10 Secrets Disney Parks Don't Want You to Know!

  • Published on Mar 9, 2017
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Comments • 5 190

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Omar Rodriguez 2 days ago

    This dude is a fraud yea cool videos but he has more interest in views and money, just saying he can care less bout his fans.

  • Junior Tau
    Junior Tau 3 days ago

    Prepare yourself Disney is getting dark

  • Jess Goldman
    Jess Goldman 3 days ago

    Happy? HAPPY? yeah, sure, explain to me this, since when did HAPPY and SCARY have the same meaning???

  • Chitrak Modgil
    Chitrak Modgil 3 days ago

    What do you accept while standing during a ride I bet a pie is not in the list

  • crippling depression

    7:20 woman in the back in the red is totally falling off that ride! What is the source of that image? her friend is all shocked watching her fly out of the car!!!

  • Doll
    Doll 6 days ago

    I learn about these things from other videos

  • Pawel Gorniak
    Pawel Gorniak 7 days ago

    plus there's a rumor Walt Disney himself is burried under one of the rides, or somewhere in the Park.

  • Pawel Gorniak
    Pawel Gorniak 7 days ago

    he does great voice impressions. Cheers from Poland, Matt!!

  • Tobias Goldman
    Tobias Goldman 16 days ago

    You're a bit too sensitive about cats Matt. In Tel Aviv, Israel there are tens of thousandfs of feral cats. No problem with that. I lived there, I know.

  • Haydn Dowd
    Haydn Dowd 19 days ago

    what about the secret disney club

  • ya boi meowth
    ya boi meowth 19 days ago

    It’s nice that Disney land takes care for the cats

  • David Urban
    David Urban 20 days ago

    I've heard some of the rides are haunted by the spirts of those that died on the ride. Just saying. Have a great day everyone.

  • Robert Lasher
    Robert Lasher 24 days ago

    Anaheim Cali baby wooooo

  • Aυgυsτジ
    Aυgυsτジ 24 days ago

    "Ho ho, that was creepy! Ho ho!"

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 29 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what the background song is that Matthew is using?!?!?

  • Disney Babe
    Disney Babe 29 days ago

    "Get drunk and punch some Goofys, its hard work keeping everything Hakuna Matata" omg xD

  • Savannah Gibson
    Savannah Gibson Month ago

    the one in Florida, "Tinker Bells" line is actually caring prince charming to the castle

  • Mary D
    Mary D Month ago

    Disney job=stress
    I couldn't do it! 😏 Great info on Disney world parks. 😊

  • Booper dooper Man
    Booper dooper Man Month ago

    Well yes any place with roller coasters are going to have at least one death

  • Loafus Cramwell
    Loafus Cramwell Month ago +1

    that kid didnt fall out of the ride.... i pushed him

  • Gamerhadadream
    Gamerhadadream Month ago


  • jonlocke83
    jonlocke83 Month ago +2

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention that the skulls on Pirates of the Caribbean were real when the parks were built.

  • Julia Maravilla
    Julia Maravilla Month ago

    the pirates of the carribean ride is smelly af

  • song minh Tran
    song minh Tran Month ago

    if disney or so grumpy than korean pople is the most pleasent people they can get

  • joker smoker
    joker smoker Month ago

    world of progress woman getting crushed

  • Destiny Timmons
    Destiny Timmons Month ago


  • Kris 57
    Kris 57 Month ago

    so the vaccinated feral cats are going to give you a disease?! Jesus. Not the brightest bulb on the tree is he?

  • Noxilium
    Noxilium Month ago

    I went there, wasn't pure joy. My ankles were bleeding at the end of the day after being hit 6 different times by prams pushed by stupid parents who weren't looking where they were going...

  • black box zlc
    black box zlc Month ago

    I think it's not dark in fact I came to like it even more

    GODS WARRIOR Month ago


  • Kathryn Boyle
    Kathryn Boyle Month ago

    I have a couple of pencil cartoons drawn by a Disney artist ......he was my patient in the early 70's

  • Sunny Norwood
    Sunny Norwood Month ago +2

    #3 OMG! My girlfriend was sneaking a smoke when a guy who looked 15, was 5 foot and basically looked like a child, took her by the arm and cuffed her!!
    Watch out! They are hard to spot but everywhere!

  • Kevin Bowler
    Kevin Bowler Month ago

    Not sure where the signature story came from, but it wasn't true when I was there a few years ago. They showed a general guideline of what signatures should look like, but cast members might tailor it a bit to their own. There was no extensive training.

  • Nic Mackowey
    Nic Mackowey 2 months ago

    Not every stray cat is gonna attack you.. I have seen and petted some friendly ones.. My family kept one of the last kittens born to a stray cat. We even adopted out two other stray kittens..

  • Kitty Sakuraba
    Kitty Sakuraba 2 months ago

    *takes a sip of water* Yes, yes, yes. There’s other secrets I know but I’m technically not allowed to share (CMs enter that agreement basically).

  • Jon Champion
    Jon Champion 2 months ago

    Parks now have a security person with the actors in costumes it for security so to make sure an actor doesn’t touch a tourist inappropriately and to make sure the tourist don’t attack the actors.

  • The Reaction Animator
    The Reaction Animator 2 months ago +2

    One thing you missed was a Kid went swimming in a now closed park and then inhaled up through their nose an amiba or a brain parasite

  • Teresa Gillikin
    Teresa Gillikin 2 months ago

    california sream!

  • Chicago Canine
    Chicago Canine 2 months ago

    Please never do those voices again?

  • Shadowlings Stadium
    Shadowlings Stadium 2 months ago

    There have been many deaths at the magical world. One that has been popular is the death of a employee girl named Deborah Gail Stone, was a hostess at the American sings ride but she was caught in between a moving wall and was crushed to death.

  • Ryan Lizardo
    Ryan Lizardo 2 months ago

    Nooooo I'm going with my mom and dad if is my berdey

  • Sabrina 1979
    Sabrina 1979 2 months ago

    Lol love this video never seen you so full of energy..

  • Joshua Powers
    Joshua Powers 2 months ago

    Here's a pretty dark secret that almost became fact at Disney World.
    Miramax is one of the companies that produced the recent 2018 Halloween film.
    What that means is if Disney still owned Miramax today...
    Michael Myers would've been considered as a Disney villain!!

  • Rainis Sireli
    Rainis Sireli 2 months ago


  • Junior Tau
    Junior Tau 2 months ago +2

    Disney a dark

  • Kiara Latrice
    Kiara Latrice 2 months ago +1

    Clearly Disney doesn’t have security lmao I’ve seen that fight 🤣

  • Hanged Pinder
    Hanged Pinder 2 months ago

    Disney wants to know your location

  • Lisa Hancock
    Lisa Hancock 2 months ago

    you know your handsome keep on having fun no seriously matt i watch all your videos your awsome keep up the good work ok love ya bunches

  • Dismaying Mist
    Dismaying Mist 2 months ago +2

    The cats at the park seems nice I love our feline friends

  • Ireland Fyre
    Ireland Fyre 3 months ago

    I got groped by Tigger at Disney world when I was there for my 15th birthday. I was posing for a photo with my baby sister and Tigger when he grabbed my butt, it was surprising

    FROSTY 3 months ago

    Ik i watched this one b4 but what about the door with the 33 on it Matt

  • Anthony Freeman
    Anthony Freeman 3 months ago

    Disney's slogan should actually be "We own many companies you know about, many you don't, and we have literally created universities. You can bet your bottom dollar we own your joy."

  • MishaMellow
    MishaMellow 3 months ago

    Feel bad for the cast members damn ..

  • sailorqueen2013
    sailorqueen2013 3 months ago

    I had a coworker that spread her husband’s ashes at the pirates at the carribeans. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that they probably removed his ashes right after she did it.

  • A- JAY
    A- JAY 3 months ago +1

    I heard the have a hunted island that they abandoned

  • Ms. Rodriguez
    Ms. Rodriguez 3 months ago

    I've been to Disney and saw the bushes were moving. Needless to say, I threw a piece a bread and I saw a kitty paw collect it.

  • Julie C
    Julie C 3 months ago

    There used to be an attraction, it's a small world that had a rotating stage. After one act was done, the stage would turn with another act ready, a young girl actor was caught and literally squished to death. They didn't want any deaths at the happiest place on earth so the coroner had to wait until the body was outside the gates before pronouncing her time of death.

  • End_Plague
    End_Plague 3 months ago +2

    I'm going to make my own theme park called Gaming island, where it shows areas from video games like Minecraft, Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil, Doom, Call Of Duty.
    P.S. The Assassin's Creed attraction will be named Animus Island- Home Of Assassin's Creed.
    Comment "Gamers All Welcome"

  • Veronica Figue
    Veronica Figue 3 months ago

    If you yell ANDY at the toy story park. All the toys/characters play dead

  • Veronica Figue
    Veronica Figue 3 months ago

    My best friend went to Harry potter's team park in a really good custom and they made her change and gave her a free shirt to wear, beacuse she was confusing guest... she was so sad after that...