McDonalds Employees Protest Over Rampant Sexual Harassment | TIME

  • Published on Sep 19, 2018
  • McDonalds employees protest over rampant sexual harassment.
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    McDonalds Employees Protest Over Rampant Sexual Harassment | TIME

Comments • 14

  • Blither box
    Blither box 8 months ago

    Brainwash them like Starbuck's did to their staff to snap them out of their denial.

  • parasite fusioner
    parasite fusioner 8 months ago

    Why do these videos get so little comments?

  • br8am
    br8am 9 months ago

    *"I'm lovin' it"*

  • jill scottman
    jill scottman 9 months ago +2

    I know the people who protested in the 60’s wit real issues are rollin their eyes

  • Hildebeast Clinton
    Hildebeast Clinton 9 months ago

    Replace with Chinese robots. Wait, the left is already Chinese robots.

  • Jiggywitit Jiggywitit
    Jiggywitit Jiggywitit 9 months ago +3

    🤠... offering you that the least I can do...since I can't pay you 15 dollars a hour...🤠

  • Jiggywitit Jiggywitit
    Jiggywitit Jiggywitit 9 months ago +1

    🤠...all these year's I've been dipping my mcRib inside her honey mustard...enjoying her warm cherry pie 🍒...I let her taste my I ate all her tarter sauce from her fish-filet...I even remembered to toss her salad... 🥗....🕵️

    • Jiggywitit Jiggywitit
      Jiggywitit Jiggywitit 9 months ago +1

      🤠...what about the cougar beast Managers that get their quarters pounded with extra pickle 🥒🥒 cheese....on 16 year olds with gold teeth and cornrows..🙋...shout out to dontaye Jenkins class of 2020....whoop whoop..🤵

  • David Foster
    David Foster 9 months ago

    WTF was THAT all about? And WHY do y'all have your KIDS out there protesting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, like THEY have any experience in the matter?!?! WASSAMATTER, couldn't find any MEN to carry your little sign?! Maybe WE'RE not as ashamed of our dicks as YOU ARE!!

  • steppa money
    steppa money 9 months ago

    Curb talk

  • jamie4084
    jamie4084 9 months ago

    Bullshit !!!! it ain't a bitch at Mc Donalds being sexually harrassed by ANYONE !!! look at them ho's in the vid ... do any of them look worth a penitentiary chance ? let alone sexual gratification ?!?!??

  • professor moriarty
    professor moriarty 9 months ago +1

    Damn girl that's a fat burger

  • Sam Dru
    Sam Dru 9 months ago +4

    Buns everywhere

  • Sam Dru
    Sam Dru 9 months ago