How to Install a Performance Intake Manifold and Replace Gaskets (Dyno PROOF)

  • Published on May 29, 2018
  • Learn how to replace an intake manifold and intake manifold gaskets in your car or truck. I am upgrading my intake manifold from a non PI intake to a PI performance intake which will hopefully add some Horsepower and Torque! I also show you how to install a water pump, and how to tap the intake port for a coolant temperature sensor.
    Performance Intake:
    Extendable Ratchet:
    Torque Wrench:
    3/8's Tap and 37/64" Drill Bit set:
    Center Punch:
    Heater Tube and Fitting:
    Intake Manifold Gasket:
    No Spill Coolant Funnel:

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  • Martin Jurča
    Martin Jurča Year ago +4453

    I really admire the work you put in all the videos. I check for your new videos almost daily and always wonder what takes you so long. Everytime I see the new video I'm like "okay, this was worth waiting". The work you have to put in repairing the car and in addition to that, the work you have to put in moving and placing the camera so every bolt you touch is visible for the viewer and finally editing the video the way you do it (every transition, every splitscreen, all the bolts to mark and these things you do with graphs) must take hours and hours. I really appreciate it and hope that you'll keep doing such a great videos. Even though I don't even have a car, I always enjoy your videos, so one day I buy myself a car, i can do it at home just because of you. Thank you!

    • bosna janje
      bosna janje 5 days ago

      guines world record for longest comment

    • Dragon z gaming
      Dragon z gaming 22 days ago

      Ima share this video with my uncle hes a mechanic hes pretty good but your like amazing I show my uncle these videos your a good mechanic encouraging people to not be afraid to do important maintenance to your cars to keep them stable you make me wanna be a mechanic too ❤❤❤

    • Piotr Sledziewski
      Piotr Sledziewski 2 months ago

      Hey Chris your videos are very helpful i got a 98 mustang gt with idle issues changed the tps iac new amfs and still nothing any suggestions from your expertise

    • Ali Mohammed Dib
      Ali Mohammed Dib 3 months ago

      @BIGBOI GARAGE The manual and the from the parts hes replacing

    • Marwan Ezzat
      Marwan Ezzat 5 months ago

      Martin Jurča well said

  • Louis Dubois
    Louis Dubois 3 hours ago

    I wish i had a car

  • JB Performance Racing
    JB Performance Racing 5 hours ago

    Its crazy how this guy knows what he's doing! :O Chris you're the best!

  • Palzer Bhutia
    Palzer Bhutia 20 hours ago

    How to install turbocharger

  • Faraz Gholi
    Faraz Gholi Day ago

    I'm curious, how old is Chris? He sounds youngish, and he has so much knowledge and tricks of the trade that even mechanics 2x his age don't know about 👍

  • Faraz Gholi
    Faraz Gholi Day ago

    There's always that one or two fkwit who has to press the "👎" button, maggots 😡

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    Daderid Day ago

    I can't believe all you have to do is touch your screwdriver to a magnet to get it magnetic! THAT BLEW MY MIND

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    erickcbr Day ago

    Love the way he says Hey Guys 😍🥰

  • Vedran Buterin
    Vedran Buterin Day ago

    Removing alternator to remove intake manifild???? This car is really complicated designed.

  • jon
    jon Day ago

    Hi guys! I need to remove my intake manifold to get at a knock sensor but I'm having trouble finding what gasket my car uses for the replacement. Does anyone know where I could find this information? Also, can I just use RTV gasket maker instead? Thanks!

  • HAlmeida777
    HAlmeida777 2 days ago

    I have a similar intake manifold on my 04 Lincoln town car, upgrading mine with all aluminum intake this summer...great video btw 👌

  • Nissan Skyline
    Nissan Skyline 2 days ago

    " Animals could drink it "
    *Puts it in front of the dog*

  • Nissan Skyline
    Nissan Skyline 2 days ago

    " Animals could drink it "
    *Puts it in front of the dog*

  • Gamer JuelzTV And Gacha's

    Just put flex tape instead buying new one.

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    um we going to kill r pets but this chanel help my dad to fix his car

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    ethan Sharp 5 days ago

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    SmoothJK 5 days ago

    Not gonna lie, Chris did an EXCELLENT job explaining everything, but there's zero chance I ever attempt that myself lol.

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    ProjectPompeii 6 days ago

    Should do P.I head swap on this thing

  • David Smalldridge
    David Smalldridge 6 days ago +1

    Me: Ack! The Manifold On The Engine Of My Dream Car Needs To Be Replaced! How To Do This?
    Chris: Hey Guys ChrisFix Here!
    Dude! Why Is Cooper In The Way?

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul 8 days ago +1

    I scribed to your YouTub account

  • Logan Paul
    Logan Paul 8 days ago +1

    Can we get a good little ride in the car now for a little more time to get a good ride

  • Morph
    Morph 8 days ago

    Wouldn't you generally want a retune if you put in something as big as a new intake.

  • Platinum Garage
    Platinum Garage 8 days ago

    Instead of replacing it with this stock plastic intake, we will be replacing it with this plastic intake.

  • Marcus Mavrodis
    Marcus Mavrodis 9 days ago

    19/2020 no rolecage

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    Adam Treadway 9 days ago

    I wonder if he know how to fix sticking clutch

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    Hussain Almomen 9 days ago

    U could install headers... it will sound great and will have more hourse power

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    lostlune 10 days ago

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    Great video !! Straightforward and glad to see someone else has a meticulous nature like myself...You the man !!

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    Would the intake you used work on my 2009 crown vic police interceptor?

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    I just watch this video lots of work but save heaps money but i dont need it

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    Yo you should really add a air intake it’s not that expensive and you can get more power and cooler air to the car

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    Hey Chrisfix, you are the f*cken best!

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    John Doe 15 days ago

    You don’t have to tap the intake. Years back, probably 15 years ago, I just ran that temp sensor to the head. There’s already a threaded port there. Worked great.

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    Grude Pc 15 days ago

    Just put flex tape 😂😂

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    I dropped my glasses 17 days ago

    if the stock one was cracked did you dyno it with a cracked intake or did you dyno it before it wanted to die

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    TIGERCLAW YT 17 days ago


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    hjjackson05 19 days ago

    Thanks for all your Videos. I have an envoy with a misfire in cylinder 1 and possible internal damage. I f you'd like to make a video on fixing that, you can use my car. Heck, I'll even pay for the parts

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    hjjackson05 19 days ago

    Why not just cut the alignment bolt head off and allow the new "pin " to run wild and use that as a guide for placing the manifold?

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