Lindsay Lohan Sit-down (Full Interview)


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  • Sarah
    Sarah Hour ago

    I’m glad she opened a place in Greece. Bringing as much revenue from tourists as possible is so needed after the crisis. God bless Lindsay we are rooting for you since when back when mama

  • Nikolas Kroslak
    Nikolas Kroslak Day ago

    On she she is 50 and 30 at the same time

  • Dove Windsor
    Dove Windsor 8 days ago

    I love you Lilo! x

  • Aaron Saltzer
    Aaron Saltzer 10 days ago

    What a weird ending. No thank you or goodbye.

  • Aaron Saltzer
    Aaron Saltzer 10 days ago

    I see there are some nay-sayers in the comments. I just want to say that anyone can change if they want to. If you’ve never been through what she has, you’re in no place to judge. She looks better than what she has in years and seems to have turned in her life around. Perhaps it’s time to move on.

  • Nicholas R Fant
    Nicholas R Fant 10 days ago

    I miss her. Not sure about Dina catfished. Good job. Voldemort's 9th piece of 8, on GE, a clone through science, not mean, but... Funny. Typical.

  • Ricky Tenderkiss
    Ricky Tenderkiss 11 days ago

    Poor sweet baby. I mean that! I see her and I curse this world: bored ultra-wealthy no-good friends, other equally-parasitic hangers-on, terrible self-serving advisors, a dysfunctional family of money-draining vampires, a cruel audience filled with blood-lust just rooting for her to publicly die, and several industries that routinely chew people up and then spit them back out - including the dermatology and cosmetic surgery industries, who should let it be know _no one_ under fifty not born with a harelip or some other congenital condition needs _any_ work done _at all!!!_ I wish someone would point her to a Buddhist retreat in the Himalayas, maybe fly her to Paro Taktsang in the dead of night, and let her stay there, unnoticed, for five or six years … wearing robes, eating rice, sleeping right, meditating, and just _figuring herself out!_ No human should be put through an emotional wringer at all, let alone for many, many years, in public.

  • Tore Pedersen
    Tore Pedersen 12 days ago

    "Someone who`s hates the spotlight hehehe"


    Really rooting for her

  • Isma Carvantes
    Isma Carvantes 13 days ago

    Her eyes are popping AGAIN!
    Like her face is de-puffing

  • Gabriella Martínez
    Gabriella Martínez 16 days ago

    Your face :(

  • Jesus Christ is Lord

    She reads islam in English translation, not knowing most of it is false 😂. I feel sorry for her. Speak learn from an arabic speaker who ain’t muslim

  • Dayo P.
    Dayo P. 23 days ago

    I love the interviewer and Lindsay's response to her; it was like two old friends catching up with ome another at brunch.

  • Mica Blade
    Mica Blade 23 days ago

    Girl, take care of your skin, eat a mostly organic diet, get adequate rest, and stop with the lip fillers. She's a cute girl, she doesn't need to do work on her face

  • gatuna86
    gatuna86 25 days ago

    she looks like 40 and she is only 32

  • rachel l
    rachel l 25 days ago

    She looks good here

  • Peaceful Love
    Peaceful Love 27 days ago

    She's so pretty. I want that dessert omg.

  • Giorgi Maisuradze
    Giorgi Maisuradze 27 days ago

    How cute was little Lindsay OMGGG

  • Megharoni
    Megharoni 27 days ago

    She seems like she has imposter syndrome, which is sad because she's Lindsay Lohan and everyone loves her so much. I think she felt like a fish in a bowl back when she was going through her problems and it's not fair because though yes, everyone was watching her, a lot of it came from a place of concern and hoping for the best. We want to see her thrive and I really don't think anyone's doubting her capabilities like she might think they are.

  • Kellie Chasity
    Kellie Chasity 28 days ago

    I love this 😍

  • tinokadz
    tinokadz 29 days ago

    Awesome interview. Insightful questions, great answers.

  • Katrina Crist
    Katrina Crist 29 days ago +1

    I WISH WE HAD HUMANS with your understanding by living it first and , GIRL you got this in your pocket!! I can't wait to see you accomplish your goals and continue to watch you grow.

  • doitee52
    doitee52 Month ago

    So good to see her back. The years of habitual smoking has taken a serious toll on her. She definitely looks much older than her 32 years. Much luck to her.

  • Belmont 216
    Belmont 216 Month ago

    I’m a huge fan... I wish her all the success. A talented actress and woman. She owns her bumps in the road. I like how she’s using comfortable transparency. Go for it girl!!


    Great interview!!!!

  • Jay97
    Jay97 Month ago

    I love her, grew up watching her. I'm glad your back Lindsey ❤️

  • Lady Sara Selenite
    Lady Sara Selenite Month ago

    I love seeing Lindsay get to be so invested in something of her seems to be a real game changer.

  • pumpkinmoon
    pumpkinmoon Month ago

    I love Lindsay and great interview 😊

  • Youngsimbah
    Youngsimbah Month ago

    Love her!!!

  • ShaeShae
    ShaeShae Month ago

    check out ice cream pedophilia in daylight on ET

  • Erik Retana
    Erik Retana Month ago

    Queen. Shes back ? Who else watched ep1

  • Niki Sta
    Niki Sta Month ago

    I'm glad shes starting something new in her life.

  • tae sica
    tae sica Month ago

    This is a good interview..d interviewer did a good job..

  • Kikisquad Martin
    Kikisquad Martin Month ago

    So many questions from this lady this poor girl is overwhelmed with questions😂😂

  • Elizabeth B-K
    Elizabeth B-K Month ago

    Opens with the use of the word addiction...cuts her off...asks her about needing a man...
    Terrible interview.

  • Byron Cifuentes
    Byron Cifuentes Month ago

    omg this better get like 8 seasons because i am already hooked and want to binge them all. I am so happy for her and man she looks amazing. Means girls is a classic.

  • Nina Sky
    Nina Sky Month ago +1

    she is looking amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing lately

  • Princia Agye
    Princia Agye Month ago

    To many face and lip fillers she can’t even speak

  • 0neplus0neequals3
    0neplus0neequals3 Month ago +1

    I didnt hear an accent or change..

  • 0neplus0neequals3
    0neplus0neequals3 Month ago

    She looks like Meredith from Greys lmao

  • Htotha Hizzie
    Htotha Hizzie Month ago +3

    This host doesn't keep the conversation interesting at all.....zzzzz!!

  • G M
    G M Month ago


  • Melinda Jones
    Melinda Jones Month ago

    Very proud of Lindsey. Keep up the great work !! Don't allow others to discourage you or try to bring you down!!!!

  • elle_aye
    elle_aye Month ago

    Here for Lindsay


    whiplash - why isnt ANYONE addressing the elephant - Lohan publically proclaimed to converting to muslim - Muslims dont do scanty clad beach clubs & drinking & casual sex. Or how about that literal recent punch she took on social media after chasing down a supppsed child trafficker. This is super weird. The interviewer is SO fake nice. Lohan laughs but seems so so sad.

  • Kirstie Jiles
    Kirstie Jiles Month ago

    Good for this interviewer for not focusing on the negative aspects of lilo’s past
    Edit: grammar

  • vipul kaushal
    vipul kaushal Month ago

    fake face

  • Lavender Violet
    Lavender Violet Month ago

    She looks so used up and washed out and like she has had a hard life with possibly a history of sexual abuse.

  • Shoe Gal
    Shoe Gal Month ago

    She seems to be on her path now happy for her

  • MikeMike 1025
    MikeMike 1025 Month ago +1

    Welcome back girl 2019

  • Stephen McPhillips
    Stephen McPhillips Month ago

    I really like this interview; and interviewer. She listens well, lets Lindsay speak and always supports her and is supportive of everything Lindsay says! I wish all the best for Lindsay, its absolutely fantastic to see her doing well and being happy.

  • Volta Vespertine
    Volta Vespertine Month ago

    You don't open clubs in heavy druggie cities with a millionaire if you're clean. She's broken, and JUST about hiding it from the naive. I do love America, but the interviews over there are insufferably fake.

  • ASMR Melıssa
    ASMR Melıssa Month ago

    i love this interviewer

  • Jonathan Tuitasi
    Jonathan Tuitasi Month ago

    Love u girrrrl!!!!

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago

    She's been through a lot. So happy she's in a beautiful place in her life.

  • Archetype00
    Archetype00 Month ago

    Poor girl ruined by fame hungry parents who voided her of a life. She's a mess

  • Trappin Beauty
    Trappin Beauty Month ago

    The person interviewing her seems awkward

  • Jill
    Jill Month ago

    her smoker voice is disgusting

    WETDREAM Month ago

    Honestly she is looking beautiful

  • Princess M
    Princess M Month ago

    Lindsay is really intelligent. I am amazed!!! Good job!!!

  • Working End
    Working End Month ago

    Im so happy to see Lindsay so focus, working hard, being totally real, I love it Lindsay Congrats 👍👍

  • King Kohls
    King Kohls Month ago +1

    I wish she never did drugs or didnt get facial surgeries

  • Rein 18
    Rein 18 Month ago +1

    We hear a rumor that your mom might be on celebrity big brother I just made it up is that true?? 😆

  • One Shiny Glove
    One Shiny Glove Month ago +1

    I know this isn't a big deal. I wish she would just let her lips go back to the way they used to look. She was so beautiful naturally. Yet, I am still fascinated with her today and I'm glad to see she's getting her life in order from what I can tell.

  • Rein 18
    Rein 18 Month ago +7

    Why do they keep trying to trigger her???? Using words like well I found my new addiction???? Are you serious funny choice of words to use when someone once had a drug addiction, like wtf?? Smh, that and the show they are airing which btw is is phenomenal. I give it a 100 👍🏼👍🏼🙂 but come on like they tore her to shreds just to be all like yay Lindsay we love your new show with addicts on it and blah blah blah. They were mean to her, shows how two faced America really is 😆

    • Hassan salad
      Hassan salad Month ago

      Rein 18 Her new show is really good. Do you know when the next episode will come out?

  • Patrick McPheron
    Patrick McPheron Month ago

    This interviewer is top notch!

  • hugh wenn
    hugh wenn Month ago

    Has she been stealing any babies of the street lately?

  • Night Star
    Night Star Month ago

    I love the show and I still can't believe how good it is OMG

  • Sinuhe Guzmán
    Sinuhe Guzmán Month ago

    I'm so happy for her, she is endearing, fast talking, vulnerable... She really seems sober this time and doing full business the right way. Also this enterviewer managed to squeeze her a lot of questions without appearing invasive or rude, great job.

  • Priscilla Barr
    Priscilla Barr Month ago

    She's still so beautiful 😍

  • Black Viking
    Black Viking Month ago

    I love chicks with raspy voices

  • cranklyn10000
    cranklyn10000 Month ago

    WTF is this even about? They call it a „comeback“, but it‘s only about making this destroyed rich person even richer by watching her open up a stupid bar in Greece? How senseless is this??? Why do people watch it?

  • lillovebuglily
    lillovebuglily Month ago

    It's such a breath of fresh air to see an interviewer uplift their guest and not ask over personal questions that hurt the other. It's nice to think that they both left happy. Well done Nischelle Turner and Lindsey

  • Anoe Osman
    Anoe Osman Month ago

    who did her make up needs to be fired!

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    300th comment

  • Natali Martinez
    Natali Martinez Month ago

    We’re here for you Lindsay 💝

  • Emelda Davis
    Emelda Davis Month ago

    I think that its good she finally getting a good show . hope it works out for her

  • oakley F
    oakley F Month ago

    That was really uplifting to watch. It takes a
    certain skill to interview the way she did.

  • MsKsmith1234
    MsKsmith1234 Month ago

    Love you Lindsay

  • Sara Rachelle
    Sara Rachelle Month ago +38

    I've always been a huge Lindsay fan but when she first announced her show, I thought she'd end up embarrassing herself but wow, I've gained so much respect for her- she's grown into a strong, successful businesswoman and I'm really rooting for her. I really adored the interviewer too, she was so refreshing and sweet. She was a breath of fresh air.

    • Dayo P.
      Dayo P. 23 days ago

      I have always loved Lindsay and appreciate her strength of risen and yes the interviewer is great and seems genuine, she pulled out a lot of smiles and laughs from Lindsay.

    • Nikki S.
      Nikki S. Month ago

      Yes! Well said. The interviewer has a major likeability factor as well, she seemed very genuine and down to earth.

  • Michael Murray
    Michael Murray Month ago

    Shes looks like freaky friday now!

  • Michael Leonard
    Michael Leonard Month ago +1

    Loved LiLo in high school. Was down for her hard partying. Everyone struggles and the press hit her hard....but she is SO insecure in front of a reality/interview camera setting. She needs to own her past. She seems so fake and she has really fully owned everything we know she's done and becomes so defensive and guarded. For her and this show to succeed, I think she needs to just own the shit that she did and the fact that, deep down, she doesn't really think she has an addiction. Because let's be real, she doesn't like saying it because she doesn't believe it.

  • Megan Free
    Megan Free Month ago

    "i love that..."

  • Alex Heaton
    Alex Heaton Month ago +1

    Interviewers are so cringy with the fake laughing

  • Abby Molyneau
    Abby Molyneau Month ago

    Good for her! Watched the first episode earlier, will keep watching.

  • Karleigh Cox
    Karleigh Cox Month ago

    love you lolo!

  • santa gurl
    santa gurl Month ago +1

    Lindsay is so professional and gorgeous 😍😍😍👍👍😘😘 I hope she come back on big screen 👍👍🙏

  • Zahava23
    Zahava23 Month ago +1

    Lindsay is chill but I could def tell she's still very kooky and not intelligent. She killed alot of brain cells in the making of that Hollywood career... She needed a smarter interviewer to normalise her. Instead this woman asked predictable questions that she'd never ask a man. "Wouldn't you want someone to share this all with?" Ummmm DUH! She spent 90% of the time laughing at who knows what...
    So Lindsay says she's 32 yrs old. Wtf?! 32 going on 62!!! Girl what happened?! Whatever she was on before all those rehab stints was harsh. She's going to need leather protector as moisturizer. Mamma Mia!!! Stay out of that Greek sun-its not too late. I'm rooting for you Lilo!

    • Zahava23
      Zahava23 Month ago

      +Modena You're really using the "C" word?! Sweetie calm down need to be mean to a stranger. Nobody asked for your nasty opinion. Its just a joke-shes a tough girl and can find humor in anything. You on the other hand may need some cream for your ass when you take that giant stick out. I do think Lindsay is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Of course you'd hide your picture but anyone reading your unwanted comment can see you're very ugly on the inside. Now be gone troll and don't harass me.

    • Modena
      Modena Month ago

      Maimoon23 what a useless, and cunty comment. "I'm rooting for you Lilo!" ... proceeds to tear her down on her looks and insult her intelligence.

  • vee gomi
    vee gomi Month ago +1

    didnt she support Harvey Weinstein ??why is she getting praise from people ..

  • Zoe Noble
    Zoe Noble Month ago

    Looks too old. Ruined her face lips stretched like tried to swallow a watermelon whole. 😜

  • Tadashi Stark
    Tadashi Stark Month ago +7

    i stan (1) intelligent and savvy entrepreneur who didn't want to compare/pit women against each other as well as steer away from family talk when she's trying to build her empire lmao

  • Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak

    Fire Crotch Illuminati....MY 3 WORDS FOR YA! Repent. Jesus is real.

  • Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak

    Two trannys, trying to brain wash others... I use Y, bc Y?!

  • Evolved Media Productions

    It sounds like they are running a day care in the other room....I really don’t want to hear screaming children during an interview. It’s very unprofessional.

    • Hassan salad
      Hassan salad Month ago +4

      Evolved Media Productions Really? I didn’t hear anything. I thought it was pretty chill and relaxed

  • Alicia Walker
    Alicia Walker Month ago +7

    Lindsay’s done well for herself👍🏾

  • kuransays
    kuransays Month ago

    This is the most excited i've seen Lindsay Lohan in an interview in a LONG time - I love this interviewer - she brings out the best in everyone she interviews and she genuinely is interested in what they have to say.

  • C J
    C J Month ago +1

    The lip injections are ewe. Glad she's doing well though.

  • Naomi Campbell
    Naomi Campbell Month ago

    She starting to look like old Lindsay. I’m proud of her always projecting love in some fashion.

  • Jaimie Lee
    Jaimie Lee Month ago +1

    She’s SO sweet, in ways I never knew before. You can tell she genuinely cares about so many people and is extremely humble in her success

    • Jaimie Lee
      Jaimie Lee Month ago

      Also the interviewer is incredible! She’s so natural with her questions and genuine!

  • Lushious Lou
    Lushious Lou Month ago +1

    I love Lindsay Lohan