10 Secrets Disney Parks Don't Want You to Know!

  • Published on Mar 9, 2017
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Comments • 5 193

  • MishaMellow
    MishaMellow Day ago

    Feel bad for the cast members damn ..

  • sailorqueen2013
    sailorqueen2013 2 days ago

    I had a coworker that spread her husband’s ashes at the pirates at the carribeans. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that they probably removed his ashes right after she did it.

  • A- JAY
    A- JAY 3 days ago +1

    I heard the have a hunted island that they abandoned

  • Ms. Rodriguez
    Ms. Rodriguez 4 days ago

    I've been to Disney and saw the bushes were moving. Needless to say, I threw a piece a bread and I saw a kitty paw collect it.

  • Julie C
    Julie C 4 days ago

    There used to be an attraction, it's a small world that had a rotating stage. After one act was done, the stage would turn with another act ready, a young girl actor was caught and literally squished to death. They didn't want any deaths at the happiest place on earth so the coroner had to wait until the body was outside the gates before pronouncing her time of death.

  • End_Plague
    End_Plague 5 days ago +1

    I'm going to make my own theme park called Gaming island, where it shows areas from video games like Minecraft, Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil, Doom, Call Of Duty.
    P.S. The Assassin's Creed attraction will be named Animus Island- Home Of Assassin's Creed.
    Comment "Gamers All Welcome"

  • Veronica Figue
    Veronica Figue 6 days ago

    If you yell ANDY at the toy story park. All the toys/characters play dead

  • Veronica Figue
    Veronica Figue 6 days ago

    My best friend went to Harry potter's team park in a really good custom and they made her change and gave her a free shirt to wear, beacuse she was confusing guest... she was so sad after that...

  • {gacha cinnamon}
    {gacha cinnamon} 6 days ago

    I would be chasing all the cats....I love cats so much!!!

  • Kathy Main
    Kathy Main 6 days ago

    If the cats are vaccinated then you won't get an illness from them.

  • EmoWolf 616
    EmoWolf 616 6 days ago

    I’ve been in the tunnels before as they thought something happened on the pirates ride! Nothing did but we where stuck 2 hours and had to go into the tunnels for 30 minutes it was crazy! At least I got to see a secret!

  • diamond ranney
    diamond ranney 7 days ago

    they made up a color to keep people away from areas and they have one of the largest hydroponic garden in the world that helps feed the fish life

  • delia Llerena
    delia Llerena 7 days ago

    stop acting fake happy dude just be real this isnt blues clues

  • Riah Love
    Riah Love 7 days ago

    Love your videos lol and your enthusiasm keeps me watching over and over 😂😂

  • Kc Link
    Kc Link 8 days ago

    1:45 Why is that disturbing at all??

  • Jane Adams
    Jane Adams 9 days ago

    My husband was in a wherlchaor when I visited. We werr escorted around the park. No lines, no waiting. They wven helped my hudband on rides he was able to use. We would often come.out of a tunnel in the front.of the line.

  • jade bethel
    jade bethel 9 days ago

    As far as I’m concerned knowing now that Disney doesn’t pay their employees properly I wouldn’t wanna work there

  • kampiestarz
    kampiestarz 10 days ago

    Disney World, been there, seen it...

  • Jay Are
    Jay Are 11 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that wants to hijack the "smellitzers" and load them with liquid ass? Nope I guess its just me.

  • Johnny Vex
    Johnny Vex 12 days ago

    Undercover cops? Where were they when the Rumble at Toon Town happened???

  • Mr.Knight The Detective
    Mr.Knight The Detective 17 days ago +1

    *"Hyuk hyuk, I'll f*cking do It again..."*

  • Debra Grace
    Debra Grace 18 days ago

    Do they pop cast up if they die on shift to make it look like theyre sleeping til end of shift

  • Lindsayy McDonald
    Lindsayy McDonald 20 days ago +1

    Also, Walt Disney signed his name with three 6s and was rumored to be heavily into the occult... 🤔

  • Lindsayy McDonald
    Lindsayy McDonald 20 days ago

    The 33 Club!! In Orlando FL I'm not sure if y'all have it in California but we do here 😈☠

    • Dr. Pixel
      Dr. Pixel 14 days ago

      That is very well known compared to “other stuff” here in Florida.

  • King Moosh
    King Moosh 20 days ago

    The Disney cast members don’t get paid enough

  • Steven Martinez
    Steven Martinez 21 day ago

    there was a kid who has a certain disease that would kill him in a couple of days.His father later after this passing wanted Disney permission to have spider man logo in his tombstone because he love spider man so much,but unfortunate they declined .to me thats sad because he love spider man that much to have a simple hero he like not in his tombstone.

  • Beth Michael
    Beth Michael 21 day ago

    My son walk right in front of Pluto when he was walking by. I had to pull him out of the way cause he didn't see him. Goofy was on the other side and panicked a little.

  • Ron Just Ron
    Ron Just Ron 21 day ago

    All of those rules make perfect sense to me. The one where they cannot take selfies while in costume makes perfect sense as well. Who wants to see that the person in the Goofy costume looks like a child molester? Lol Ok that is bit extreme but you see what I am saying? If Mickey is really some 30 year old with tattoos all over his face and he posts pics all over Facebook, some of the "magic" will disappear. Disney is (supposedly) all about keeping the fantasy alive and well for children and there is nothing wrong with that. In today's world it seems everyone wants to ruin the childhood of todays children and strip them of magical things like Santa Clause. "I am not going to lie to my kids and tell them Santa is real", that's what I hear from people who tell their 4 year old that Santa is not real. There is nothing wrong with allowing kids to think that a magical, good person brings them presents at Christmas time. Christmas is all about the magical and the wonderful and goodness. Once they know Santa is really just mom and/or dad, now Christmas becomes more about the money of the present. Let kids be kids, they will live the majority of their life as an adult and having to deal with "reality" , let them have some fantasy for awhile.

  • Arizona person
    Arizona person 22 days ago +1

    What about Disney promotes pedophilia, child trafficking,
    Founder was a 33rd Mason, satanic cult followers....

  • angela fields
    angela fields 24 days ago

    I'm 42,always wanted to go until watching TVclip and finding out how many people died there, also why the he'll would I pay almost a hundred to wait in line more than getting on rides! NO THANKS

    • Dr. Pixel
      Dr. Pixel 14 days ago

      angela fields lines are not bad unless you try to go to a new ride. Mine train was like 8-10 hrs wait at first. Avatar lines were about 16 hrs at first. After that they get normal wait which is 20 mins to an hr

  • Michael Hensley
    Michael Hensley 25 days ago

    All theme parks there have deaths look six flags someone had been decapitated during a ride

    • Dr. Pixel
      Dr. Pixel 14 days ago

      Michael Hensley all the parks here in Florida had incidents all the time but are covered up. Like the house of blues incident that came to the light month and two days after it happened because they couldn’t identify the person. Cast member that lost part of his hand last December 31, 2019at Epcot.
      Everything will be kept indoors.

  • Steve Butler
    Steve Butler 25 days ago

    Yeah. The damned cats cause awful smells in the Los Angeles park. Esp by the Haunted House near Orleans restaurant.

  • Lordkey Gmail
    Lordkey Gmail 27 days ago

    the grass isn't always greener

  • ann carson
    ann carson Month ago

    I knew about the tunnels and the cats one cat actually came up to me when I was there I'm back in Arkansas now

  • THE Hetalia Fan
    THE Hetalia Fan Month ago

    1:22 so...it was his fault?

  • Gio Sanchez
    Gio Sanchez Month ago

    Undercover security... yeah right... Ghetto family fight..... Just happened in California

    • Dr. Pixel
      Dr. Pixel 14 days ago

      Gio Sanchez lol, believe it or not they are not allowed to touch anyone. So until they real help arrive or guests around do something. No touchie touchie or bye bye

  • Charles Fowler -Willing Magogonite

    I used to like yelling Andy's coming, and all the Toy Story guys would have to drop. Now they just reply Andy's he's in college

  • Regina Getter
    Regina Getter Month ago

    Pretty sure they lied about having all those undercover cops. We all saw the Disneyland Family Brawl video, it took several minutes for security to even show up, and then they did and a grown man continued to beat up women until he decided to leave on his own. It was pathetic.

  • James Cicman
    James Cicman Month ago

    For the creepy pasta did he really curse us? And the spelling was turned into that

  • Joshua Prado-Saccoman

    I wanna sit on your face

  • Robert Reaves
    Robert Reaves Month ago

    My family and me been to disneyworld

  • Darren Timmerman
    Darren Timmerman Month ago

    It's not a secret about people who died. Any tourist based company like theme parks or casino wont released numbers on deaths.

  • Jaden Gilliam
    Jaden Gilliam Month ago +1

    Disneyworld should be banned from Florida. I really don't care about California

  • Megan Hash
    Megan Hash Month ago

    A friend of mine is currently doing a Disney summer program and she got to go through the Utilidoors/underground tunnels. I'm SOOOO jealous!!

    • Dr. Pixel
      Dr. Pixel 14 days ago

      Megan Hash the one in MK Florida is like walking in the 5th avenue. The Epcot tunnels are not as busy.

  • Trevor Cooch
    Trevor Cooch Month ago +1

    How do u have underground tunnels in florida? U cant thats fake lmao

    • Dr. Pixel
      Dr. Pixel 14 days ago

      Trevor Cooch there are tunnels, many of those “backstage areas” lead them to the tunnels. Thats why I don’t work at tragic kingdom lmao

  • JIMI
    JIMI 2 months ago

    Did you know about Walt Disney secret room that he still visits to this day? Doody doody doody doody doody doody, sorry that was my interpretation of Twilight Zone Theme Song

  • GG Bro
    GG Bro 2 months ago

    Who remembers push from magic kingdom Rip

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time 2 months ago

    This was scary

  • Devon Kruders
    Devon Kruders 2 months ago

    Originally in the pirates of the Caribbean ride some of the skeletons were actually real.

  • Aldo Maverick
    Aldo Maverick 2 months ago

    7:08 shabaalah at portaventura

  • Brittany Carter
    Brittany Carter 2 months ago

    Adults and older teenagers are not allowed to wear Disney costumes to any Disney parks

  • Jason Gura The Mad Republican

    The Mouse Is Taking Over

  • Chad Cashman
    Chad Cashman 2 months ago

    I was wearing a Michigan t-shirt at a restaurant at Disney World. Ariel came up and asked me if I was a fresh water fish. Hmmmm. Does that count as not knowing about anything outside their world?

  • UNIcOw 777
    UNIcOw 777 2 months ago

    I wish i did not watch...

  • Shaquita Bryant
    Shaquita Bryant 2 months ago

    Disney world is santanic and creepy place i hate mascots

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby 2 months ago

    Does anybody else remember that a guy in a Pluto costume got ran over by a float during a parade at Dinsneyland or Disneyworld?

  • Ammonia
    Ammonia 2 months ago

    Omg these poor 'cast members' what a f*cking miserable job

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck 3 months ago

    I punch Goofy all the time

  • Emily LaBella
    Emily LaBella 3 months ago

    The cats boss is a mouse

  • Cristina Arambula
    Cristina Arambula 3 months ago

    The company I work for has yearly 1st aid training. A few years back one of the trainers who came in was telling us stories from his EMT days working for the city of Anaheim. He told us that officially nobody has died at Disneyland because the medical station has it's own separate address from the park, anyone with a serious medical issue is taken there & that's where they would be declared dead.

  • Kaliam Howorth
    Kaliam Howorth 3 months ago

    Oh no feral cats. Quick hide Britney Spears.

  • mary gaylord
    mary gaylord 4 months ago

    Always consider the liquor store as the happiest place on earth...

  • Closet fangirl
    Closet fangirl 4 months ago

    If you see Mickey putting an arm over his eyes, that means the person wearing the costume is getting hot and someone else needs to put a Mickey costume on employees that wear full-bodied costumes are trained to do that pretty good idea for summer time in places like Florida where you can wear summer clothes in December

  • Issac Romero
    Issac Romero 4 months ago

    I want MORE vids like this

  • XLer8
    XLer8 4 months ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the picture during the selfie stick segment is portaventura right?

  • Starr Forshaw
    Starr Forshaw 4 months ago

    But what about OUAT?

  • Peggy Ross
    Peggy Ross 4 months ago


  • komaeda's apologist
    komaeda's apologist 4 months ago

    the intro tho xD

  • JAy. FNAF.454
    JAy. FNAF.454 4 months ago


  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose 4 months ago

    I have never seen actual cats at Disneyland but I have seen actual ducks

  • XxxfurrietacionxxX Wolf

    My mom was allowed in the underground tunnels because her dad worked with Disney

  • Inonge Dorothy Mwila
    Inonge Dorothy Mwila 4 months ago

    I have lost interest in Disney Land, I will stick to the movies

  • Colorado Springs Furry Group

    Me(age 20): Hey children!
    My kids: Yes mom!
    Me(age 20): We are going to DisneyLand!!!
    My kids: YAY!!!
    Me(age 20): (watches this vid)
    My kids: Ok!

  • GalaxyWarrior YT
    GalaxyWarrior YT 4 months ago +1

    I knew about this and it creeped me out but I learned to live with it, I mean, people are weird and creepy these days. The world isn’t perfect, it’s not bad, it’s not good!

  • Reel&Liamtaylor Love eating grapefruit

    Breaking news Disney sues TVclipr for leaking information