John Salley on Whether Michael Jordan Had a Gambling Problem (Part 10)

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
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    In this clip, John Salley reacted to Scottie Pippen responding to his VladTV interview and explained why they may remember things differently. John Salley also doubled down on calling Pippen a more skilled player than MJ and based his case on Pippen's basketball IQ, three-point shooting, as well as his offensive and defensive versatility.
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  • Steven Stewart
    Steven Stewart 2 days ago

    Spider salley sound crazy on mj

  • Scott Davidson
    Scott Davidson 7 days ago

    Scottie Pippen also jump from the free throw line and he jumped further away than Jordan many people don't remember that Google it free throw line dunk in the All-Star contest it's there.

  • Travis West
    Travis West 7 days ago +1

    Jordan made finals record for 3pt saying goofy shit for no reason

  • CubanLinx Woodz
    CubanLinx Woodz 9 days ago

    I must’ve been under that rock when Scottie won a ‘chip with Kukoč and Money wasn’t there... Salley need to sell me a bag of that shit he smoked before he sat down.

  • Joseph Victorian
    Joseph Victorian 9 days ago

    On god I would #LiteUp with Sal and talk Basketball and NY Hip hop!!!!

  • Erik Denny
    Erik Denny 12 days ago

    "You ever see Jordan shoot a three pointer" "Not so much" Thirty year weed smoker to guy born in 1985. WTF!!!! If I had a 3 that had to be made to save my life my choices would be 1. Bird 2. Glen Rice 3. Steph Curry 4. Jordan.

  • GunterJPN
    GunterJPN 14 days ago

    Dude brings up “jumping from the free throw line” in favor of MJ, like Scottie didn’t do that himself in a dunk contest. SMH.

  • Daryl Arnoco
    Daryl Arnoco 17 days ago


  • nlabanok
    nlabanok 17 days ago

    Anybody with more than a lifetime's wealth who gambles any of that wealth has a gambling problem. You're already rich...a wildly successful gambler becomes what rich...well, you're already rich. But, a wildly unsuccessful gambler will lose, in the end, if you're rich, stay rich by not gambling, duh.

  • VeinyDickTracy
    VeinyDickTracy 17 days ago

    Dear John, you know nothing.

  • SiLo Mixing and Mastering

    This man really likes Scottie Pippen, perhaps too much

  • Fatal Ritte
    Fatal Ritte 18 days ago

    I seen mike shooting zodiac 3’s all around the 3 point line and hitting them all no problem Sally...

  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins 18 days ago

    Pip is an excellent facilitator but he AINT Michael Jeffery Jordan.

    • Reginald Austin
      Reginald Austin 16 days ago

      Pip got to the ecf without jordan jordan couldn't get out the first round without pip just saying

  • Kevin Flowers
    Kevin Flowers 18 days ago

    "You ever jordan shoot a 3pter"....ummm MJ shot a higher percentage from 3 in the regular season and playoffs than pippen. This is why when someone interviews an athlete about things like that, they should know the game. Vlad could call out john on so many things.

  • Macs
    Macs 20 days ago

    No one shot the 3 before! only specialty 3 shooters did, Salley is crazy

  • Elliott Avant
    Elliott Avant 20 days ago

    Former Chicago Bear defensive tackle (I think) Anthony "Spice" Adams looks quite svelte. I almost didn't recognize him...

  • mike green
    mike green 20 days ago

    Salley droppin da ball on dis one because his stong dis like for da GOAT.

  • De Quincy Francis
    De Quincy Francis 21 day ago

    Dude said "Have you ever seen Jordan hit a 3 pointer". Lmao....come on bruh.

  • j stine
    j stine 21 day ago

    Skilled doesn't mean Better , he just emphasized he was able to play more positions that utilized his talents, mentally Jordan was a cut above the rest even with versatile players around him

  • Brian Kotas
    Brian Kotas 22 days ago

    Jordan’s career 3 pt % is higher than Pippen’s, just sayin...

  • Mike Kirkland
    Mike Kirkland 22 days ago

    I seen Mike hit 6 three pointers in a finals game because everyone was saying Mike couldn't shoot 3s. I've seen Mike hit plenty 3s. Mike also said in an interview. "It's not that I can't shoot 3s. I don't like to. I think it takes away of what you can do. I don't want to rely on them." I'm paraphrasing on the last sentence.

  • john Carlos
    john Carlos 22 days ago

    You never saw Jordan hit a 3?! Do you not know what the “shrug game” is?

  • dee see
    dee see 23 days ago

    Salley high as hell Pippen was 32% 3 pt career shooter 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Just Timm
    Just Timm 23 days ago

    Dude is babbling. Scottie only played small forward or point forward whatever. He was too under weight to play power forward or center; and he didn't playing shooting guard/off guard that's Michael's position lol. No way is Scottie more skilled than Jordan period.

  • Kingly Done
    Kingly Done 24 days ago

    Jordan can do all those thangs Sal mentioned Pippen did & he did. Pippen just freed Jordan up to score & close

  • Rahshad Dawson
    Rahshad Dawson 24 days ago

    It amazes me that people who haven’t ever played at that level. Would attempt to argue with an nba champion about basketball lol. Salley makes very valid points. Problem is, fans view MJ like a god. Players that played against him don’t. Especially players that BEAT him. Like Salley’s teams did. So he can speak about MJ objectively, with respect. He doesn’t view him like god. Y’all do.

  • Juan Santiago
    Juan Santiago 25 days ago

    Dude said talking about a dude that jumped from the free throw line, pippen did the same thing at a dunk contest,I think it was the same year m did it

  • 1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!
    1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !! 25 days ago +1

    Gambling problems ? Bitch I'm a billionaire get the hell outta here.

  • Roy Curtis
    Roy Curtis 25 days ago

    Buck dancing Michael did have a serious gambling problem

  • Mark Sprinkle
    Mark Sprinkle 25 days ago

    It's not a problem if you're a winner or if you can afford the losses.

  • Don Jenkins
    Don Jenkins 25 days ago

    John Salley you don’t even believe what you just said about MJ and Pippen.

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray 26 days ago +1

    Unless you were born after 95' and never saw Jordan play this might make sense to you, HOWEVER everybody born before that knows that this is complete and utter BULLSH*T. There has never been a player as completely skilled as Jordan, and even though Scotties was a good player, not even he would co sign John Salley's comments nor will you ever hear him say it, EVER!

  • dre murrz
    dre murrz 27 days ago

    Legend haz it 'Future' f'd Scottie's bitch n som Gucci flip flops😏

  • Benny Fazio
    Benny Fazio 27 days ago

    Everything he said Scotti can do, Jordan could also and did it better. I remember a game when MJ hit 12 three’s. This dude is delusional. Fire up another one, John. And Vlad ain’t no better.

  • mperu34
    mperu34 27 days ago

    Does everyone on this show do crack before the interview. What's with all the sweat and tears getting wiped away?

  • Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime7128

    John Salley u are my Taurus brother but, whatever weed u smoking or drinking u really need to stop did u forget that Michael Jordan hit like 5 threes in a row during Game 1 of the 92 NBA Finals so he must be able to shoot the 3

  • Hafeez Romans
    Hafeez Romans 28 days ago

    Michael Jordan really hurt you John Salley. #OhDear

  • christianrapper
    christianrapper 29 days ago

    Like salley was really going to rat out Jordan and gambling.

  • Detroit Farooq
    Detroit Farooq Month ago

    I like John Salley that brother has more stories than TK Kirkland on the real this Negro done taught everybody everything I love this though TV going vlad

  • Tc Grant
    Tc Grant Month ago

    34%from 3 for mjs career NBA avg is around 35 36 foh the hate is so real its funny

  • 661 AV
    661 AV Month ago

    Don’t forget vlad is very rich and powerful and had to check Stephen a smith for taking reckless around him at the Jordan party. He had too remind Stephen that his monstrous slave, I mean security with that blammer on him. Vlad a certified Global Gangster confirmed by T.K.

    • 661 AV
      661 AV 28 days ago

      christianrapper lol hahaha huh

    • christianrapper
      christianrapper 29 days ago

      Dude, shhh! If he finds out that you know that he is a gangster it’s curtains for you.

  • AvEryBadApPLe
    AvEryBadApPLe Month ago

    C’on detective vlad. Why didn’t you ask, if not point shaving have anything to do with MJ’s dad getting killed, in a very awkward circumstance that just didn’t make any sense at the time.

  • young king
    young king Month ago

    100 k veiws already

  • Brandon Weston
    Brandon Weston Month ago

    How the fuk yall argue with a person who was on the wtf

  • Chris Gibson
    Chris Gibson Month ago +5

    John Salley: Have you ever seen Jordan shoot a three pointer?
    Me: And Scottie Pippen got memory issues?

  • ThePrIsMcAURA
    ThePrIsMcAURA Month ago

    Chase better, bets on himself to WIN, double or nothing , again again , unlike other dicks who point shave and match fix or just quit in games

  • Sheik7 Edu-tainment

    Salley smoking way too much weed !!!!!

  • BULLDOGGzz 4Life
    BULLDOGGzz 4Life Month ago

    Damn i wish vlad asked sally to explain more about pip winning without mj and the pip/kukoc team. 4:55-5:10.

  • Squeaky Clean
    Squeaky Clean Month ago

    Best comparison Paul George is more skilled than Kawhi Leonard... but Kawhi is the better player

  • nisher23
    nisher23 Month ago

    Salley lost his marbles

  • David Saunders
    David Saunders Month ago

    Spice Adams is crazy. Yes skill !!! Skill doesn’t mean athleticism. You just said it your self . Pippin played more positions

  • Ghos Ghos
    Ghos Ghos Month ago


  • Se 2333
    Se 2333 Month ago

    John high.

  • Dwayne Drummond
    Dwayne Drummond Month ago

    Ya ll two is high Jordan could shoot 3’s

  • Devon Wilson
    Devon Wilson Month ago

    Sally asked if you ever saw jordan shoot a 3 pointers and vlad said nahh sally said exactly. John salley your on drugs bruh you look sick stay off the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeds lol.

  • pan dulce
    pan dulce Month ago

    Yes. Mj's dad was murdered over that shit.

  • Phillip Skeeter
    Phillip Skeeter Month ago +1

    Scottie jumped from the free throw line too. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • gnicevids
    gnicevids Month ago

    Pure facts Salley Pura facts on the Scottie pippen comment

  • Kenneth Scott
    Kenneth Scott Month ago

    Michael Jordan did not take a lot of 3-point shots yes he was okay 3-point shooter but he did not take a lot of 3-point shots compared to other people in the league

  • Big Peen
    Big Peen Month ago

    Nice try Vlad 😂😂