8 Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You

  • Published on May 4, 2018
  • We all want our dogs to love us.
    Whether we buy them as a puppy or rescue them from the shelter, we fall in love with them immediately and want to show them that same love and affection for the rest of their lives.
    Most of us take it as a given that our dogs will love us back. But how do you know if your dog loves you since he can’t open his mouth and just tell you?
    You can’t. So, in order to solve this problem, we made a list of 8 ways to tell if your dog loves you.
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  • splendor Inthegrass
    splendor Inthegrass 21 hour ago

    damn he loves me....

  • Stephanie Nguyen

    All of the above are true for my dog Muffin and me. Dogs are the best, and us humans don't deserve them! I wish everyone could experience the love, loyalty, companionship, and joy of a dog.

  • Full_Metal _Athiest
    Full_Metal _Athiest 2 days ago

    My dog doesn’t sleep with me she sleeps with my parents

  • M K
    M K 2 days ago

    My dogs sleep 16 hours a day minimum, couldn’t care less when I go to work and lose their minds when I get home till I feed them. I thought they were just lazy selfish shits till now. Thank you

  • Terri Webb
    Terri Webb 2 days ago

    My baby does alllll of these things ..lol..I love him equally tho..

  • Daniah Simms
    Daniah Simms 2 days ago

    I was in the bathroom for 2 minutes and my dog started barking

  • Spirit
    Spirit 3 days ago +1

    Him: He blah blah he blah he blah blah blah he blah BLAH HE
    Me: MA DoG Is A ShE
    😑well I guess I have a boy dog to

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 3 days ago

    Dogs are protective animals&dogs would get excersize as well

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 3 days ago

    @ 4:55
    Why you put a gay couple scene on here??????
    Those 2 guys are boyfriends we don't need to see that shit!!!!!

  • Dizu Dogaroo
    Dizu Dogaroo 3 days ago

    But my dog is female soo

  • Magical Girls
    Magical Girls 3 days ago

    I got it all good my dog loves me on every single one and my dog sometimes even sits on my lap and my sisters face

  • Debra Jones
    Debra Jones 4 days ago

    My dog rockie want let me out of his eye sight.if I walk in the room he wants to go in the room with me if I go out side he want to go to.sooo I know my hair 4 legged lab love me.🐕

  • jhontaz tazmania
    jhontaz tazmania 4 days ago

    I experience almost all of these with my dogs. I love my dogs so much.

  • Sarcasm sings
    Sarcasm sings 5 days ago

    Last night I was having a bath and my dog just jumps in the tub (I have a German shepherd lab mix so she is pretty big)

  • Frank Booth
    Frank Booth 5 days ago

    Let's not forget that dogs have been un-naturally selected and genetically manipulated to "love us" for thousands of years. Paleolithic man would have killed pups that snarled and bit us and kept the ones that were loyal betas wolves that stayed around our camps.

  • Gerald Ramos
    Gerald Ramos 5 days ago


  • Martin S
    Martin S 6 days ago

    My dog does not even look up from breakfast when I leave in the morning

  • Martin S
    Martin S 6 days ago

    I love dogs

  • sweetest dreams
    sweetest dreams 6 days ago +1

    I don't even have a dog .....


  • Dixie 345
    Dixie 345 6 days ago

    My dogs loves me the most.❤🐕❤

  • Lisa Greenfield
    Lisa Greenfield 6 days ago

    I love my 100# puppy

  • cliff dickerson
    cliff dickerson 6 days ago

    Yay 😃❤️ my dog loves me!!!

  • LifeWithJadyn Heart
    LifeWithJadyn Heart 7 days ago +1

    When I first got my newest dog a few years ago. I went to bed fine and in the middle of the night had a really bad fever. I had a loft bed at the time. My dog sensed that something was wrong so she opened my parents closed door with her mouth, grabbed my moms shirt and pulled her into my room. My mom put a cold washcloth on my head and neck for an hour then woke me up and put me in the bathtub with cold water. Who knows what would have happened to me if my dog hadn't cared. Thank you Rylee!❤️🐶

  • Lincoln Swarbrick
    Lincoln Swarbrick 7 days ago

    My dogs a she

  • Keisha Natania Tanoe

    Yay my dog loves meeeeeeeee

  • mojoman2001
    mojoman2001 7 days ago

    My friend's Rotweiller rescue bites people. Damaged goods. Dogs are not all adorable. Eye contact is a challenge to that vicious creature. I carry a knife in my hand whenever it is nearby.

  • Michell Smith
    Michell Smith 8 days ago +1

    My dog pees a little bit when it’s been long since he seen me.

  • cool dodo
    cool dodo 8 days ago

    My dog does most of the video said ouo so does he love me?

  • Stephen Lewis
    Stephen Lewis 8 days ago

    When he finnaly stops chewing your house down to its foundations.


    Excellent video with humane touch 😆


    Dog is God😆 Dog is embodiment of love 😆Dog is best friend of human😆 Dog is forever faithful😆 Merci beaucoup 👍 👏 🎼

  • Otsku 08
    Otsku 08 8 days ago

    Im sad cos my mom doesn't let my dog sleep inside in summer but thanksfully in winter

  • Four Kings
    Four Kings 8 days ago +1

    When i go home, before i park my bike, my dog come running and wanna ride with me..

  • Barb S
    Barb S 8 days ago

    My dog is a gift from my sister . Odie ( my dog) gives me hugs puts his paws on my shoulder and hugs me and don’t forget the kisses 😘

  • Sandra Cota
    Sandra Cota 9 days ago

    Pepinos y baila samba

  • Heyzues G
    Heyzues G 9 days ago

    My dog fell in all these categories I feel so loved 😭

  • ChynnaJago
    ChynnaJago 9 days ago

    I miss my little fur baby, he went to dog heaven end of June. He was my best friend 💔💛

  • Granny 13AD
    Granny 13AD 9 days ago

    My dog definitely loves me and always gets excited to see my friends. She's usually right beside me or part on me. But she also has an independent streak. She has a couple perches, on the back of an easy chair where she sticks her nose through the blinds to see what's happening and definitely let's me know. Nothing gets past her. She's a great watch dog. If I'm sick She's right beside me. I am a very blessed person to have her. She's a rescue I adopted because she was pregnant and needed help. What,an experience sharing their births!

  • Kay Pierce
    Kay Pierce 10 days ago

    So what ? I think it’s cute!

  • Unicorns Rule
    Unicorns Rule 10 days ago +1

    You kept saying he what if our dogs a she that's you assuming we all have male dogs please next time say they

  • Cristopher Alvarez
    Cristopher Alvarez 10 days ago

    One time my little puppy called kloe i was in the rest room with her she jump into the shower were i was taking a shower that could have got her sick and i got happy and mad at the same time

  • Cristopher Alvarez
    Cristopher Alvarez 10 days ago

    My dog ho crazy when i come from school

  • Melissa Lang
    Melissa Lang 10 days ago

    We Just adopted our New Dog a Month Ago Her Name is Skye, She loves Giving us Kisses as soon as we bought Her home she got Attached To My Mom and I , She liked our Other Dog Right off The Bat when we brought her home also she is the most sweetest Dog and so Gentle to.

  • Donna Hall
    Donna Hall 10 days ago

    dogs and cats are so sweet their always happy to see you never ask you where have you been i d have a dog or cat over a man or a selfish person any day

  • Nwabueze Ozuzu
    Nwabueze Ozuzu 11 days ago

    I know my dog loves me because it's not trying to eat me.

  • Elsa Lauer
    Elsa Lauer 11 days ago

    This video is so cute!

  • TheWolfspirit22
    TheWolfspirit22 11 days ago

    All of this was my old dog Nacho. She did everyone of those. Now my current dog Eevee only does some of these. Can't hold eye contact with me.

  • teresa rex
    teresa rex 11 days ago

    4 is crap!.... the rest is ok.... my big boy is 16 plus Marmunnu colier mix, he-s been close to death so many times with leishmania, but he will not give in. Deaf, can-t walk,can walk, depends dementia going on but still a loving dog...

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 12 days ago

    My dog goes crazy when he sees me as just as you said, because he’s excited I’m home and to take a walk with me he wants to spend the rest of the night with me haha. Yup. That’s it. I get home at 7:45 every night and we walk and I cook and we sit. And he spends the rest of the night with me. My man!!! He also stares at me while I pet him and he smells me slowly. It’s crazy haha

  • robert ruggles
    robert ruggles 12 days ago

    My dog doesn't love me, somebody call a Whambulance.

  • Catie Shearing
    Catie Shearing 13 days ago

    first one yup she loves me

  • Rafael Ermoza
    Rafael Ermoza 14 days ago

    My dog do not do anything to me

    GYTRPMCFFD BRHMPADKYL 14 days ago +1

    Yes my dogs my son loves me I must take care of him carefully 😘😘😘😘😘

  • H.j Fishing
    H.j Fishing 14 days ago

    Everything and I love my dog ❤️💗💕❤️💗💕❤️💗💕😘🥰😍

  • dilip niroshan
    dilip niroshan 15 days ago +1

    Whenever I am leaving house to go to work my dog face like a funeral. 😅

  • kragprop _
    kragprop _ 15 days ago

    My puppy passed away yesterday and he did all of the above
    If your doggo is still alive love them to bits cause you really do miss them when they are gone

  • Denise Roe
    Denise Roe 15 days ago

    My Matilda does everything in the video.She is a rescue Jack Russell mix. I got her when she was four months old. She has only been away from me for one night, which was when I had my shoulder replaced in December. She is two and a half now and my husband baby talks her. We didn't do that to our son! Our 40th anniversary is in November and I made sure we can take her on our vacation.

    OOF GANG 15 days ago

    My dog licks me to say she loves me

  • Sonu Bhardwaj
    Sonu Bhardwaj 16 days ago +3

    Dogs are the best . Dogs are 💯 times better than humans . They are the cutest , awesome and loviest 😊😊

  • Seraphim Gugsa
    Seraphim Gugsa 16 days ago

    I don’t even have a dog

  • OSM popcorn
    OSM popcorn 16 days ago

    My dog barks very loudly while I am not at home

  • OSM popcorn
    OSM popcorn 16 days ago

    My dog barks very loudly while I am not at home

  • i_like_roaches
    i_like_roaches 16 days ago

    Umm... i think my moms friends dog loves me... idk why. She is old and sick right now so she doesn't want to play so much....

  • Margaret tanner Allison faulkner

    AWWW my dog 100% totally love's me

  • Pappy Fog14
    Pappy Fog14 16 days ago +2

    My dog gets exited when I go away from home for like 1 minute

  • Raiden Simmons
    Raiden Simmons 17 days ago +1

    My dogs do all of this SO..... They love me

  • Aishwarya Sivakumar
    Aishwarya Sivakumar 18 days ago

    What's the breed shown @1:44 ?

  • iwtmltyb
    iwtmltyb 18 days ago +2

    The only time a dog will break your heart is when theirs stops beating 🐕 💔

    • iwtmltyb
      iwtmltyb 18 days ago

      { ISH } Jenny Kawaii X3 I’ve had her since she was 6 weeks old.

    • iwtmltyb
      iwtmltyb 18 days ago

      { ISH } Jenny Kawaii X3 So sorry for your loss.
      Was devastated after the death of my Alsatian. My new dog is 10 now, although she’s still as mischievous and playful as a puppy. Can’t bear to think of losing her.

    • { ISH } Jenny Kawaii X3
      { ISH } Jenny Kawaii X3 18 days ago +1

      Yes that happened to me😥😭😭

  • Yanneth Cruz
    Yanneth Cruz 18 days ago +1

    Everyone saying there dog loves them
    Me in my mind: omg that pug is mixed his tail is straight

  • Miguel Delgado
    Miguel Delgado 19 days ago +3

    All these are true for both my dogs

  • ESW_ST33le
    ESW_ST33le 19 days ago +2

    When i leave my dog stares out the window

  • OnePunch Chungus
    OnePunch Chungus 19 days ago

    My dog barks when I stare at her

  • Saber SMAW
    Saber SMAW 19 days ago

    Our dog will come up to me an wanna snuggle an makes some off the wall noise when she is snuggling, we have always allowed our dogs to sleep with us unless they were puppies.
    When ya leave the house turn the TV or radio on so it makes some noise so they think there is someone there. Or laying on their back asleep when ya around shows trust!

  • Joey Albertson
    Joey Albertson 19 days ago

    Dogs are better then people the person knocking dogs that die needs help to some people dogs are there familyto them my dog is my best friend

  • Bunk Man
    Bunk Man 19 days ago

    My dog gets free food that I pay for. My dog gets free medical care that I pay for. My dog gets free housing that I pay for. My dog makes babies that he has no intention of taking care of. My god. my dog is a Democrat.

  • kersa96
    kersa96 19 days ago

    My dog loves my bro more than me:(

  • get jay 313
    get jay 313 19 days ago

    I miss my gsd bc she is alive but am at my dad house and i leave with my granny and she have a gsd and she my life and i miss her 😪

  • Karalynn Wade
    Karalynn Wade 20 days ago

    My dog is currently cuddling with me on my bed

  • LayBits TVlog
    LayBits TVlog 20 days ago

    My three dogs are having trouble getting closest to me. They are each so possessive and dominant. When I cuddle one dog, the two could not get closer to me because the one who is closest will prevent the others. I took a video of my three dogs and uploaded in my vlog. Come, see for yourself and say what you see in the video. Thanks

  • itsSETH H
    itsSETH H 20 days ago +1

    So my dog doesn't love me this just made me feel worse 😭😭

    • itsSETH H
      itsSETH H 19 days ago

      @Rayne Robinson same a little

    • Rayne Robinson
      Rayne Robinson 19 days ago +1

      Same bc my dog now sleeps under my bed 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 but he kinda dose some of the other things

  • Cesar Cazares
    Cesar Cazares 20 days ago

    My dogs love me, and I the same

  • Mroon Playz
    Mroon Playz 20 days ago

    Soo..If my dog Smiles at me like showing her teeth when I come home dose that mean she loves me?

  • Jose Azcatl
    Jose Azcatl 20 days ago

    My chihuahua barks and crys when i leave for school and when I come home he grabs his rope and begs me to play with him and goes crazy😄😂👍

  • Truth 7
    Truth 7 21 day ago

    My yorkie 🐕 only bites me when I leave the house.. talk about tough Love ❤️

  • Michaela Joy Umlas
    Michaela Joy Umlas 21 day ago

    I love my dog she listen to me she hugs me iam made her sleep and she Died 😭 well i got another one its name is cookie i like snoopy but its ok to me

  • kiwi3320
    kiwi3320 21 day ago

    When we kiss my dog we say “kiss” and he licks back. Idk it’s cute he’s 15 & he’s always been super funny.

  • Charles Ivey
    Charles Ivey 21 day ago

    I think my dog loves me he's so relaxed on me he will fall asleep in the middle of the day sitting in my lap

  • Xdrizzlex
    Xdrizzlex 21 day ago

    My dog licks me while I’m sleep

  • Lysette Morgan
    Lysette Morgan 21 day ago +1

    She kisses 💋 me.

  • emmi ruu
    emmi ruu 21 day ago +3

    Lurking outside the bathroom...
    my dogs do all of these yayyyyy i love them so much 😙😙

  • RacMC
    RacMC 21 day ago

    4 out of 8 kinda sad my dog bites me a lot so I don't think she likes me very much

  • Patrick Hallas
    Patrick Hallas 21 day ago

    Both of my dogs princess and lady do almost all of these things

  • fadeaway snipes
    fadeaway snipes 22 days ago

    I bring my dog everywhere

  • Dani 09 sqad
    Dani 09 sqad 22 days ago

    Bruh..not all dogs are a HE.
    My dogs name is Sally and SHE IS NOT A HE.=_=

  • Mitali Basu
    Mitali Basu 22 days ago +1

    Thank you for advising. Yes, my dog loves me. All the symptoms had matched.

  • david macdonald
    david macdonald 22 days ago

    Yep my babies love me💖💖💖

  • Utkarsh Roy
    Utkarsh Roy 22 days ago

    My dog (Oreo) sleeps with me on my bed and nowhere else. He just loves to cuddle ❤️

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 22 days ago

    My dog just died last night 11:23pm⚰️💔

  • Lilsss
    Lilsss 22 days ago

    i have a 4 year old shih tzu and his old owner couldn’t take care of him anymore and handed him over to me, but bc of that he has abandonment issues even till this day:((

  • Lisa Hensley
    Lisa Hensley 22 days ago

    Constantly licking me and sitting close under me