If you answer WRONG you are DUMB

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • If you answer WRONG you are DUMB
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to If you answer WRONG you are DUMB
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  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand  3 months ago +11075

    Guess I'm dumb lol! Don't take this test too seriously.. you are geniuses to me ❤️

    • Ellie Evans
      Ellie Evans 9 days ago

      I love you azzyland

    • nicole thomas
      nicole thomas 9 days ago

      azzy you're not dumb you're smart😄😄😄😄😄 no matter what this

    • TheCutieKrew
      TheCutieKrew 11 days ago

      Azzy all months have 28 days
      Since they go up to 30-41 days they still have 28 days

    • Cynthia Filiberto
      Cynthia Filiberto 20 days ago +1

      12 was the last one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zombie Zombie
      Zombie Zombie Month ago

      AzzyLand The 12 months was 28 days

  • Ava Cooper
    Ava Cooper Day ago

    After you said you loved adds there was an ad😊

  • William Colette
    William Colette Day ago

    It was all of tgem

  • Amila Buljic
    Amila Buljic Day ago

    Every month has 28 days

  • Sonia Gerber
    Sonia Gerber Day ago

    al 12 months have 28 days

  • Janessa Sanchez
    Janessa Sanchez Day ago

    Alice is 13

  • Alyssa Reiners
    Alyssa Reiners Day ago

    all 12 months have at least 28 days... and pink is 4 letters

  • damaris herbert
    damaris herbert Day ago +1

    Azzy said crying u mean cycling 🚴‍♀️

  • Mariem Om Elbanat


  • Farzin Nejad
    Farzin Nejad Day ago

    All 12 months have at least 28 days so you should’ve put 12 for the answer

    Like this so Azzy can see!

  • 999 9999
    999 9999 Day ago

    Sorry but Alice is 15

  • Matthew Kidd
    Matthew Kidd Day ago

    I'm good

  • Maxime Pilon-bouchard

    some questions you actually have to be dumb to figure out,rational and smart people generally do not succeed

  • Janine Germishuys


  • Kairi Editz
    Kairi Editz Day ago

    The 28 days one it would be one or zero because every four years February 29 comes

  • Tony Chavarria
    Tony Chavarria Day ago


  • Roblox Cuties
    Roblox Cuties Day ago +1

    She was not14 she was 15 because it was her birthday 🎁

  • Fairy Time
    Fairy Time Day ago

    The answer is 12 all of them have at least 28 or more

  • Sydney Claassen
    Sydney Claassen Day ago


  • Anna Lacour
    Anna Lacour Day ago

    It’s every one has at least 28 dY

  • Vincent McCroy
    Vincent McCroy Day ago

    12 months! Every month has 28 days.

  • Zarin Rafa
    Zarin Rafa Day ago +1

    We have 6 seasons :')

  • Gamer chan
    Gamer chan Day ago

    Alice is 14. it her birthday so she's turning 15

  • 7
    7 Day ago

    Pink NOT four letters | AZZY 2019

  • Alex Lynn
    Alex Lynn Day ago

    It was all the months that have 28 days

  • Aron Gustavsson
    Aron Gustavsson Day ago

    Every month have 28 days or more 😂🙃

  • Kenneth Talley
    Kenneth Talley Day ago

    Its all

  • Rylie Bradley
    Rylie Bradley Day ago

    She would be fifteen because it’s on her birthday

  • Isabella King
    Isabella King Day ago


  • Billy Fill
    Billy Fill Day ago

    She got 99 and 108 wrong there was never a CORRECT!

  • Tushti Naik
    Tushti Naik Day ago


  • xXextreme playerXx

    it was one 😌

  • mohamed Ashraf YT pro

    NOT 1 OR 0

  • mohamed Ashraf YT pro

    It WAS 12

  • Reading & More
    Reading & More Day ago

    But pink is a 4 letter word see?
    p i n k
    1 2 3 4

  • dany targaryen
    dany targaryen Day ago +1

    11:24 I just got interrupted by an ad

  • all around DJ 33

    V v vv v v. Vv. V v vv. V v v. V vv vv. V v v vvVvv. VV. V v. V v vvv

  • Judith Alphonse
    Judith Alphonse Day ago

    all because 28 or over

  • golden_ girl123
    golden_ girl123 Day ago

    It is 12

  • Zanique Schultz
    Zanique Schultz Day ago

    All of them becous all of them has 28days

  • Justine Dreimane

    It was 12 because all of them have 28 days

  • golden_ girl123
    golden_ girl123 Day ago

    It said Alice is 14 but on her birthday she would be terning 15

  • Helen Wibisono
    Helen Wibisono Day ago

    It’s 12 because every month has 28 days

  • Cvetanka Nastevska

    Sh. Haz. Fiftin. Irz
    Bicaz. It. Waz. Hr. Brdai

  • Sugra Mawji
    Sugra Mawji Day ago

    All the months have 28 day's like more but still have 28 day's the answer was so easy it was 12

  • Grace Cooney
    Grace Cooney Day ago

    All months have 28days because

  • Katie McPhee
    Katie McPhee Day ago

    It said was that’s the past tense so she would be 13 not 14

  • Erin Flood
    Erin Flood Day ago

    Alice was 14 and then it was her birthday so she is 15 now

  • Kristi Brown
    Kristi Brown Day ago

    Azzy u got it wrong because it was 15 she just had a b day

  • Celina Gutierrez

    She is 14 it was her birthday so she turned 15

  • Andre Arceneaux
    Andre Arceneaux Day ago

    It's 12

  • Kailey Doe
    Kailey Doe Day ago

    She is 15 not 14.

  • Leilani Kern
    Leilani Kern Day ago +1

    All of them have 28 days because thats the only way to get to 30 or 31

  • Povilas gamer
    Povilas gamer Day ago

    Alice is 15

  • Jojojune06 8326
    Jojojune06 8326 Day ago

    In summer there is a place in a Alaska that gets up to 80 degrees

  • Luazanne Viljoen

    Halloween is the Devil's Birthday

  • Madison Sawyer
    Madison Sawyer Day ago

    Every month has 28 days

  • Jariayah Johnson
    Jariayah Johnson Day ago +1

    I know who to go to when I have math homework

  • Ethan Westlands
    Ethan Westlands Day ago

    When there was 12 second thing i had an ad

  • Captin Cosmos
    Captin Cosmos Day ago

    You also acidentlly put yes instead of no on the four side one

  • Captin Cosmos
    Captin Cosmos Day ago

    The reason why she got the car one wrong is it said she was 14 and then ot was her birthday so she would be 15 not 14

  • Mi Familia
    Mi Familia Day ago

    The question asked how many months have 28 days, the all do! Each month has 28 days or more

  • Michelle Siagigi

    Answers to the questions azzy got wrong:
    1. She WAS 13
    2. The rectangles are different sizes
    3. Azzy got it wrong by accident
    Actually i give up

  • yeet_ gachatv
    yeet_ gachatv Day ago

    It was Alice’s birthday she isn’t 14 anymore she is 15

  • Audrey Arola
    Audrey Arola Day ago

    The answer is ONE one has three letters in it

  • Audrey Arola
    Audrey Arola Day ago

    Your right there is only 1 month with 28 days so obviously it's a trick question but think thebest answer shouldbe be 1 for February which is the 2nd month so the answer must be 2

  • Love Lilrose
    Love Lilrose Day ago

    I think for the Alice question when you answered 14 they already told you she was 14 but her friend was driving and she’s probably the same age as her friend and her friend is probably 15 so I think the answer to that question is 15

  • Jebrea Baillum
    Jebrea Baillum Day ago


  • Isabella Senn
    Isabella Senn Day ago


  • Lone Narwhal
    Lone Narwhal Day ago


  • nashi nalu
    nashi nalu Day ago

    Jazzy PINK HAS 4 LETTER and also every month had 28 DAYS

  • Kyrsten Payne
    Kyrsten Payne Day ago

    The answer to the 28 months is 12


    It's 12

  • Malak Hesham
    Malak Hesham Day ago

    12 months have at least 28 days

  • cookie11
    cookie11 Day ago

    Azzy Alice had a birthday so shes 15

  • Joy Taylor
    Joy Taylor Day ago

    So funny ! Haha😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Haileah Flores
    Haileah Flores Day ago +1

    You were wrong on question 76 because all months have at least 28 days

  • Haileah Flores
    Haileah Flores Day ago

    You were wrong on number 40 because a square is a rectangle

  • Haileah Flores
    Haileah Flores Day ago

    You got question 26 wrong because after it says that alice is 14 it says on her birthday so that means she is 15.

  • Amanda Mooney
    Amanda Mooney Day ago

    i love riddles

  • Karoline Frydenlund

    Every month have 28 days

  • Sherrill Newell
    Sherrill Newell Day ago

    I am having a great time thanks Azzy.

  • Eda Meltem Karavelioglu

    I know why you were wrong on the birthday one she was 14 before and on her birthday she turned15

  • Sherrill Newell
    Sherrill Newell Day ago

    9 questions

  • Alexis Espeut
    Alexis Espeut Day ago

    All months have 28 days in them

  • Marty flint
    Marty flint Day ago

    Alice is 15 because it was her birthday

  • Emily Scholz
    Emily Scholz Day ago

    Pink is 4 letters love mistakes

  • Andrea Sanders
    Andrea Sanders Day ago


  • The Crazy Channel

    There are 28 days s in every month

  • Charlize Galloway

    i was stuck on the moon Alaska mob boss and others i cant remember...I'M DUMB!!!(cries)

  • Charlize Galloway

    i was stuck on the moon Alaska mob boss and others i cant remember...I'M DUMB!!!(cries)

  • I am MotoMoto
    I am MotoMoto Day ago

    my day is go

  • Lilly_PAD207 222

    Aluce is 15 it said "on her birthday"

  • turtle gacha games

    My father's birthday is on Jan 31st

  • Paint Eclipse
    Paint Eclipse Day ago

    At April I screamed because the end of the month is my b-day so I screamed "IT'S THE 30!!!!!!!!!!"

  • Swirly Donut
    Swirly Donut Day ago

    Azzy all months have 28 days in them!!

  • Mai Alkadi
    Mai Alkadi Day ago

    I’m glad you loved Texas,because that is where I was born and live there,(again I moved a couple times but I’m back)