People Eat Their Favorite Foods For A Week


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  • Maria- 4_life003

    My fav food is ramen pizza and dumblings and non oftgem are healthy lol

  • Pedro Siqueira
    Pedro Siqueira 2 days ago

    This video is a mess. That’s it. That’s the comment

  • Duck Chandu
    Duck Chandu 4 days ago


  • TheSavageIs Me
    TheSavageIs Me 5 days ago

    So clickbait

  • Midnight Angela 앙겔라

    The Asian guy looks like exo’s kai...just a little

  • Void Gaming
    Void Gaming 8 days ago

    I don think... dis deserve... 14 mill views

    Dont correct my grammer

    • sreyas
      sreyas 6 days ago

      Don't* this* deserves*

  • lollipop
    lollipop 8 days ago +1

    Who the hell has salad as their favorite food

  • Smitty Aiden
    Smitty Aiden 11 days ago

    Go down to the description and where it says category it says pets and animals like wtf

  • Emma Parta
    Emma Parta 11 days ago

    My favorite food is food

  • monica donnelly
    monica donnelly 12 days ago


  • Nira Ahmed
    Nira Ahmed 12 days ago +1

    I can eat noodles everyday all day ...I've got no prblm with that

  • Geek Gang4556
    Geek Gang4556 13 days ago

    Not to hate but a smoothie isnt actually a food but still love buzzfeed

  • JmanG Navin
    JmanG Navin 14 days ago

    As far as I know, a smoothie is not a good.

  • Health Reviews
    Health Reviews 16 days ago

    Favorite food for 7 days... that is good idea

  • Libbie Mcdonough xxx
    Libbie Mcdonough xxx 18 days ago +1

    Who saw the dude biting his bottle 1:39

  • Rosa G
    Rosa G 19 days ago

    This is the most pointless video

  • The Interesting Carrot

    Mac n Cheese, Popeyes Spicy Chicken Strips, McDonalds French Fries... SUPER SOFT CHALLENGE.

  • karisma kaur
    karisma kaur 21 day ago

    My favourite food is chicken nuggets

  • y0u D0n'T Kn0w mE
    y0u D0n'T Kn0w mE 22 days ago

    *7 days in a week*

  • Gita Kadian
    Gita Kadian 22 days ago

    Idk why but the blonde in the thumbnail looks a bit like Taylor Swift 😅

  • GamingButNotReally
    GamingButNotReally 23 days ago

    Smoothies are not food. Change my mind.

  • • k a t •
    • k a t • 23 days ago

    *pulls out 5 pound bucket of strawberries*

  • chungus Kkazza
    chungus Kkazza 24 days ago

    I don't thinks so a week is 5 days i think it's 7

  • ItsTimeForSome Tae
    ItsTimeForSome Tae 24 days ago

    My fav food is McDonald’s lol

  • Mrs Chanandaler Bong
    Mrs Chanandaler Bong 26 days ago

    I think that the burrito kinda ruined the whole thing because there supposed to only be eating there favourite food not a burrito from a guy who isn’t there...

  • Lupe Urbina
    Lupe Urbina 27 days ago

    Who is from 2019 meeee btw Devin looks weird with Brown hair no defense but lady like videos she has yellow white hair

  • nano lipartia
    nano lipartia 28 days ago

    Baconator and spaghetti all week yuuuum

  • Ilovecats 88
    Ilovecats 88 28 days ago

    Of all the foods out there, salad?? Really??

    MVLGUS 28 days ago

    KBBQ for a week I’ve done it

  • seaweed brain
    seaweed brain 28 days ago

    My favorite food is strawberries. I’d eat strawberries for months. 😂😂❤️

  • Sam Brown
    Sam Brown 29 days ago +1

    We love a brown hair Devein!!!!!!!! Can we take a momment to appreciate her hair!! :)

  • lexi smith
    lexi smith 29 days ago

    love that

  • Julia Kuczma
    Julia Kuczma 29 days ago

    Smoothie is not food, first of all

  • hello world
    hello world Month ago

    Do eating their least favorite food for a week.

  • //Sisi//
    //Sisi// Month ago +6

    You can tell this is a rushed video

    MARQUIS da BEAST Month ago

    Mine would be wings or chick-fi-la

  • Ben Forgione
    Ben Forgione Month ago

    My favourite food is KFC like you you agree and I can’t forget about the wings 🍗🍟

  • CakePopSlimesNY
    CakePopSlimesNY Month ago +1

    I’d be eating like 5 slices of New York style thin crust cheese pizza with a little garlic salt a day bruh

  • Lexi Gearin
    Lexi Gearin Month ago

    My fav food

  • Eliza Cepeda
    Eliza Cepeda Month ago +2

    Seafood for a whole week? Yess

  • Lillian Betancourt
    Lillian Betancourt Month ago

    I could totally eat my favorite food every day

  • bec’s channel
    bec’s channel Month ago

    omg devin! anyone watching in 2019?

  • Zoe Barlass
    Zoe Barlass Month ago

    I like salad

  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose Month ago

    I love salad so much

  • Hannah DeLay
    Hannah DeLay Month ago

    smoothie bowls

  • Nora thorne sullivan

    I don’t really know what the point of that video was

  • L.I.F.E Donkey 10
    L.I.F.E Donkey 10 Month ago

    fried chicken all the way also love spicy fried chicken

  • Sks YT/Xbox
    Sks YT/Xbox Month ago

    I thought it wouldve been taco bell, McDonald’s and those places.

  • Stella Velazquez
    Stella Velazquez Month ago

    Me: Is that Devin?


  • astrid
    astrid Month ago

    i don’t even like this video but for some reason i watch it like 4 times a month uhh

  • **cough cough** *
    **cough cough** * Month ago


  • cleo ツ
    cleo ツ Month ago

    i could eat sushi all day, I would eat at the sushi buffet and crave it at night.

  • RiceBsll
    RiceBsll Month ago +1

    I feel like they should've given devan the burrito.

  • Reaction Girls
    Reaction Girls Month ago

    And u didn’t do this the week is 7 days not 5 🙄

  • Livin’ on the dance floor

    What does this accomplish/prove?

  • Marlee May
    Marlee May Month ago

    2019 anyone?!?

  • Kai Suzuki Olsson
    Kai Suzuki Olsson Month ago

    How do you eat smoothie?

    OUTCAST Month ago

    My favorite food is ass idk if I can eat it all week..

  • johns banana
    johns banana Month ago

    เ ωσµℓ∂ ρเcҡ ɾαɱყµɳ

  • Win Hla
    Win Hla Month ago

    "Can't take sushi from an Asian man"
    "Can't take a smoothie from a white girl"
    Me: Can't make me eat a salad.

  • EndieGLX - Gamimg
    EndieGLX - Gamimg Month ago

    The girl on the left looks like emma watson😂

  • Apple Watch
    Apple Watch Month ago

    My favorite food are nachos.

  • Luna/Lilly Caelum wolf

    I agree with the sushi guy. I LOVE SUSHI!!!!

  • Gracie Bray
    Gracie Bray Month ago


  • YeetMelo10
    YeetMelo10 Month ago

    1,50 the guy on the right spits out the sushi

  • YeetMelo10
    YeetMelo10 Month ago


  • YeetMelo10
    YeetMelo10 Month ago

    @1.50 the guy on the right spots out the sushi

  • bro sis
    bro sis Month ago


  • Phillip Castro
    Phillip Castro Month ago

    The 2 girls just lied and said something that they wouldn't get tired of. A video that would actually be interesting is a week of food that each person hates

  • Tori Mack
    Tori Mack Month ago

    Buzzfeed are you bored?

  • Jeanne Keen
    Jeanne Keen Month ago

    I would pick salad if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life because it has so many different forms, Pasta, chicken, fruit,macaroni, taco and so on

  • Ellyse Peck
    Ellyse Peck Month ago

    O my gosh devens hair

  • Hi It’s Pippa
    Hi It’s Pippa Month ago

    What’s the point?

  • Holly Dimond
    Holly Dimond Month ago

    Hot chips man

  • ΔŦĦ€ŇΔ
    ΔŦĦ€ŇΔ Month ago

    I LOVE 🍣 sushi

  • Nerma - _ -
    Nerma - _ - Month ago

    Ooooh i love grilled chicken😂😂😂😂

  • Neha B.
    Neha B. Month ago

    Was it one meal a day where they ate their favorite food?

  • supreme kid world
    supreme kid world Month ago

    i can eat french toast only for one day i like get sick of it and then i eat it for the last time.😂😅😑

  • Tiny Jungshook
    Tiny Jungshook Month ago

    My brothers friend said his favorite food is a$$

    Pls get this boy some normal food XD

  • MiA V.
    MiA V. Month ago

    Wth mine is a hole pizza😂 I would have gained 5 kilos

  • Jazzmin Chanel
    Jazzmin Chanel Month ago

    I can eat salad all day everyday im alzo craving one right now lol

  • Parsiwi Paramaputri

    Rice and any pasta is my fave ♡♡

  • Shelby Kidd
    Shelby Kidd Month ago


  • vampirediaries fanxlol

    Whats ur favorite food?
    I like spaghetti🍝

  • Toner Likes Rice
    Toner Likes Rice Month ago

    My most favorite food is Air Fried French Fries IDK why
    Edit: The Air fried taste way better I prefer

  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson Month ago

    My favorite food is popcorn shrimp... I know I'm weird 😔
    * In the arms of the angel fly away from here*

  • dbevans1328
    dbevans1328 Month ago

    Mozzarella sticks😋😋😋😋😋😋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Ana Lilia Velasquez

    When they run out if ideas, they make this video

  • Bobbie Jo's Corner of laughs And more

    who else got the tiktok ad?

  • jees juice
    jees juice Month ago

    i would eat dumplings fried and steamed

  • Farahxblink
    Farahxblink Month ago

    I think it's really weird that my favorite food ever is cucumber 😂 my friends always make fun of me like they ask how is cucumber is your favorite thing to eat 😂

  • Tiffany Taffy Wong
    Tiffany Taffy Wong Month ago

    Wow Devin with brown hair

  • Have fun with Hanah

    The woman who drinks smoothies are so selfish and its not a compliment

  • Alpesh Burnheart
    Alpesh Burnheart Month ago

    Sushi’s and smoothies are no one favorite foods sooo like no.

  • i love holo yasddd
    i love holo yasddd Month ago

    5 days is not a week

  • Floor Jolink
    Floor Jolink Month ago

    I’m dutch but I LOVE Turkish food.... CIG KOFTE IS MY FAVVEE

  • Nathan Narvaez
    Nathan Narvaez Month ago

    lol i would just eat chick fil a and NO I WOULD NOT GET TIRED OF IT heheheheh

  • Amal Habib
    Amal Habib Month ago

    T H E W E E K O F H E A V E N

  • Unbelievable Nugget

    Well I’m Asian and rice. *sigh* Rice..

  • Tabbys Huis
    Tabbys Huis 2 months ago +3

    more people are overweight than starving!