Metal Refining & Recovery, S2E3: Uranium Metal From Ore


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  • Uchiha Shinobi1
    Uchiha Shinobi1 7 hours ago

    Really impressive indeed thank you for taking all that time to teach us.

  • Nukem_MC Gaming
    Nukem_MC Gaming 14 hours ago

    Question Cody. If TVclip were to shut down tomorrow, what would you do to seek work? Or what would be your dream job outside of the youtube style work? Or if you do have a job outside of youtube, what is it? Love the videos man. I always took a liking to chemistry, though I never thought to get into it like this.

  • Salome
    Salome 16 hours ago

    How is this even legal?

  • John Stibal
    John Stibal Day ago

    Oh yeah, add that that delicious radioactive slurry to some hot chocolate and mutant

  • Gnar Gnar Binks
    Gnar Gnar Binks Day ago

    why the fuck do you just keep sending uranium to different forms of uranium compounds I have no idea what the point of this is

  • JDR
    JDR Day ago

    I've learnt a lot from you Cody. But I've never tried out any or the experiments, I live in a terraced house. With a 20*20ft garden. The only thing I'd get away with is mixing vinegar and bicarbonate soda

  • Prakash Chadra Dey
    Prakash Chadra Dey 2 days ago

    Will you please upload a video where we'll get to see Pure Radium.Tis like my dream.Please😊😊😊😊

  • Prakash Chadra Dey
    Prakash Chadra Dey 2 days ago

    Will you please upload a video where we will get to see pure Radium .It is like my dreams to see.Please😊😊

  • Prakash Chadra Dey
    Prakash Chadra Dey 2 days ago

    Will you please upload a video where we will get to see pure Radium .It is like my dreams to see.Please😊😊

  • Prakash Chadra Dey
    Prakash Chadra Dey 2 days ago

    Will you please upload a video where we will get to see pure Radium .It is like my dreams to see.Please😊😊

  • Prakash Chadra Dey
    Prakash Chadra Dey 2 days ago

    Will you please upload a video where we will get to see pure Radium .It is like my dreams to see.Please😊😊

  • Diego85Nap
    Diego85Nap 2 days ago

    After almost 6 months, how do you feel? Do you still have your hairs?

  • Hitler est pas si mechant en vrai

    try to build a nuke

  • Left Lever Mcgee
    Left Lever Mcgee 3 days ago

    Mhhhhhhhhmmmmmm like me some of that

  • Untapped Reality
    Untapped Reality 3 days ago

    That shirt is so you, Cody! Haha. Awesome.

  • Joseph Brendel
    Joseph Brendel 3 days ago


  • Bobby Bologna
    Bobby Bologna 3 days ago

    "for my next trick..."
    "Cody's a Science Wizard"

  • Swamper
    Swamper 3 days ago

    Cody’s nuclear program

  • Ricky Ware
    Ricky Ware 3 days ago

    *You're right you're not very bright*

  • miss misanthropist
    miss misanthropist 3 days ago


  • rowan chancellor
    rowan chancellor 4 days ago

    the video gave me cancer

  • richard cero
    richard cero 4 days ago

    now make it a nuclear bomb!!

  • Aidan C
    Aidan C 4 days ago

    "I need to go find a stir stick." Or just find a blowtorch and make one!

  • BulltacTV
    BulltacTV 4 days ago

    The colors in this video are the stuff of science fiction lol so cool wathcing this stuff even though most of it is JFM to me haha

  • Solo_King24
    Solo_King24 4 days ago

    this nigga crazy

  • Dissonantia Cognitiva

    At this rate Cody will be breaking bad soon
    but in a mad max scenario there would be no one else that I would like to have by
    And I can only imagine the number of Iranian scientists and North Korea scientists watching this video :D

  • Pure Cringe
    Pure Cringe 5 days ago

    Finally, my A level Chemistry and Physics knowledge aren’t that useless. Transition metals and radioactivity always makes good fun!)

  • Wild Portrait Artist

    Oh wow it really is bright green!

  • Jaap Weel
    Jaap Weel 5 days ago

    Wow... Cody actually giving a "don't try this at home" warning sounds like... well, like something Cody doesn't normally bother with ;-)

  • Thithercoin GP
    Thithercoin GP 5 days ago

    No matter what if I'm going to directly interact with Uranium I'm using a Hazmat suit with a gas mask on under it

  • VillagersGames
    VillagersGames 5 days ago

    I calculate that approximately 113% of this video I didn't understand.

  • Joseph Russel Timpug Ison

    His t-shirt says it all. But seriously, why can’t scientist find a way to power machines using nuclear byproducts/waste to make them decay faster? :(

  • NugDunker Diveley
    NugDunker Diveley 5 days ago

    How do you build an ICBM?

  • Black_jack25
    Black_jack25 5 days ago

    When working in a noisy environment you should make a voiceover instead so that it is easier to hear you

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith 5 days ago

    I want that forget safety shirt

  • hrruin 420
    hrruin 420 6 days ago

    Next on Codys Lab how to invade North Korea with my new nuclear warhead

  • Tim Ostrom
    Tim Ostrom 6 days ago

    looked like egg drop soup for a minute. radioactive rainbow...

  • Peter Stainforth
    Peter Stainforth 6 days ago

    Why is chemistry so colourful

  • Priyo Susilo
    Priyo Susilo 6 days ago

    do you wearing hazmat?

  • Openworld Freeroamer
    Openworld Freeroamer 7 days ago +1

    can you make a rocket that could reach 40,000 ft ?

  • anth7rax
    anth7rax 7 days ago

    pls dont die cody

  • Hak Fu
    Hak Fu 8 days ago

    Where can I get the rock from

  • svabl4de
    svabl4de 8 days ago

    Dude you need to be way more carefull with handling the hydrofluoric acid... that shit will kill you with only a few drops on your skin. And get yourself a magnetic stirrer/heatplate pleas. Makes things easyer and way more safer.

  • Pamela Villa
    Pamela Villa 9 days ago

    Tomorrow you make a nuclear bomb

  • VirtualHacks
    VirtualHacks 9 days ago

    My brain hurts....

  • Vided Time
    Vided Time 9 days ago

    I found something in my back yard 2 days ago that was radioactive enough to count to 13,016 counts per minute.. should I be worried?

  • Gabriel Kujawowicz
    Gabriel Kujawowicz 10 days ago

    Why do you need crushed uranium

  • Gabriel Kujawowicz
    Gabriel Kujawowicz 10 days ago

    Why is it so Wight

  • Leonhard Most
    Leonhard Most 10 days ago

    Why don't you do it like this : UO3 + H ---> UO2 (at 450°C) | UO2 + Ca ---> U (at 850°C)

  • 優さん
    優さん 11 days ago

    I learnt more chemistry from this video than my entire school life
    the education system must be either banished or reformed

  • Nicolas Moody
    Nicolas Moody 12 days ago

    awesome and cool!

  • hammer untruth
    hammer untruth 12 days ago

    cody i have a question,if i may. How do you deal with the clean up? i would think the nuclear material would be left in the glass containers,do you just wash them out with nitric acid? and if so isn't some of the radiation left with in the matrix of the glass itself ?

  • thepolarblair1
    thepolarblair1 12 days ago

    Gorgeous colours!

  • Chelsea Girl
    Chelsea Girl 12 days ago

    wow so complex! you have quite the knowledge

  • Bxsegod XII
    Bxsegod XII 12 days ago

    Make a nuke

  • penroc3
    penroc3 13 days ago

    uranium hexafluoride please

    DBO PHX 13 days ago

    why do i feel like i am on a watch list after seeing this video? love the science tho

  • Nurichbin Reel
    Nurichbin Reel 14 days ago

    You might wanna invest in a real good gasmask

  • Harambe ,the horny gorilla

    You made a baby nuke lol.

  • Arun Baby
    Arun Baby 14 days ago

    Isn't he exposing himself to a lot of radiation over a significant period of time? Isn't it bad? Can someone please answer this as to why what he did was safe?

  • FractAlkemist
    FractAlkemist 14 days ago

    You can buy uranium metal - I have a big chunk. No need to do it this way. It is an alpha emitter. The slightest amount of that ore dust in your lungs will stay there forever and emit alpha particles. Get regular screenings for lung cancer from now on forever.

  • Adam Schaefer
    Adam Schaefer 15 days ago

    he's on the FBI watch list for life now.

  • Marcus Flysjö
    Marcus Flysjö 15 days ago

    Cody feels like such a nerdy akward guy... and somehow i love him even more for it!
    Great content all-around, i especially enjoyed the segments when he's working in the mine!

  • VoltageLP
    VoltageLP 15 days ago

    And Iraaaaan, Iran so far awaaaaay

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo 15 days ago

    If you lived in Iran, Mossad would have already killed you 😂

  • Emilio Muniz
    Emilio Muniz 15 days ago

    Doesn't radium glow in the dark?

  • Mike Lannzel
    Mike Lannzel 15 days ago

    Is this the episode where Homer gets a promotion?

  • Savas Kara
    Savas Kara 15 days ago

    Can you also make a video about how do you clean your stuff? Must be hard to get rid of all those dirt, chemicals away from your hardware.(and what was that at the end?too dark, couldnt see it)

  • David Parry
    David Parry 15 days ago +1

    ...but where do I put the Lithium Deuteride and the Polonium disc?

  • Caters Carrots
    Caters Carrots 15 days ago

    Couldn't you simply use a magnet to pull out the steel bearings and leave the uranium in there since uranium is not magnetic?

  • Josh Sat
    Josh Sat 16 days ago

    so when will you make a reactor?

  • vulkein
    vulkein 16 days ago

    how the fuck... do you learn all this shit. That's like 300 steps with literally the uranium changing every color of the rainbow along the way..

  • dhy5342
    dhy5342 16 days ago

    I want to see you make some Vibranium or Unobtanium.

  • Hassan Tariq
    Hassan Tariq 16 days ago

    I m high man and chemistry does not come to me often. But this was fucking awesome. you are a chemical genius bro :D loved the whole video. peace..

  • Peter Hechtsuppe
    Peter Hechtsuppe 16 days ago

    dude wtf wont u get cancer from this??

  • Mukhrizthedodo gamez
    Mukhrizthedodo gamez 17 days ago

    "so this is my little bag of uranium peroxide," he says it so casually, I'm crying

  • David David
    David David 17 days ago

    Cody, you will be pleased to know.....I concur

  • Dragonite6358
    Dragonite6358 17 days ago

    And I was proud of myself for recognizing Cu in solution. Great vid Cody

  • Danse Lane
    Danse Lane 17 days ago

    Aren't you gonna or recieving radiation poisoning?

  • Goose 6.0
    Goose 6.0 17 days ago

    Cody how has the EPA not kicked in your door?

  • arkadiusz switaj
    arkadiusz switaj 17 days ago


  • Buck Starchaser
    Buck Starchaser 17 days ago

    I would like to see that Radium waste converted into Glow-in-the-dark stuff. Not necessarily paint like they did in the old days, but a safely sealed night-light would be nifty to see.

  • ShumaiAxeman
    ShumaiAxeman 17 days ago

    This was really cool man, thanks. Makes me want to go back and brush up on my chemistry. Havent done it since highschool.

  • MrFilipang
    MrFilipang 18 days ago

    World's most radioactive play button!?

  • Gunnison 36
    Gunnison 36 18 days ago

    Has North Korea contacted you yet?

  • Robert
    Robert 18 days ago

    I honestly don't know much about radioactive rocks. That being said, I wouldn't want to piss Cody off in the near future cause I think the probability of him turning green and expanding into a hulking monster has increased considerably since this video was released.

  • Khalil Mishref
    Khalil Mishref 18 days ago

    Cody you should do an X-Ray assay of the liquid waste in order to see what was really in all of it.

  • Gamer Boy
    Gamer Boy 18 days ago

    You should've been using a full face industrial gas mask with a p3 filter on it at least that would give you protection and you can maybe find it it hard were store and on Amazon a NBC filter provides waaaay more protection than p3 filters but you can't just go and buy it on Amazon

  • Def Rey
    Def Rey 18 days ago

    Well I've mixed vinegar and baking soda in a cup so not impressed cody...

  • Super Dave
    Super Dave 18 days ago

    You need bigger balls......
    In the ball-mill that is.

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C 18 days ago +2

    "Still not like baby powder or anything."
    Yes, I too routinely make uranium based baby powder. It's great for the skin!

  • Oskar Demus
    Oskar Demus 18 days ago

    did he wear that shirt ironically

  • Rory Wells
    Rory Wells 19 days ago

    enforce coal vision emphasis Latin military remember painful survival apple complicated workshop.

  • LovesTheGash
    LovesTheGash 19 days ago

    What was the point of all this?

  • hakan aydın
    hakan aydın 19 days ago

    now its time to make a "how to enrich uranium" video

  • bentlikeitsmaker
    bentlikeitsmaker 19 days ago

    Look into one of those 8 inch duct fans or even dryer booster fans there used for growing plants they have come down 100 bucks off Amazon

  • Schmeichl Bay
    Schmeichl Bay 20 days ago

    Who in god’s name sold you hydrofluoric acid?

  • Alex Epworth
    Alex Epworth 20 days ago

    Hope you had a radx before making this vid, maybe take a few radaways afterwards too...

  • Dorq
    Dorq 20 days ago

    Next video:
    “DIY nuclear bomb”

  • 피참
    피참 20 days ago

    이 동영상을 좋아합니다.