ASMR Tapping, Crinkling, Visual Trigger Assortment (Unboxing)

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
  • Hello everyone! In today's video, there is a huge assortment of triggers for you to enjoy from a variety of skincare items! Enjoy! - Check out my NEW rewards on Patreon:
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  • LauraLemurex ASMR
    LauraLemurex ASMR  Month ago +49

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  • KittyMom ASMR
    KittyMom ASMR 27 days ago

    this is so pretty and satisfying

  • Tim Bo
    Tim Bo 28 days ago +3

    You are so calm and pleasant and your voice is a very Fine trigger .
    But all this put together is so powerful .
    You so much belong
    doing this .

  • Leah
    Leah 28 days ago

    Your fast tapping and voice just melts my brain and puts me right to sleep! 😴💤💕

  • Rachael L
    Rachael L 29 days ago

    Incredibly relaxing 😌😴

  • Carol Machiatto
    Carol Machiatto 29 days ago +1


  • i'm vegan
    i'm vegan Month ago

    whole video of you tapping and saying taptaptap pleaaase

  • Steve Stedman
    Steve Stedman Month ago +2

    I could listen to you whisper and tap glass forever... well it sends me to sleep so its a bit of a conundrum!

  • Be good Or be good AT it

    I adore Laura’s lovely little scratchy taps 💗

  • steeler nation
    steeler nation Month ago +1

    Hey Laura long time no talk. How have you been. I love your videos they really help me too sleep being that I have two jobs:)

  • Kyleige
    Kyleige Month ago

    Laura you’re so relaxing

  • Mayra Colon Santiago

    Your volume is off. Your talking too loud and the tapping was too low. So to hear the tapping I had to turn the volume up but then your talking was too loud so I had to turn the volume down. Couldn’t enjoy the video so had to turn it off. Sorry.

    • Ra Ra
      Ra Ra 29 days ago +2

      Are you sure it wasn’t your device? I didn’t have this problem

  • Anna Elizabeth
    Anna Elizabeth Month ago +1

    i love it when you post tapping videos ♡ you're the first asmrtist i started watching regularly years ago and to this day i still don't understand how you dont have millions of subscribers! thank you for putting in so much effort to all of your videos, i hope you're doing well! ♡

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy Month ago

    Yay! Laura posted!

  • 刘 Liu 大锤
    刘 Liu 大锤 Month ago

    Are you talking about 吕(Lyu)? A Korean label?

  • Cheryl M ASMR
    Cheryl M ASMR Month ago

    Love love love ❤️

    • LauraLemurex ASMR
      LauraLemurex ASMR  28 days ago

      Cheryl! ❤️ It's never bedtime without one of your videos!

  • IB RA
    IB RA Month ago +2

    Im not really into accents in ASMR but your voice and accent is so proper and angelic!

  • Sydney Beaird
    Sydney Beaird Month ago

    This is so wonderful

  • sikidiki22
    sikidiki22 Month ago

    Thank you for showing me this company, id like to try these out

  • Ceriddwen Rising
    Ceriddwen Rising Month ago

    OMG I was just saying to myself yesterday that I miss your hauls. Thank you so much for granting my wish!

  • Ygo-riv
    Ygo-riv Month ago

    The fast tapping at 22:13 is heavenly

  • Ygo-riv
    Ygo-riv Month ago +4

    The “tap tap tap” at 17:04 😍so adorable and soothing. So in love with these videos Laura 😊

  • PyjamaParty ASMR
    PyjamaParty ASMR Month ago

    I am SO impressed with how descriptive you are with every single item. Video filled with tiriggers and... so informational! I would never be able to do this! Especially with scents because I don't have a sense of smell 😂 I think you would be excellent perfume adviser especially for people like me :3
    It would break my heart to use those bath bombs. So beautiful. They make great sounds while melting in the water tho :3

  • xxdillyt god
    xxdillyt god Month ago

    I L❤ve Your Videos😃 and i Liked!!! 🤜🔔

  • Alucksay
    Alucksay Month ago


  • Alaska Lsk
    Alaska Lsk Month ago +1

    You deserve so much more attention !!!😭❤

  • Carolina Dias
    Carolina Dias Month ago

    I love your skincare videos! Also your voice and your fast tapping is wonderful, congrats and thank you very much

  • Kalds M
    Kalds M Month ago

    A roleplay of a product shop would be so good with these!!

  • Bruce Rogers
    Bruce Rogers Month ago +1

    The first product looks like melted ice cream! I do want to eat it 😮.

    • LauraLemurex ASMR
      LauraLemurex ASMR  28 days ago +1

      It smells and looks incredibly edible, very true to its description, just sadly cannot actually be eaten

  • Paulo Guerreiro
    Paulo Guerreiro Month ago

    Que bom Laura mais video seu, é muito legal poder ouvir você, Eu te amo !

  • found fish
    found fish Month ago +1

    I love these kind of videos from you!

    • found fish
      found fish 28 days ago

      @LauraLemurex ASMR Yeah, im very impressed by your ability to make everything so relaxing. It's like you were made for ASMR✊

    • LauraLemurex ASMR
      LauraLemurex ASMR  28 days ago

      That's so great to hear! I love making them! Thank you

  • Klutech
    Klutech Month ago +7

    Laura is a very poised and deliberate speaker with a soothingly melodic voice who is a joy to listen to upon her every release.

  • Harsh Suman
    Harsh Suman Month ago +1

    You are so beautiful that you seem like an angel. I wish I could touch you with my hands..

  • V D
    V D Month ago +1

    Omg 😍 loved this one. These types are my favourite

  • usmcfutball
    usmcfutball Month ago +5

    I profess "Undying Love" for this video.

  • 애르미
    애르미 Month ago +6

    I love your candle vids and show and tell videos like this one 😍

  • usmcfutball
    usmcfutball Month ago +4 come across as soooo CONFIDENT in this video! I luv it! And Danny Elfman's musical score for 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' is pure genius. Great film. Cheers!

    • LauraLemurex ASMR
      LauraLemurex ASMR  28 days ago +1

      Everything just seemed to go a little better for this recording. All the trains and cars decided to pause for a moment

  • Ruby Ling
    Ruby Ling Month ago +1

    You look so gorgeous Laura!

  • Zora
    Zora Month ago +1

    My Queen 👑 is back! And with an assortment vid! My favorite asmr, thank you Laura! 🥰❤️

  • diego gamboa ramírez

    Here supporting my favotite asmr youtuber, may you have a wonderful day 😊😊

  • Skateboarding Kid
    Skateboarding Kid Month ago

    When's your next yugioh vid

  • Big Noodle
    Big Noodle Month ago

    i hope you’re having a wonderful summer laura! thank you for the best videos as always

    • LauraLemurex ASMR
      LauraLemurex ASMR  28 days ago

      It is a beautiful summer so far, thank you for asking! I hope your summer is going so well! Thank you so much for watching!

  • Christian International

    love your soft talking voice ;) love this new video

  • PhateKills
    PhateKills Month ago +6

    Horror + ASMR?


  • Jillian Wilkie
    Jillian Wilkie Month ago +28

    Laura is posting so much more lately! It's really wonderful

    • LauraLemurex ASMR
      LauraLemurex ASMR  28 days ago

      Thank you, Jillian! I am so happy that you enjoy my videos!

  • leah todd
    leah todd Month ago

    😘😘😘 love this vid 😘😘😘

  • mark kaufman
    mark kaufman Month ago +1

    She reminds me of the porcelain doll from bloodborne.

  • sari
    sari Month ago +15

    Laura could you please make another video like “imagine a castle”. Your voice is perfect for a guided visualization

  • Ashley Mickelsen
    Ashley Mickelsen Month ago +4

    Yay! These tapping and rambling sessions are my favorite! Loved this!

  • Haley S.
    Haley S. Month ago

    LOVE all the tapping! Thanks Laura! ❤️

  • Mariela
    Mariela Month ago

    I miss your hair product videos which this reminded me of. Thank you. 🥰

  • Vito ASMR 비토
    Vito ASMR 비토 Month ago +38

    She has such a soothing voice,,
    This is really relaxing!🥰

  • Mindy Campbell
    Mindy Campbell Month ago

    Yaaaaasss! Haul!

  • Yeiiko Gasaii
    Yeiiko Gasaii Month ago

    Hey Laura i really enjoyed the old video about attack on titan can you do another video about it , maybe a roleplay 😏😍

  • Robin the Cobra Kai

    I love the dedication that you put into your videos. Thank you. 😴

  • tiredpuppy
    tiredpuppy Month ago +4

    I'm dealing with a terrible migraine but your voice and tapping helps so so much. More tapping please, pretty.

  • art master
    art master Month ago

    Lovely asmr Laura

  • Kugel Khalil
    Kugel Khalil Month ago +6

    22:26 Tingle overload oh my god 😯😴

  • Boxing Guy Brian The Beret

    What an amazing new video Laura...exactly what I needed at the start of another stressful week!!! Thank you ever so much

  • lucy lachlan
    lucy lachlan Month ago +10

    her voice is so gentle and comforting! i honestly feel like she could be a voice actor. this video is going on my ASMR favorites playlist.


    You remind me of Poppy today.... I dunno why..

  • Louie V
    Louie V Month ago +5

    This is relaxing and all but I need real ASMR fans to critique my parody

  • Mr. Tattoo ASMR
    Mr. Tattoo ASMR Month ago +5

    I excited for some good crinkles!

    • Haley McKenzie
      Haley McKenzie Month ago

      Gosh, you must be! You forgot the apostrophe and the letter “m”!
      btw, not being mean. My cousin and I had a similar experience and found it highly entertaining 😂

  • Sophie Sullivan
    Sophie Sullivan Month ago +1


  • Санжер Тил
    Санжер Тил Month ago +1


    ASMR BEATS Month ago +4

    Nice, very soothing video Laura ❤️

  • Skylar S
    Skylar S Month ago +1

    51min video!? What a treat for a Monday❤

  • Chris S
    Chris S Month ago

    does your hair have white highlights or is it the lighting? :p

  • Giant Mech forest soldier

    she has such a soothing voice and that gaze, that gaze and voice combined can send someone to sleep for days

  • n dungeon
    n dungeon Month ago +2

    Can you do spa role play please

  • Jaz
    Jaz Month ago +2

    I feel so special that I’m so early!
    Can’t wait to watch this, thank you Laura.
    Also, the visual quality of your videos lately have been amazing. I was going to mention it a couple videos ago but I kept falling asleep 😂💜

  • LukeDBarnard
    LukeDBarnard Month ago +2

    The moment I get into bed I get a notification of a new video from you... yay! Hope you are well, Laura!

    JG ASMR Month ago +3

    Hello 🌝🌝 lauraLemurex ⭐
    Your voice really make me comfortable 🌌

  • Sinabro ASMR
    Sinabro ASMR Month ago +16

    I love crinkling sounds a lot!
    @11:07 Oogie Boogie, he's a bit scary looking figure but creates great tapping sounds XD