People Eat Their Favorite Foods For A Week


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  • StAn WoRlDwIdE HanDsOmE

    I can eat my fav food for my entire life
    *만두* & *자자면*

  • Madison Lor
    Madison Lor Day ago

    Taco belllll!

  • Fausta LikesSoros

    I would eat burger and coca cola like a 5 days or a whole week

  • David Roos
    David Roos 3 days ago

    Wtf is this?

  • Nail Art
    Nail Art 3 days ago

    I can't choose beetwen a fajita or hunters chicken or watermelon or strawberries oh I don't know

  • Isabella Rose
    Isabella Rose 3 days ago

    I wish my favorite food was salad

  • ccp tuts
    ccp tuts 4 days ago

    *blonde devin has left the chat*

  • MJ Simmons
    MJ Simmons 4 days ago

    k just bring me than thao and I im ready

  • Flutura
    Flutura 7 days ago

    Fried chicken?

  • biyach where
    biyach where 7 days ago +1

    How is pizza not yout favourite you people omg

    • itzMe Gio
      itzMe Gio 7 days ago

      +biyach where i know right😂

    • biyach where
      biyach where 7 days ago

      +itzMe Gio srsly... i mean what person has favourite food and its ... guess whatttt... salad .rly tho?

    • itzMe Gio
      itzMe Gio 7 days ago +1

      I know.. i was expecting fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, sweets and they r there eating sushi n salad..¿

  • Lost in Limerence
    Lost in Limerence 8 days ago

    The girl on the far left (right, what) picked a half-solid half-liquid food

  • sebooty jibooty nambooty gimme the booty

    I actually do eat my favorite food every day. Chicken yakisoba with mustard. Every day for lunch and sometimes dinner.

  • Gwyneth •
    Gwyneth • 9 days ago

    Can I just please have a sip...😂😂😂

  • Ziglle YT
    Ziglle YT 10 days ago

    My Favourite Food Is... KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN!

  • GKast Official
    GKast Official 10 days ago

    She could get favorite food for the week for free and she chose salad

  • Dance Moms Rhythm
    Dance Moms Rhythm 10 days ago

    Omg my favorite food is sushi HANDS DOWN

  • Proko
    Proko 10 days ago

    I have like, 10 favorite foods. And 80% of the time I only eat those foods because they require so little soooo. Yeah, I think this challenge is a piece o cake for me ajhaha

  • Seadna Blue
    Seadna Blue 11 days ago

    Omg I forgot devins hair was ever brown

  • koshik raj
    koshik raj 12 days ago

    I call BS on salad being the favorite food.

  • Lina Ross
    Lina Ross 12 days ago

    *Mcdonald's French fries*

  • Yuuki Scarlet
    Yuuki Scarlet 12 days ago

    Alfredo pasta 👌👌👌

  • Tae Beach
    Tae Beach 13 days ago

    Sushi Is MY life.

    HIHI HIHI 14 days ago

    chicken wings are made from heaven

  • Jojo haitham
    Jojo haitham 16 days ago

    Who is here after devin died her hair blonde?

  • Summer Hartlin
    Summer Hartlin 18 days ago

    Any small TVclipr’s wanna support each other

  • Kookie and more kookie

    I can eat my favorite food everyday

  • Khawlah Zhour
    Khawlah Zhour 20 days ago

    My fav food is takis!!! Or Indian food like spicy chicken and rice ❤❤

  • Hira Ayub
    Hira Ayub 21 day ago

    Is this just breakfast

  • Hira Ayub
    Hira Ayub 21 day ago

    Lol I regularly do this for a month

  • CoolGirl Gaming
    CoolGirl Gaming 21 day ago

    The girl who has the purplish hair reminds me of Colleen Balinger

  • Arya Krishnamoorthy
    Arya Krishnamoorthy 23 days ago

    Sambar for LIFEE!!! I dont get how people get bored of it!! SOO good!! Also, did anyone coe back just see devin with brown hair? I sure did

  • miss rat is a fat
    miss rat is a fat 24 days ago

    ew SALAD?

  • bあなたはすでに死んでいる

    B..But isnt it normal to eat a bucket of icecream everyday? ┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴

  • vandana sharma
    vandana sharma 26 days ago

    I can eat my fav. Food whole year ...PIZZA .... But better think about my weighing then 😂😂😂😂😂...!!!!

  • kira chanYT
    kira chanYT 26 days ago

    My favorite food is five guys burger😄🍔

  • thats the tea sis
    thats the tea sis 26 days ago

    as of now my favorite food is spicey ramen bowls lol

  • Fox Boy 337
    Fox Boy 337 27 days ago

    I would love to eat pizza for a week

  • Alice Art
    Alice Art 27 days ago

    Omg Devin looks so different 😂

  • equii.immie
    equii.immie 28 days ago

    1:02 woAhhh

  • sanne hemert
    sanne hemert 29 days ago

    5 days is not a week

  • Alina Ledneva
    Alina Ledneva 29 days ago

    They are so lucky!
    The past week I have been starving myself. I have this tongue infection so I can’t eat or drink anything.
    The only thing I can drink is tea and water. No acid, no food because my tongue can’t take it.
    I take medication every 20 mins, it’s crazy... ughhh

  • Qiuyu Shi
    Qiuyu Shi 29 days ago

    How is 5 days a week

  • Marie Makalou
    Marie Makalou Month ago

    Sushi is my favorite food

  • Gabrielius Pakatilius

    buzzfeed has is running out of ideas... oh it has been like that for years

  • Raven Legend
    Raven Legend Month ago

    OMG they sick or not

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    I feel bad that when the sick dude came back, his burrito wasn’t even a burrito

  • De3troyer Sb
    De3troyer Sb Month ago

    This was the most boring video I have ever watchin

  • Ogeenock
    Ogeenock Month ago

    White chicks: Salad and smoothies
    Asain dude: Sushi

  • Doughnut Productions
    Doughnut Productions Month ago +1

    Why is Devin just drinking a smoothie

  • Anderton Chigoneka
    Anderton Chigoneka Month ago

    I don't have a favourite food I don't like fatty foods

    ღPÅTTY CAKEღ Month ago

    I thought a week has 7 days .-.

  • Ellei Life
    Ellei Life Month ago

    Didnt anyone tell you there ate 7 days in a week

  • Kyrah Brooks
    Kyrah Brooks Month ago


  • Vicky Ma
    Vicky Ma Month ago

    can i please participate

  • Nina ES
    Nina ES Month ago

    I literally tried this I ate pasto pasta for a week

  • shadowLIGHT23 please subscribe to me

    I wish I ate healthier

  • Gdash Gaming
    Gdash Gaming Month ago

    I LOVE slurp juices and chug jugs! Definitely my favorite food!

  • Rhubarb Custard
    Rhubarb Custard Month ago

    Who's watching this in 2018

  • Vixian
    Vixian Month ago

    my fave food is seaweed

  • Y K K
    Y K K Month ago

    Why are there fav foods so healthy???
    I’d just be eating pizza/ice cream/honey soy chicken chip/TimTams

  • Terravium
    Terravium Month ago

    I love that girl :D The fact that salad is her favourite food, her attitude/humor, her fashion-style, love a lot of things about her :3

  • jenn le
    jenn le Month ago

    I could eat fried chicken for months 🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗🍗

  • vandana sharma
    vandana sharma Month ago

    I can eat my favourite food for years ...!!!!

  • kalennox22
    kalennox22 Month ago


  • LordO'Shit
    LordO'Shit Month ago +4

    Ya'll seriously don't know what a week means, do you?

  • Scar In my heart
    Scar In my heart Month ago

    Shrimp curry with rice

  • Elyyy Emmm
    Elyyy Emmm Month ago

    i could eat pizza

  • Liz Henry
    Liz Henry Month ago

    Crazy couldn’t even recognize Devin lol

  • jeet kaur
    jeet kaur Month ago

    If it was your favorite meal I would just choose the entire taco bell menu DUH

  • asarwar111
    asarwar111 Month ago

    I did that for 1 and a half weeks and still loves spaghetti and meatballs

  • Talent Central
    Talent Central Month ago

    I'm eriland from e and im about to meet my friends at a music festival

  • Jayce Hill
    Jayce Hill Month ago

    My favorite food is fresh fries.

  • Kingsley Frizzell
    Kingsley Frizzell Month ago

    bbq ribs is life

  • Yuna Song
    Yuna Song Month ago

    I would be good with sushi for a year!!

  • Aiko Nini
    Aiko Nini Month ago

    I can eat ... c e r e a l

  • Grace Band
    Grace Band Month ago

    And no one chose pizza!? The hell!!!???

  • me at 3am
    me at 3am Month ago


  • Kartik Dobhal
    Kartik Dobhal Month ago

    Asian guy eating sushi. Mainstream 👌

  • Plom Pop
    Plom Pop Month ago

    Why does she wear hat in everday

  • Nosey
    Nosey Month ago

    I've drank 4-5 large smoothies with just fruit and water for the last 12 full committed years every single day and Im not sick of them...

  • Samurai Boi03
    Samurai Boi03 Month ago

    My favorite food is Japanese lie, the guy

  • Darren Spohn
    Darren Spohn Month ago

    My favorite food is chicken. As it is I have it 4 or more times a week. It can be cooked in so many different ways. That is why I don't get sick of it.

  • Mira Sandy
    Mira Sandy Month ago

    I don’t really have a favorite “food” but I have a favorite junk food and it is donuts...I could never eat those for a week cuz I’d get fat

  • Joker *
    Joker * Month ago

    Wait, Emma Watson ??

  • Johns Career
    Johns Career Month ago

    I could eat my mums homemade Soupe à L'oignon everyday without losing my love for it🤤

  • PinTrash
    PinTrash Month ago

    And . There’s the girl who is obsessed with sloths.

  • Adar Yucel
    Adar Yucel Month ago

    Salad really 😒

  • Raajan LFC
    Raajan LFC Month ago

    Nuggets or burgers?

  • Fiorella Pacheco
    Fiorella Pacheco Month ago

    I'm not quiet sure a smoothie counts as a meal...

  • John Woram
    John Woram Month ago

    Is this not supposed to be normal

  • Joseph Zapata
    Joseph Zapata Month ago

    Lol that bs a salad gtfo 😂

  • Captain T-Rex
    Captain T-Rex Month ago +2

    I would eat Chick-fil-A literally every day

  • ROwDy QuEeN
    ROwDy QuEeN Month ago +1

    I could eat my favorite....
    Chicken wings and donuts.

  • Kittylover22
    Kittylover22 Month ago

    The girl addicted to milkshakes WTH DID SHE EAT I MEAN SHE ATE NOTHING

  • Basketball Skills
    Basketball Skills Month ago +5

    Who‘s favorite food is salad😭

  • Kristijan van der Bent

    I could eat Dutch Frikandel probably my whole life

  • PuLsE Clan
    PuLsE Clan Month ago +2

    “ You can’t take sushi from an Asian man” lol 😂

  • Trashy Clips
    Trashy Clips Month ago

    “ im trying to give you options for your ending “
    *uses it for the start*

  • Jhoany Sanchez
    Jhoany Sanchez Month ago +2

    *my favorite food is anything that’s food and that is not healthy*