F1 Paddock Pass: Post-Race At The 2019 United States Grand Prix

  • Published on Nov 4, 2019
  • Will Buxton looks back on a momentous day in Austin as Lewis Hamilton wrapped up a sixth world title.
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Comments • 802

  • c4moflauge
    c4moflauge Month ago

    isn't it wierd that out of all circuits cota is the closest to looking like a gun

  • Michael Sullivan
    Michael Sullivan 2 months ago

    Will Buxton! Such a brutish, brilliant classy orator! Bravo!

  • CosareNL
    CosareNL 2 months ago

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  • Eduardo Antonio Di Cavalcanti

    Esperando o mágico mundo da F1 desembarcar em Interlagos, São Paulo, Brasil! 💚💛💙💗🇧🇷🏎🍻

  • Nikolay Chilikov
    Nikolay Chilikov 2 months ago +1

    Kvyat: "I love to save my torpedo for the last lap!"

  • Nikolay Chilikov
    Nikolay Chilikov 2 months ago +1

    10:33 Ferrari prancing horse

  • MrCurry
    MrCurry 2 months ago

    “Talk us through it?” is back 😖

  • Dean Bradley
    Dean Bradley 2 months ago

    What you said about Lewis was Incredible and so True! Thank you for speaking TRUTH & Honesty.
    Lewis IS a great Champion, and more importantly a positive Good human.
    Cheers, blessings Will.
    your family at home should be very proud of dad! 🙌 | 👍

  • Richard D
    Richard D 2 months ago

    19:50 I love how blatantly Will doesn't have any time for Lance Stroll hahaha. Deadwood.

  • jcynavarro
    jcynavarro 2 months ago

    Many places in the paddock to record the program where there's less activity.... let's do it instead in the busy pitlane with forklifts and people running around packing everything up....

  • otimio parker
    otimio parker 2 months ago

    i kept looking outside for a big truck backing up hahahahaha

  • John Watson
    John Watson 2 months ago

    Tbh I'm not sure the top teams get the penalty that Daniil did. looking at what the stewards have let the top teams get away with since Canada I'm not sold on them getting a penalty on that. And it seems the stewards give out penalties based on how much damage the car received. Which is broken logic. Cause I've seen equally aggressive moves and running people off track from top drivers and they get no penalty. I'm not saying Daniil didn't deserve a penalty but it's just interesting to see how inconsistent the stewarding is. Especially between top teams and midfield teams. They officiate the midfield much more aggressively because you aren't going to get a Twitter meltdown for midfield penalty. You will get a Twitter meltdown over podium drivers getting one. And then you get the fanboys tweeting out maFIA and acting like the world is ending.

  • John Watson
    John Watson 2 months ago

    Interviewer : Lando what do you make of Lewis 6th title
    Lando : what language this man speaking?

  • Florian Boehnisch
    Florian Boehnisch 2 months ago

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  • James Wilson #234
    James Wilson #234 2 months ago

    "Was it as good for you as it was for me."

  • Stefan Stefan
    Stefan Stefan 2 months ago

    Lance Stroll making a better job as a interviewer than driver..

  • Ty be
    Ty be 2 months ago

    I'm confused, how did lewis win championship if bottas won in us?

  • Kogure
    Kogure 2 months ago


  • eman kcin
    eman kcin 2 months ago +2

    "Talk us through"
    N.Rosberg: "Is Will Buxton's career over?"

  • Kolya
    Kolya 2 months ago

    The "talk us through it guy" is IRL Claire or even worse

  • Adib BehrooziTV
    Adib BehrooziTV 2 months ago

    God that journalist and the beeping trucks get out of here. Will great job thanks again

  • Jochem
    Jochem 2 months ago


  • Day Walker
    Day Walker 2 months ago

    The interviewer rephrased the some question to all drivers. We gatta boycott this dude! Lol His making Paddock pass unwatchable!

  • George Nieves
    George Nieves 2 months ago

    Dannii come on man youre better than that. look at the reply you dive-bombed. Just own it.

  • j d
    j d 2 months ago

    3:53 "I can't wait for next year, it's gonna be good fun". Can't wait as well. Hope Valtteri carries this momentum next year. I wish Valtteri would start not giving a fuck and give us a Hamilton vs. Rosberg type season.

    OBEE WON 2 months ago

    Well said Will.

  • George Nieves
    George Nieves 2 months ago

    Still in awe at how humble and how much respect Lewis has for others!

  • Christof Baer
    Christof Baer 2 months ago

    Hey, Valteri, I got some news for you:

    You will never beat Lewis, period.

  • TechMantra
    TechMantra 2 months ago

    Kvyat: I should be able to crash into who I like!

  • laura william
    laura william 2 months ago

    i was in there its nice race f1...

  • Will See
    Will See 2 months ago

    Hamilton will go down as the best of all time. I really believe that. After he retires, I don't think his records will be touched for decades.

  • Marcel Polman
    Marcel Polman 2 months ago

    No doubt in my mind Ferrari couldn’t keep up because of the change in fuelflow

  • martyfriedman666
    martyfriedman666 2 months ago

    14:31 "6 titles, not many at all have done that....." eh yes Danny, just Michael Schumacher lol

  • pyrho1
    pyrho1 2 months ago

    Will cannot escape the construction vehicle noise.

  • Dennis Ovahn
    Dennis Ovahn 2 months ago

    The interviewer asks two questions and the drivers hit us with a great rundown of their day! fantastic planning F1, we can see that the drivers have a brain, memory and opinion..well done.

  • Daniel McCarton
    Daniel McCarton 2 months ago

    If Bottas' form hadn't dropped mid season, we could be watching some battle for the title now. There's always next year.n

  • Biggils
    Biggils 2 months ago +1

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  • Whoopsy
    Whoopsy 2 months ago

    Ty,think f1 as a viewing sport is over, a podcast review is def worth 2 min quick swap

  • Sourav Ghosh
    Sourav Ghosh 2 months ago

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  • David David
    David David 2 months ago

    Please replace the interviewer. He doesn't have the skills to do that job.

  • alec polk
    alec polk 2 months ago

    Vyatt isn’t lying, two different set of rules for the front and midfield

  • Victor
    Victor 2 months ago

    Can we please stop hyping on Albon's comebacks now? He's driving a car which is on average 1.5 sec faster than Renault and McLaren... not making a comeback would be impressive...

  • Bugoyski
    Bugoyski 2 months ago

    is it just me or Bottas really said " im a better driver but the company want me to take the Robin role.."

  • Edmund Marquez
    Edmund Marquez 2 months ago

    So many haters 😂 World champion is Lewis!!! Numero 6!!!

  • johnjono
    johnjono 2 months ago

    Just let Will do the interviews again! The new guy is useless

  • gaurab VR46
    gaurab VR46 2 months ago

    Meh... what a boring year.. 😒
    Rip Niki & Anthoine... 😔

  • David Jay
    David Jay 2 months ago

    Will Buxton is just cut from a different cloth

  • Mgrzx3
    Mgrzx3 2 months ago

    I watched the Skysports broadcast. Honestly, they said Lewis Hamilton and World Champion at least 5,000 times. STFU you Brit Gits. Yes your Nationalists, but try to be a little objective.

  • Roland Lawrence
    Roland Lawrence 2 months ago

    good to see that bottas thought or had the mindset that he had a chance to win the world championship. this is the metal of a real racer. never give up and race to the last race no matter what. nice to see Hamilton win his 6th. he's got a good chance to win next year, but more than 7? ... not so assured, especially as there is new regs in 2021 and its purposely made to allow for fiercer racing.

  • A Bains
    A Bains 2 months ago

    He is very very good

  • tigerrx
    tigerrx 2 months ago

    Stop asking the drivers about Lewis Hamilton 6th. They don’t give a &@#%

  • Henry Dolan
    Henry Dolan 2 months ago +1

    Will really needs to get back to interviewing the drivers. This interviewer has no idea what they're talking about and is just garbage at asking the right questions.

  • Granjacia
    Granjacia 2 months ago

    3 dnfs not 2 ;)

  • toasty bear
    toasty bear 2 months ago

    will=always great

  • nasser samano
    nasser samano 2 months ago

    Sooooo... Ferrari was cheating and got caught? So that's why they suddenly lost pace?

  • Matthias Borremans
    Matthias Borremans 2 months ago +1

    Interviewer : Talk us trough it
    Nico Rosberg : Is this interviewer his career over ???????????

  • Atom X Alpha
    Atom X Alpha 2 months ago

    Seeing mclaren on top of the midfield is normal now but at the start of the season i tell you what i was so hyped to see mclarens leading the midfield was so excited hopfully they can pick up a somemore time and get closer to the top 3 :)

  • 65ss
    65ss 2 months ago +1

    Williams ;- No down force in the corners.!!!
    Williams,:- To much drag down the straights .!!!
    Williams,:- Good news only two races to go, !!!..???
    Williams,:- WTF, are you going to do next year,!!!
    Williams,:- We are lost..!!! any ideas,!!!,
    Russell has to get a more competitive drive.??? where,, may be,~~~~~~~~F2 ???.
    Drinks for Lewis, Wow.!!!
    The other drivers are lucky he stayed out on old tires,,
    ,could have won by 20 seconds.!!!

  • Keiran George
    Keiran George 2 months ago +1

    Not sure if I've been talked through it enough.

  • Paul Liversidge
    Paul Liversidge 2 months ago

    It was great to see Vettel thank Hamilton in the cool-down room, great sportmanship. However, it seems that Ferrari decided not to use their extra power this weekend as it was pre-summer performance. I think something broke on Turn 8 on Vettel's car as it was smoking and sliding sideways into Turn 9 before it further collapsed. Leclerc had nothing, and Vettel went backwards from the start line. It sounds like the FIA Directive impacted Ferrari.