Ramsay In Awe Over Owner Telling Head Chef How To Cook Asparagus | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Turkish Creed
    Turkish Creed 2 days ago

    facking flamingo XD

  • Darica Pov
    Darica Pov 2 days ago

    86 my ET 😍

  • Galactic__ Cow
    Galactic__ Cow 3 days ago

    86 the 86

  • FaZe Infinity
    FaZe Infinity 4 days ago

    They should 86 her

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 4 days ago

    The owner has evolved from your average middle-aged suburban mom. Instead of asking to see the manager, she 86'd the manager. And then *became* the manager.

  • No Shadows Here
    No Shadows Here 4 days ago

    86 half the universe! *snaps*


    Too soon?

  • Clovis da Cruz
    Clovis da Cruz 4 days ago

    Most painful episode to watch

  • Neutral Milk Motel
    Neutral Milk Motel 4 days ago


  • IBEW-71
    IBEW-71 5 days ago

    What a bitch.

  • AG_BEASTLY0000
    AG_BEASTLY0000 6 days ago +1

    What episode is this?

  • Brandon BP
    Brandon BP 7 days ago

    Seeing her dump ribeyes into the trash made me want to see someone kick her. As a traveller, I meet people that have never and will never even see a cut of beef like ribeye in their entire lives, and she is throwing away.

  • Donna Robinson
    Donna Robinson 7 days ago

    86 the old lady

  • Donna Robinson
    Donna Robinson 7 days ago

    Fucking crazy

  • Kadan
    Kadan 7 days ago +1

    Can I get 86 likes?

  • Jo Go
    Jo Go 8 days ago

    Someone Slap the Owner in the Face Please.

  • Kyle
    Kyle 9 days ago

    I bet she killed the health inspector and stuffed his body in the freezer.

  • Sarah Something
    Sarah Something 9 days ago

    Anyone know what episode this is?

  • Dead Ryan
    Dead Ryan 11 days ago +1

    *86 myself.*

  • Genetically modified salt

    You can’t 86 fries you idiot

  • Darkrai
    Darkrai 11 days ago

    86 the memes!

  • Sly25
    Sly25 12 days ago

    What's with the gifs this channel is posting?

  • CrazyAnproFilm
    CrazyAnproFilm 12 days ago

    *fucking flamingo.*

  • Rayyan Anwar
    Rayyan Anwar 13 days ago

    Gordon: I'm in pain here

    Chef: Me too

    Me at 2 am with three assignments due and watching kitchen nightmares instead: I feel you

  • IntelligenceIsRequired


  • Unowned Skull
    Unowned Skull 13 days ago

    The owner looks 86 and has a brain of a delusional 86 year old

  • your channel is actually not mine

    86 the lamb sauce

  • Have a Nice Day
    Have a Nice Day 14 days ago

    *F U C K I N G F L A M I N G O*

  • Sabuha Humayun
    Sabuha Humayun 14 days ago +1

    The 86 restaurant

  • VCres1000
    VCres1000 14 days ago

    Dude at 3:51 kept it real😂😂😂😂

  • VCres1000
    VCres1000 14 days ago

    Why do they say 86 instead of like take it off the menu. Just wondering

  • Noelhall88
    Noelhall88 15 days ago

    86 the NINOOOOOO

  • iiCloudish ii
    iiCloudish ii 15 days ago

    86 yourself

  • Frank Afzaal
    Frank Afzaal 15 days ago

    All she needs is a 69.

  • Joshua Green
    Joshua Green 15 days ago

    She's like a combo of Vickie Guerrero and Matt Hardy 86! 86! 86!

  • Black Hole
    Black Hole 15 days ago

    86 the guests

  • songbirdprophet
    songbirdprophet 16 days ago

    How did this woman aquire a restaurant??

  • Pirate Labs
    Pirate Labs 16 days ago

    86 that woman from the kitchen.

  • Portable Thunderstorm
    Portable Thunderstorm 16 days ago

    They should just 86 the owner lol

  • Ryan Bamford
    Ryan Bamford 17 days ago

    Denise is fucking freak. She needs to get decked.

  • LegacyKami Z
    LegacyKami Z 17 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what season and episode this Clip is from??appreciate it m8!!

  • Hans
    Hans 17 days ago

    **86 EVERYONE ATOM**

  • Han Park
    Han Park 18 days ago

    whats denise's favourite number

  • Llewell Tan
    Llewell Tan 18 days ago

    86 everything!
    86 the whole goddamn universe!

  • daniel jackson
    daniel jackson 18 days ago

    86 the french fries, I died.

  • jb1370GM
    jb1370GM 18 days ago

    N: nice
    I: intuitive
    N: neat freak
    O: organized

    Give me likes and subs

  • Frogman
    Frogman 18 days ago

    Delusional Owner 86's Almost Everything

  • Abrar Shaikh
    Abrar Shaikh 19 days ago

    You Americans waste so much of food ! That's horrible.

  • Dusk278
    Dusk278 19 days ago

    86 the bitch

  • Sarah p
    Sarah p 19 days ago

    Someone watched too much master chef

  • Nightpony inRface
    Nightpony inRface 19 days ago

    Good God..... I've never seen someone shout 86'ing this many times in one night.
    Hey Denise. 86 yourself!

  • Dan M
    Dan M 19 days ago

    That woman is literally the iceberg that sank the titanic... 86 her from that kitchen and perhaps things would run smoothly!

  • Dharma24
    Dharma24 19 days ago +1

    Can the owner 86 herself?

  • NPC 867530942069
    NPC 867530942069 19 days ago

    First words out of Ramsey’s mouth: “fucking flamingo” 😂

  • CherubiJubell
    CherubiJubell 19 days ago

    86 the food. Give them an order of air!

  • Ivanka2024 for POTUS
    Ivanka2024 for POTUS 19 days ago

    The owner is a pain

  • Pete
    Pete 19 days ago


    "86 the sweet fries" 😆😆 Can't be serious lol

  • slowmotion Milk
    slowmotion Milk 20 days ago

    86 the oxygen

  • Shut the Hell your Mouth

    *86 myself*

  • Amber
    Amber 20 days ago

    86 her own damn self lol

  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin 20 days ago

    86 the world

  • Kep Step
    Kep Step 20 days ago

    She wasted so much good food

  • Semiramis
    Semiramis 20 days ago

    The amount of food wasted is abhorrent.... The ingratitude.

  • tashiscash
    tashiscash 20 days ago

    Why is this video linked to the 2nd place in the world for the black ops 4 IX? The round 74 one?

  • GoFkYourself Asshoe
    GoFkYourself Asshoe 21 day ago

    Omg lol!!!!!!

  • Seems Legit
    Seems Legit 21 day ago

    The only thing Nino would 86 is the customer's bad experience

  • cptsubby
    cptsubby 21 day ago

    86 this 86 that

  • noneof yourbuisness
    noneof yourbuisness 21 day ago

    Fucking flamingo

  • Electric Grape
    Electric Grape 21 day ago

    86 the restaurant

  • Kat Howard
    Kat Howard 21 day ago

    86 the owner.

  • Alice Aterman
    Alice Aterman 21 day ago

    86 nino

  • DempiTos
    DempiTos 22 days ago

    1986....86,,oh my

  • Torry Fisher
    Torry Fisher 22 days ago

    What episode is this from?

  • Danny Knapp
    Danny Knapp 22 days ago

    86 this comment

  • Mi Comment
    Mi Comment 22 days ago

    S4E15 - Cafe Hon

  • Richard Banks
    Richard Banks 22 days ago

    I am Gaius

  • Tmiller 16
    Tmiller 16 22 days ago

    3:25 killed me "you guys 86 the French fries" fucking hilarious

  • Lili Warrior
    Lili Warrior 22 days ago

    86 the fetus.

  • James Bigham
    James Bigham 22 days ago

    How could Gordon stand there and not say anything there was no way I would have the problem with that restaurant is the owner who doesn't know how to be an owner and has no business being one.

  • Amazin Blobfish [ASKdoesminecraft]

    OMG this editor knows how to use Nino!

  • ElasticSparrow
    ElasticSparrow 22 days ago

    I'd knock that bitches teeth out

  • Shaketita Bates
    Shaketita Bates 22 days ago

    How ignorant and arrogant is she? She is an absolute moron

  • EarthenWitch
    EarthenWitch 23 days ago

    Does anyone know which episode this is from?

    MINTY★HARDCORE 23 days ago

    When you browse through the comments of a Kitchen Nightmares video hoping someone will explain what 86 means.

  • 3boodiman 98
    3boodiman 98 23 days ago

    Guess what's my favorite number?

  • Crossdaboss02
    Crossdaboss02 23 days ago

    I wish she’d say 86 Fortnite.

  • Thien Nguyen Chi
    Thien Nguyen Chi 23 days ago

    Execute Order 86

  • Janique Liddell
    Janique Liddell 23 days ago

    I hate to see people waste food!😬

  • Katie Rachel
    Katie Rachel 23 days ago

    3:48 is a mood

  • Katie Rachel
    Katie Rachel 23 days ago

    Imma 86 my self

  • Solus White
    Solus White 23 days ago

    My god... and people like her think they can run a business? I wouldn't trust her to clean my bathroom... She'd probably 86 all my toiletpaper.

  • Paulene Ross Rainbows & Butterflies

    I'm in pain 😂😂😂

  • Sam Wong
    Sam Wong 23 days ago

    execute order 86

  • bruce walker
    bruce walker 23 days ago

    She is a fucking idoit

  • Caitlin Brayne
    Caitlin Brayne 23 days ago

    ‘Fucking flamingo’ same

  • cookie 14075
    cookie 14075 23 days ago

    Lynn sounds so shaky

  • James Desomma
    James Desomma 23 days ago

    Their food cost must be insane?

  • Fish'n Chips
    Fish'n Chips 23 days ago

    I want to see the whole episode of this

  • CasualGuy
    CasualGuy 23 days ago

    2 seconds in the video "fucking flamingo"

  • TrueNorthGames
    TrueNorthGames 24 days ago

    go commit 86

  • BIAS 719
    BIAS 719 24 days ago

    I’m going to say 86 something when I want it gone

    I guess I’m gonna 86 my mom