Guys Rock Girls Rule - for The Wannabes TV Show


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  • BoschStar Productions

    FYI, that wannabees link does not link to their site...NSFW

  • Amethyst Gamer
    Amethyst Gamer 6 months ago +1

    I love this TV show!!!

  • That Nigga Right There
    That Nigga Right There 10 months ago +1

    I do not believe that I used to like watching this fucking dog shit

    Rim BELLAOUI 11 months ago +4

    i used to love this show but when i rewatch the music videos i wonder what tf was wrong with me

  • Fjjr Nfndn
    Fjjr Nfndn Year ago +26

    How tf did I like this show

  • shaianne brinckman
    shaianne brinckman Year ago +18

    This was my childhood

  • Mony Jauregui
    Mony Jauregui 2 years ago +7

    Guys Rock
    GIRLS RULE!!!!

  • Saleem Yousaf
    Saleem Yousaf 3 years ago

    Girls rule first
    Guys rocks

  • Wolfie TheArtist
    Wolfie TheArtist 3 years ago

    Every one just be quiet we are all the same stop fighting our life won't be right if we fight all the time so STOP IT

  • Dana alhilu
    Dana alhilu 3 years ago

    Stupid boy's

  • Dana alhilu
    Dana alhilu 3 years ago +4

    Girls rock go girls go

  • misspineapple
    misspineapple 4 years ago +17

    I remember when I was obsessed with this. I couldn't stop watching it.

  • Sara Horan
    Sara Horan 4 years ago +1


  • Meloetta Poki
    Meloetta Poki 4 years ago +1

    10 x la canzone e 10 x il video

  • Laura Barone
    Laura Barone 4 years ago +4

    I love wannabes

  • olimpiu guran
    olimpiu guran 4 years ago +1

    It's beatiful!!♥

  • olimpiu guran
    olimpiu guran 4 years ago +1

    It's beatiful!!♥

  • Dear Me
    Dear Me 4 years ago +2

    Che fighi alan andrew e drew

  • Dear Me
    Dear Me 4 years ago +1

    Che fighi drew mariah e andrew

  • Iris Hun Ten
    Iris Hun Ten 4 years ago +1

    Wannabes i love you

  • Iris Hun Ten
    Iris Hun Ten 4 years ago +1

    i love

  • Dear Me
    Dear Me 4 years ago +1

    girls rock

  • Tabita Vlascu
    Tabita Vlascu 4 years ago +1

    I love you

  • Bruno Ghitti
    Bruno Ghitti 5 years ago +14

    is true: between guys and girls there are 2 different world!

  • Bruno Ghitti
    Bruno Ghitti 5 years ago +3

    love the wannabes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruno Ghitti
    Bruno Ghitti 5 years ago +3

    love this song

    • Jess Summer
      Jess Summer 2 months ago

      Same I so wish I could still watch full episodes of the show😍

  • Saimon Swe
    Saimon Swe 5 years ago +2

    Boyz rock

  • Raymomd Qin
    Raymomd Qin 5 years ago +1

    Love it

  • Mobslayer389
    Mobslayer389 5 years ago +2

    The wannabes are the best

  • frankiefan101
    frankiefan101 5 years ago +2

    Luv this show

  • MoonLitMidNight
    MoonLitMidNight 5 years ago +2

    Luv it

  • jasmine chang
    jasmine chang 5 years ago

    Lol so good

  • DigDugDiamond
    DigDugDiamond 5 years ago

    Yes, Yes you are

  • Jasmine Lai
    Jasmine Lai 5 years ago

    I love Alan Shaw

  • holly
    holly 5 years ago

    Always autotunes

  • Brandy Scott
    Brandy Scott 5 years ago


  • Rebecca Jordon
    Rebecca Jordon 5 years ago

    Andrew is so better then Alan and Drew

  • McKaye Reid
    McKaye Reid 5 years ago

    They are so awesome

  • adrian dypiangco
    adrian dypiangco 5 years ago


  • Rak Stierlin
    Rak Stierlin 5 years ago

    I love the Wannabes (savvy)

  • Nicola McDonald
    Nicola McDonald 5 years ago

    you are the best singers in the world

  • Nicola McDonald
    Nicola McDonald 5 years ago

    very cool.

  • Bilu
    Bilu 5 years ago

    alwayassss loved you guys but then one of my SO_CALLED friends boasted about ya and started bringing pictures about ya....then onwardssssss..WIERD THINGS HAPPEN...but I always will LOVE YA THAN THAT SNOOTTY PISK!

  • ted mosbey
    ted mosbey 5 years ago

    O.o weird AF! Autotuned wayy too much

  • Alice bui
    Alice bui 6 years ago

    why on earth do i care da :/

  • nonexistant
    nonexistant 6 years ago

    y on earth do u care?

  • TheCrush40Fan2313
    TheCrush40Fan2313 6 years ago

    Say what?

  • lissa mendy
    lissa mendy 6 years ago

    Girls rule!!! :-)

  • kaydnwilson
    kaydnwilson 6 years ago

    guys rock GIRLS RULE

  • Riley Tate
    Riley Tate 6 years ago

    Honestly this is terrible not to be rude or anything but ya

  • TheCrush40Fan2313
    TheCrush40Fan2313 6 years ago

    in the wannabes, you can see how the relationships can work out, sarah with alan, andrew with shalyn and drew with mariah!

  • TheCrush40Fan2313
    TheCrush40Fan2313 6 years ago

    This song is sexist but is still awesome! :D

  • nonexistant
    nonexistant 6 years ago

    andrew looks like fred thumbs up if u agree!! :)

  • Sun Hee Su
    Sun Hee Su 6 years ago

    Well..Alan is half asian and american

  • Shaniya's Hot Minute
    Shaniya's Hot Minute 7 years ago


  • Julia Oo
    Julia Oo 7 years ago

    i wish MARIAH came bak to savvy :(

  • Lachlan Sands
    Lachlan Sands 7 years ago

    i used to LOVE this song :P

  • Airen
    Airen 7 years ago

    boys may rock but girls rule the world!

  • Maverick
    Maverick 7 years ago

    They are all from Texas

  • Maverick
    Maverick 7 years ago


  • TheWannabes
    TheWannabes  7 years ago

    @99Meekimoo The Wannabes are Americans

  • Sunday
    Sunday 7 years ago

    @waterguyroks He's the father of Sarah moody on the show! haha He's awesome. xo

  • waterguyroks
    waterguyroks 7 years ago

    Ha, what's up with the Snoop Dogg wannabe at 0:19?

  • TheWannabes
    TheWannabes  7 years ago

    The Wannabes are coming to America! The TV Show begins airing on STARZ Kids & Family, September 5th at 4:00pm ET/PT and will air Mondays-Fridays! Tune in for the fun!!! (Ck local listings for times in your area). website is

  • NatsukiOFtheLEAF18
    NatsukiOFtheLEAF18 7 years ago

    haha it was funny when andrew tapped shaylen head at 1:56

  • Sophie Shirley
    Sophie Shirley 7 years ago

    Girls Rule ;)

  • Sunday
    Sunday 7 years ago

    @TripleThreat8495 Look for the show to air very soon in the U.S.!!!

  • Helga Rawr
    Helga Rawr 7 years ago

    at 2:27 it's like andrew and shaylen are gonna kiss
    and i luv it wen gigi chucks the electric guitar

  • TripleThreat8495
    TripleThreat8495 7 years ago

    Is this shown in america i loved savvy before all of this and would love to see the show

  • Nerodho
    Nerodho 7 years ago

    OMG I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee ur shows. I always watch it

  • IPatronius
    IPatronius 7 years ago +1

    Not bad kid's music but whover edited this video should be fired. Very amaturish editing - cutting scenes so much and out of synch - enough to give someone an epileptic seizure.

  • Joanne Duniam
    Joanne Duniam 7 years ago


  • Mary Martell
    Mary Martell 7 years ago

    Girl Power! *Puts a fist in the air and pokes out her tongue at the boys* lol love this song!

  • stan sik-k
    stan sik-k 7 years ago

    @TheWannabes Australia???????? noooooooo i just came from australia yesterday!

  • VK Cosplay
    VK Cosplay 7 years ago

    @Peace17171 rule :P

  • asaisawesome123
    asaisawesome123 7 years ago

    ive only just started watching this and ive been missing out! :D

  • TheWannabes
    TheWannabes  7 years ago

    @Elishia1999 "The Wannabes" is airing in Australia on ABC1 and ABC 3. Also their DVD is sold in ABC stores all over Australia.

  • Airen
    Airen 7 years ago

    this is probably the best song yet for me....

  • Elishia Xalfa
    Elishia Xalfa 7 years ago

    GIRLS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 4EVA

  • Elishia Xalfa
    Elishia Xalfa 7 years ago

    GIRLS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Elishia Xalfa
    Elishia Xalfa 7 years ago

    i luv savvy music!!!!!! :):)

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle 8 years ago

    GIRLS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Airen
    Airen 8 years ago

    @PetLover750 there IS a movie i watched its out in perth

  • Airen
    Airen 8 years ago

    @TheWannabes how would u know where did u get the info?

  • Airen
    Airen 8 years ago

    @PetLover750 there is a movie i watched already

  • HayleyVlogs
    HayleyVlogs 8 years ago

    this is the guy rock , girls rule like the song

  • Jay pika
    Jay pika 8 years ago


  • TheWannabes
    TheWannabes  8 years ago

    @techhead2 That's In A Musical will be on the Volume 2 CD that ABC will release. May 1st the Volume 1 CD will be released.

  • Airen
    Airen 8 years ago

    i think ive broken my finger scine i keep replaying the song scince i love this song!

  • Airen
    Airen 8 years ago

    got the song in my head!

  • Zoey slayer
    Zoey slayer 8 years ago

    girls do rule

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle 8 years ago


  • Sunday
    Sunday 8 years ago

    This episode is so funny! Love Sebastian the outcast unicorn. hahaha

  • Ha3nn94
    Ha3nn94 8 years ago

    @Heavensopure what movie?

  • Dom Smith
    Dom Smith 8 years ago

    girls rulez!!!!!

  • TheWannabes
    TheWannabes  8 years ago

    @TheMixedCliqueShow - not on iTunes yet, but coming out on DVD and iTunes in a couple of months as "The Wannabes" Volume 1 in Australia

  • cuteiceprincess101
    cuteiceprincess101 8 years ago

    i luv the wannabees there soooooooooooo cool fave show eva

  • Heavensopure
    Heavensopure 8 years ago

    Luv the show it beats the movie

  • kandyman619
    kandyman619 8 years ago


  • Alexa Roberts
    Alexa Roberts 8 years ago

    i watched them edit this video.