Rapper Mac Miller Dead At 26 | NBC News

  • Published on Sep 7, 2018
  • Rapper Mac Miller was found dead at his home in Los Angeles on Friday. The hip hop star was 26 years old. He rocketed to fame in 2010 and his first album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. He dated pop star Ariana Grande for two years, with Grande citing his substance abuse as the reason for their breakup.
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    Rapper Mac Miller Dead At 26 | NBC News

Comments • 909

  • Thereal Dyl
    Thereal Dyl 2 days ago +1

    Here after Juice Wrlds death 😢

  • CharHype
    CharHype 2 months ago

    Ariana is the one who killed mac

  • Lea Pot
    Lea Pot 3 months ago

    It’s already been a year wow

  • Your girl Daisyy
    Your girl Daisyy 3 months ago

    Wait it said abuse for a reason to there breakup and thank you next says one taught me love one taught me patience and one taught me PAIN??? O.o

  • ᴊᴏʜɴ ᴍᴇᴇᴘ

    He was not "Suicide"
    A bad spirit Came to him.....

  • Domii _ gaming
    Domii _ gaming 5 months ago


  • lil_ britgget
    lil_ britgget 5 months ago

    i just come her for ariana grandee and fo he

  • Cheeseburger Eddy
    Cheeseburger Eddy 6 months ago

    As an opiate addict, I have battled the same demons Mac fought. I STILL battle them, even though I have been clean for 3 years. It's honestly a miracle I'm even alive honestly. It's the HARDEST thing I've ever had to struggle with in my 29 years of living on this earth. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY can understand the pain you deal with, on both a spiritual, and physical level, unless they themselves are addicts. So I understand completely how he felt, especially cause he has said that he's struggled with depression for a long time, and that's what played into his addiction. I've struggled with depression since I was a teen. I honestly didn't know his addiction was THAT bad, until after his death. Had I known, then I probably wouldn't of been as shocked as I was that he passed away from an overdose, cause like I said, how I'M even still breathing today, is nothing short of a miracle. I miss Mac every day, and wish I could've had the pleasure to talk with him, and talk about addiction. Continue Resting in peace my brother. I still listen to your music, and will continue to do so. Love you.

  • Sangels cringe
    Sangels cringe 7 months ago

    Self care😭

  • Cody Dillashaw
    Cody Dillashaw 7 months ago

    This was no accident, there was known consequences to those lethal combination of drungs and still took them.

  • Dreaf Food
    Dreaf Food 8 months ago

    Xxxtentacion is way better than he is but i like Ariana Grande

  • Grace Bediako
    Grace Bediako 11 months ago

    He obviously had some sort of depression.

  • 2 Notorious
    2 Notorious Year ago

    Dude could of have been an Eminem

  • Virgil Parks
    Virgil Parks Year ago


  • Jayden Vang
    Jayden Vang Year ago

    2016 and 2018 are the worst years.

  • Harry Carrey
    Harry Carrey Year ago

    Some people are saying that the reason he overdosed is he had been putting resumes out at different Applebees locations and was unable to get a second interview because of his neck tatoos. I would think that wouldnt matter anymore but maybe it does.

  • 4liberty4life
    4liberty4life Year ago

    No 27 club

  • ComebackShane
    ComebackShane Year ago +1

    So confused, why make it 1 outta millions ...then decide the afterlife? In my weird twisted mind, I'm actually thinking the Main drug dealers are getting paid to take the upcoming successful ones out and getting paid by other artists, we must keep in mind, big money has the special dealers, not like buying a 20....we're talking the 100,000k+ per deal, so I'm thinking that's the the death of him and Lil Peep! And many others as well!

  • Brandon Stringfield

    natural selection

  • caleb stetson2019

    Another rapper gone

  • Justin Paul
    Justin Paul Year ago

    Unbelievable, some of the comments that people leave. Ugly human beings that are said and just as unfortunate to the human race as someone sick that passes away.

  • Punisher
    Punisher Year ago

    Never heard of him

  • YungZyon Atl
    YungZyon Atl Year ago

    rip wopo

  • Phantom Jaw
    Phantom Jaw Year ago

    Junkies are going to junk

  • anonymous mc
    anonymous mc Year ago

    I was never a fan of his music but you don’t wanna leave this planet that way.....love life it’s not long....say hi to my brother....

  • Adam Tosie
    Adam Tosie Year ago

    What's happening to this world of all of our length rappers being killed so sad 😭 like if u agreed

  • • GachaCether •

    Hmmm, a third kinda famous singer dead this year? Hmm, strange

  • Fran Gustavo
    Fran Gustavo Year ago

    Planning the future lol

  • Doyoan
    Doyoan Year ago

    Respect to him thank you mac

  • Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot

    God isn’t real

  • BMWg84
    BMWg84 Year ago

    Trump is right. We need to get a tighter hold on drugs and drug abuse in America. Also men's mental health.

  • Platinum
    Platinum Year ago

    The heroin epidemic on the black community was delt with with tyrannty by Presidents Nixon, ragan, Clinton. sending hundreds of thousands of blacks to jail for decades. When it's a white epidemic nowadays it is treat a disease and compassion and rehab is used. It's rare to go to jail. The GOV of California is even opening sites for drug fiens to do their black tar. So I say let these people die. ENJOY YOUR EPIDEMIC!

  • Avaruuskakku22
    Avaruuskakku22 Year ago

    Rest in piece my first and last Favorite rapper...my icon since i was kid...R.I.P

  • Angel Garcia
    Angel Garcia Year ago

    We all knew where this was going.. ... ... ., The rap game needs to move a forward and let’s ,essskeeetit

  • AeroPwnX
    AeroPwnX Year ago +1

    Get Ripped in Peace bro, just like: Jimi Hendrix, Judy Garland, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Marilyn Monroe, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Prince, Tom Petty, Ike Turner, Scott Weiland, Chris Farley, Jim Belushi, Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, and Sigmund Freud.

  • Dillan McAllister

    What drug was it

  • Albert Encarnacion

    Wow wwe wrestler are dieing and rappers to

  • Bloodthirsty Vegan

    Aww..,.poor stupid junkie....he will be easily replaced.

    • asmr maskoo
      asmr maskoo Year ago

      Bloodthirsty Vegan you have no empathy for anyone do you?

  • Reckless Nation
    Reckless Nation Year ago


    I'm Taken back after this video was like yesterday Mac was coming
    Out the freshmen year on BET cypher

  • Reckless Nation
    Reckless Nation Year ago

    Still can't believe it, in utter shock still macadelic will live on forever that man is a legend an went early to the 27 club of legends
    MAC MILLER RIP Ur music
    Will always remind us what amazing talent you were

    GINGERALER Year ago


  • Jon King
    Jon King Year ago

    No one bloody cares enough with it it’s bloody old already stop with the Mac spam on TVclip

  • Independence In Mind

    So tragic to see all these young singers and actors addicted to substances that end up killing them. I wish there was something we could do but unfortunately society teaches them that they need these things and that it’s cool. This only push’s them further into this abuse that ends up ending their lives.

  • Tony D
    Tony D Year ago

    Who cares we all die just hopefully not by pumping smack into our veins

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Year ago

    Is this real? Everyone is dying omg how sad

  • Hallie Peterson
    Hallie Peterson Year ago


  • Valerie Valdes
    Valerie Valdes Year ago

    i'm still in shock. this man was my idol since faces. 💔

  • Tempest Xmen7
    Tempest Xmen7 Year ago

    Irresponsible deplorable bad choices

  • DDawg23 Grunt
    DDawg23 Grunt Year ago

    Keep ODing dummies. 👍

  • Zoey Rose
    Zoey Rose Year ago

    Is this fake hole its not

  • Alan Goodwin
    Alan Goodwin Year ago

    Livin fast and hard = early death. 💀

  • shanelle robinson

    RIP Mac Miller so sad going to miss you

  • no name
    no name Year ago

    Trump MAGA

  • Brae Hurst
    Brae Hurst Year ago

    why was he famous he had no talent

    • Brae Hurst
      Brae Hurst Year ago

      @Mutant wait he dead of drug overdose i thought that was rock star thing rappers get shot and robbed

    • Brae Hurst
      Brae Hurst Year ago

      @Mutant if I did it would not be rap i would do country before i did any rap it just shows that you would blindly follow someone who does

    • Mutant
      Mutant Year ago

      drop your mixtape then man let’s see about your flow

    • Mutant
      Mutant Year ago

      he had more talent then you will ever have in your life

  • 1BadTeacher
    1BadTeacher Year ago

    his name was mentioned 34,529 times since death, that's 34,127 times more than 2 weeks ago. death can be good.

  • Mr. Potatoes Head
    Mr. Potatoes Head Year ago +1

    Natural Selection.

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown Year ago

    1 down , a few dozen more to go 👌

  • Apacaveli Tha Don
    Apacaveli Tha Don Year ago +1

    Thats sad he was a dope talented rapper r.i.p. mac miller

  • KUZS
    KUZS Year ago

    Should not be sorry for a man that OD

  • Abigail Sudlow
    Abigail Sudlow Year ago

    Is he really dead