Ramsay In Awe Over Owner Telling Head Chef How To Cook Asparagus | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Victor Hernandez
    Victor Hernandez Hour ago

    Why doesn’t that woman just tell her staff to 86 the air they breathe while she’s at it? Unbelievable!

  • james smith
    james smith 21 hour ago

    What the hell is she @😂 the steak and fries 😂

  • Jack Jameson
    Jack Jameson Day ago +1

    Her voice makes me want her to kill herself.

  • Matthias Horne
    Matthias Horne Day ago

    86 everything

  • rosenrot234
    rosenrot234 2 days ago

    What a freaking waste of meat to just throw it out like that. I hate to get all "peta-esque" but if you're gonna kill an animal, don't just throw it away like that. It died for nothing :(

  • james ramirez
    james ramirez 2 days ago

    "ALriGhT, i wAnt EverYboDy's atteNtion. couLd i haVe everyBody's aTTention? Debbie, i neEd youR attentiOn. HellooOOOo"? "Yes"? Is tHis.."

  • Liquid Relaxation
    Liquid Relaxation 2 days ago

    Execute order 86

  • It's a Warframe Thing

    Don't wanna fix it?
    Just 86 it!

  • R B
    R B 3 days ago

    86 my brain, 86 my dogs, cats, house, bank, and everything else in my life.

  • Leftysfive93
    Leftysfive93 3 days ago

    86 the owner

  • Shiloh Gibson
    Shiloh Gibson 5 days ago

    Just gonna say... Greg is pretty. lol

  • al katraz
    al katraz 7 days ago

    10 bucks says the owner is a raging feminist

  • Unholy-Soil
    Unholy-Soil 9 days ago

    I dont get it, what's going on?

  • dc619
    dc619 9 days ago

    86 THE 86

  • Anderton Chigoneka
    Anderton Chigoneka 9 days ago

    86 Denise in a coma

  • hotneo7
    hotneo7 10 days ago

    Her favorite position is 86. lol

  • Aaron Lemus
    Aaron Lemus 10 days ago

    86 the manager

  • Sin Sanity
    Sin Sanity 10 days ago


  • Jo Tuyor
    Jo Tuyor 14 days ago

    Which episode is this?

  • Christopher Dones
    Christopher Dones 14 days ago +1

    3:51 “86 sweet potato fries and we got the mother fuckers cookin” 😂🍠🍟

  • Joe Everyman
    Joe Everyman 14 days ago

    Im Having A Panic Attack...😂

  • Dink Winkleman
    Dink Winkleman 15 days ago

    Helloooooo! I need everybody's attention! This is how to cook asparagus....step 1 throw it in the garbage.....step 2...86 everything from the menu......step 3...86 my business....86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86....eighty six

  • Internet Dinosaur
    Internet Dinosaur 16 days ago

    86 my personality

  • Szab S.
    Szab S. 16 days ago

    Cafe 86

  • Jim Cars
    Jim Cars 17 days ago

    Whom ever is putting that stupid “Neno” at the end needs to seriously stop already!!!!!!!

  • AquaWatermelons
    AquaWatermelons 18 days ago

    86 the air.

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 18 days ago

    denise belongs in a padded cell. She has mental issues. For real.

    DEDSTROCK 19 days ago

    Dayum this is frustrating af

  • Ken. Birkin
    Ken. Birkin 20 days ago

    86 the Nino comments

  • Dr 1991
    Dr 1991 20 days ago

    Turn the cameras off and the majority of these customers would be licking their fingers clean

  • Horror
    Horror 21 day ago

    Johnathan Davis works as a chef too?

  • Citty_ Sushii
    Citty_ Sushii 22 days ago

    You usually see owners to stubborn to 86 anything

    Buuut... this is a different story

  • junebuggy34
    junebuggy34 22 days ago

    "Hey guys, hope you're hungry, we have ice water...wait she just 86'ed the ice."

  • TCB Panda
    TCB Panda 22 days ago


  • Danny Gutierrez
    Danny Gutierrez 22 days ago

    86 my life

  • Billy August
    Billy August 23 days ago

    Is the woman gunna 86 the door before Chef walks out

  • Brandon Catuna
    Brandon Catuna 23 days ago

    meanwhile, people in third-world countries are dying from hunger

  • Hungry
    Hungry 23 days ago

    86 comments oh yeah yeah

  • TheHedgehogPlays
    TheHedgehogPlays 23 days ago

    86 EVERYTHING ON THE MENU!!!!!!!!!!

  • eb060801
    eb060801 23 days ago

    Im gonna 86 myself

  • Kristóf Szilvási
    Kristóf Szilvási 23 days ago

    86 my life

  • happyy bitch
    happyy bitch 23 days ago

    86 the exams season pls.

  • TheDragonOtaku
    TheDragonOtaku 23 days ago

    What ep this from?

  • shloyo Goldstein
    shloyo Goldstein 23 days ago

    0:26 holy crap it looks like that microwave just closed itself

  • Spence Mccavera
    Spence Mccavera 23 days ago

    Wow what a fucking clueless cunt

  • Christian McCaffrey
    Christian McCaffrey 23 days ago

    Wow 86 the fries like that? :(

  • Pumpkenn :D
    Pumpkenn :D 23 days ago

    *Clicks open video*
    0:00 “Fucking Flamingo.”
    Me: Oh, ok.

  • LunerGames
    LunerGames 23 days ago

    Sorry were all out of everything what would you like to get

  • LunerGames
    LunerGames 23 days ago

    Ha 86 86 86 86 86 86 86 86

  • Galaxy Girl 29264
    Galaxy Girl 29264 23 days ago

    86 the fucking restaurant already! 😡

  • Dustomatic Yo
    Dustomatic Yo 23 days ago

    You don’t lead like that in a restaurant. During service, you serve the guests as best you can in the moment. If something needs to change, you do it after/before/between service.

  • xXToxicGamerXx
    xXToxicGamerXx 25 days ago

    i get how the food probably is shit but everyone knows ramsey is there so they all become food critics lmao

  • Easter Morgan
    Easter Morgan 25 days ago

    I feel a little bit bad for Nino

  • tobikiss [ too many fandoms not enough time ]

    Why would people go to a restaurant that Ramsey is in?? I'd stay far away from it in that case.

  • Rafal Pytlak
    Rafal Pytlak 26 days ago

    86 the fries? How the fuck do you compromise french fries?!?

  • Ashfaq Tamim
    Ashfaq Tamim 26 days ago

    The Head chef is 420

    ELIJAH YEAAAS 26 days ago

    86 her favorite number

  • Darmin Axel
    Darmin Axel 27 days ago

    Look at all these pigs In the restaurant complaining about food. Be thankful for what you have. Remember, there is always someone in the world that have it worse than you. I guess they saw the camera and suddenly became food critics. I hope they all starve to death. Psychology states that people behave differently when they are aware that they are being observed. A camera in a restaurant changes everything, ugly pigs are complaining about food and they decide to add spice to the show and walk out the restaurant. Bunch of sad pigs.

  • Emperor Pepe the V
    Emperor Pepe the V 27 days ago

    86 nino

  • Anon E. Mous
    Anon E. Mous 27 days ago

    Why did it stop there ? I wanted to see chef Ramsay tear Denise a new arsehole.

  • Jake Jeffery
    Jake Jeffery 28 days ago

    some people are just way too stupid to be owning businesses let alone restaurants

  • Western Spy
    Western Spy 28 days ago

    Reminds me of the Perkins in Mankato, MN that I waited 1hr45m on a scrambler dish only to get overcooked dry steak tips. Suffice to say Perkins lost my business forever.

  • Victoria Wilson
    Victoria Wilson 28 days ago

    That has to be embarrassing to have to keep going back and forth to tables to tell them you’re out of something knowing full well your boss is embarrassed and flustered to the point she just threw out everything.

  • Don Johnald Ronaldson III

    What episode/restaurant is this? This is mindblowing.

  • Jordan Fletcher
    Jordan Fletcher 29 days ago

    Try 86ing the hair in the fucking food.

  • Gamer PandaGPDigital
    Gamer PandaGPDigital 29 days ago

    *Realizes I after to go to school tomorrow*

  • balki entertainment live

    86 my life

  • Nick Mawhinney
    Nick Mawhinney Month ago

    Just 86 the resturant at this point tf

  • Mr. Hey You Get Off Of My Cloud

    *86 the owner plz*

  • aldin 3103
    aldin 3103 Month ago

    Denise has pissed so many of the locals off I think they want to 172 her... that is 86 twice as fast.

  • Intera UK
    Intera UK Month ago

    1:52. Eurgh...stop waving it....eurgh...about. Jesus.

  • Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    86 more like yeet

  • CommanderThorner Productions

    I'm actually crying, I'm feeling so bad for the employees

  • Aqil Mirza the Sad Person


  • The Fall of New Babylon

    I saw this episode before . I immediately 86ed it

  • Avri Jean
    Avri Jean Month ago

    This is the most stressful episode in my opinion, bitch just need to stfu

  • Shy McLean
    Shy McLean Month ago

    86 fries ?

  • Rachshawn Daniels
    Rachshawn Daniels Month ago

    86 chairs you guys

  • Ashutosh Behera
    Ashutosh Behera Month ago

    "Hello ?"!
    "Yes !!]?"
    "This is NINOOOO !!!!
    Lmao XDDDD

  • XDee KarL
    XDee KarL Month ago

    *_I like how the customers turn into food critics when they're on tv_*

  • chatra hang
    chatra hang Month ago

    There are people dying of starvation.. jeez these people are a bunch of whiners...like as if they are going to shit gold.. Fuck off...

  • Claudette s
    Claudette s Month ago

    Wow! She is insane. Even the french fries! Sweet fries! Omgosh!

  • Mister Potato
    Mister Potato Month ago

    Can somebody fill me in on 86? Not a native speaker here.

  • Bob the orca
    Bob the orca Month ago

    "I feel like I'm on the Titanic "

  • TreeroyJ
    TreeroyJ Month ago

    The fuck is an 86? Can someone explain to me please

  • Jim Jay
    Jim Jay Month ago

    Execute order 86. Muhahaha

  • Grayfox988
    Grayfox988 Month ago

    Hot pink: sign of mental illness

  • Max Alberto
    Max Alberto Month ago

    86 My life !

  • happyy bitch
    happyy bitch Month ago +16

    "I want everybody's attention, hello? This is- NINOOOO!!!!"

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Month ago +1

    86 the owner?
    10-4 on that

  • Mathias McKealty
    Mathias McKealty Month ago

    Not gonna lie, all these motherly types with their big bosoms working here are kinda hot.

  • Uno U no
    Uno U no Month ago

    What episode?

  • H Collins
    H Collins Month ago

    Fucking NINOOOOOOO. I love you man.

  • Raven Jones
    Raven Jones Month ago

    I love that at 1:00 the lady is like the aunt from chilling adventures of Sabrina and she is tired of the owners crap

  • Sr. Wingtiger
    Sr. Wingtiger Month ago

    69 my dick

  • President King
    President King Month ago

    Lady:*86's all the food*
    Also lady: ummm 86 THE KITCHEN

  • Turkish Creed
    Turkish Creed Month ago

    fkn flamingo

  • oLogical YT
    oLogical YT Month ago

    Its a disgusting mess

  • Metal Michael
    Metal Michael Month ago

    86 the 86!!!

  • NerdGamer 274
    NerdGamer 274 Month ago

    Dang, she 86'd everything on the menu lol