If you answer WRONG you are DUMB

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • If you answer WRONG you are DUMB
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to If you answer WRONG you are DUMB
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Comments • 63 201

  • AzzyLand
    AzzyLand  5 months ago +11621

    Guess I'm dumb lol! Don't take this test too seriously.. you are geniuses to me ❤️

  • Salma Mohamedsabaaq
    Salma Mohamedsabaaq 45 minutes ago

    Well, I got a g question for you who comes first an egg or a chicken

  • Rachel Adams
    Rachel Adams 53 minutes ago

    There are 12 months with 28 days

  • King Of Ducks
    King Of Ducks Hour ago

    28 DAYS

  • Gacha _cookie
    Gacha _cookie 2 hours ago

    It was wrong cuz it said was it should be 13

  • Seth Toye
    Seth Toye 2 hours ago

    She was 15 because it was her birthday

  • John Acosta
    John Acosta 2 hours ago

    Because it was her birthday

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis 3 hours ago


  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis 3 hours ago


  • Crystal X
    Crystal X 3 hours ago

    It was 12

  • Jasmine Diaz
    Jasmine Diaz 3 hours ago

    All have 28 day

  • Elisabeth Francis
    Elisabeth Francis 3 hours ago

    All the months have 28 days bcuz eventhough they either have 31 or 30 it has to pass the number 20

  • Itz Izzy
    Itz Izzy 4 hours ago

    It says it is her birthday

  • Lakeesha's Secrets
    Lakeesha's Secrets 4 hours ago

    She was 14 and it was her birthday so she is turning 15

  • Alyssa Robson
    Alyssa Robson 5 hours ago

    All months have 28 days

  • Dar Williams
    Dar Williams 5 hours ago

    it was her b-day

  • Rashely Medina
    Rashely Medina 7 hours ago

    The month that have 28 days is 12 because all of them have 28 days

  • Gracey Hill
    Gracey Hill 8 hours ago

    I have a one hundred pound golden doodle. He is a big sweetheart. His name is Jasper.

  • Cora Goines
    Cora Goines 8 hours ago

    pink is a 4 letter word

  • Petra Birtić
    Petra Birtić 10 hours ago

    Every day have 28 days plus 2 or 3 days 😁

  • Mia and Alan's channel mia and Alan's

    On the first one you got wrong it sayd that she was 14 but then it sayd it was HER BIRTHDAY

  • Moyin Olayemi
    Moyin Olayemi 10 hours ago

    How old WAS Alice

    No hate tho

  • Lily Russell
    Lily Russell 11 hours ago

    Who remembers this
    30 days has September April June and November all the rest has 31 except for February which is 28 but 29 in a leap year

  • lydia surface
    lydia surface 11 hours ago

    Dude she was fourteen and just got a car. U have to be sixteen to get a car. LOLOL

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 11 hours ago

    3:40 soo in that it doesn’t just show England it shows England Scotland and whales soo ye

  • wil we
    wil we 12 hours ago

    All 12 months have 28 days

  • Summer Watts
    Summer Watts 12 hours ago

    There’s 28 days in every month 😊

  • Candy L0v3r#5
    Candy L0v3r#5 15 hours ago

    Alice was 14 then on ger birthday she turned 15 so the right answer is 15

  • Adam May
    Adam May 16 hours ago

    she was 13 it said on her birthday it wasnt her birthday

  • Hershys 202
    Hershys 202 16 hours ago


  • SoupDigger William
    SoupDigger William 16 hours ago

    Because on her birhbay /bad grammer

  • Lia Glow
    Lia Glow 17 hours ago

    All the months have twenty eight days but not all of them have only twenty eight days

  • TheMad1409
    TheMad1409 17 hours ago

    She is 10 not 14

  • Julie Chanas
    Julie Chanas 19 hours ago

    She was 13 years old

  • Jahia Robin
    Jahia Robin 21 hour ago

    30 days has September April June and November all the rest have 31 except February alone but February every four years has a leap year to 29 days and all the months have 28 days

  • JRS
    JRS Day ago

    With the 28 days one it was 12 cause all the months have at least 28 days

  • Kim Sloan
    Kim Sloan Day ago

    Alice WAS 14 but then she had her birthday

  • Aralynn Bigsky
    Aralynn Bigsky Day ago

    alice is not 14 because they said it was her birthday so she is 15

  • Klayton Zsigo
    Klayton Zsigo Day ago

    All months have 28 days

  • Natalee Marvin
    Natalee Marvin Day ago

    Alice is 14. On her BIRTHDAY shes 15

  • Maria Vagana
    Maria Vagana Day ago

    Every month Feb ONLY has 28

  • Lorena Solis
    Lorena Solis Day ago

    Azzy play Rolbox plz

  • charloopie martin

    I fell asleep so i did not see it i only seen the end

  • Gacha Cake
    Gacha Cake Day ago +2

    When the 2 by 2 question came up I wanted to say I thought it was a fish

  • Katie DeSimone
    Katie DeSimone Day ago

    all of the months have 28 days Azzy

  • Miss Chomps Afful

    She's 14 and its Her birthday DUH so she 15

  • Farida Ahmed
    Farida Ahmed Day ago

    It's 1 month cause 1 month have four weeks so 1 week have 7 days sooo. It's 7+7+7+7=7x4 =28 I love math

    • Bobby Brown
      Bobby Brown 11 hours ago

      Farida Ahmed no it all bc all r 28 days + so all of themes are over 28

  • linda demasi
    linda demasi Day ago

    alice is 15 bc it's her b-day

  • Knock Knock
    Knock Knock Day ago

    Alice wasn't 14, it was her birthday therefore she was 15

  • Ella Murray
    Ella Murray Day ago


  • Ella Murray
    Ella Murray Day ago

    12 duh

  • Zaliah Heinis
    Zaliah Heinis Day ago

    it was 15 because it was he birthday

  • Sky Kids
    Sky Kids Day ago

    It's Alice's birthday so she is one year older

  • Adventure Girls
    Adventure Girls Day ago

    Alice is 15

  • Olulade Ademokun

    i tried the game the quesion about the month wt 28 days is a scam and waste of time.

  • Aleesha Nicholas


  • Aleesha Nicholas

    You did good.

  • osade edith
    osade edith Day ago

    12 months have 28 days

  • Russell Hove
    Russell Hove Day ago

    It was not 14 it was 15

  • Jazmine Jade Thornburgh

    The answer is 15 because she is 14 but on her birthday she turns 15

  • A Random Girl
    A Random Girl Day ago

    12 months have 28 days😂

  • kimmyryan
    kimmyryan Day ago

    Wot is. your Name

  • Cristel Labandero

    Alice is 14 and it was her birthday shes 15

  • Robyn Grant x
    Robyn Grant x Day ago

    There’s 12 months whith 28 days 11 go up more

    SED JAN Day ago

    All of the months have 28 days !!!!

  • asif musa
    asif musa Day ago

    I could do math equations in my head

  • MISS awesome
    MISS awesome Day ago

    10:45 it's either C or D

  • Dobre Ivanovski
    Dobre Ivanovski Day ago


  • Amanda Davis
    Amanda Davis Day ago

    The answer is 12 because all months have 28 days

  • k van der scheer
    k van der scheer 2 days ago +1

    How many months have 1 Day all same is with 28 days

  • Daniel Siddall
    Daniel Siddall 2 days ago

    How many mouths have 28 Days 4 Azzy 4.

  • Katy Martinez
    Katy Martinez 2 days ago

    Azzy it was her birthday so she was 14 and she turned 15

  • Simon Sisco
    Simon Sisco 2 days ago

    She's 14 and it's here birthday

  • Madi and Evee Playz
    Madi and Evee Playz 2 days ago

    Alice WAS 14 but it’s her birthday so she is turning 15 :)

  • Pavle Komlen
    Pavle Komlen 2 days ago

    IT is 12 mounts