez
    Luigui Martinez 24 days ago

    that's it Guillermo your my man

  • cynthiastephie
    cynthiastephie 25 days ago

    Eiza 😍

  • Kurs Hat
    Kurs Hat 25 days ago

    Best way to spread stds

  • Dave Krypton
    Dave Krypton 26 days ago

    4:25 I am very surprised she drank from that she is such a germophobe it's borderline unreasonable.

  • Diana Quevedo
    Diana Quevedo 26 days ago

    Such a funny guy🤩🤩

  • alexis 280386
    alexis 280386 27 days ago


  • Emily Morgan
    Emily Morgan 27 days ago

    I love when he laughs

  • bublbabie
    bublbabie 27 days ago

    I love Tiffany Haddish

  • Milagros Aviles
    Milagros Aviles 27 days ago


  • Mohamed Ali
    Mohamed Ali 27 days ago


  • Emanuell Lopez
    Emanuell Lopez 27 days ago

    "She smells like success! , but you smell like alcohol"

  • Yohana Palomino
    Yohana Palomino 27 days ago

    So Hilarious 😂

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 28 days ago

    He is so hilarious

  • Happy HanTM
    Happy HanTM 28 days ago +1

    Love his laugh

  • Aron Gatt
    Aron Gatt 28 days ago

    the germs lol I'm sure dr. tequila took care of them haha

  • Aracelii Rodriguez
    Aracelii Rodriguez 28 days ago

    So funny!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Elizabeth Rossetti
    Elizabeth Rossetti 28 days ago

    2:45 Eiza- "Ay cabron" 😂

  • Alexys Gonzalez
    Alexys Gonzalez 29 days ago

    Guillermo should do his own show 😂

  • joel flores
    joel flores 29 days ago

    TV Azteca

    • Luci Fer
      Luci Fer 29 days ago

      joel flores wtf!!! naco TV azca jajajaj

  • Uchawi Beatz Official

    Tiffany + Guillermo= I'm dead 😂😂😂

  • hioxd
    hioxd Month ago +1

    God Guillermo is so lucky kissin that fine Eiza arm pit and being boob height

  • rikk rude
    rikk rude Month ago

    Guillermo rocks

  • fp
    fp Month ago

    The cringe is real with this guy.

  • Mila Burhanzai
    Mila Burhanzai Month ago


  • MRah
    MRah Month ago

    Trump would be jealous of Guillermo because of how much people like him

  • Joshua Frick
    Joshua Frick Month ago

    What are they saying at 3:57?

    • Joshua Frick
      Joshua Frick 26 days ago

      +Angeles Diaz Thank you very much for your reply. I am trying to learn Spanish, but I have trouble understanding spoken Spanish more than I do written Spanish. Could you write out what they said? I would very much appreciate it.

    • Angeles Diaz
      Angeles Diaz 26 days ago +1

      I don't know how to explain it but it is a kind of drinking game. We say it before taking a drink of alcohol.

      "up, down, to the middle, to the inside"

  • Cole Miller
    Cole Miller Month ago

    I want Danny Glover to kiss my forehead.....

  • Esther Ishimwe
    Esther Ishimwe Month ago

    3:30 "He actually took the money!" It's a hustle in Hollywood, Kumail!

  • Jera Flores
    Jera Flores Month ago +20

    Eaiza saying.. ay cabron! Was everything

    • Belle ‘
      Belle ‘ 7 days ago

      Jera Flores have you seen what she looked like before plastic surgery?? 😂

  • Meari P
    Meari P Month ago

    Tiffany was so funny 😂😂😂

  • Sebastian A
    Sebastian A Month ago

    Guillermo-Getting Celebrities drunk since 2015

  • Jjjwjwhej Njwjwjwj
    Jjjwjwhej Njwjwjwj Month ago

    He is my spirit animal

  • Jonathan Ray
    Jonathan Ray Month ago

    Why no get Guillermo to host the Oscars?

  • RodrigoArmando Jiménez


  • Ishita Singh
    Ishita Singh Month ago

    2:08 was the best, you know it☺️ and the most unexpected as well. My heart just literally skipped a beat! Wish it was a little longer tho🤓