Gordon Ramsay's Spicy Mexican Eggs

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018
  • A deliciously different way to start the day.
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Comments • 3 934

  • Yuri Yo
    Yuri Yo 12 hours ago

    Everyone spewing hate and not calling it authentic... just remember he’s a world renowned chef while a lot of your are cooking from your half broken ass stoves. 😂

  • Talon Xavier Gum
    Talon Xavier Gum 18 hours ago

    Fuckin ratchet,.no way Jose. would I make this 4 my opposite

  • Pablo Lopez
    Pablo Lopez Day ago

    CUMIN GARLIC are not part of Mexican eggs

  • Salas 831
    Salas 831 Day ago

    Chef Don.Verga se lo chema a este guey. Mexican chef Don.Verga will smoke ramsay. Lol fresh pinto beans for me please with over easy eggs ,cheso fresco con salsa molcajete I ya.

  • Stephanie Luna
    Stephanie Luna 2 days ago


  • Take Tacos
    Take Tacos 3 days ago

    I think it isn't delicious! My opinion! 😑 cook with fresh tomato!

  • ANGELO Marban
    ANGELO Marban 3 days ago

    Yummy dish.. 👌😍😘😘

  • leix leix
    leix leix 3 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay. I make the best eggs with Winnie. and on the side some quesadillas plus a cold coke with ice to drown it 👍

  • Tom C
    Tom C 3 days ago


  • Charlie Boy
    Charlie Boy 3 days ago

    Bland ..what a Shame..

  • Alex Linn
    Alex Linn 6 days ago

    Would like to taste, seems delicious, right ingredients.

  • Newton Th9
    Newton Th9 6 days ago

    Que puta madre es eso? ._.

  • Poor Joe
    Poor Joe 6 days ago +1

    this guy need to take a course about mexican food urgently

  • seb 2k
    seb 2k 6 days ago

    Damn that looks good

    SUCKMYBOTNUTS 6 days ago +1

    Gordon I love how you cook ,but please stop trying to cook mexican food

  • Ruben Rivera
    Ruben Rivera 7 days ago

    I'm just here for the coronas that's traditional 🍺

  • sri mechanical
    sri mechanical 7 days ago

    Haa cheff I need that kind of glass bottles send the link for mee

  • Ivan Martinez Villa
    Ivan Martinez Villa 7 days ago

    Thats just disrespect to the the mexican culture. Thats not authentic mexican cooking

  • Ashish Sharma
    Ashish Sharma 8 days ago

    Wow very delicious meal love from india

  • Alexis M Hernandez
    Alexis M Hernandez 8 days ago

    Ive been to so many states in mexico and lived there for years. Dont remember grandma making this for me

  • connor wolcott
    connor wolcott 8 days ago

    It already sounds Mexican

  • Alejandro Moreno
    Alejandro Moreno 10 days ago

    Not even fucking close

  • Kindred Essex
    Kindred Essex 10 days ago

    Holy fuck yes

  • Smile OR Smile
    Smile OR Smile 10 days ago

    A great video to learn and benefit from the use of the link this program helped me a lot in preparing my daily meals and nappy on my health public bit.ly/2TGUZAd

  • Evander Christy
    Evander Christy 10 days ago +1

    Gordon seasoning a dish... I have truly seen it all

  • Ricardo Ortiz
    Ricardo Ortiz 11 days ago

    Never seen this shit before

  • adriana barragan
    adriana barragan 11 days ago

    Gordon i love you, im mexican asf tho and ive NEVER im my life had eggs like this

  • Antonio L
    Antonio L 12 days ago

    What the heck is that? That's not mexican. Who is he pretending to lie saying that thing is a mexican style dish?

  • Winter W
    Winter W 12 days ago

    He used canned tomatoes!?!?

  • scorpgz
    scorpgz 13 days ago

    What bullshit is this, nothing Mexican about this dish.

  • depressed man
    depressed man 13 days ago

    i put gangplank galleon over this

  • Lori Smith
    Lori Smith 13 days ago

    Homemade tortillas and ingredients in Mexico are the best.....

  • Russell Lavin
    Russell Lavin 13 days ago

    8-10 mins in the oven...?Was in for 12 and whites of the eggs were runny .. Not nice at all

  • Antonio Sanher
    Antonio Sanher 14 days ago

    Jajaja. Esa chimgadera no es comida mexicana.

  • Antonio Sanher
    Antonio Sanher 14 days ago

    That is a fucking shit. Not mexican at all.

  • Isaac Fernandez
    Isaac Fernandez 14 days ago

    Homemade tacobell ?,

  • Alex M
    Alex M 14 days ago +1

    You forgot the coronas and tequila

  • Rizky Haryogi
    Rizky Haryogi 15 days ago

    Egg shell is dirty and full of bacteria. Why he dipped it into the food?

  • Blair Cromer
    Blair Cromer 15 days ago

    Insert comments about the Englishman showing everyone how to cook Mexican. By the way, red pepper flakes on top of the fresh jalapeño, not necessary. Mexican for brunch, diarrhea before dinner lmao. But I’d try this one time.

  • crystian lopez
    crystian lopez 15 days ago

    Se pasó de verga Gordon ramsay.

  • Juno
    Juno 15 days ago +3

    - Watches the video
    - Goes to make Mexican eggs
    - Realizes that 96% of the ingredients are missing
    - Eats a tortilla with hot sauce on it while watching the video, trying to fool the brain into thinking its the same thing.

  • iHeadHunterz
    iHeadHunterz 16 days ago

    He’s right about those tortillas being a staple in Mexico. You go buy corn tortillas for lunch and flour for dinner

  • David ortiz
    David ortiz 17 days ago

    It's most Mexican. The one step you missed is making it cut your lawn then and only then you can really call it a Mexican cuisine

  • wr3stlegirl
    wr3stlegirl 17 days ago

    It looks delicious I want to make it.

  • David Andrade
    David Andrade 17 days ago

    We got something in common. I'm also big fan of Sunday brunch

  • pelos 26
    pelos 26 18 days ago +4

    legend says when gordon showers he showers with olive oil:) yup true story!

  • Pedro Moreno
    Pedro Moreno 18 days ago

    Never seen any Mexicans make something like that’s not Mexican food maybe for him yeah

  • Roger Reviews
    Roger Reviews 18 days ago

    As a Mexican , this isn’t how we cook eggs 💀😂

    • Skank Hunt 42
      Skank Hunt 42 16 days ago

      He never said "this is how Mexicans make eggs"

  • Michael Tomlinson
    Michael Tomlinson 18 days ago

    i wonder what cheese he actually recommended before it was so crudely dubbed over with "montogomery cheddar"

  • Mina M
    Mina M 19 days ago

    Where Is the Chocomilk tho ?

  • Ray Lopez
    Ray Lopez 19 days ago

    Yeah, this comment section is basically 'let me say shit about this thing that I most definitely can't do myself, but I hate because I'm Mexican and we are dumb asses like that. I will not even bother to move my ass and try to learn how to do something but that person who is doing that thing I don't know how to do, is without a doubt in my opinion doing it wrong'
    Holy fuck, I swear that is why we are the country that we are.

  • Spunk Junkerton
    Spunk Junkerton 19 days ago

    My name is Chupa Jimenez Rodriguez Garcia and this is not authentic Mexican. WHO. EFFIN. CARES.

    • Skank Hunt 42
      Skank Hunt 42 16 days ago

      Lmao fucking idiot he never said this was "authentic Mexican"

  • alvaro mercury
    alvaro mercury 19 days ago

    This is how it looks a dish from a master chef, it looks so delicious. !Arriba Guadalajara jalisco chingao jaja!

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez 19 days ago

    That shit is not mexican

  • LinkRss
    LinkRss 20 days ago

    Ahora si te mamaste, Gordon xD

  • Alert GD
    Alert GD 20 days ago

    Ehh... close 89%

  • Ben Winter
    Ben Winter 20 days ago

    Season the oil with some oil

  • Bryce King
    Bryce King 21 day ago

    What the hell does reducing mean?

  • Geovani Niño Del Rivero

    gringo pendejo no sabe cocinar

  • Robert Francis
    Robert Francis 22 days ago

    two trailer park girls go 1:23

  • Isaac Arechiga Yin
    Isaac Arechiga Yin 23 days ago

    Viva México

  • jose alberto moreno
    jose alberto moreno 23 days ago

    Echale sal de Cuyutlán perro

  • Julien Chiasson
    Julien Chiasson 25 days ago +2

    why does Gordon say the word nice so often? "Nice and Crispy" "Nice and firm" "Nice and spicy" etc etc??

  • PercolatorFish
    PercolatorFish 27 days ago +1

    Hey bud... you forgot to cook the eggs. ROFLMAO!

  • chezka latayan
    chezka latayan 28 days ago

    Leave him alone. He’s just cooking...

  • Alan Moreno
    Alan Moreno 28 days ago

    Te va a dar diabetes guero corajudo jajaja 🤣

  • DJ Fenske
    DJ Fenske 29 days ago

    Great recipe keep in mind he mentions 180 for 10 minutes. Hes also using an oven that's probably about 20 grand. If u have a home depot oven, I'd go 220 to 250 for ten minutes

    • DJ Fenske
      DJ Fenske 4 days ago

      +Benjamito Sparks yea I would cook them and lay them on the dish
      Then just melt the cheese

    • Benjamito Sparks
      Benjamito Sparks 4 days ago

      Have you tried cooking them? Is this a better temp, cause I'm trying to make this for a group in the next couple days

  • Pablo Abarca
    Pablo Abarca 29 days ago

    Will try this British Mexican dish. Definitely only a inspired recipe.

    • Pablo Abarca
      Pablo Abarca 29 days ago

      Gordan Ramsey what would your inspirational recipe for huevos rancheros con chilaquiles be like?

  • andy nator
    andy nator Month ago +1

    Canned beans, canned tomatoes, fake tortilla... and this guy yells at the restaurant owners for less.

    • okuplok
      okuplok 16 days ago

      actually what he audibly voices his complaints on would be frozen and microwaved food. shit like lobster and crab (and just seafood in general) taste awful defrosted, and microwaved stuff is a no-no lol. momma cherri's used canned tomatoes as well iirc and he loved the food he was served there. again it's another thing entirely when you're slapping a price tag on that, but if the food's good then nobody should care.

    • andy nator
      andy nator 16 days ago +1

      +okuplok Yep, me too. I use lots of canned and precooked items; I got no problem with that, and if I did who would give a shit... I just don't get it how this guy yells at others for less of what he is doing; it does not matter if he cooks it at home or at a restaurant, in my opinion he, as a chef, should have not done what he critcizes the most in front of TV, or TVclip. If he eats Maruchan at home I wouldn't give a shit, but if he uses canned tomatos in front of the camera... Come on, I got a point.

    • okuplok
      okuplok 16 days ago +1

      I don't know where you're from but over here I've got plenty of canned/bagged stuff to cook with. beans, tomato sauce, lettuce, etc. no shame in working up something tasty with them, so long as it's not ravioli or fucking precooked patties you're ought to do fine.
      there's also kinda big difference between selling a dish with precooked components at full price and cooking for yourself, but I don't think I should be pointing that out.

    • andy nator
      andy nator 28 days ago

      +Justin T Yep, at home; at home one would expect to have fresh ingredients. Take a look at the background.

    • Justin T
      Justin T 28 days ago

      This is at home, where I'm sure he can't always be there with all his restaurants and TV shows, so he probably buys stuff that stays good for a long time.

  • Daniel Durán
    Daniel Durán Month ago

    Jajajaja se ve muy rico pero nada tradicional mexicano

  • Bangladeshi Vlogger Mom

    Looked to be decent one. Yummyyyy!

  • Uger Iceman
    Uger Iceman Month ago

    Reminds me of Turkish menemen a bit

    SOUTHSIDE MX Month ago

    🤮 Mejor sigue chingándole a la cocina inglesa para que ya dejen de tragar pura hamburguesa

  • Nancy Mendoza
    Nancy Mendoza Month ago

    Nothing Mexican about this

  • Richard Gordon
    Richard Gordon Month ago

    the cooking temperature he specifies is in celcius everyone.. 350F

  • Brian Mahoney
    Brian Mahoney Month ago

    why is he using canned food? that's gordon ramsay 101

  • Jarodmod
    Jarodmod Month ago

    Se saco la receta de las nalgas
    Hegot this recipe out of his ass

  • Rockapulco
    Rockapulco Month ago +1

    He started well. Then I saw him cut the tortilla with a knife 🗡 LOL

  • Rockapulco
    Rockapulco Month ago +3

    Mexicans looking at this like (insert your best wtf meme here) 😂

  • ulisesbarrios24
    ulisesbarrios24 Month ago

    Todo enlatado éso no es comida mexicana

  • Andy El Rojo
    Andy El Rojo Month ago

    A mi me encanta 😋😋😋 y lo voy a hacer 😀

  • Ary Davila
    Ary Davila Month ago

    Doesn’t he give the contestants shit for using canned anything in HELLS KITCHEN. Yet he’s using canned black beans?

  • Rafael Avina
    Rafael Avina Month ago

    That mexican breakfast is trash, he straight up winged it lol. My moms never cooked a meal like that.

  • Manuel Jacobo
    Manuel Jacobo Month ago

    A chinga esa es comida mexicana no creo 🤣🤣🤣 pensé que era asiática o algo así 😂😂😂🤔🤔

  • Ricardo Cerati
    Ricardo Cerati Month ago

    0:52 No se cuelan los frijoles animal!!

  • Akai
    Akai Month ago

    It looks like something i would like to try, i'm Mexican, i havent seen something like this before, but it looks delicious and creative.

  • Rafael Del Villar
    Rafael Del Villar Month ago

    We don't have can trees in Mexico

  • joker
    joker Month ago

    I swear if he puts butter in

  • Desi Man
    Desi Man Month ago

    This isnt authentic mexican. But this is fucking amazing. I made it. And its pretty cheap to make. Like 5 to 8 dollars for 5 people. And it tastes fucking amazing. Great recipe. Stop the hate and actully try it

  • Too Loud
    Too Loud Month ago

    Black beans boo ...a true Mexican dish is pinto beans

  • StCooper5
    StCooper5 Month ago

    Esto de Mexicano tiene lo que yo de Astronauta!! Me dueles Gordon... me dueles!!

  • Shådöw
    Shådöw Month ago

    Who drinks coffee and oj at the same time???

  • Vicente Villalobos
    Vicente Villalobos Month ago

    Not Mexican but ok

  • Gacha Bird
    Gacha Bird Month ago


  • Diana Gazcon
    Diana Gazcon Month ago

    You forgot to heat the tortillas first Gordon. Huge fail at the basics of Mexican good for a chef like you. I believe you are confusing Tex-mex food with actual Mexican Food

  • WileyCoyote69
    WileyCoyote69 Month ago

    The canned tomatoes is fine. Not as sure about canned beans.

  • Mehmet Dönmez
    Mehmet Dönmez Month ago

    Menemen bu başkan

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago

    Build that wall!

  • Queen Chico
    Queen Chico Month ago

    i see alot of fake american mexican haters lmaoo!!!

  • Marijo Medina
    Marijo Medina Month ago

    Delicious!!! I like mexican eggs.