UNHhhh Ep 99: "Online Shopping" with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • Trixie and Katya talk about online shopping with Klarna! Because it's their show, and not yours.
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    Produced by
    Pete Williams
    Edited by
    Jeff Maccubbin
    Ron Hill
    Kurtis Meyers
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  • bgdyifs
    bgdyifs 14 hours ago

    This is by far the BEST show ive ever watched. And im not even into drag
    Editing is 🔥

  • Hunter J
    Hunter J 4 days ago

    “That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets”
    I was thinking of this Mean Girls quote throughout the whole video because of Trixie😂😍

  • Ølivia Neilsøn
    Ølivia Neilsøn 4 days ago

    2:06 you look huge

  • Travis Ewton
    Travis Ewton 7 days ago +1

    Can I just say...because of this episode I have now downloaded Klarna and LOVE IT!!! I have gotten myself some good Sh!t!!!!!!

  • ItsMattOkay
    ItsMattOkay 8 days ago

    they got us gal.

  • Beau Foxworth
    Beau Foxworth 8 days ago +1

    One of the funniest episodes. When Trixie says, “.......uuuhnnn I usually just get the small size.” I fucking was actually comatose.

  • charlotte singh
    charlotte singh 9 days ago

    What movie is that clip from?

  • Snorlaxation
    Snorlaxation 9 days ago +2

    Knowing katya dragged this whole klarna-episode experience in a podcast makes me feel a little better

  • Anny & Dennis
    Anny & Dennis 9 days ago

    „Klarna has opened my eyes to new and exciting hygienic opportunities.”

  • alicia ingabire
    alicia ingabire 10 days ago

    "the trickle down effect, it's like with reaganomics, it doesn't work" SCREAMINGGG

  • Oli Morinnoel
    Oli Morinnoel 10 days ago

    officially the worst ep of unhhhh

    • qcids
      qcids 9 days ago


  • Breakfast at Jays
    Breakfast at Jays 10 days ago

    The part about open toe pumps had me laughing so much

  • beadpoet
    beadpoet 11 days ago

    I can totally see a Twins remake with Trixie and Rupaul.

  • Shadowphoenixfire
    Shadowphoenixfire 12 days ago

    Katya looks so gorgeous here!!!

  • Santiago Restrepo
    Santiago Restrepo 12 days ago

    I hope the Klarna people reads these comments 😂

  • Milk Berry
    Milk Berry 12 days ago

    This is literally the most liked episode on UNHhhh, maybe even on this entire channel. You people are so hostile towards this channel trying to make money, I’ll never understand it.

  • ShadyDragonfly
    ShadyDragonfly 13 days ago

    Klarna sucks.

  • Unbenttomcat
    Unbenttomcat 14 days ago

    Wtf was this? This was one big ad. Worst episode out of all 99 thus far.

    • qcids
      qcids 9 days ago


  • Jesse Colton
    Jesse Colton 14 days ago

    If Trixie had done her hilarious Swedish accent from episode 100 during this, it MIGHT have been bearable

  • G. Gomez
    G. Gomez 15 days ago

    Topic : tattoos

  • ach nix
    ach nix 15 days ago

    What a "milestone".

  • AlphaAlfred
    AlphaAlfred 15 days ago

    I tried klarna and the prices scared me

  • nina moon!
    nina moon! 15 days ago

    trixie doesn’t wash her legs it’s time to unstan

  • Faith Iyahen
    Faith Iyahen 15 days ago

    Trixie ! Wash your fucking legs !!!

  • Faith Iyahen
    Faith Iyahen 15 days ago

    That finger print smart lock is pretty cool I have one :)

  • Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith 15 days ago

    I don't get why anyone is complaining about being 'tricked' into watching an ad, they literally stated at the very beginning of the episode that it was sponsored - I still agree with the other criticisms, though

  • Mel- Mel1970
    Mel- Mel1970 15 days ago

    The BBB has a ton of complaints about Klarna.

  • Travis
    Travis 16 days ago

    I love this show! So dam funny! Thank you

    KINGDOM of AU 16 days ago

    this extended ad tho

  • Sherri Briggs
    Sherri Briggs 16 days ago

    I LOVE her black outfit!!! I think her style is finally matching her beauty!!!

  • Richard Chen
    Richard Chen 16 days ago

    Damn. The ratio is still positive instead of negative, but...more negative than most Unhhh videos

  • Stephen pina
    Stephen pina 17 days ago

    Katya has got such a great expanded lexicon.

  • kiana Haskins
    kiana Haskins 17 days ago

    Klarna sucks though

  • Janet
    Janet 17 days ago

    Maybe I would be more interested in the stupid app if it wasn't INTERRUPTING MY SHOW

  • Colorlessie
    Colorlessie 18 days ago +1

    5:17 "fool me once, shame on you"
    Melting icecaps, drown my babies... boobs

  • Laura Rey González
    Laura Rey González 19 days ago

    what was the name of the app again?

  • Johannes Halberstadt
    Johannes Halberstadt 19 days ago

    I hardly noticed this was an ad for Klarna.

  • Struggling Student
    Struggling Student 20 days ago

    Why is trixie so hyped today

  • Diego Duarte
    Diego Duarte 20 days ago

    for those "fans" complaining and threatening to leave - girl bye. let them get their coin.

  • Phips Khaleesi Targayryen

    I love katyas wig on her omg looks amazing

  • XN P
    XN P 21 day ago

    - Gandhi

  • tammystiletto
    tammystiletto 22 days ago

    No really do we download the app and win a trip to world pride??

  • naishla
    naishla 22 days ago

    I’m normally not got these sponsored videos but not only did they plug it in and earned that pay momma but they made it hilarious! So much so that I just might download the app 👀

  • Spencer Goff
    Spencer Goff 22 days ago

    Drag queens make SCARY good spokespeople for companies (like that damn cigarette commercial Trixie was in). They can turn anything into a quippy, memorable bit.

  • domingo 18 de noviembre

    Who the fuck is the editor of this shit? My god, I don’t know how much they pay them but they deserve more

  • Connor Hadley
    Connor Hadley 22 days ago

    this ep makes me sad

  • corpusinteritus
    corpusinteritus 22 days ago

    Everyone’s hating on this because of the advertisement but i thought this was still a genuinely good episode.
    the gays need to calm tf down

  • Mycenaea
    Mycenaea 23 days ago

    Klarna? Swedish.
    Icona Pop? Swedish.
    Tracy Mattel? Totally Swedish. Just look at that naturally blonde hair.

  • Christopher Shealey
    Christopher Shealey 23 days ago

    4:19 that's the sound effect I use for my edits LOL

  • Maria Eduarda Franca
    Maria Eduarda Franca 23 days ago

    Trixie: I’m trying to use less eyeshadow
    Katya: Really bitch?

  • Brandon Gurl
    Brandon Gurl 23 days ago

    This episode was ruined by Klarna but after watching this episode another 1000 times Klarna seems to be more of a punchline than advertisement

    • qcids
      qcids 9 days ago

      it wasn't ruined at all

  • Heather Feather
    Heather Feather 24 days ago

    "there was a time where I only washed like my pits tits ass region" (look I'm not gonna verbatim this so suck it, Nancy)
    Me: "heeeeeEEELLO, DEPRESSion!!!"

  • SlendernansHyna
    SlendernansHyna 24 days ago

    The end segment LMAO.

  • kells !!
    kells !! 25 days ago

    the editors need a fucking award. now please.

  • Haroldo Duarte
    Haroldo Duarte 25 days ago +1

    All the dislikes cause they are takling about klarna and making some money? For real, people need to grow up.

  • Ryan Oliveira
    Ryan Oliveira 25 days ago

    Legit every time I shower now I wash my legs cuz Katya scared me

  • Mateo Helado
    Mateo Helado 26 days ago +1


  • Raelle Marshall
    Raelle Marshall 26 days ago +1

    The Klarna advertisement was so blatant it was almost mocking them. Plus we're watching UNHhhh for free soooo, y u mad tho 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • orpheus
    orpheus 26 days ago +1

    I don't know how drunk trixie was this episode

  • orpheus
    orpheus 26 days ago +2

    If you just ignore the sponsorship this is still a funny episode. Don't get this app ladies it's a lil dodge

  • Toxic
    Toxic 26 days ago

    This was rough

  • Alankar Joey
    Alankar Joey 27 days ago

    only if she had klarna....

  • Joe Wilson
    Joe Wilson 28 days ago

    it's a sad day, the first ever thumbs down on an UNHhhh video

    • qcids
      qcids 9 days ago

      ma. really?

  • Pame MG
    Pame MG 28 days ago +1

    Why is every comment so salty like ¿? One it wasn't that bad and two they're getting pay and I love them so it's ok? And they don't do this often, I enjoy it cuz they were basically making fun of klarna, take the salt out of your vaginas please and thank u

  • Juan Chalco
    Juan Chalco 29 days ago

    I actually love this episode dofnkdncksnd it’s so funny to me

  • Kevo
    Kevo 29 days ago

    I'm not feeling this episode AT. ALL.

  • Reese Williams
    Reese Williams 29 days ago

    Shut the fuck up you ungrateful children. These girls are still entertaining you, they're succeeding so much they're getting good coin. You get this shit for FREEEE. Sit down.

  • papii skii
    papii skii 29 days ago

    lol, this was a good episode

  • Reno Carrillo
    Reno Carrillo Month ago

    I get that sponsors are key for making coin but it was too much mention of the Klarna app. Klarna’s a bitch.

  • Chris Ruppel
    Chris Ruppel Month ago

    Trash. Boo.