Wonder Woman - Movie Review


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  • Ryan Woodward
    Ryan Woodward 12 days ago

    Who here knew that Gal Godot was in the Israeli Special Forces?

  • Nimbereth
    Nimbereth 21 day ago

    This was so CGI heavy and so bad. BvS is so bad like this feminism bullshit.

  • M H
    M H 21 day ago

    Meh, I’m listening to this review while watching the movie.

    • M H
      M H 21 day ago

      Just finished it. They turned Wonder Woman into Superwoman. Next up: SuperBatman.

  • Ben Mullen
    Ben Mullen Month ago

    massively overrated film

  • manav bhalla
    manav bhalla Month ago

    The ending is just absurd and she’s too op

  • Tom Shenton
    Tom Shenton 2 months ago

    The first good movie in 5 years for dc

  • Mr Sniper1730
    Mr Sniper1730 5 months ago

    But your first story is you running off with a man
    Erb womder woman vs stevie wonder

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 5 months ago

    I saw it today for the first time, not to big of a fan, the film was good I overall just don’t really like the WW setting in movies but thats just me 😝

  • Muhammad Farhan
    Muhammad Farhan 6 months ago

    If it was wonder man and not woman, would it still have got such a good rating? I say no

  • JJ
    JJ 6 months ago

    8/10. Would have been 9/10 but the ending bumped it down for me.

  • andile majozi
    andile majozi 6 months ago

    good movie it was the best dceu movie

  • J Gunzler
    J Gunzler 7 months ago

    Chris Pine would’ve made a great Joker. Opportunity kinda lost there. Watch him in Horrible Bosses 2.

  • Nathan McCarroll
    Nathan McCarroll 8 months ago

    In my opinion I don't think a lot of guys going to like it too much, it's only natural, can't change nature.

  • Bernard S
    Bernard S 8 months ago

    Wonder Woman is the best DCEU film and it is still just meh. The reason why it is seen as a great film is because it followed up movies like Batman v Superman and compared to those it is great but on its own it is mediocre. The best part is Chris Pine’s character. Overall it is not memorable.

  • DeeAngelo__15 k
    DeeAngelo__15 k 9 months ago

    this movie sucked

  • The Boglin Man
    The Boglin Man 9 months ago

    I don't get why everyone liked this movie. It was just as bad as all the other dceu films and even more cliche and boring

  • mkiller1001
    mkiller1001 9 months ago

    it was a boring movie, only reason critics are praising the hell out of it is to save face from criticizing "superhero woman" movie...it's on bar with B v S nothing more and nothing less (much less actually; there's no Batman or Superman)

  • israelyrex
    israelyrex 9 months ago

    i couldnt keep watching it after the first action sequence on the beach, wtf was that soppused to be everyone flipping for no reason like they are all darth maul, and people slashing each other with swords and shooting guns and not a single drop of blood there was this one amazon that was training wonder woman and she got shot and it was all in slow motion and her body react to the bullet and gets all bent and stuff and no blood at all, diana goes to her when she is dying touching her wound and looking at her hand and soppusedly she sees blood and then gets like worried and teary and shit and there is nothing on her hand, we dont see any blood. something like that can work in star or for example where everything is lazers so its ok to assume those weapons work differently to what we know today but not when you have weapons we are familiar with

    • israelyrex
      israelyrex 9 months ago

      cere tomer i think you are missing my point about star wars, sure star wars can get dark sometimes and yeah maybe having blood when somone is cut with a lightsaber would make it more intense but seeing no blood when somone is cut with a lightsaber or shot with a blaster doesnt pull me out of the experience because we dont really know how these weapons work, maybe the lightsaber is so hot that it cooks the meat it touches and the blood cant spill out? Who knows maybe there is a different explanation idk, the point is it doesnt look so weird as it does when somone gets sliced in the belly by a normal metal sword and nothing happens or when somone is holding another person's gunshot wound and then looks at her hand and pretend there is blood when there isnt. To be honest i dont know about the family friendly thing, the movie shows a bunch of man fighting over a gas mask in while choking to death because of chemical weapons, it also shows the face of doctor poiso, she has like a quarter of her face ripped off, are those things really better than blood? Would kids be more freaked out if they saw blood than those stuff? Idk maybe but it doesnt seem so likely to me. Anyway the problem is the lack of consistency, it really pulled me out of the experience and thats a real shame because there are things in it that i loved (i did end up watching the whole thing) unfortunately the action in this action movie is its weakest aspect

    • cere tomer
      cere tomer 9 months ago

      They didn't show blood in Wonder Woman for the very same reason they didn't show blood in Star Wars. To keep it halfway family friendly. Especially for Wonder Woman since Wonder Woman is inspirational for a lot of young women. More viewers......more money. You say that they should have showed blood during the battles because it was WWI and the brutality of war is it's theme. True......all wars are brutal. But, star wars is just as brutal if not more brutal. The destruction of whole planets just shows how much more horrible war can be. PS, there are plenty of scenes in Star Wars where they could have used blood and it would have been totally accepted and believable.

    • israelyrex
      israelyrex 9 months ago

      cere tomer thats a weird comparison, your analogy is flawed, the equivalent of what i described is having a sex scene with cloths on and the actors would act as if they are actually having sex when we all know they arent. An action sequence when characters die and the weapons are guns and swords but not a single drop of blood is shed just feels fake. You can have an action movie without blood but you need to make it less obvious there is no blood, star wars does it pretty well for example i love star wars and there is no blood there, so i dont need to see blood to enjoy the movie but this movie is about world war 1 and the brutality of war is one of its themes, not having blood in such a movie is defenitly an issue. It feels like a copout on the one hand the movie is telling me how terrible war is, so many innocent people getting killed, it has a character that is struggling with ptsd and even goes as far as including chemical weapons and shows how cruel they are but every action sequence in which people are getting shot and slashed with swords is clean and sterile so they can put it in the marketing material, the lack of consistency in the tone bothers me, i cant really feel the danger when the fighting itself seems so consequence free. Imagine the first spiderman movie, remember that scene in the final showdown when the goblin throws a bomb at spiderman and there is this slow motion shot of peter's mask getting torn of his face and he is all dirty and bloody? Imagine this sequence with no blood, it wouldnt feel so real and intense

    • cere tomer
      cere tomer 9 months ago

      So...........you need to see blood to enjoy an action movie. Sad. I'm surprised that you didn't mewl about not seeing a nude love/sex scene when most people would rather use their imagination.

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 9 months ago

    In the sequel the slow mo shouldn't be used as much

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 9 months ago

    Why is this not in the 2017 playlist? This movie was pretty badass I loved this movie and enjoyed it a lot more than I initially thought I would I only had issues with the villains other than that it was incredible

  • Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder 9 months ago

    I heard a rumor that Jaimie Alexander who is known for playing Lady Sif in Thor and Agents of Shield was going to play Wonder Woman in the dceu and I was excited because there was already pictures of her made in the Wonder Woman costume when it was just a rumor and then when revealed they said Gal Gadot was going to play Wonder Woman and she did a fantastic job but I know that Jaimie Alexander from her 3 or 4 episodes of Agents of Shield and from the Thor movies and from her extensive work on the TV show blind-spot I know that Jaimie Alexander can be a fantastic actress and is a fantastic actress and I still wish that she was cast as Wonder Woman but I'm not disappointed and I really enjoyed Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

  • InsideOut Fan2001
    InsideOut Fan2001 9 months ago +2

    Awesome Review! I absolutely love Wonder Women. I honestly think it's perfect! I love the message of the movie that ask us does humanity deserve to be saved. The action is fantastic and the visuals were actually gorgeous to look at! The characters from Diana was relatable, Steve Trevor was funny, even the villains were awesome. The one biggest praise I'll give the film I know are going to kill me for saying this but I think the third act was the best part of the film. Why did people complain about the Third act? It really sickens me that people hated that part. I believe that was the big payoff. I believe Wonder Women is now my favorite superhero movie of all Time. Before it use to be The Dark Knight Rises and I think it's superior to all the MCU Movies! As well as my favorite movie of 2017! I give Wonder Women 5 Out of 5 stars!

  • DomnoSaur
    DomnoSaur 9 months ago


  • cere tomer
    cere tomer 10 months ago

    You got one thing right. The movie is great. Your critique is just corny.

  • Joseph Raymond
    Joseph Raymond 10 months ago

    funny how black panther took the wonder woman cross arms thing and actually made it cooler hahahah black panther all the way wakanda forever

    ODOSIAS 10 months ago

    Black Panther is better than Wonder Women and should be awesometacular and this is a good time no alcohol required movie just a step above suicide squad

  • rain73ful
    rain73ful 10 months ago

    It was a very movie. Chris Pine was great in it.

  • Jasmin Chz
    Jasmin Chz 10 months ago

    Very bad movie don't waste your time. 3/10

  • lol bag
    lol bag 11 months ago

    goddamn Gal Gadot is so beautiful

  • Fantasmeo
    Fantasmeo 11 months ago

    Is it worth buying in 4K?

  • Jeff Wiebold
    Jeff Wiebold Year ago

    wonder woman was bad and DC will never be good like marvel.

  • Sean Cooney
    Sean Cooney Year ago

    Am I the only one who likes buying movies on downloads? All righty then.

  • Kenneth Pedersen
    Kenneth Pedersen Year ago

    I was wondering when i saw it, do they only have a pee and poo hole those island woman ??? Because if they have a regular pussy that would just be weird. The movie sucked overall, very overhyped. 6/10

  • iamjedi06
    iamjedi06 Year ago

    ...they could've backed off the cgi a little (fact) but it wasn't bad ~ 7 out of 10

  • Coelhinho Fufu
    Coelhinho Fufu Year ago

    I am 38 and this movie really impressed me!

  • mataga munashe
    mataga munashe Year ago +1

    This movie was a complete disappointment for me. F

  • chance okeson
    chance okeson Year ago

    I just realized something. How do more amozons come

  • Venom Wolf
    Venom Wolf Year ago

    Steve Trevor is one of my favourite characters in the dceu if not my favourite!

  • Bryson Adams
    Bryson Adams Year ago +2

    This is the movie that saved DCEU i absolutely loved Wonder Woman

  • Χάος χαίνω

    It was almost perfect movie... Except villain... Rotten tomatoes has 92% so I think it was more than a great movie...

  • Χάος χαίνω

    I saw the movie... Superb experience in theater... After the dark knight and dark knight rises... Finally I had this much fun


    what no awesometackular for this ?

  • Luke O Doherty
    Luke O Doherty Year ago

    I loved it when it came out but now that I watched it again it sucked

  • Sansenforhansen
    Sansenforhansen Year ago

    you are one of the laziest content creators I have seen

  • Rachit Garg
    Rachit Garg Year ago

    Overrated mess.
    That's what I'll say about that.

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor Year ago

    Booooooo!😱 Get Off The Stage that movie is BULLSHIT🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎👎

  • Jeremy Ravencaw
    Jeremy Ravencaw Year ago

    over the top? in a world where Gods of Egypt was "clunky and shotty and pure DOGSHIT how did we even get this, it's apt to say DC and MARVEL are the cash cows and warrant the attention they deserve but what most people don't realize is COMIC BOOKS are the most fickle medium. CGI is apparent in every frame of this movie as is most other movies in this era. The history is the thing most audience members rely on in movies. Comics tend to go with trends hence the stoic and brooding early marvel and dc movies to now the thor ragnorok/guardians of the galaxy route where you are laughing and are more inclined to forgiving the details..... period. Granted I am still on the side if the movie rating system is going to condemn a TOY LINE based property movie (transformers/tmnt/my little pony and the smurfs) then we should also dig on the two biggest franchises of comics as well when the going gets tough........REBOOT or DESTROY the UNIVERSE for the sake of SPECTACLE nothing but HYPE....That's the truth about every comic story catch the reader with the cover and goad them with clunky dialogue and rehash the last issue and in the final 3 pages build but don't deliver on the covers promise...I am not saying that now is the case but I fear the studios just might cave once INFINITY WAR kills major fan favorites not to say they wouldn't be able to do prequels or solo unconnected stories.........

    • Jeremy Ravencaw
      Jeremy Ravencaw Year ago

      the effects were so many homages to the past movies :star wars :darth vader, ares walking out of the fire: terminator, matrix, even the transformers it's nothing new......

  • Dalira74V2
    Dalira74V2 Year ago

    Personally I thought it was the weakest movie in the DC universe. The London scenes felt quite awkward, the German warship in the opening batttle was seen and then just disappeared, and Germany relied on Turkey for ammo and everything else? I mean comon! Germany was it on their side in ww1. Their allies were crap. Some scenes were good, no doubt, but after Terminator 2, anything that isn't great is pretty crappy. I expect more.

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers Year ago

    Man of steel was honestly better

  • Steve Rogers
    Steve Rogers Year ago

    You look gay in the thumbnail

  • TheTyshawnZone
    TheTyshawnZone Year ago

    I'm pretty sure most of the viewers who went to see this movie was casual viewers that just wanted to masturbate to Wonder Woman and her Xena the warrior princess ripoff outfit. To be fair, nobody really cared for Wonder Woman, not even comic book readers. The only people who liked Wonder Woman before this movie came out are adults who seen the Wonder Woman TV show in the 70's and I'm sure 40 and 50 year old men and women wasn't rushing to the movie theaters to see this movie. This movie may have been solid, but it won't be a lasting impact movie like The Terminator first 2 movies or like The Batman movie in 1989.

  • c guhan
    c guhan Year ago

    i think wonder woman is overrated ..

  • xBradsrucax
    xBradsrucax Year ago

    Jesus Christ is this guy on coke?

  • cataloni vamoos
    cataloni vamoos Year ago

    overated movie

  • Fábio Gomes
    Fábio Gomes Year ago

    Hated the movie.... The special effects were only special if you consider the word retarded. The MC is so skiny and frail, and utterly non athletic. Every women I practice with has a better body and knows how to use a sword or a knife. But she, she felt clumsy on the terribly choreographed action scenes. But it's no only that, emotionally she acts like a child and not like some one that was trained to fight from very young age. For a movie that wanted to "empower" women, the only memorable character was the spy, our dear cap Kirk.

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel Year ago

    I honestly felt this movie was incredibly overrated. Like it good not amazing, personally I don’t think it should be a 92% more a 75%. Good effort Patty Jenkins, when every thing after the last Nolan Batman film was trash you really can only go up. Easily in the top 5 DC films

  • Jay Sony
    Jay Sony Year ago

    I literally bugged my mom to watch this w me because of all the rave reviews. We saw it w my stepdad as well who's really into action movies - they both got up and left a little close to the end. I really admired the first half with the Greek mythology but that second half was just too generic and gimmicky to have it pay off. Imho

  • Danilo Del Rosario

    The thumbnail is like someone is pointing a gun a jeremy

  • Jason V
    Jason V Year ago

    tvclip.biz/video/QkYTKjyw56E/video.html how gadot got the role for wonder woman

  • Slash Topher
    Slash Topher Year ago

    Really Jeremy? There are other actresses who could've played Wonder Woman? Yeah, just like there are other actors who could've played Tony Stark.

  • Fab🎃
    Fab🎃 Year ago +1

    This movie was decent. Overhyped, but definitely best dceu film. The best way to sum this movie up is that the first portion is "300" while the second falls into "Gods of Egypt" territory with the ending battle being reminiscent of suicide squad's climax, Thor's battle with the Destroyer and Captain America crashing a plane that was headed to bomb other countries. Etta Candy's character was not the annoying comic relief I thought she was going to be. I actually found her very charming. The dark look of this movie does make for some great cinematography but for dark movies, they are trying to sell something that could be grounded in reality but it comes off cartoonish and it falls flat. This is where the MCU has the upper hand because they are able to sell some silly shit and make it fell grounded in reality. Another drawback is that she's wasn't as uniquely badass as she was depicted in BvS (her fight scene is the only thing I liked about BvS). Again going back the MCU, each character has a unique power and unique vulnerabilities that distinguish them from the each other, and momentarily we saw that with her character in BvS. Here, she's the run-of-the-mill D.C. superhero, like Superman and Batman without much uniqueness to her character, that their characters become interchangeable. A final drawback, like the actors in suicide squad, this feels like a fan trying to play the character rather than them owning the character.

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ Year ago

    Everybody is destroying theis meat after this movie and that’s A FACT

  • evil_befall
    evil_befall Year ago

    i found the movie sucked

  • Roy Reyes
    Roy Reyes Year ago +1

    Wow this movie was awesome! Had everything, action, heart, comedy, I love gal gadot as wonder women she's fukn A grade. I jus wish they gave us more of the Amazonian world.

  • Seoul
    Seoul Year ago

    The best of all the dceu movies.

  • Phantifam
    Phantifam Year ago

    Wonder woman is so so hot



  • SSJ Ragnarok
    SSJ Ragnarok Year ago

    but wonder woman wasn't that good

  • Ryan432120
    Ryan432120 Year ago

    Jeremy Jahns you should also watch Wonder Woman 2009 animated version. Would love to see a review of yours on it.

  • TommoHawkeye
    TommoHawkeye Year ago

    Just watched this after the "anticipation" of the trailer : As the plot slowly unfolded, I was shocked at how useless the "team of heros" were and thought...maybe she is going to do such awesome stuff, they will help make her look even better. sure enough, they were prety redundant in the whole film as she could have done everything on her own...but often didn't ! There were many flaws in the story that were so stupid, it was as if a 10 year old wrote the plot. In fact a 10 year old could have written a better plot, because a 10 year old would not allow wonder woman with all her powers to be stopped in her tracks by the wrist grab of a normal man! Then there was small details like children in the trenches with their mums....Historically completely nonesense. It was all men fighting, what were they doing there? Anyway 2/10 for entertainment based on the few decent action scenes and the decent fight at the end. But anyone who gives this more than 5/10 needs to see better films more often. Watchmen is probably the best DC film ever made, unless you are a superman/Batman fan. This effort fell short and nose dived in to a very miss able film indeed.

  • getyapaper
    getyapaper Year ago

    Chris Pine was the best thing in Kill The Boss 2. He was hilarious in it and I was surprised how funny he actually can be. I think he could do more comedy movies in the future.

  • Ed4d
    Ed4d Year ago

    The first action superhero movie that made me regret renting it from the app store and wasting my bandwidth over it.

  • Albedo Yuriev
    Albedo Yuriev Year ago

    I didn't really like this movie. Since the beginning I was already tempted to stop watching it. I mean why are the Amazon's speaking English? They learned every language in the world and they just speak English constantly. They worship Greek gods so shouldn't they actually use Greek as their main language, at least their own language new to the audience. And the scene where Diana asks about Steve's anatomy while he's bathing. Was that suppose to be funny because I just thought it to be either to be bland, uncomfortable, or just plain unfunny. And Ares indentity, the movie kept forcing me to think the German guy was really Ares only to pull a twist to find out the peaceful Englishman is Ares at the end. I mean c'mon, no one that kind and gentle has got to be that clean, especially during war time, and war always brings out the worst in humanity. And the love interest thing. It's been done before time and time again in many movie so it's cliche as hell and unnecessary. And the scene where Diana is in no man's land and she using the shield to deflect the bullets, why didn't the Germans just shoot her legs and feet? They had more than enough time to come to realize that, but didn't. A predictable movie and DC fails again for me. At least it was better than Green Lantern. I'lll admit that at least.

  • Dalira74V2
    Dalira74V2 Year ago

    Very uneven, pretty bad. :(

  • Zeus Alexander
    Zeus Alexander Year ago

    Dude, are you kidding? All that shit you are saying sounds good, but in the end that movie SUCKED ASS!!! Keep it real n admit it was boring . You know it sucked as soon as it started , cause that first scene was no better than a Xena episode, n Gadot cannot act to save her life. All you motherfckers are on the payrole , and/or are easily maniplated by rotten tomatoes/propaganda.

  • danielcraft1971
    danielcraft1971 Year ago

    Not a bad review, but I think you missed a lot of the subtext of the movie, of all the reviews I have read or watched you seem to be one of the few who focused on the. character of Chris Pine rather than the actual story being told. Still.. ok I guess, just a little shallow for my tastes

  • 1NavyLT
    1NavyLT Year ago

    Chris Pine is an underrated actor. I think he is more than capable of Ryan Reynolds-esque comedy/action performances.

  • gamerboy
    gamerboy Year ago

    The comedy fell flat to me

  • SubahSkates
    SubahSkates Year ago

    I had no idea a woman directed it! Makes it so much more awesome!

  • Jon Gill
    Jon Gill Year ago

    Great,,think this is the best DC movie.

    • Jon Gill
      Jon Gill Year ago

      good point.... I guess I am thinking this is the best of the new wave of DC movies.

  • Warrior Gill
    Warrior Gill Year ago

    Seriously, just watched it . And it is so stupid and boring. Same as other 1000 super hero movies. Total nonsense .There is your super hero and a really invincible villain , they start fighting and nothing hurts them , I mean you can detonate a nuclear bomb but they will still be standing there , smiling, shaking hands. And after half hour of nonsense fighting villain dies, just like that ??????? I haven't seen one good movie after Avatar, I am serious !!!

  • Alvertos B.P.
    Alvertos B.P. Year ago

    Silly girly movie

  • Monstar 4419
    Monstar 4419 Year ago

    This movie was lame

  • Colin Fox
    Colin Fox Year ago

    Except she's not a human being. She's a demigod. Literally (Jeremy says she's a human at 3:13)

  • The Cow Lord
    The Cow Lord Year ago

    I don't like this movie

  • Ice Diamond
    Ice Diamond Year ago +2

    I don't think she was just a model, I heard she was in the army that made her have more experience in playing the character.... or she got trained by the Israel army for the role....I cant remember XD

  • Alejandro Salazar

    "DC movies love their big end fights"... Wait so Jeremy doesnt watch other movies

    CHHIREE SHERPA Year ago +2

    Love wonderwoman!!!!!

  • vault20
    vault20 Year ago

    What a terrible script. WW tries to stop the war by killing a bunch of people on one side. How did she know which side to pick? Toss a coin perhaps? She choose the allies because the Germans are evil and kill Amazon's on site even before they say hello.
    Even a fantasy movie has to have some logic to it.

    • EqualLandFreePeople
      EqualLandFreePeople Year ago +1

      She mentioned that in the movie. But Germany in WWI were the aggressors.

  • ycafe123
    ycafe123 Year ago +2

    Let's be honest, Wonder Woman was really bad.

  • iCanGrowaBeard
    iCanGrowaBeard Year ago +1

    The movie was terrible

  • mikeboy0001
    mikeboy0001 Year ago

    This movie really sucks
    It's so overhyped
    The story is a completely incoherent garbage, the action is ridiculous and the CGI poor and unimaginative

  • Lofty Production
    Lofty Production Year ago

    it was a load of fucking drivel. Terrible dialogue, lack luster action scenes and monotonously boring....

  • mig522
    mig522 Year ago +1

    I kinda hate the fact she looked clean even tho she fighting with mud all around her crashing threw building I feel she should have more cuts and stuff not her hair done in every scene and a pound of makeup on her face like she going out to dinner

  • silvio bentivoglio
    silvio bentivoglio Year ago +1

    wonder women is a great film saw it five times, as this is the only film that I saw the most on the big screen, three times at the drive inn and two times at the cinema

  • R
    R Year ago

    Man, this goddamn movie falls apart after the no man's land scene, jesus... Terrible CGi, terrible acting from Gadot, terrible villains, AWFUL third act, etc.. It's shameful to see Gadot doing static poses, blatant green screen effects, her body frozen in mid air with everything around moving fast, lol It's like goddamn 70's Superman allover again, so fucking fake. The overall movie is not as bad as the third act, there's a lot of charm in the intro, even the slow motion worked at first (it got overused later). A very formulaic superhero film with a dreadful third act, it's amusing to see people praising this in a forced way just because they want DC to succeed. A watchable first half, horrible second half... Just another superhero movie among dozens, nothing special at all.

  • R. Batinic
    R. Batinic Year ago

    I just saw it and my...it was bad. Bad acting, bad CG and cheap as fuck story... The only good thing about this movie is theme song, that's it.

  • CheeseCakeEnthusiast#35

    Gal Gadot was great as wonder woman and i like Chris Pines in it too i thought there was good chemistry and i generally liked their characters but the movie was so boring. I mean the pacing is awful the story is dumb the villain is so forgettable and the slow mo is ridiculous half the damn movie is slow motion that really bothered me. As a Dc fan i really wanted to like this movie i took my little sister to the movie theater to watch this movie and i am so disappointed. At this point i think suicide squad is the best DCEU movie so far and i think i'm done going to the movies for DC i tried but all they keep doing is pumping out bad movies.

  • jessejauregui
    jessejauregui Year ago +1

    This movie is in my top 5, criticize all you want but I love and cried watching this movie. And it's special for me and that's all that matters. Just saying

  • wroblewskiradek
    wroblewskiradek Year ago +2

    This is one of the few times I disagree with Jeremy.
    The movie bored me, and that is the greatest sin an action movie can make.
    Due to the excessive slow motion the action scenes are a set of still poses Gal Gadot does. Saying that the main villain is underdeveloped is a huge understatement. The sniper scene is just plain stupid - if she could jump up the building the platform her team provided seems useless.
    Speaking of the team, besides Chris Pine's character they serve no purpose to the movie whatsoever. I'd rather see some more development of Ares instead of these generic fillers.
    The interactions between the queen of amazons and the amazon army general are pretty much dumb as well.
    I'm not saying I hated the movie, I'd give it "better time if I was drunk".