YJ of HP Boyz Talks Utes and Mullets: The GOAT Show

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • YJ, owner of the most iconic hair in the Australian hip-hop game, is up next on The GOAT Show. In this episode, the HP Boyz rep not only dishes on the upkeep of his meticulous mullet (shampoo, conditioner, coconut products), but also speaks on the importance of riding in style, specifically which utes suit the Boyz best, and which motor cycle he'll soon purchase.
    Of course, as a citizen of Melbourne's outer South Eastern suburbs, we also grilled YJ on the area's booming kebab scene, and asked the former rugby union player which All Black is the Greatest Of All Time.
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    This episode of The GOAT Show is sponsored by JD Sports. Click here to cop the latest from the King Of Trainers - bit.ly/2IyKgmp
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  • Complex AU
    Complex AU  Month ago +109

    What's the most quotable moment from this episode?

  • Boof
    Boof 3 days ago +1

    What not

  • Cecilia and sienna xoxo

    My family’s saying I’m apparently related to hp boys because my cousins wife’s side is related to them and then they became famous but they still visit my cousins

  • Dontae Nathan
    Dontae Nathan 4 days ago

    he looks like yj

  • KJ KJ
    KJ KJ 4 days ago

    This look like the one in America

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 5 days ago

    Wow, now even gangs are getting famous. Then again looks like anyone can become famous nower days.

  • OneLyfeKillz Au
    OneLyfeKillz Au 5 days ago

    Someone that’s actually about that life

  • Christian Bartley
    Christian Bartley 5 days ago

    Bro snoopdogs better than u bruh

  • Reflexes
    Reflexes 5 days ago

    Wot not

  • Chani Iosia-Sipeli
    Chani Iosia-Sipeli 6 days ago

    That Stay-ya accent, heaps cool maaate🤭😉👌

  • Mc Mullet
    Mc Mullet 7 days ago

    Na bro Holden Colorado is the best

  • Shane Ioane
    Shane Ioane 8 days ago

    Still scared of my mum, what not😵

  • Diarna Hira
    Diarna Hira 9 days ago

    What not 🤣

  • Grizzly dude _
    Grizzly dude _ 9 days ago

    Junior really finally you got fame give me some cuz we’re family

  • Frost Corner
    Frost Corner 10 days ago

    Carter, McCaw and Reid all from the 03 so u know where it's at. Quake city boy wats shakin

  • king elias
    king elias 11 days ago

    Can I make one thing clear, if you where in the traps brother how are you here

  • Te Pinihi Hetet Ngarongo

    -what not

  • Lincoln Hobart-Miller
    Lincoln Hobart-Miller 12 days ago +1

    This guy looks like James Bond’s Odd Job with a mullet

  • Sheree George
    Sheree George 12 days ago


  • The Boss
    The Boss 13 days ago


  • Dz Nuts
    Dz Nuts 14 days ago

    Fuckn what not😂 get the HP moustache guy in dis

    LIL JESAIAH 14 days ago

    who heard what not

  • Ben Neemia
    Ben Neemia 14 days ago +2

    He sounds hella nice tho

    Churrrrr ghee 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾

  • RapidFire Muzik™
    RapidFire Muzik™ 14 days ago

    Givem props for the solid comments on the OG Jonah Lomu 🤙🏽💯💯💯🇹🇴🇳🇿🇼🇸

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  • b b
    b b 15 days ago

    -what not
    Yj 2019

  • trendy randy
    trendy randy 15 days ago

    what not 3000

  • Joe T
    Joe T 15 days ago

    I knew these comments be wild and what not, and you didnt disappoint.

  • T. L
    T. L 15 days ago

    *Wot Not* Fcking oath braaa💯🤣👍🏽

  • z. jaco
    z. jaco 16 days ago

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  • Aikae
    Aikae 16 days ago


  • Millen Halatau
    Millen Halatau 16 days ago

    What a flop what not

  • OMNI Wayne
    OMNI Wayne 16 days ago

    wHAt kNot!

  • chickentheduck
    chickentheduck 16 days ago +38

    Interviewer: Are you okay ?
    JY: Yes... what not.

  • Tyrell Hicks
    Tyrell Hicks 17 days ago

    lay low on the what not

  • Naomi Maki
    Naomi Maki 17 days ago

    Less goooo

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    Lewisau 17 days ago

    what knot

  • richard pitman
    richard pitman 17 days ago

    wot not

  • D.J Switch357
    D.J Switch357 17 days ago

    Fav rapper from HP tbh 🔥🔥😁

    KIDWITH AIDS 18 days ago +4

    Anyone here American
    Had no idea there was an AU version of complex

  • Remo Savage
    Remo Savage 18 days ago

    How much times he said what not

  • Cozing
    Cozing 18 days ago

    Hilux???? Cmon man where the raptor???? You know how many of your boys can fit in that truck

  • Dave Camilleri
    Dave Camilleri 19 days ago

    What not

  • Gab Kapo
    Gab Kapo 19 days ago

    This cunts dumb as fuck what not

  • Lils Hunter
    Lils Hunter 19 days ago

    I thought his name was goat 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • CHAU
    CHAU 19 days ago

    What not and top knots

  • Savage Todd
    Savage Todd 19 days ago +2

    Why does he sound uneducated? Just kidding I know why 🤣

  • Alvin Chong Nee
    Alvin Chong Nee 19 days ago

    All I hear is what not this and whatnot that..haha

  • Bung Holio
    Bung Holio 20 days ago

    Guess what not

  • Sheree George
    Sheree George 20 days ago

    Your like my coach but he says OK then all the time

  • Sheree George
    Sheree George 20 days ago

    Y U say WOT NOT... YYYY

  • Sheree George
    Sheree George 20 days ago


  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator 21 day ago +1

    HP “what not” YJ

  • Nitro Gang
    Nitro Gang 22 days ago +3

    I know this guys not saying "what not" at home to his parents.

  • 410merc
    410merc 22 days ago

    He says what not 9 times

  • Bodi Clifford
    Bodi Clifford 22 days ago

    What not

  • ELAWS 53
    ELAWS 53 22 days ago

    *what not* is he looking for?....

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