Gordon Ramsay's Spicy Mexican Eggs

  • Published on Nov 18, 2018
  • A deliciously different way to start the day.
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  • Ayman Khali
    Ayman Khali 2 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey using canned vegetables? Next we might even see a chef on kitchen nightmares making fresh food

  • Andres Diaz
    Andres Diaz 7 hours ago


  • Edgar Bustos
    Edgar Bustos 7 hours ago

    Looks good but never seen this in mexico

  • Eduardo Varela
    Eduardo Varela Day ago

    What the F are you doing?

  • Advert Lines
    Advert Lines Day ago

    OMG! Ramsay got me hungry.

  • Carlos G
    Carlos G 2 days ago

    Did he just say put Montgomery cheese on a so called traditional authentic mexican spicy eggs. He had me rolling😁. Leave this cuisine alone Ramsey.

  • Corazon de uva azul
    Corazon de uva azul 3 days ago

    Que falta de de respeto a la gastronomía usando productos enlatados

  • MexJ88
    MexJ88 3 days ago

    Unos chilaquiles con huevos y queso fresco sound better and probably taste better.

  • MexJ88
    MexJ88 3 days ago

    My mom said, " yo no hago porquerías como eso"

  • shibal sekki
    shibal sekki 4 days ago

    Que clase de mierda es esta chingadera?

  • Gustavo Lopez
    Gustavo Lopez 6 days ago

    Siempre es divertido ver a un cheff extranjero intentando cocinar comida mexicana xD

  • miami Detroit
    miami Detroit 6 days ago


  • Addi Gutierrez
    Addi Gutierrez 6 days ago

    This is not a “Mexican dish”. Agh! You white chefs ruin everything. :(

  • V GP
    V GP 7 days ago +2

    Gordon: I’m going to cook some Mexican food.
    My abuela: what is that?
    Gordon: Mexican eggs.
    My abuela: here, hold my beer.

  • nirawna
    nirawna 7 days ago

    Pinche pendejada

  • Calum Hoddie
    Calum Hoddie 7 days ago

    This is the worst thing i've ever seen. My mom wouldn't cook me this shit. Disgusting

  • Juan Ignacio Montiel

    He needs a trip to Mexico, pronto!

  • Momo Momoko
    Momo Momoko 7 days ago

    Wtf is that?

  • Furious Lion
    Furious Lion 7 days ago

    In our region cheese is so expensive. We cant afford it, should we use any thing else in replace of cheese?????

    • David Kirk
      David Kirk 7 days ago

      Furious Lion sweet potato sauce. Boil, mash, and blend with some oil, salt and whatever herbs you want. Creamy sweet potatoes are as spreadable as cheese, but the price of potatoes.

  • Enrique Estrada
    Enrique Estrada 8 days ago

    Canned beans canned tomatoes 🤮

  • Francisco Corrales
    Francisco Corrales 8 days ago

    Those are not Mexican style eggs

  • XenoJaay
    XenoJaay 8 days ago +4

    TacoBell: “We need to redesign the Mexican pizza.”
    Gordon Ramsay: “Yes.”

  • Enrique Chávez
    Enrique Chávez 8 days ago

    La versión mamona de las enchiladas/chalupas con huevo de la abuela.

  • Alberto Miranda
    Alberto Miranda 8 days ago


  • Jose Jimenez
    Jose Jimenez 8 days ago +2

    That's more American
    No Mexican would eat can beans when they are so easy to make

  • Len D
    Len D 8 days ago +2

    Remember everyone to luxuriate your beans in the sauce

  • Edith ladybug
    Edith ladybug 9 days ago +1

    Soy gran admiradora de este chef pero hoy me decepcionó 🤢🤮🤭

  • Saul Anguiano
    Saul Anguiano 9 days ago

    Showed my grandma this and she said “que es pizza “ 💀

  • Saul Anguiano
    Saul Anguiano 9 days ago

    That’s not Mexican at all 😂😂😂

  • Oscar Ulloa
    Oscar Ulloa 9 days ago

    Not mexican but GR is the sh.t. Saludos

  • Mo G
    Mo G 9 days ago

    That dont even look good. First dish I ever seen him fuck up

  • G. Coleman
    G. Coleman 9 days ago

    Next Canned Beans called "Black Beans" hahaha these chefs really crack me up when they start says the obvious 😂 next he'll hit us with the yellow round circle in another white circle is known in the West as the "Egg" careful it comes with slimy texture called the whites of the Egg careful darling careful

  • axel mars
    axel mars 9 days ago +1

    That's look delicious, but a real mexican don't wash the beans, we eat it directly from the stove xD

  • Salvador Alejandro
    Salvador Alejandro 9 days ago

    Who told you that is Mexican?

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 9 days ago

    Wtf!!! Not mexican food. Please, this is for the people who haven't taste mexican food yet. Pleaaaase, don't take this as a mexican dish. This is NOT mexican at all. It doesn't matter if it tastes good, not mexican, texmex maybe.

  • Freddy Plascencia
    Freddy Plascencia 9 days ago

    Mexicans don't eat black beans. Just sayin

  • MyBlaked
    MyBlaked 9 days ago

    I don’t know WTF this shit is, But it ain’t Mexican. #FACTS
    Maybe they have a UK MX ? #VIVALARAZA

  • mynvision
    mynvision 9 days ago

    One thing that always bothers me. With much of this "ethnic" cooking, he tends to use olive oil. I wouldn't use that with Mexican food (I learned how to cook some simple dishes from my friend's grandma), but she used butter or corn oil for her stuff. I'm Asian, and I always think that olive oil with Asian ingredients and spices tasted nasty. They don't go well, and olive oil has a strong taste. We use traditional peanut or rice bran oil, but if I can't get those, basic corn or vegetable oils are neutral. In fact, here's the video where he used olive oil in an Asian-inspired dish...he didn't even marinate the chicken first! tvclip.biz/video/X1mE2IWeamI/video.html

  • Pablo Lozano Caravaca

    La salmonela esta en la cascara de los huevos y este resfregandolos en la comida, eeeerror.

  • Okta Hariadi Pradana

    You forgot the tequila

  • Roany Hernandez
    Roany Hernandez 9 days ago

    I’m Mexican and this is some complete bullshit 😂

  • tyrell clapper
    tyrell clapper 9 days ago

    No one in fucking mexico made this bull shit this is white ppl shit fucking morons it’s a chef saying it’s Mexican this is Scottish shit in a pan

  • Afro T-Boy
    Afro T-Boy 9 days ago

    Sorry chef but that isn't mexican...

  • Mariquanch 62
    Mariquanch 62 9 days ago +2

    This is from chipotle, not Mexico

  • PLPVideoEntertaiment

    I love Ramsay, but don’t let him fool you ok, here the original recipe, Spanish onion or
    red onion whatever you like better,
    Tomatoes (fresh) don’t be a lazy cow 🥶Jalapeños as many as you want I don’t give a fuck in my case I use serrano peppers (spicy-er) lol
    Salt to taste fuck pepper don’t use that shit 🙃😇
    Then in a fry pan sautéed the onion peppers and tomatoes when onions are translucent throw the fucking eggs 1,2,4,6,8 whatever depending on how big our Mexican family is, you know we don’t eat nosotros tragamos ALV 👌🏼😇🙃
    Then with a wooden spoon,fork,regular metal spoon, or with your bare hand I don’t give a fuck what you use, just scramble them eggs and there you go my friends unos pinches huevos bien vergas 🤤 and don’t used garnish ok, my sobrinos see that shit and would go like pero yo no quiero esas yerbas ok (he’ll eventually get to shut up cuz he’ll get that jefita look that says it all🤣).. thanks hope this was helpful ☺️

  • Sauron larry
    Sauron larry 9 days ago

    No hagas inventos Gordon, esa mierda no lo hacemos en México, no digas mamadas jajajaja qué trol puro inventar eres

  • Lewd Me Not
    Lewd Me Not 9 days ago

    So his wife gave birth to Mexicans, makes sense.

  • Orlando Francovich
    Orlando Francovich 9 days ago

    Uploaded 6 months ago but made 6 years ago.

  • K Kane
    K Kane 9 days ago

    Never be embarrassed for using good canned tomatoes

  • Maven Frankeus
    Maven Frankeus 9 days ago

    1600 people didn't like the fact that he said coriander instead of cilantro...

  • Evelyn Pichardo
    Evelyn Pichardo 10 days ago

    You should make molè

  • Lua
    Lua 10 days ago

    O si guey🤔

  • Walt Cordero
    Walt Cordero 10 days ago +1

    Never had nothing like that before! 😃😃

  • Covfefe Hamberder
    Covfefe Hamberder 10 days ago +1

    I love when fatasses who never really cooked shit try to critique a world renown chef like Ramsay. It's hilarious.

    • David Kirk
      David Kirk 7 days ago

      tyrell clapper I’m sorry that comment sections are the biggest stage you’ll speak on. Calm your tongue, disrespectful fool.

    • tyrell clapper
      tyrell clapper 9 days ago

      Covfefe Hamberder your a fucking idiot have you ever been to Mexico and seen this fucking dish you Cunt he may be the best chef in the world but don’t make a dish and say it’s from Mexico dumb fucking bitch

  • Covfefe Hamberder
    Covfefe Hamberder 10 days ago

    We need to build a wall around this video!

  • Doughboy1871
    Doughboy1871 10 days ago

    Pinche guero culero

  • - Gendo -
    - Gendo - 10 days ago

    You give can beans to a mexican and he will send you to " chingar a tu madre" !

  • Chad Campbell
    Chad Campbell 10 days ago

    I know what I'm eating tomorrow 😊

  • Luis  Loaiza
    Luis Loaiza 10 days ago


  • G. Alfredo Inurreta Muñoz

    I am mexican and I really want to try this.

  • M.A B
    M.A B 10 days ago

    First a galon of olive oil!!

  • domingo vital
    domingo vital 10 days ago +10

    Its an insult to even use canned beans.

    • domingo vital
      domingo vital 7 days ago

      @David Kirk i totally understand that. But calling that dish authentic mexican im not to shure about it. My grandma would be so upset if we ever used canned beans us being from mexico. To each their own but the only beans true mexicans eat are made from scratch.

    • David Kirk
      David Kirk 8 days ago +1

      domingo vital you know how many of us make recipes from TVclip these days? I don’t run a restaurant, I have a family. He uses generic oil and canned items to appeal to the grocery shoppers, that these are possible, Gordon level dishes. Some Chefs make egg videos and only use Qual or Ostrich eggs, that doesn’t apply to home. He is doing a really good job keeping these videos simple.

  • carlos montalvo
    carlos montalvo 10 days ago +3

    I respect Gordon but if he go to Mexico and serve this dish definitely he will get arrested. 🚔

    ENTER NAME 10 days ago

    Gordon is allowed at the Mexican cookouts

  • Ishaan Rock
    Ishaan Rock 10 days ago

    Did he just use canned tomatoes

  • Jorgethespook925
    Jorgethespook925 10 days ago +2

    Nice bold kick ass flavors you describe our food well sir 💪💪💪💪

  • Da O_zone
    Da O_zone 10 days ago

    That's the most racist and disgusting shit I've ever seen

  • dac1287
    dac1287 10 days ago

    As a Mexican I can confirm I've never eaten or even seen/heard of this dish. Wtf is this?

  • Grasshoppermma
    Grasshoppermma 10 days ago

    This is not Mexican!!! It's southern American!!!

  • Quintin Montes
    Quintin Montes 11 days ago

    Not even Mexican food looks like shit

  • Javier Reyna
    Javier Reyna 11 days ago +1

    @Gordon Ramsay I respect you as a chef but this is not Mexican food nor can one dish represent all of Mexico. Every state in Mexico has different styles in cooking. Like a salad toss it !!! In the bin.

    • meow bastard
      meow bastard 10 days ago

      @Javier Reyna stfu be@ner

    • Javier Reyna
      Javier Reyna 10 days ago

      Goml both of y’all putos. Run by see if y’all don’t get skinned alive and fed to the dogs.

    • Javier Reyna
      Javier Reyna 10 days ago

      You red neck skin head bitch stfu.

    • Jefferay
      Jefferay 10 days ago

      Mexican food Is garbage anyways Stfu about "authentic Mexican food"

    • Jefferay
      Jefferay 10 days ago

      He said *"MEXICAN INSPIRED"*

  • M3xicanteen 125
    M3xicanteen 125 11 days ago

    I’ll probably cook that like he did and call it Mexican to piss off my mom going ultra instinct beating my ass with the chancla.

  • Melanie Mata
    Melanie Mata 11 days ago

    Now I could be wrong and please tell if I am;
    He lives in Britain. I’m assuming the tomatoes there are not as fresh as let’s say California. That’s why he uses canned tomatoes 🍅

    • Benito Leon
      Benito Leon 11 days ago

      Melanie Mata lives in LA. But this might be his home in the UK so who knows

  • Christopher Foster
    Christopher Foster 11 days ago

    I wish he'd sell his meals in stores.....

  • Bryan Alonso Galaviz Beltran

    I am mexican and obviously this is just mexican inspired and it looks nice indeed. No need to take that stupid ´´I am mexican and I never had that´´ attitude. We as mexicans take international dishes and cook them as we please too. Or are you gonna tell me japs put chile serrano in their sushi lmfao.

  • Jonathan Avila
    Jonathan Avila 12 days ago

    Lazy Mexican eggs oh wait will I be banned from TVclip? It’s a joke cuz he used canned get it? No? Ok 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Raul Baeza
    Raul Baeza 12 days ago

    Thats an insult to mexican food

  • Marco Antonio Mendez
    Marco Antonio Mendez 12 days ago

    I wouldnt use canned tomatoes or canned beans, it kind of looks ok, not bad for an european dish, but not my thing

  • Victor Saucedo
    Victor Saucedo 12 days ago

    Thats not mexican... we would never use canned items, we are use to making our own 3 hour long beans, n coocking our own tomatoes, n last but not least prep our own hand made tortillas. Now thats the true Mexican flavors, so dont be lazy to get the authentic flavor

  • bharath chandran
    bharath chandran 12 days ago

    Who is gonna eat it after gordon's demo? The camera guys i think

  • jantoniob95
    jantoniob95 12 days ago +2

    Not Mexican but looks good

  • Raed Skerek
    Raed Skerek 12 days ago +4

    This is like a Mexican version of Shakshouka

    • Raed Skerek
      Raed Skerek 10 days ago +1

      @Ale Galindo Yeah but my point is it being very similar to Shakshuka, which has many variations, but originally a North African Dish, most Western TVclip recipes skip a very essential Ingredient if you want to make it as close to authentic as you can, which is the Harissa, a very tasty chili paste, but I did find a recipe prepared by a Tunisian chef, and it looks very good:
      You should definitely try it, if you can find Harissa, if you can't, Chef J. Kenji Lopéz-Alt's version is alright..

    • Ale Galindo
      Ale Galindo 11 days ago +1

      No really mexican. More like tex-mex o something like that

  • Nestor Gomes
    Nestor Gomes 13 days ago +1

    Cuatlicue esta llorando despues de ver esto

  • Mega Bucks
    Mega Bucks 13 days ago

    its not mexican more like tex-mex.

  • Sara Ramírez
    Sara Ramírez 14 days ago +1

    Soy mexicana. A los 30 segundos estaba sorprendida. Creo que no usar jitomate fresco, lavar los frijoles, y usar así la tortilla es lo que nos sorprende. Pero le doy gracias a este señor por tener la amabilidad de hablar bien de la comida de mi país. Le dió todo el respeto y reconocimiento. Voy a intentar su receta. Esta inovadora. Si lo pensamos queda como chilaquiles con huevo. Lo voy a intentar.

  • Jose Meza
    Jose Meza 14 days ago

    I see a lot my people talking smack but they gotta realize he’s a professional chef lol don’t get me wrong my mom never did like this but his plate looks fancy then a mothafucker lol 😂

  • Federico Ramirez
    Federico Ramirez 17 days ago

    I’m from Mexico and this is NOT Mexican, but Texmex. It looks good though.

  • Mother Phoenix
    Mother Phoenix 17 days ago


  • Simon Nilsson
    Simon Nilsson 18 days ago

    Why are so many mexicans pissing there pants over a white man cooking mexican food? Didn't mexican culture evolve from white and western culture, i mean you have spanish names Spain is a white country, most of you are Catholics which is in it's origins is a white religion. You can't stop people not from your culture trying to cook your food. I mean im Swedish and i see a shit ton off people not of scandinavian origin (mostly ppl from the Uk & Ireland) on social media with rune tattoos and Mjölnir Pendants which i myself have and i dont really care pretty cool they so big fans of my cultural heritage that they are willing to tattoo it on themselves.

  • Enrique Espinosa
    Enrique Espinosa 19 days ago +3

    i'm mexican, this not mexican food is texmex
    the mexican food is beans whit eggs jajaja

    • Manuel Huizar
      Manuel Huizar 12 days ago +1

      He said Mexican inspired not a Mexican dish you idiot

  • The_ Progamer
    The_ Progamer 19 days ago

    I bet would be helpful in helping launch NASA their rockets after eating this spicy stuff 😂😂

  • MaxKiel1701
    MaxKiel1701 19 days ago

    dont be embarrased to use canned food??

  • Lucas Peressutti
    Lucas Peressutti 21 day ago

    Soy el único que le parece antihigienico que haga el hoyo para los huevos con los mismos huevos?

  • ingrid
    ingrid 21 day ago

    Will you marry me?? Love yr cooking!

  • FunKerVooogt
    FunKerVooogt 22 days ago +2

    It's cool when you say "tortilla" haha... Greetings from México ...

  • Chloed Flores
    Chloed Flores 22 days ago

    I wanna smack the fuck outa him

  • Chloed Flores
    Chloed Flores 22 days ago


  • Viridiana Sarmiento Reyes

    Not Mexican at all...this is tex-mex crap

  • Amaris Ruiz
    Amaris Ruiz 24 days ago +2

    This is basically huevos rancheros and did my culture honor in his unique way and we are all about that❣

  • Serch Flores
    Serch Flores 25 days ago

    Now we put a touch of pepp... Oh sorry... Entonces le echamos poquita pimienta a la verga compa pa que amarre.