Jean-Claude Van Damme Reveals Why He Left ‘Predator’ | Heat Vision

  • Published on Mar 1, 2019
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme joins Heat Vision Breakdown for a special episode to talk all things 'Predator,' Vladmir Putin and more.
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Comments • 3 182

  • BabyRobbin
    BabyRobbin 2 hours ago

    He was so beautiful . His body was perfection. Then his accent. He was the love of my life lol 🤣❤

  • Jamie Behun
    Jamie Behun 12 hours ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals Why He Didn’t Return For ‘Predator 2’ | Bad Director

  • Biyamin
    Biyamin 15 hours ago

    He was my favorite actor growing up cuz of his fighting style

  • Aamer Habib
    Aamer Habib Day ago +2

    This great man is wonderful so humble and I love his daughter

  • Houman Dehdashti, DMD

    He is a legend..

  • Coy McCombs
    Coy McCombs 2 days ago

    Would get his ass handed to him in a fight with ANY mama fighter. Steven seagal would beat the breaks off this pussy

  • Fibros Adigan
    Fibros Adigan 3 days ago +3

    The Quest ,was an awesome movie R.I.P 90s

  • The Predator
    The Predator 4 days ago

    Wait, so he trained Chuck Norris? Ok... If Chuck Norris can do a number of push-ups that amount to all of them, imagine what Van Damme can do. :|

  • Mugwort
    Mugwort 4 days ago +1

    This guy is legit. A real martial artist

  • amorth
    amorth 4 days ago

    he's look like ruined by drugs though. Anyway the best 90s martial art actor ! Thanks JCVC !

  • Maria Zahedi
    Maria Zahedi 4 days ago +4

    I love JCVD. God bless him and his family.

  • Clive Wells
    Clive Wells 5 days ago

    Some new info here, and BTW; Heat Vision is the channel name, not the other film he left, as I, presume we all thought... ahem. If u wanna see a good film with him as the boss at the end, watch 'Universal Soldier 4!' He's hardly in it but it reminded me of 'Three days of the condor' - another great film that people sleep on!

  • TheCatoblepass
    TheCatoblepass 5 days ago

    i dont know about u guys but universal soldier was his and dolpfs greatest movies of all times

  • The Enforcer Din4cer

    cocaine is hell of a drug

  • Ruben Avila
    Ruben Avila 5 days ago

    No retreat no surrender. When he did the splits on the middle ropes.....

  • Bastiaan ten Doornkaat

    I'm pretty sure Predator would't have been the same hit if JC vD would have played the predator instead of the fabulous monster they've created and that brought so much mystique and credibility to it. I've seen a short clip of how it would've looked with J. C in the costume and it looked quite pathetic i must say! So for this time i'm glad JC didn't took the part!

  • Nelson Hernandez
    Nelson Hernandez 6 days ago

    I have a different look at why he left predator. Everything he said is true. But they didn't want a safer outfit. The original predator customer looked stupid AF. They actually stopped production to create a new character. Remember JCVD, as he said, was thought of nothing more than a gloridlfied stuntman.
    Kevin Peter Hall became the man under the new suit and he was HUGE!

  • Silvina Alderete
    Silvina Alderete 6 days ago

    Van Damme 😍♥️🇦🇷🙋‍♀️

  • Jose Nunez
    Jose Nunez 6 days ago +1

    If Henzo Tenaka is Ishidoshi!!! Then show us the Den Mac!!!.... What the hell is a Den Mac????

  • Dark Droid
    Dark Droid 7 days ago

    I'm going to kick his ass so Orrd! - Chris Delia

  • Hermaphrodite Doro
    Hermaphrodite Doro 7 days ago

    for me the best movies from him is replica and timecop,

  • martinnbafiba1
    martinnbafiba1 8 days ago

    How can you not Live JCVD?

  • Ricardo Grande
    Ricardo Grande 8 days ago

    Van Damme is really a nice guy (and I like him a lot). I think that was good for him and for Predator movie...he's 1.77m tall and the predator actor ( Bryan Prince) was taller. That worked great, since Arnold is 1.88m. Bryan was 2.07m

  • andrew
    andrew 8 days ago

    I am JCVD.

  • Jackson Brown
    Jackson Brown 8 days ago

    What's amazing is Jean Claude trained Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris trained Bruce Lee and Steven Seagal trained everyone.... .that machine in timecop must really work

  • Qohelet McSkwiddz
    Qohelet McSkwiddz 9 days ago

    I have mini bag witha my chapsteeck, my danta-floss, my cocaine, my whatever

    Note: That's my back pack....just doing stupid spelling

  • zog noty
    zog noty 9 days ago


  • zog noty
    zog noty 9 days ago +1

    im not gay but imho he was the nicest actor during 80's

  • Sameer Naqvi
    Sameer Naqvi 9 days ago

    Why he looks so old? He is just 59.

  • Lorenzo Arredondo
    Lorenzo Arredondo 9 days ago

    The background music gets annoying at certain points.

  • Ariel Roman
    Ariel Roman 9 days ago

    Blood sport,part #me too
    Coming soon this fall to a theater near you.
    Christina Aguilera and Maryl Strip(of course)

  • iGuss Heavy Juti
    iGuss Heavy Juti 10 days ago

    I love this Men

  • Kevin Hewitt
    Kevin Hewitt 10 days ago


  • liam owen
    liam owen 10 days ago +2

    A.W.O.L Double Impact bloodsport kickboxer Hardtarget No Retreat No surrender black Eagle was brought up on these!!

    • Alton Sadlier
      Alton Sadlier 8 days ago

      liam owen Black Eagle with the legend Sho Kosagi aka the ninja of the 80’s

    • Edward Betteley
      Edward Betteley 8 days ago

      Thank you..... Why do so many call it "Lionheart"???
      I have it on VHS and its titled "A.W.O.L".......

  • Denise Kelly
    Denise Kelly 11 days ago

    He is still a good looking man!

  • Emma Leyva
    Emma Leyva 12 days ago

    He's so cute.

  • D k
    D k 12 days ago


  • trust the universe
    trust the universe 12 days ago

    How slow Chuck is!

  • RBB
    RBB 12 days ago

    Bloodsport, the first movie I saw a guy do a split.

  • lx Video Stuff
    lx Video Stuff 12 days ago

    jcvd spared chuck norris and apparently got away from his roundhouse kick.

    ESTYMA NAGRANIA 12 days ago +1

    I love this guy. He is to me like a father.

  • GhostMillionairesTV
    GhostMillionairesTV 13 days ago +1

    Princess Leia: "Aren't you a little short for a Predator?"

  • Denso
    Denso 13 days ago +1

    Mr Nice Guy always appears to enjoy questions in these interviews and shows no arrogance

  • Justice Heart Liberty
    Justice Heart Liberty 13 days ago

    Time Capsule

  • Jurmen Refos
    Jurmen Refos 14 days ago +1

    Mij king

  • Joe Behrens
    Joe Behrens 14 days ago

    stopped the video cuz couldn't stand the interviewers voice

  • Sean Patrick Harrington

    Jcvd one of the few real fighters in Hollywood.

  • 80sCats&GunsAddict
    80sCats&GunsAddict 15 days ago

    He's such a fuggin liar that he's beyond pathetic. He didn't leave on his own. Van Damme was removed from the film. When compared to Schwarzenegger...Weathers...and Ventura (actors known for their bodybuilding) it was obvious a more physically imposing man was needed to make the creature appear threatening. was reported that Van Damme constantly complained about the monster suit being too hot and caused him to pass out. He allegedly had also repeatedly voiced reservations about only appearing on camera in the suit. Additionally, the original design for the Predator was felt to be too cumbersome and difficult to manage in the jungle and even with a more imposing actor did not provoke enough fear. JCVD was promptly replaced by Kevin Peter Hall. Do the research folks. Don't always believe what you see on YT. Moreso when the star is being publically interviewed. It's a pride thing cause he can't publicly admit he was fired. JCVD is in no way...shape...or form intimidating. He is 5'10" . Whereas Hall was 7'2". He's def an excellent bullshitter though.

  • Wrong Wired
    Wrong Wired 15 days ago

    More crack please? Bewahh!!

  • M Lavín
    M Lavín 15 days ago

    I do really admire Jean Claude Van Dam , I wish if one day I can take just a pick with him !!! you were lucky to have him near, the fastest kick I can recall in my life... Many of his fans we have being missing him for years... I hope he come back but really come back soon to show his skills on the big screen ... Jean Claude if you are reading many like me we hold ultimate respect for your work!!

  • Derek Royals
    Derek Royals 16 days ago

    he fucked up?

  • Martenas
    Martenas 16 days ago

    Jean got beat Chuck Norris' ass confirmed. XD him & Bruce on that illustrious list. Down with walker texas ranger. See... he can be beat, hes just a man! LOL

  • Oliver Cowpland
    Oliver Cowpland 16 days ago

    Left predator??? U found the real ones van dam ???
    Coper van dam?

  • Ricky Carney
    Ricky Carney 18 days ago

    Hard target awesome

  • Bigg D
    Bigg D 18 days ago

    fucking poser.....hai ya...ka pow....bang me up de ass....ooh...poutine...

  • zuniga0331
    zuniga0331 19 days ago

    Hellll yeah Jean! Doin this interview right after blowin a ball!?!?
    Gangsta ass nigga

    JAVIER QUINTERO 19 days ago

    Chuck Zito kicked his ass, BIG TIME!!

  • madcityy
    madcityy 20 days ago +1

    Living LEGEND! This was super interesting.

  • tipped jungle
    tipped jungle 21 day ago

    Good on him he didn't bullshit n make excuses for pussying out on predator 👌

  • Paul Franciosi
    Paul Franciosi 21 day ago

    Shame it turns out the guy who kick boxer was about is pure lies .Frank is a fraud.