Swaggy P Talks Getting Snitched On By D'Angelo Russell

  • Published on Feb 24, 2019
  • Denver Nuggets player Nick Young addresses the elephant in the #ColdAsBalls locker room! What really happened after D'Angelo Russell exposed Swaggy P for cheating on his fiancée during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers? The NBA star is letting us know the real deal about the snitching and where the two players' relationship stands today.
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Comments • 568

  • Paul Zeleke
    Paul Zeleke 18 hours ago

    If swaggy p calls dlo a snitch why didn’t he just break up with Iggy instead of cheating dlo did not snitch he stopped the relationship before things got worse

  • William Siahaan
    William Siahaan 15 days ago

    that "what is it call??" jokes with the finger snapping... 2:12
    its from dwayne 😂 if anybody notice

  • Clay Emenhiser
    Clay Emenhiser 22 days ago

    Why do people trash do DeAngelo for that? Swaggy P was the one who was cheating.

  • Craig Alexander
    Craig Alexander Month ago

    You can’t even say born anymore 😂😂😂

  • Preston Gladney
    Preston Gladney Month ago +1

    “ I’m scared of phones.” - Nick Young 😂🤣

    LOVELY LATINAS Month ago


  • kurt rodriguez
    kurt rodriguez Month ago

    Dlo did the right thing thoooooooooo

  • Akib Ali
    Akib Ali Month ago +1

    “Let’s talk about Draymond Greens teeth 🦷 “ he had me dead 💀😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Playboy Niccioso
    Playboy Niccioso Month ago

    😂😂 my big bro swaggy 🏆

  • dawit ambaye
    dawit ambaye Month ago

    Then brotha you gonna clean it. 😂

  • ian pringles
    ian pringles Month ago

    Teeth fake lmao

  • Top Kek
    Top Kek Month ago

    3:00 LMFAO 💀💀💀💀

  • Andre Savage
    Andre Savage Month ago

    Steph better not be cheating 😭😭😭😭😭

  • maurice amos
    maurice amos Month ago +1

    Kevin hart funny asf ion know what everybody be talking about

  • Real Montana
    Real Montana Month ago

    Now he snitched on Kerr !

  • Connor Hodge
    Connor Hodge Month ago

    is that blueface??

  • Aries10K
    Aries10K Month ago

    Help me get more noticed by liking this comment 💙
    My goal is to get 2K subs I’m at 1.5K Preciate those who do 💙

  • Diya's World
    Diya's World Month ago

    Kevin was standing up in the tub

  • Lob_Wiggle
    Lob_Wiggle Month ago

    Swaggy: yo lemme sit in the tub
    Kevin: Alright ima just stand in mine..

  • D00nham
    D00nham Month ago

    Was enjoying this until Kevin Hart was basically speaking 80% of the time...

  • Micronesian X.X 2770
    Micronesian X.X 2770 Month ago +3

    Swaggy p low key sounds like 50 cents 😂

    • 2K Dev
      2K Dev Month ago

      Fifty cents? You mean 50 cent*

  • Cyberviiibes So.3
    Cyberviiibes So.3 Month ago

    Dem man talkin bout "snitchin is against the guy code" - yall sound stupid lmao, if you a man you don't cheat period

  • z_thompson
    z_thompson Month ago +3

    Honestly, Swaggy P looks more like a rapper than a basketball player

  • Malik Sims
    Malik Sims Month ago +1

    Rip Cameron boyce 💔 never forgotten

  • Quack Attack Gaming

    Both of em cheated. Horrible people

  • Dylan Aherne
    Dylan Aherne Month ago

    now there on the same team

  • Davian Litzsey
    Davian Litzsey Month ago

    That laugh on 2:06 though

  • GGG007 Garcia
    GGG007 Garcia Month ago

    Is kevin hart standing in that tub? Lol

  • Andre Savage
    Andre Savage Month ago +1

    D-lo broke guy code not every guy cheats but you damn sure don't tell on ya homie if he is outta pocket

    • Gin Lundamo
      Gin Lundamo Month ago

      Andre Savage facts, he knew what he was doing as well, asking Swaggy questions & recording it

    MOHAMMED WAFI Month ago


  • Kreativ Keem
    Kreativ Keem Month ago

    Broooooooo 2:34 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 07Honcho
    07Honcho Month ago +1

    is kevin hart standing up?

  • Steven Washington
    Steven Washington Month ago

    This is awkward...

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez Month ago


  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee Month ago

    Smh at black celebs

  • Louie D'angelo
    Louie D'angelo Month ago

    Kevin hart tries so hard to be funny.

  • Cyril Casiño
    Cyril Casiño Month ago

    Swagg P high af

  • Flora ASMR
    Flora ASMR Month ago +2

    Welp now Stephen can't cheat on me.
    -Ayesha Curry

  • Kris Gavvala
    Kris Gavvala Month ago

    kevin really be standing straight up in that tub tho😂

    • Jay Barajas
      Jay Barajas Month ago

      Kris Gavvala he’s on his knees jackass

  • Sere Bee
    Sere Bee Month ago

    People say it like Dlo snitched in cold blood but the video was accessed by someone else. Still sus that he was recording

  • King AMMO 6090RP
    King AMMO 6090RP Month ago

    Got em with the Mike Epps jab. ✔️

  • King
    King Month ago

    Kevin Hart cheated too 😂

  • raretrick
    raretrick Month ago +19

    "we pride ourselves on having good relationships." wait, who are we talking about?

  • G Lyle
    G Lyle Month ago +6

    “I’m celebrating in this tub”

    “Brother, then you gon clean it...ima tell you that”😭😂😂

  • Indistree
    Indistree Month ago


  • Josue Guillen
    Josue Guillen Month ago

    Homie... you’re the one cheating. Don’t be mad at someone else for your childish mistakes

  • Keith Sweat
    Keith Sweat Month ago

    Bruh Kevin is stupid 😂😂

    VENICE RAMOS Month ago

    he's a snaccc!

  • lilgoch
    lilgoch Month ago

    at 1:35 kevin hart is standing on his toes

  • Lucid
    Lucid Month ago +2

    Black men dont cheat 😤

  • KingMamba LA
    KingMamba LA Month ago

    Bring GIANNIS on. He wont fit in the tub

  • Heather paige
    Heather paige Month ago

    Cheater or not, thats your business, snitches shall be dealt with, cheaters too, but let karma handle that, and they'll slip up eventually

  • Fleeting Youth
    Fleeting Youth Month ago +19

    Lol they both got exposed cheating because their "best friend" secretlyed recorded them.

  • Savage Hippie
    Savage Hippie Month ago

    0:48 LMFAOOO

  • James Edington
    James Edington Month ago +60

    Why do people treat Swaggy P like the victim?

    • Rawket
      Rawket Month ago +6

      Ty Robinson By cheating on his woman he’s a victim?Yall ain’t make no sense ever since this went down,sure D-Lo needs to mind his own business but swaggy didn’t need to cheat in the first place.

    • Chase Hazzard
      Chase Hazzard Month ago +2

      Because the bro code got violated, in a way he is a victim

    • Ty Robinson
      Ty Robinson Month ago +8

      I would too. He got snitched on

    • A N T
      A N T Month ago +1

      Ty Robinson it crazy tho because he still holds a grudge

    • Ty Robinson
      Ty Robinson Month ago +11

      Because he got snitched on by his own teamate

  • Rubin Ngai
    Rubin Ngai Month ago +2

    Imagine if Swaggy P is still on the Warriors

  • François Pérennès
    François Pérennès Month ago +175

    Just don't cheat and don't expect a 19y old kid to be the bigger man when you're 30+ FFS

  • Black
    Black Month ago

    Kevin standing in that tub?

  • ballislife2351
    ballislife2351 Month ago +100

    Don’t cheat....
    But also mind ur own business

  • 6ix god
    6ix god Month ago

    birds of a feather, right kev?

  • Retro Jaime
    Retro Jaime Month ago

    Black men don’t cheat!!!

  • Ignacio Arteaga
    Ignacio Arteaga Month ago

    It sucks 😔 I've cheated in past. Iggy Alzea is sexy as hell and,I would have cuffed her up!!!!

  • Kenshi Messiah
    Kenshi Messiah Month ago +1

    Swaggy still Hurt about it lol

  • Sad Hawks Fan
    Sad Hawks Fan Month ago +689

    Who watching this after D-Lo went to the Warriors

  • Gimme ThaDub
    Gimme ThaDub Month ago

    Ok then, one cheated and one is smashing babies for clout

  • AwesomeBro64
    AwesomeBro64 Month ago +1

    Who’s here after the trade

  • Trevoy Lenear
    Trevoy Lenear Month ago

    “ I didn’t even know I was recording brother”

  • ItsWormSon
    ItsWormSon Month ago

    kevin hart standing in the tub

  • E Oleary
    E Oleary Month ago +1

    He wanna make jokes about somebody else cheating but quiet about his own

    • E Oleary
      E Oleary Month ago

      @Mansa Munsa I don't watch Kevin anymore so I wouldnt know

    • Mansa Munsa
      Mansa Munsa Month ago

      He not quite about his own he literally tal about it in his comedy special & starred in J Coles music video about men cheating. He owned up to it plenty of times. You should realize that he's interviewing Nick Young not the other way around goofy

  • Martin Stangeland
    Martin Stangeland Month ago

    Men cheat that’s what we do

  • Ray Whitlock
    Ray Whitlock Month ago +8

    95% of the people criticizing these two men for cheating, have cheated themselves.........

  • Leston Austin
    Leston Austin Month ago +2

    Nick Young had D Russle do that video, he wanted to break up with Iggy, not gon trick me.

  • 308wce 05
    308wce 05 Month ago

    Young dudes these days love shitting on each other. Back in the day if one of your boys was cheating you would stay well out of it.

    GARDEN STATE SMOKE Month ago +72

    Wondering how he feels now DLO in the Bay???

    • IJC Productions
      IJC Productions Month ago

      Blitz if warriors shock the world in 2020 I don’t see curry with that trophy

    • Blitz
      Blitz Month ago

      @IJC Productions pass me whatever you're smoking goon

    • IJC Productions
      IJC Productions Month ago

      GARDEN STATE SMOKE Dlo not just gonna win a ring he would win finals MVP

      GARDEN STATE SMOKE Month ago +3

      Eddy Alvarez dlo better and might be able to get a ring off Klay and Steph how young got one off KD Steph and klay

    • Eddy Alvarez
      Eddy Alvarez Month ago +5

      He got a chip don't think he cares

  • Matthew weiss
    Matthew weiss Month ago

    You know Nick Young is still a bum if he’s talking about this year’s later when he’s washed up