Is Tucker Carlson a White Supremacist? | March 13, 2019 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • A number of deeply upsetting comments from Tucker Carlson were recently unearthed, but he's different now: before he was saying them on the radio and now he's saying them on TV!
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  • veni vidi vici #1


  • Ann Bolin
    Ann Bolin 14 days ago

    Good job pretending to be a manic and caring Left sided Liberal. Take good care of your listeners while they work on waking up to join the #WalkAway campaign.

  • Lance Bornmann
    Lance Bornmann 14 days ago

    Tucker is the man

  • Ben Goddard
    Ben Goddard 17 days ago

    If you disagree your racist lol!

  • Jank Man
    Jank Man 17 days ago

    This humour hurts me in ways I can't explain, thanks TVclip recommends.

  • Cerulean
    Cerulean 21 day ago

    He seems like a good guy

  • MinDetonator96
    MinDetonator96 25 days ago

    These titles read like onion headlines

  • Ana Luisa Lima
    Ana Luisa Lima 26 days ago

    Is she the one that referred to the daughter of trump with the c word?
    Alright. I see. Pff 😒

    ETHAN BILLS Month ago

    Imagine thinking sharia culture is equal to western culture

  • Taiya001
    Taiya001 Month ago

    Is it just me or do these white nationalists sound an awful lot like incels?

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins Month ago

    I'd much rather watch Tucker than YOU!

    • Parrish Ralston
      Parrish Ralston Month ago

      Then don't. Glad she's living rent free in your head. 😁

  • Gnome Queen
    Gnome Queen Month ago

    Fun fact: fish are so dumb, they can’t feel pain. Just like Tucker!

  • Timothy stinson
    Timothy stinson Month ago +2

    Why is Samantha Bee still on the air?

    • Bugler55
      Bugler55 Month ago +1

      Probably the same reason Carlson is on the air, people watch and like them??

  • R MdFA
    R MdFA Month ago +2

    As a historian I must ask one question: which culture has been the most successful on planet earth during the last 1000 years? And I add another question: tell me one single non-european influenced country that is not a developing country.

    • R MdFA
      R MdFA Month ago

      @Bugler55 Apparently you confuse their economical strength with their development status. China isn't part of the first world. Google it. And when it comes to success and the spreading of a working system within the last 1000 years, China isn't exactly part of this list.

    • Bugler55
      Bugler55 Month ago

      @R MdFA hey if you're gonna be disingenuous, I've no obligation to point out flaws in your theory.....

    • R MdFA
      R MdFA Month ago

      @Bugler55 In what regards isn't China a developing country?

    • Bugler55
      Bugler55 Month ago

      China. Next.

  • Molly Lynne
    Molly Lynne Month ago +7

    Tucker Carlson, he is so small minded.

  • Rodolfo Ayala
    Rodolfo Ayala Month ago +1

    Carson is a Republikkklaus Republicunt Kkkristian Amerikkkan.

    • Emperor Napoleon
      Emperor Napoleon Month ago

      Christians and Reps are just racists, it's the same radical leftist ad hominem.

  • Rebecca Alejandro
    Rebecca Alejandro Month ago +3

    Cutting off parts of his speech to make yourself seem clever in some way is not helping your argument in any way whatsoever. Furthermore, some of what Tucker has said was stated years back, and his view on those points has changed. He brings up great social injustices and you’re just one of those people who make snide comments about someone just because of their race and gender with little to no actual factual evidence to support your claims. Just because someone has different political views than you and uses facts to support their claims doesn’t mean that you can buy some tv show and often slander them. You bring up no real relevant matters in our world, and I truly despise those like you.

    • Parrish Ralston
      Parrish Ralston Month ago

      "I truely despise those like you.' Haha, glad she's living rent free in your head, Rebecca.

    • Revatron Prime
      Revatron Prime Month ago

      Lol I'm sure she'd feel the same way about you if she even knew who you were

  • Marshall Eastwood
    Marshall Eastwood Month ago

    You can't be a white supremacist without moral values. He is just a coke nut with a script

  • Normal Viewer
    Normal Viewer Month ago

    How does he even live in this country

  • Evyln F
    Evyln F Month ago +5

    This is a surprise. I knew nothing about this until I met one of these whackos. Truly grotesque.

  • Nelson's Rudolph
    Nelson's Rudolph Month ago +12

    Excellent and I was a Republican for 4 decades.

  • Parker Westman
    Parker Westman Month ago +17

    This lady's pretty funny.

  • ManBearPig
    ManBearPig Month ago

    Samantha Bee you NWO puppet shill. How do you sleep or look at yourself in the mirror every day. You are filthy, horrible excuse for a human. You rotting pile of flesh and maggots. Anyone that follows this vile creature should get their head checked.

  • Tony Scott
    Tony Scott Month ago +3

    Samantha Bee - "the ebola of comedy"

  • Corrigan Shaak
    Corrigan Shaak Month ago

    Your face is vile and disgusting

  • Marshall Eastwood
    Marshall Eastwood Month ago +1

    This hoe is fishy

  • Kat Wilson
    Kat Wilson Month ago +1

    Im pretty sure he is primitive and basic... He surely sounds like that.

  • SnowmanAgent
    SnowmanAgent Month ago

    What is up with the dislikes

  • AJayAnswersYou
    AJayAnswersYou Month ago +1

    When you have to go 13 years back in the past to throw dirt on someone, says how desperate and pathetic you really are. Samantha Bee, may God set us free.

    • Jesse Daniels
      Jesse Daniels Month ago

      @AJayAnswersYou Okay mate

    • AJayAnswersYou
      AJayAnswersYou Month ago

      @Jesse Daniels The left is desperate and pathetic. We will keep winning. #Q

    • Jesse Daniels
      Jesse Daniels Month ago

      Bruv just watch his news segments he spews this literally everyday. It's really not hard to find.

  • Scrotus Maximus
    Scrotus Maximus Month ago +2

    *_T R U M P 2 0 2 0_*

  • Lupe Castillo
    Lupe Castillo Month ago

    Hey in my opinion you're a b**** you want to play come on b**** let's play I'd love to play with you one-on-one

    • ArthurBro
      ArthurBro Month ago

      Tucker Carlson *IS* a white supremacist.

  • J B
    J B Month ago


  • prometheus5700
    prometheus5700 Month ago +1

    Samantha Bee is a pathetic attention grabbing twit

    • ArthurBro
      ArthurBro Month ago

      So you're saying he isn't a white supremacist? Sure.........

  • rob I
    rob I Month ago +1

    tucker has done one good thing, making Ben Shapiro look like an idiot

  • rob I
    rob I Month ago +3

    wow, what a crushing view of ol tucker

  • C s
    C s Month ago

    Tucker is no white supremacist, who is this insignificant gutter rat talking?

  • John Lamb
    John Lamb Month ago +1

    I enjoy Tuckie's writing in Der Tagliche Furzfanger.

  • Dennis Fiorillo
    Dennis Fiorillo Month ago

    What do you really want Samantha B ? Population replacement ? Whats your point ? White Man Bad.

  • John D'Onofrio
    John D'Onofrio Month ago

    Tucker is way more successful then this chick

  • Inga Eliasdottir
    Inga Eliasdottir Month ago +6

    Such a good and sharp humor. Please come to Iceland with a stand up. We love you

  • AJ Smith
    AJ Smith Month ago +1


  • Jami Stoker
    Jami Stoker Month ago

    Oink oink Tucker!

  • Bragg11141
    Bragg11141 Month ago

    I’m not gonna waste my time commenting on this. Lol

    • Grey
      Grey Month ago

      You did

  • Sherm Peever
    Sherm Peever Month ago

    How does she still have a show? Funny and compelling as a toothache.

  • Bob Bart
    Bob Bart Month ago

    Tucker isn't smart enough to be ANY kind of

    • Jami Stoker
      Jami Stoker Month ago

      They do not require intelligence

  • Bob Bart
    Bob Bart Month ago +14

    Tucker isn't smart enough to be ANY kind of

    • Aeroldoth3
      Aeroldoth3 Month ago

      That's the whole POINT of supremacist views, declaring the bottom trash are the bestest of humanity.

  • Bob Bart
    Bob Bart Month ago

    Tucker isn't smart enough to be ANY kind of

  • Bob Bart
    Bob Bart Month ago

    Tucker isn't smart enough to be ANY kind of

  • Kenny Rogers
    Kenny Rogers Month ago +1

    I can’t stand Samantha Bee.. does that make me a black supremacists fascist homophobe??

  • Alabama Mothman
    Alabama Mothman Month ago +2

    Is that all you got, name calling. You have all these writers and that is all they can come up with. You need to either get a REAL job or fire your writers.

  • oldrrocr
    oldrrocr Month ago +9

    1989: Fall of communism;
    2019: Fall of democracy in the US at the hands of the Russians

  • Ted Zeiller
    Ted Zeiller Month ago

    What a coincidence that every single deplorable scumbag like tucker is a member of the same party. Hmmmm

  • Dave Fiano
    Dave Fiano Month ago +1

    Actually the most “Batshit” take away from 9-11 is that “someone did something”. From her spirit animal Ilhan Omar.

    • T K
      T K Month ago

      if i thought you could contextualize each of those quotes in your comment, i'd ask you to. but, hey, we can't get everything we want!

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law Month ago

    Tucker,,say it !! plz. we still won't like you but we'd respect your honesty.

  • Lee Boutilier
    Lee Boutilier Month ago

    That's it. proof tucker is a white supremacist. weird, I've been watching his show on fox for years and had no idea!

    • Lee Boutilier
      Lee Boutilier Month ago

      @T K Paid attention to what? tucker or Samantha's terrible monologue? I can only take being forcefully dummed down for so long!

    • T K
      T K Month ago

      yikes, if only you'd have actually paid attention instead of installing your mypillow!

  • sharpwildone
    sharpwildone Month ago +1

    It's always a hoot when Cult45 takes a break from its daily indoctrination via Fox News or one of the other propaganda arms of the Trump White House and leaves drive-by comments on videos/stories etc that document rightists behaving abominably. The comments only reinforce how even more brainwashed, gullible, and deluded these Trump cheerleaders have become in the nearly 2 1/2 years since Trump crassly kicked off his presidency by throwing a childish tantrum over inauguration crowd estimates. Pretending that Tucker Carlson isn't a white supremacist is like pretending that Trump's consistently ignorant, asinine, racist, misogynist and xenophobic tweets and comments, captured and recorded in his own words, are "fake news." Pathetic.

  • Rosalind dances
    Rosalind dances Month ago +2

    Her fake news is right up there with Rachel Mad cow's. Good job, Sama..... for the dubbed and doctored tapes. Tucker needs to sue her

  • Fart Huffin
    Fart Huffin Month ago +13

    He is so self centered he only knows how to smear the left by so obviously projecting his views and actions as those of the left. 🤮

  • Arcanine-Espeon
    Arcanine-Espeon Month ago

    2:12-2:18 If Vine never died...

  • Cameron Lbn
    Cameron Lbn Month ago +4

    Lol 19k sheep liked this video

  • MR.E R
    MR.E R Month ago +1

    Tucker loves trumps banana

  • MR.E R
    MR.E R Month ago +1

    Tucker likes white men

  • Rebecca Rivera
    Rebecca Rivera Month ago

    He was joking! White supremacist is just code for "I don't like you." This woman is vile.

  • Revel Heir
    Revel Heir Month ago +3

    Trump 2020

  • N Cisco 78
    N Cisco 78 Month ago +3

    Shes not even funny

  • carultch
    carultch Month ago +1

    Will you address whether Cathy Areu is just acting, or really has those opinions?

  • Craig White
    Craig White Month ago +2

    To call Tucker a white supremacist is as ignorant as you can get. Pure stupidity.

  • rex gressett
    rex gressett Month ago +2

    Sam the cring Bee, the cutting edge of decadent corruption.

  • Jerry Donohue
    Jerry Donohue Month ago

    We have cultural diversity because we have different peoples with their own languages and cultures and most of those people wouldn't swop for anothers (Japan doesn't have any immigration from the middle east or Africa) Its what makes the world interesting. Most people think trickle immigration is a good thing but don't want mass immigration. They look at the American indian/ Aust aborigine as examples of the result. There is no right or wrong opinion just a debate, which becomes heated because the worlds resources are finite and some people have not reproduced since 1975 whilst others have bred like rabbits for decades creating huge demographic pressure to move to first world countries before they build a fence. To those who doubt the efficacity of a wall, since Israel built theirs not one Mexican has entered their territory. I rest my case.

  • Robert Francis
    Robert Francis Month ago +2

    Western Civilization is supreme over any other civilization. Racism does exist against white people.