Elements (Orchestral Version) - Lindsey Stirling - Dracula

  • Published on Oct 11, 2013
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  • Platinum Albatross
    Platinum Albatross 23 hours ago

    I'm proud to say Lindsey stirling said birthday is sep.21 and my birthday is sep.19 I love her music and videos and I play the violin!

  • Platinum Albatross
    Platinum Albatross 3 days ago

    Lindsey you are incredible!

  • lana layma
    lana layma 29 days ago


  • manuel santana
    manuel santana Month ago

    Hay si

  • Christal Bindrim
    Christal Bindrim Month ago

    Lindsey you are talented and truly amazing ❤

  • Kay Neahnung
    Kay Neahnung 2 months ago

    tremendous as always... so sad that the series only has one season :-/

  • Cinta V
    Cinta V 2 months ago

    I love this version!!

  • Nightcore Of Myth
    Nightcore Of Myth 2 months ago

    Check out my Anti-BassStep of this at: tvclip.biz/video/VYP22_S1P68/video.html

  • gabriel hersey
    gabriel hersey 3 months ago

    Master piece

  • Andreea Ilie
    Andreea Ilie 3 months ago

    This was such an amazing show......too bad they cancelled it

  • Michał Mirgos
    Michał Mirgos 4 months ago


  • hu uh
    hu uh 4 months ago

    emotional the is burning for Emotions👌

  • bu2s
    bu2s 4 months ago

    Absolument incroyable. Absolutely incredible!

  • Citlalli Miranda
    Citlalli Miranda 4 months ago

    What is the name of the movie?

    • Citlalli Miranda
      Citlalli Miranda 3 months ago

      @bu2s tank you 👍

    • bu2s
      bu2s 4 months ago +1

      Not a movie but TV series. It's Dracula released in 2013 with J. Rhys-Meyers.

  • Pedro Augusto
    Pedro Augusto 5 months ago

    daria uma excelente banda de metal estilo apokalíptica (Brasil).

  • mirage spetsnaz
    mirage spetsnaz 5 months ago

    awesome awesome ^_^

  • Susy C
    Susy C 6 months ago

    Hermosa 🎵💕💞🎶💞💕🎵💕💞🎶💗❤️💓💞🎶💕🎵💓💗❤️💞💕🎶🎵

  • Skye Melody
    Skye Melody 6 months ago

    What movie is this?!

    • bu2s
      bu2s 4 months ago

      Dracula TV series.

  • Claudjane lira silva
    Claudjane lira silva 6 months ago


  • Min Severo
    Min Severo 6 months ago

    I did a dance in my School with this
    It's so amazing 💜

  • the gaming girl
    the gaming girl 6 months ago

    I can whistle this yesssss

  • Jennifer Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia 6 months ago

    Do you think you can do a cover of Dracula’s Castle from Castlevania’s Symphony of the Night?

  • Ayşegül Gerdaneri
    Ayşegül Gerdaneri 7 months ago

    Awesome ♥

  • Ridwan Back
    Ridwan Back 7 months ago


  • Madhubanti Hajra
    Madhubanti Hajra 7 months ago

    You look beautiful and play like your beauty

  • Meena Girish
    Meena Girish 7 months ago

    Lindsey is a mythical violinist

  • Sebas Prat
    Sebas Prat 7 months ago

    when you find a spooky song but its not spooktober

  • timothyfloogle
    timothyfloogle 8 months ago

    love this track

  • Arianna Cunningham
    Arianna Cunningham 8 months ago

    Well I have to say that Lindsey Stirling is the modern day version of Vanessa Mae

  • Sebas Prat
    Sebas Prat 8 months ago +1

    when spooktober is over and your sad you only found 2 good spooky songs and then this pops up

  • SUTB: Anti-Bullying Organization


  • Dmitriy Kotov
    Dmitriy Kotov 9 months ago

    U R SUPER!

  • Heba hamdy
    Heba hamdy 9 months ago

    يعني فيه مصاصين دماء او دراكولا
    I don't think so

  • Natan Martins
    Natan Martins 10 months ago

    Quem é BR e está ouvindo essa linda música deixa seu like!

  • Fer Fano
    Fer Fano 10 months ago

    Te quiero mucho quiero ser igualque tu te lo boy a cumplir voy a ser violinista soy ilse fernanda y boy hacer violinista como tu te quiero sigue adelante

  • AngelHunter Wolf
    AngelHunter Wolf 10 months ago

    The purge to night xx

  • White Night Demon
    White Night Demon 10 months ago

    i dunno.....i think it lost its touch by losing the dubstep elements......

  • Daniel Ki,
    Daniel Ki, 11 months ago

    That is pieknego

  • pfouga Anlouale
    pfouga Anlouale 11 months ago +1


  • TenuemNightmare 0

    This version is amazing

  • Rachael Cox
    Rachael Cox Year ago

    this is amazing God gave you a great talent.

  • GAETANO 55
    GAETANO 55 Year ago

    la mia anima fluttua leggera e dopo opposte sensazioni ...... ho pianto

  • Александра Кармазина


  • Alex Moiseev
    Alex Moiseev Year ago

    Состарилась фея

    • T. S.
      T. S. Year ago

      Alex Moiseev интересно почему русачье всегда гадости в коментах пишут ? да потому что сами гадюнчики .. сравни свои коменты с другими...что нибудь заметил ? я да...только россияне высер несут

    • T. S.
      T. S. Year ago

      Alex Moiseev а ты бессмертный? Кощей ?

  • Ridhima Joshi
    Ridhima Joshi Year ago


  • Powered by Moonlight

    I always gonna love this piece and music video!

  • Jesse Smith-Garcia

    Beautiful piece of music..

  • Antonio conte
    Antonio conte Year ago

    Beautiful music

  • Noemi Conte
    Noemi Conte Year ago

    beatuful music

  • Marcos S
    Marcos S Year ago

    Master piece! 10 out of 10

  • Milano Martins
    Milano Martins Year ago

    Muito bom

  • Ridhima Joshi
    Ridhima Joshi Year ago

    Being a fan of vampires I loved these

  • Ridhima Joshi
    Ridhima Joshi Year ago

    It sounds a mixture of Shadows and crystallize

  • Ridhima Joshi
    Ridhima Joshi Year ago

    I'm in love

  • Lucarius1
    Lucarius1 Year ago

    Why did they have to cancel this awesome series?

  • Terre Johnson
    Terre Johnson Year ago

    So talented, violinist & ballet dancer! Love her videos.

  • Sam Sweetman
    Sam Sweetman Year ago

    Lindsey, would you please do something for Supernatural?
    Maybe Carry On Wayward Son?

  • Yahia Ouansa
    Yahia Ouansa Year ago

    2018 ANYONE?

  • Kirigaya Kolopit
    Kirigaya Kolopit Year ago +1

    Witcher 3

  • Eric the Red
    Eric the Red Year ago

    Can you imagine what a concert with Andre Rieu would be like with Lindsey as a guest performer ?? It would be the performance of the century !!

  • sonia ugarte
    sonia ugarte Year ago

    What film is this ?

  • Emma Cosgrove
    Emma Cosgrove Year ago

    I loved this!❤ I wish more people knew about this version of Dracula because it's amazing 😍😍 I wish it would be renewed for a season 2!

  • Paty Rf
    Paty Rf Year ago

    Estou apaixonada, pqp, mulher foda.............

  • Ma Jesus Carrero Maestro

    Me encantó la serie de Drácula de la nbc y su musica!!!

  • Papa Freakin' Smurf

    Lindsey speaks well..but she expresses so much better... :'(

  • jean louis caugan


  • Carlos Enrique Urbano Tamani

    muy bueno

  • Klara Stalker
    Klara Stalker Year ago

    Que lindo..

    Jorge LUIZ MACHADO Year ago +1

    I like you...

  • Lucarius1
    Lucarius1 Year ago

    why did they have to cancel that show? I loved it. As much as I love this beautiful song

  • Nadia Hajji
    Nadia Hajji Year ago +1


  • Света Ивановна

    Сказочно и красиво

  • Natalia Iglesias
    Natalia Iglesias Year ago

    Im here for Jasmine star stable :D

  • María Josè Bh
    María Josè Bh Year ago


  • Nasty92 Vei
    Nasty92 Vei Year ago

    Amazing music.

  • BardInBlue
    BardInBlue Year ago

    Another one I wish I had seen before Halloween this year! Also, with the cover/medleys that she's done of Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda, I wonder what the odds are of her doing a medley of Castlevania music after this...

  • Rob Mccarron
    Rob Mccarron Year ago

    I whant to marry u keep up the good work lison to u all day

  • Stephanie Rayside Rayside

    Yay Dracula!!

  • hanna〈3
    hanna〈3 Year ago +1

    When I was in winter guard we performed this song for competions one year!!

  • Yannick Laborde
    Yannick Laborde Year ago


  • Hedberg Marinho
    Hedberg Marinho Year ago

    Muito Emocionante, Lindo !

  • Abigail Perez Sandy

    i like beautiful son DRACULA

  • Daniel Martins Pedreira

    Where you buy the accompaniment? Please, link...

  • Rosa Salud Mateo Dominguez

    Holaa!! Sabeis la pelicula o la serie Drácula q aparece en este videoclip cual es ....no me aparece como se llama en ningun buscador ... la pelicula tiene buena pinta....gracias

  • María Mónica Bonilla Páez

    25th October ... 4 years ago already, wow!!!

  • Holly-Grace Bjork

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍so perfect!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Vasilis Stamatakos

    Thank you Lindsey for giving me the chills every time!

  • Citlalli Miranda
    Citlalli Miranda Year ago +1

    How is the movie called????

  • Hannah Lizet
    Hannah Lizet Year ago

    Please can you make a precure song cover? That will make me so happy

  • Adriana Nogueira
    Adriana Nogueira Year ago

    my sisterLINDSEY amei ver voces dois tocando piano e violino ainda nao tenho meu violino meus olhos se enxeram de lagrimas quando eu vi voce e o JONH com aquele piano cheio de rosas i love you voces my frieends foi como se eu extivesse ali tocando cada notinha junto de voces beautifull

  • Rickus Kruger
    Rickus Kruger Year ago

    I prefer this version to the dubstep version, it actually brought me to tears because its just so perfect! Takes me back to a previous lifetime.

  • andressa avila
    andressa avila Year ago

    Alguém consegue tirar o som do violino e deixar só o fundo pra mim??

  • Chyra Hill
    Chyra Hill Year ago


  • Chyra Hill
    Chyra Hill Year ago

    Lindsey inspired me to want to be a violinist. Haven't started yet but I want to so bad

  • solo por joder :v

    La amo llega a mi ❤

  • suse dub
    suse dub Year ago

    IT s nice music and a Dropbox of beautiness Pearls in my eye
    thank U Girls nd Guys

  • Awiltz Santana
    Awiltz Santana Year ago